tagMatureThe Soda Jerk

The Soda Jerk


During my junior and senior years in high school I worked after school and on weekends in what today would be called an "old fashion" drugstore complete with a soda fountain. I was a soda jerk and wore a paper hat and a white uniform shirt that buttoned across one shoulder just like they do in the movies today. I arranged to have study hall the last period of the day so I could leave school early and be at work before the afternoon rush of junior high kids got out of school a few blocks away. There were two other guys who rotated on the schedule with me plus, George, a senior who was the delivery boy.

Rounding out the afternoon/evening shift was Doc, the druggist who was a very short, redheaded, nerdy, and very often grumpy guy in his fifties. He was married to a woman who was often mistaken as his mother. Then there was Irene. If you are old enough to remember, Flo, the somewhat trashy waitress at Mel's Diner in the TV series, Alice, you just about know Irene. She was in her early forties, a divorced single mom who worked two jobs to support her two kids. While she was quieter in her demeanor her uniform dress was just as tight and she smacked her chewing gum just as loudly. Her somewhat pretty face was hidden by her chained, dark, horn-rimmed glasses which seemed to clash with her bright red lipstick.

Irene always held my attention because of the outline of the high arch of the garter belt that framed her shapely, mature ass. Since childhood I had always had a fascination with women's under garments. I can still remember when I was very little and my mother would take me to the women's restroom with her. There were usually women there with their skirts pulled up adjusting some interesting garment for some reason. My mother would often tell me, "Honey, stop starring." And I would usually reply, "I'm not mom, I'm just looking." Even to this day I love seeing women wearing vintage under garments and will always turn my head for a peek. Of course I do not stare, but I do look.

I had not worked there long before realizing that Irene and Doc had something going. When business was slow she would often be "assisting" him behind the drug counter or in the back room where inventory and supplies were kept. Doc would appear out of the backroom with his glasses fogged and his thinning red hair mussed then Irene would appear several minutes later with compact in hand touching up her bright red lipstick. She would come behind the fountain counter to make sure we had everything clean and in order. George showed me a trick he played on her from time to time and put a dime on the floor. When she saw it she would pick it up bending over enough for us to see the tops of her stockings and the clasps of her garters. I know, it was mean but we felt like Doc shouldn't be the only one having fun. After all, we did cover for them and took turns giving her a lift home after work.

One cold rainy Saturday afternoon Doc and Irene were in the backroom taking "inventory" while George and I kept ourselves busy waiting on the few customers who ventured out on the cold rainy day and listening to a football game. I saw Doc's wife pull into the parking lot and rushed, quietly, into the backroom to warn them. Doc was sitting on a stack of bundled paper bags and Irene was on top of him riding up and down. Her dress was hiked up and for the first time I got a close up view of the pretty bare ass that I had so often admirer fully covered. From Doc's sounds I figured that he was just about to blow his wad so I politely stood quietly and waited and watched, maybe this time I did stare, for him to finish. I knew George would try to stall his wife. Within a few seconds of hearing a loud moan I called his name. There was a flurry of movement as they both tried to regain their composure and ask angrily what I was doing there. I told them, "Doc's wife is out front and he needs to get out there quick." Irene straightened her dress and began to look around for her panties. I told them I would let Irene out the backdoor so she could go around and come in the front door. She double checked him to see that he was okay and sent him out.

I handed Irene a roll of tissue paper from the supply box and she quickly turned her back to me and proceeded to clean up the cum on her legs and crotch. She snapped at me for watching but I picked up her panties and knelt in front of her to let her step into them, telling her I was just trying to help her. Of course she didn't believe me but that was okay, she got herself together while I unlocked and opened the back door for her. She went around the building and came in the front door like she had been shopping in the variety store next door. Doc's wife had brought him dinner and stayed until he finished. The rest of the evening there was very little said except for what business had to be conducted. Irene wouldn't look me in the face.

I drove Irene home after we closed but didn't say a word to her until she broke the silence by telling me thanks for helping them out. I just shrugged it off by saying that it was no problem. She wanted to know how long I had been there and how much I had seen. I stalled awhile then told her I had seen enough to make me very jealous of Doc. She smiled and asked why I would be jealous of him with all the young girls that hung around the store. When we pulled into her driveway she usually hopped out right away but that night we talked for several minutes, mostly her telling me about her relationship with Doc and how he helped her from time to time. When she was ready to get out she leaned over to give me a peck on the cheek but I turned to face her and pulled her lips to mine and held her for a long deep kiss. We broke our contact and she sighed and got out. I waited until she entered the house and turned off the porch light before driving away with a huge hard-on.

The next few weeks at work went well. She and Doc had a few backroom sessions but they didn't last quite as long and when they reappeared they did not look as disheveled as they used to. Irene and I interacted more by talking, touching, and teasing but nothing as heavy as our first kiss. I took her home several times and got a few more kisses and a few hands full of her tits. I even laid her hand on my cock several times to let her know about my interest. Then one Saturday night when we pulled into the driveway she told me the kids had gone to visit their grandparents and for me to come on in.

She politely asked if I wanted a bite to eat but I was certain that she was just being polite and I wasn't the least bit interested in eating anything but her. Once in the bedroom I moved my hands to unbutton her dress but she smacked my hands and told me that she was going to undress me first. That was absolutely no problem so I stood there for her to proceed. She first took off her glasses then removed some pins from her hair and let it fall to her shoulders. She pushed me to the bed and knelt on the floor to take off my loafers and socks before taking each foot and raising it to her mouth and kissing it. She stood and pulled me to my feet to unbutton my shirt. Her lips trailed down my chest as she opened each button then her hands pushed my shirt off my shoulders and down my arms. We kissed as her hands unfastened my belt then my jeans before reaching into my shorts and grasping my already hard cock in her hand. After several minutes she slid down my body pulling my jeans and shorts down as she went. Once on her knees she wrapped her arms around my hips pulled me close and pressed her cheek against my cock.

She stood again and pushed me onto the bed. Her foot went between my legs and ordered me to untie each shoe. Once untied she removed her shoes and replaced her bare foot between my legs her toes teased my balls. She raised the hem of her dress and slowly unfastened each stocking from her garter belt and rolled it down her leg to her toes. Her fingers teased my balls as she slipped each stocking off her toes. By this time I wanted to throw her on the bed and bury my face in her crotch and chew her panties off but I played her game of being her toy.

She fluffed up the pillows against the headboard and told me to lay back and enjoy as she began to unbutton the front of her too tight uniform dress. I was so excited that I was sure my cock was going to explode, not from an orgasm but from the blood surging through it. I told her almost pleading how much I wanted to go down on her but she only smiled and told me to wait until she got undressed. I had no doubt that she was fully aware of the torture she was putting me through. Today I would almost kill for that type of intense torture. When her dress finally fell to the floor she stood there in the most basic of white panties, bra, and garter belt. No lace, no frills but she looked so sexy with just a hint of a shadow the triangle of her dark pubic hair was showing through her cotton panties. The last of her clothes came off as torturously slow as the first but she finally stood before me a mature, completely nude woman. Young girls are nice but they just do not hold a candle to a mature, forty plus woman.

I was told to turn on my stomach and for the first time I felt Irene's nude body against mine. I felt a firm smack against the cheeks of my ass and heard her tell me that she liked a hard ass. I felt her body move against mine, her nipples dancing on my back, the soft touch of her pubic hair on my ass cheeks replacing the sting from the smack she had just given me. She stretched out and melted against me like butter on toast. She bit my ear, my neck, and back as she slid lower covering my ass with kisses and bites. She opened my legs and I felt her lips suck my balls gently into her mouth then her tongue danced around my tightly puckered ass. I had experienced those sensations before but then the dancing tongue was replaced with a probing finger and the pleasant sensation was replaced with a combination of pleasure and pain as my prostate was massaged firmly. I clinched my fists and moaned as I felt fluid move through my cock and sweat break out on my face.

Irene rolled me onto my back and cleaned me with her lips and tongue before straddling and kissing me. Her ass moved several times before trapping my hard cock and sliding it into her hot wet cunt. She raised her shoulders and brushed my face with her nipples. I was in heaven, for months I had dreamed of this experience and it had come true and it was everything I had imagined it would be. She would sit up straight and run her hands through her hair or cup her breasts and start slowly riding me, several times bringing me to the brink of orgasm then stopping and leaning forward to let me kiss and suckle her nipples. The sight of her sitting on me, back arched, breasts swaying as she moved her arms, nipples taunt was a beautiful sight to see. Finally she started a slow grind with her hips and worked up to a fever pitch of humping my cock. I let go and flooded her with cum. She milked me dry with her cunt before finally collapsing on my chest.

It took several minutes before we recovered enough to move away from each other, cum had oozed from her and was drying on my thigh. We drifted off to sleep, exhausted from the long day at work and several hours of fucking.

I slowly woke to the smell of fresh coffee and the feel of Irene brushing her nipples over my face. She was fresh from the shower and dressed in a light robe. She told me to shower while she fixed us breakfast that she wanted to go to early Mass. I joined her at the table for a full course breakfast dressed in just my boxer shorts. I wasn't in the kitchen two minutes before I had a raging hard-on but I managed to enjoy my breakfast and the sight of Irene across the table with her robe open enough for me to see most of her breasts and her hard nipples against the silky material.

After I finished eating I moved around the table and opened her robe and rubbed the head of my cock over her nipples. I reminded her how much I wanted to go down on her and taste her juicy cunt. We didn't make early or late Mass that morning but I did get to enjoy her sweet nectar and aroma while two of my fingers probed her tight ass.

We didn't have to be at work until 1:00 PM so we made good use of the time. I don't believe any other woman has been able to keep me so hard for so long, just being in her presence seemed to be all it took. When we got ready for work I got to watch as she put on her garter belt then her stockings, rolling each one slowly up her legs and fastened them to the garter belt which formed a perfect frame for her sweet ass and thick dark pubic hair. I held her clean, white cotton panties as she stepped into them and pulled them up her legs. She finished dressing and we hurried off to work so we could open the drug store on time.

That was the only time we got to spend the night together but we did get to enjoy some hot petting and oral action by taking the long way home from time to time. I often found bright red lipstick on my limp dick when I got home from work. The only other time I got to enjoy going down on her was on the tailgate of my pick-up when we parked down by the French Broad River. I kept the pair of her white cotton panties from that evening in the glove box of that old truck for several years.

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