tagGay MaleThe Soccer Camp

The Soccer Camp


Running a soccer camp can be very stressful. It's a lot of organizing and planning that must be done before the players arrive. When they arrive, that's when the fun begins.

Most of these young men are between the ages of eighteen and twenty, most come from good homes and have been playing soccer for a few years. This is a camp to expand on their skills and experiences. Not all takes place on the field though.

I found this out the first time I ran the camp. After hours turned into gay orgies almost from the first night. I accidentally walked into a cabin and found some of the players fucking each other.

Every night there seemed to be a party in one of the cabins and after a while, I resigned myself to the fact that if I was going to run a successful camp, I had to get involved with the players on more than a managerial situation. I waited until it was dark before heading out to find where the party was that night. After trying two cabins, I found the right one and walked in.

Six players were there in various stages of dress or should I say undress. Two of them were in the corner fucking while two others were on the couch with their hard cocks deep inside each other's mouth. The other two looked like they had just gotten there, as they weren't fully undressed yet. I walked in and joined the two new comers, starting to strip as they watched me with a look of wonder on their faces. Me, being there was not what they had expected and watching me strip surely made them wonder what I was up to.

All I was up to was to have fun with six hard cocks. After I had all my clothes off, I walked over to the two fucking in the corner. Rubbing my hand on the back of the one, I ran a finger down his crack, stopping briefly, to push on his little brown hole. He looked up and a look of shame came over his face but I told him to relax and keep doing what he was doing.

He continued fucking the young man under him while I leaned down and found his hole with my tongue. Licking and sucking, I furled my tongue and started to tongue fuck him. I heard him groan a little and at the same time, I heard a gasp coming from the other side of the room. I concentrated on his hole for quite some time then stood up and pointed my hard cock at him. Pushing into him made him stop moving while my cock slid up the full length of his canal.

I held my self against him for a few minutes then slowly pulled out of him but not entirely. Leaving just my head inside him, I stopped again and waited. Sure enough, a second or two later, he pushed back against me and I thrust up into him. I started slowly and soon had a good rhythm going with him. We fucked until I came inside him, sending gushes of hot come deep up into his ass. I spewed over and over again while he froze and leaned back, trying to keep as much of my come inside himself as he could. My cock softened and slid out of him along with a stream of hot come that ran down his legs. He came shortly after that and when he did, a gush of come came out of him while he filled the canal of the young man under him.

I turned around and found the other four watching us. All of them had their hands wrapped around their hard cocks, pumping and rubbing them as they stared at me and the other two. I walked over close to them and got down on the floor. It didn't take a genius to figure out what I was up to and I soon had two cocks inside me, one in my mouth and one in my ass hole.

Being as young as they were, they weren't too experienced at sex and came quite quickly. The other two took their places and again had two cocks deep inside me. It had been a long time since I felt a hard cock in my ass and I was loving every second of it especially with six eager young men who's recovery time was quite short. The two in the corner were hard by the time the second two had finished fucking me and took their places.

Over the next hour and a half, I had every one of the six cocks in my mouth and my ass. They just kept rotating and after two were finished, two others would take their place. God, I was hoping this wasn't going to end any time soon but they tired out and we stopped. When I left the cabin, my legs squished together as I walked with all the hot come inside my ass. When I got back to my cabin, a torrent of come flowed out of me as I sat on the toilet.

Over the next few days, I let my ass recover a little and stayed away from the cabins. The second to last day though, I had a final episode that I will never forget. I had all fifteen of the hardest cocks, fuck me relentlessly for what seemed like hours. Even the other coaches took their turns. They in turn took on the fifteen players too. I saw each of them with hard cocks deep inside their asses and their mouths. While I was being fucked, I could hear them groan and moan as the young men pounded away at them, sending streams of hot come deep inside them at both ends.

One of the coaches came over and lowered himself onto my hard cock and bounced up and down, fucking himself while sucking on the other coach's cock. The players hooted and howled as they watched us fuck. It took quite a while for me to come and when I did, I send a river of hot come deep inside the man's ass. When he started to get up, my cock slipped out of him along with a stream of come, covering my groin in an instant. He turned around and getting down on his knees, started to lick the come off me while the other coach rammed his cock deep inside his ass. He grunted and groaned as the two men fucked while he cleaned my groin. It didn't take long for them to come and soon the three of us found ourselves with hard young cocks buried inside us one more time.

I was fucked and fucked in what seemed like an endless stream of hard cocks until I had to stop as my ass was really sore. The other coach's were fucked a few more times after that then they stopped too. This turned out to be one of the most successful camps I had ever run and many of the players returned year after year. I'm not sure if it was for the soccer or the nightlife. I'll let you know in the fall.

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