tagBDSMThe Sorority Sisters: Cathy No. 04

The Sorority Sisters: Cathy No. 04

bySassy Susan©

The Sorority Sisters, Adventures in domination & submission

Cathy 2 – Bondage and torture with Erik


Cathy earned the title Cum Bucket during a wild weekend in Baltimore, organized by her ex husband Erik, but that's another story. Here she reports on a one-on-one bondage and sexual torture session with him. This is one of several private sessions they have enjoyed. Cathy had some experience with light bondage but when Eric and I teamed up to have fun with her we began to expand her horizons. We moved her up the scale to higher levels of bondage, and added in considerable more physical abuse and humiliation. She has been responding beautifully. The more we heap on her the more she wants. She is an incurable exhibitionist, but now she admits to the strength of her need for domination and abuse.

Eric, too, has come a long way. When we started he was unable to cause pain directly, such as spanking or whipping anyone. He had to administer pain indirectly, as he does here with what I call dilemma bondage: a setup that has the subject actually cause herself pain by reacting to the type of bondage used. But here he makes a small breakthrough. He actually spanks Cathy's ass.

If you don't like accounts of BDSM, especially involving painful bondage, sexual torture, and forced orgasms.... well, you are in the wrong place. This is not a story – in the sense of fiction. This is a Sorority Sister's true account of an event in her life, aided by her ex. There is much love between these two, and admiration. And also some stress left over from a divorce some years earlier.

A warning: Don't try this at home, unless you truly trust your partner.


* * * * *

Hi, it's the Cum Bucket reporting in. Tired, sore, but completely fulfilled.

Eric was here this morning at 8:30 on the dot. He must have been up the street watching for the school bus to pick up the Princess. I think we're both glad it was a couple minutes early.

I met Eric at the door wearing only my robe. He came in and opened it up without asking, and began fondling my breasts. He had what he called a "Bag full of goodies" with him but wouldn't tell me what was in it yet.

He wasn't interested in small talk, saying that he didn't have all day and wanted to make the most of the time we had. A real romantic, my ex. I asked where he wanted to start and he suggested the bedroom, which I liked as it meant I would probably get to lie on a soft mattress instead of the floor.

I knew what kind of session this was going to be, and I welcomed it. (You have been so good/bad for me.) It does seem odd then, doesn't it, to think of getting comfortable for a bondage and torture session?

After removing my robe, Eric had me lie in the center of the bed. He pulled out ropes and ied my wrists to the ends of the headboard. Then he tied ropes to each ankle. I was expecting to be tied spread eagle on the bed. But that wasn't what he had in mind.

Instead, he tied my ankles wide apart to the tops of the headboard, above my wrists. This position bent me nearly double and raised my ass, exposing both my pussy and ass to anything he wanted to do to me. I was left looking at the ceiling through the Vee of my thighs. I felt completely vulnerable, so open and helpless. It was a bit uncomfortable, but Eric made it a little easier by pushing pillows under my lower back.

Now that he had me neatly tied up I just lay there waiting to see what he had in store for me next. Had I only known what he had in mind I would have been much less relaxed.

He stripped down and walked around the bed ogling me. His dick was hard and I just kept looking at it. I guess that's what he had in mind for me. He climbed on the bed and began toying with my pussy. He fingered me, commenting on how wet I was already. Then he leaned over and began licking me. I had a great view of his tongue lapping at my open pussy. I watched and felt his tongue at the same time. Oh so good. After a bit of slurping in my lewdly displayed wetness, he homed in on my now swollen clit.

I thought he was going to get me off this way. But before I could cum he stopped and climbed over me, shoving his dick down into me. While he was fucking me he told me that he had just finished fucking his wife this morning and was now mixing his and her juices with mine. I didn't know if I felt jealous that she had fucked him before me, or if I was happy that he was still seeking satisfaction from my pussy after fucking her.

I thought I was going to cum this way, too. But before I could, Eric erupted inside me. I made the mistake of begging him not to stop when he pulled out. That just made him more eager to move on to the next phase. He obviously enjoyed knowing that I was on the verge and begging for release. To be honest, I enjoyed being made to beg. He knew that, and I knew he knew it. But oh God, did I need to cum!

He left the room and came back a few minutes later carrying my old breast pump. He had asked me about it weeks before, but it had slipped my mind. I realized at once what he had in mind, and I immediately regretted having bought the electric automatic version. At least with the manual version you have to hand pump it, which meant that he would be unable to do anything else while using it. And he would eventually get tired of pumping. But this one just plugged in and all he had to do was apply the cups over my nipples and turn it on. If I hadn't paid so much for it I would probably have thrown it out long ago.

I had bought a double pump, which allows for single or double suction. You can guess what Eric chose: Double suction all the way. It has five suction intensity settings and a timer. Eric made me lick the cups to moisten them before placing them over my nipples. He turned it on to the lowest setting until he was satisfied that it was working. Then he jumped the damn thing to the highest setting and set the timer on max.

I don't know if you've ever used a breast pump, Susan, but I'm sure you've had your nipples sucked. Imagine someone sucking at full strength without letting up. The settings can simulate suckling, but on max that's not the case. It's supposed to feel like that, but it must have been designed by a man. Full strength is supposed to suck out the maximum amount of milk as quickly as possible. Great when you have milk, but not so great when you don't. It just sucks and pulls on your nipples. Hard. Which is arousing and painful at the same time. Sort of symbolic for this whole type of sex session: pleasure followed by pain giving more pleasure.

Eric kept telling me how great my nipples looked being pulled out into long teats in the clear cups. He just stood there watching me for the entire first cycle. Then, when it finally stopped, he reset the timer to max and went about his business. Oh sweet agony. I began to wonder if my nipples would ever recover. All I could do was lie there in pain/pleasure and watch my poor nips get pulled farther and farther off my breasts.

He went through my toy drawer and found the clothes pins stored there. You know I have a love/hate thing about these 'toys.' He put one immediately on my clit. I cried out in shock at that. He then made me stick out my tongue and he put one on it too. That hurt! He said that was your idea. Thanks so much. Then he put some on the sides of my tits and on my pussy lips. Every place he put one caused me a burning achy pain. I could hear myself moan.

He didn't leave the lower ones on long. He took them off to another series of sudden pains, and began using my vibrator on my pussy. He pressed it hard into my clit and kept it there. Finally I got to cum! I've never had that done to me while my nipples were getting sucked so hard. God was that something. I lost it for a minute or two, and must have writhed a lot, for I knocked the clothes pin off my tongue. Eric told me I would have to be punished for that. Like he needed an excuse.

So he spanked me. He actually spanked me! I've been spanked harder and better before. I'm not really into spanking but it can be fun. But this was the first time Eric had ever hit me. He spanked me on my taut ass with his bare hand several times. Then returned the vibrator to my pussy and held it there until I came again.

It's weird, but when I am restrained, unable to move away from the stimulation, and also in pain from clamps and nipple suction, my orgasms seem much more intense than usual. My orgasm itself seemed to be a form of torture; my belly clenched and cramped and I wanted so much to be able to move. But the ropes kept me still and open to his vibrator torment. So good.

He reset the breast pump timer and used multiple vibrators on me next. He pushed one into my ass and the other into my pussy, both on full speed. Then he used my largest one directly on my clit. He had to hold all of them in place, but he never let up. I had a series of orgasms this way.

With three vibrators going strong, and the suction on my nipples, I couldn't stop coming. After a while I was begging him to stop, but I was not about to use my safe word. As agonizing as it was, each orgasm was fucking fantastic. I lost count of how many there were or how long he kept it up.

Finally, or perhaps regretfully -- I'm still not sure which, he removed the vibrators from my cunt and ass, and turned off the breast pump. He took the clips off my breasts and pussy lips, and then he released my nipples from the vacuum cups. My nipples were extended, sore, and raw from the long term abuse. And the pillow under my ass was soaked from my orgasms. I'm not a squirter, but you wouldn't know it from the state of that pillow.

I lay there for long minutes, recovering my breath and my wits. I don't think I have ever had so many orgasms in such a short time. And not a bad one in the bunch. But I felt like I had been beaten lightly with a rubber hose; my muscles ached from the workout.

I watched idly as Eric went back to his bag and rummaged around in it. I wondered what else he had in there, and what else he had in store for me. Then he pulled out some twine. I knew what was coming next and groaned internally. I really didn't want this. He took two long lengths of twine and tied an end of each tightly to each of my already sore and distended nipples, Then he led the twine through the headboard and back to my knees. Rolling me farther onto my back, he tied the twine around my knees. He removed the pillows and left me like that. If I relaxed my stomach muscles the twine would pull painfully on my aching nipples. To protect them I had to stay in a semi sit-up, or crunch type position. My tummy was already aching, but if I relaxed it to ease the ache the twine pulled painfully on my nipples. I was a loser no matter what I did. I had to choose between two types of pain.

Then he did something that I know came directly from you. He pulled out a long red candle and a lighter. He lit the candle and stood there gloating and smiling cruelly at me. Then he moved the candle over my bound body and started dripping the melting wax over my tits. He was a little too low at first, so the first drops burned too much as they splashed on my skin --especially when they hit my left nipple. I yelped and let out a few choice curse words at him for that. But he got the hang of it and started decorating each of my tits with red wax. He made sure to coat my sore nipples. Worse, the first few times the wax burned me I jerked my legs reflexively, and that caused the twine to tug on my nipples. The sudden nipple pain caused me to jerk again, which caused more nipple pain. It took a few pain cycles before I gained control of my body's reactions. I think I was crying at that point but I know I was pleading for relief. Fat chance.

Once done with my nipples, Eric moved the candle to my pussy. I lay there trying to keep my pussy high to avoid hurting my nipples while he poured hot wax into my cunt crevice and over my exposed clit. What followed was another series of spasms, jerks, nipple pain, more spasms and jerks, more nipple pain. He kept dripping the wax into my tender wet gash, watching me jerk and cry out and moan and plead. I don't know how long he would have gone on, but fortunately for me my gyrations pulled the twine off my right nipple. He paused to repair the fault.

Eric put the candle in my mouth, making me hold it up, trying to keep it from dripping on me while he retied the twine to my nipple. Then he grabbed the vibrator and held it against my clit again. I tried to keep my head still, but each time I moved, the candle would drip hot wax onto my chest or throat. And even when I held still, which was damn near impossible, it would still drip onto my chin. The sensation of my pussy being vibed continuously while I was trying desperately not to drop the candle out of my mouth was frustrating. My biggest fear was outright dropping the candle while cumming and setting the bed on fire. And the drops of wax kept startling me each time they hit until I had built up a layer of wax that insulated my flesh from the newer drops.

During this assault, he mostly used the vibrator on me. But every so often he would stop and shove his dick in my pussy and fuck me for a while. Then he would pull out and start using the vibrator again. Between the vibrator and his dick my pussy got no rest, but I did get to have two more orgasms. And every time I moved wrong the damned twine would yank on my sore nipples and send shocks of pain through my breasts.

Finally, he put the vibrator aside and just plain fucked me. And blew the fucking candle out, thank god. Soon he pulled out of me and fucked me with the fat end of the candle. I don't think a candle lit dinner will ever seem the same to me again. When he was done I just lay there, bound, splattered with red wax, and still at his mercy. I concentrated on trying to recover again.

I'm not sure how I feel about the next part. Eric left the room and returned with a glass of yellowish fluid. He had apparently peed in one of MY glasses the first time he left the room and put it in the fridge to cool. I told him that I was not going to drink it. He then pulled a medium sized funnel out of his bag. He told me that if I was going to use my safe word I had better do it now. I stayed still, keeping my mouth shut. Then he pinched my nose until I had to exhale and pushed the funnel between my lips. I tried keeping my teeth clenched but that didn't work too well.

Eric poured just a little into the funnel, dripping some on my face in the process. And told me that I had the choice of drinking or letting it spill all over my bed. It was already filling my mouth, which is the more disgusting part of it. So rather than having it in my mouth AND all over my bed. I swallowed it down. I had tried to block the bottom of the funnel with my tongue but it didn't work. My mouth just began filling with his pee. The smell went right up my nose so I had no other choice but to gulp it down as quickly as possible.

But when he reached for the glass again I used my safe word to stop him. I hope that doesn't disappoint you, Susan, but drinking one mouthful of piss was my limit. I was afraid that if I drank any more I would throw up. At least it was cooled down, which made it easier to swallow.

Eric began to untie me, but got only as far as freeing my nipples before I stopped him and told him that the safe word was only for the pee. I was fine with everything else he was doing and didn't want him to stop. You should have seen his smile.

Eric decided to start tickling me next. That drove me nuts. I get very ticklish when aroused. And by this point every nerve in my body was on the edge. He tickled my sides, my belly, the insides of my thighs next to my pussy, and behind my knees -- among other places. He didn't bother with my feet or armpits, but didn't have to. He had me struggling and laughing uncontrollably until I thought I was going to pee the bed. When he stopped he went back to the vibrator and just sat there forcing me into another series of orgasms. Then he switched to the smaller vibrator, turned it on, and pushed it all the way inside my pussy. When he had me going good he climbed on me and shoved his dick up my ass and butt-fucked me while the vibrator buzzed away inside my pussy.

After he came in my ass, Eric took the small vibe out of my cunt, untied me, and walked me to the bathroom. Once there he made me kneel in the tub for the obligatory Piss on Cathy event. He knows I hate this, yet find it arousing. He took the glass of pee with him and stood at the edge of the tub and told me to hold his dick and aim it at my face. He emptied his bladder as I obediently directed his stream into my face, letting some flow into my mouth even, but not swallowing. I just let it run in and out again. Sort of making up for not drinking more than a mouthful earlier. While he was emptying his bladder he dumped the remainder of the glass of cold piss on my head.

I took a shower while he got dressed and put his ropes and things up for me. My legs were wobbly as hell in the shower. And I had to peel all the wax off, which wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

Eric left and I'm sitting here drinking a cup of coffee trying to rest up and write you as many of the details as I can remember while they're fresh in my mind. I'm going to have to stand up most of today at work, so I need to get my legs back under me. Having them bent back for nearly 2 1/2 hours while being forced to cum so much really can tire them out.

If the weather holds up tonight I'm going to an outdoor concert and meet up with Misty. Since Princess will be at my sister's after school I've got the night off. Tonight they're having a couple of bands at an outdoor pavilion. No big name groups, of course, but it's usually fun. And they sell beer.

I better get dressed and get to work. I'm sure Eric will be bragging to you about what a good job he did today. Actually, from the sex side of it I had one hell of a great time! He did not punish me as much this time. But he did do things that he hasn't tried before and I think he got me off better than he ever has while only fucking me twice. You guys make a good team.

Later C.

* * * * *

Post Note:

I hope you enjoyed Cathy's account of her play with Eric. What you have read are Cathy's own words, gently edited by me. As you may be coming to know, Cathy, like the other members of this simple Sorority, are real women, trying new things, and willing to report on them for your reading pleasure. Of course, they are all consummate exhibitionists, so they get much in return, just knowing you are watching them in this way.

Please take a moment to tell them you appreciate their willingness/need to share with you. Vote. Send them a short note via the message system. Leave a public comment for them on the site. Most are quite willing to respond to you directly and perhaps begin a dialog. I will pass along any comments you send to me.

We are not trying for literature here, just straightforward, honest prose that conveys the truth of a woman's experience -- something erotic that she enjoyed and wants to share.

Thank you,

Susan James

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