tagFetishThe Special Event

The Special Event


I'd planned this night for many years. A very special event to give me pleasure and fulfil a fantasy I'd had since adolescence. So many years in the planning and here it was going to happen at last. I had arranged everything with great thought. The hotel room was spacious and had a sunken bath with multi-spray shower. The heating and lighting could be tuned delicately to suit the occasion I had in mind.

I laid out on the bed everything I needed and made up two long cocktails. The ice and a bottle of white wine were in two steel buckets to one side, and a big jug of plain water, because I knew that my companion would be drinking a lot of fluids.

She knocked softly on the door and I let her in. She was young, about 20, attractive but not in a model-girl glamorous way, long dark brown hair and dressed in a dark business suit. Pencil skirt, short jacket, white shirt, matching dark bow at her throat and shiny high heels. I gave her the envelope with £1000 in return for which I could do anything that did not hurt or injure her, or leave a mark on her skin. She didn't count the money but just left it on a cupboard near the door. As we moved further into the room, she glanced at the bed but made no sound or other sign of what she was thinking.

"May I undress you?" I asked and she just nodded.

So I did. I took off the jacket, the skirt and the shirt with its bow, leaving her in bra and pants, pantyhose and heels. Then I got undressed completely and she watched every move I made. When I was naked, I drew her to me and could feel her breasts and tummy pressed against me, and I began to harden. She seemed to think was a sign to lie down and made a move towards the bed, but I stopped her. I took her to look at all the things on the bed.

"It'll go like this," I told her, "first you put on a surgical glove and then put these inside me." I showed her a packet of five bisacodyl suppositories.

"One of these by itself will normally make someone's bowels empty."

"I haven't emptied my gut for 8 days," I explained, "but tonight we're going to clean me out."

She pulled away from me with a faint look of disgust on her face, which surprised me. After all, this girl was a professional and should be accustomed to most things, but this seemed to be a problem for her.

"Don't worry," I said, "you'll not come into contact with anything unpleasant. Let me show you."

I went through the items on the bed.

"First, you'll put these inside me, then you'll help me put on these latex leggings. See they have feet so I'll be covered from waist downwards. OK?"

She nodded

"Then you'll lace me into this corset over the leggings until my waist is very small and my stomach is completely flat and hard. How big is your waist?" I asked.

"About 28 inches," she said

"Mine'll be 24 inches when we're finished lacing me. That's 12 inches less than normal and it'll take us maybe an hour to get me down to that. OK?"

She nodded again.

"Then we're going to make it difficult for me to empty myself. Let me show you. First, you help me put on these five panty girdles. Have a feel of one - see how firm they are. They're all black of course -- you'll see why. They'll hold everything in place between my legs and round my bottom. Then you'll help me with these - there are ten of them - they're different - long leg panty girdles. Black as well, as you can see. See they're each boned all round and zippered at the side. They'll hold my hips and thighs. Can you see there'll be nowhere for me to empty into, but the bisacodyl is very powerful and will force it all out of me somehow. You'll see what it does to my body. OK?"

She nodded and spoke for the first time, "But it'll go into your leggings."

"That's the idea," I smiled, "you'll see, but I haven't finished yet. You'll put these boots on me. See, they're thigh high and need to be laced up the fronts. I'll not be able to move by that time so you'll have to do it all and then help me get to the bed. OK?"

"Is that what you want from me tonight? Dress you up and help you to the bed? And then do I watch you?"

"Not quite," I replied, "I'm going to put you inside this other corset and lace you up gradually until your waist is small as well. Have you worn a corset before?"

She nodded and said, "Yes."

"And was your waist made smaller?" I asked

"My waist was made to 22 inches but it was hard for me."

"Would you mind if I did that again?" I asked.

"OK, but as long as I can decide when to stop, please."

"That's fine," I reassured her.

Actually, the corset for her had a waist size of only 18 inches at its tightest. I decided to go easy until I could persuade her to take it tighter.

"After we're both dressed," I continued, "you'll lie on me and kiss me - in the mouth - as long as it takes for me to empty - kiss me hard and deep. You understand? When I say so, you'll get off me and sit across me face, and pee into my mouth until you're empty. You won't stop until your bladder really is empty. OK?"

She nodded, and I continued, "Take a big drink now; there's water here and wine and cocktails, so you must get your bladder really full by the time I want it. Then you'll pee it all into my mouth. Yes?"

She nodded again.

She didn't talk much but I could tell she understood perfectly and so we started.

First, she put on the latex gloves. I took the first suppository to the warm tap and motioned her to come to me. I ran it under the hot water for a few seconds only, and then passed it to her.

"As far as you can get it in. Use your middle finger once it's in me," I instructed.

Then I bent forward over the basin and she fumbled a bit, but got it into me and pushed it home.

"Can you feel resistance inside me?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied, "it feels very hard."

She did the same with the other four. I was so excited and she saw my erection but said nothing. I knew this would be the expulsion of a lifetime. I reckoned that there must be half a cubic foot of dung inside me - almost 4½ kilos of solid shit that would have to come out of me during this night.

After the insertions, she took off the gloves and we went across to the clothes. Picking up the rubber leggings, I went to the foot of the bed and sat down.

"Help me," I instructed, "they're tight and we must get them on me as smoothly and close-fitting as we can."

Gradually, she helped me put my feet into the shaped ends and then to ease the rest of the leggings up my calves, over my thighs and hips, until the top edge gripped my waist across my navel. It felt so cool and smooth, and was already tight around my bottom and groin. My erection was raging inside the straining rubber. Then came the rest of my outfit for the night.

The corset took over 40 minutes to close, leaving me to relax for a few minutes before each tightening of the laces, until my waist looked that of a young girl. The pressure inside me was beginning to build. Usually, bisacodyl will work in 30 minutes but already I had taken nearly an hour to get to this stage and there were rumblings in my intestines. I told her to drink another full glass of water and then some of the cocktail.

By the time the five brief panty girdles were in place, I was straining to breathe inside the corset and I was immobilised from the waist down. I couldn't bend at all. The panty girdles forced my buttocks together and held me solid erection tight against groin, against the bottom edge of the corset. For a moment, I thought of taking a rest but decided to go straight onto the long-legs for one reason that was obvious to me. My colon was beginning to strain and complain. I could feel massive contractions in my lower abdomen and across my lower ribs as the transverse colon started pumping. If I could have bent forward, I'd have doubled up to relieve the sensations but it was impossible. I was rigid and there were still clothes to put onto me.

I moved to the pile of long-legs and handed her one. She had no experience in these styles of corsetry and I needed to instruct her with the long-legs. Opening the zip, pulling them up into place, doing the hooks and then the zipper back up. We did it ten times and the last two seemed impossible, so much bulk of clothing was underneath them. We only just managed together to pull them into place and do up the fastenings. But eventually I was totally encased and unable to speak much, just struggle with my breathing. Also, I was feeling real pressure in my rectum and even, within the mound of clothing and constriction on me, I was holding my bottom shut so far as I could.

I pointed to the boots and she brought them to me. I leaned on the wall whilst she put one foot into place and slowly did up the lacing; right up to my crotch over the mass of long-leg girdles. The second boot completed my dressing and I was holding back a range of bodily reactions; the explosion threatening in my rectum, the erection now invisible under the corsetry but painfully obvious to me, breathlessness due to the pressure on my torso. But more than anything, I was aware of mounting excitement and the strength of my muscles holding back the indescribable urge to evacuate all my insides. I had succeeded in getting so far and now it was her turn but first she drank another full glass of water and a half glass of white wine.

I motioned to her and said, "Bring your corset and take off all your clothes."

She did so without hesitation. In different circumstances, I'd have been inside her that very second. As it was, I could move only my arms enough to put her into the corset. She changed shape quickly and was soon holding her own waist as the pressure mounted inside her.

She said, "No more now," and I stopped the pull on her laces.

They were open at the back by 4 inches, so she must have been about 23 inches around her waist. She really was a shapely creature now, this girl, and I knew that she could go smaller. I determined to make it happen later when she had become accustomed to the pressure, her organs had moved around a little, and when I would be free to empty myself into her. I could wait and enjoy the anticipation.

After nearly two hours since we started, we were both properly clothed and I went to the bed, to lie down.

"First, drink some more and then come and lie on me and kiss me - kiss me hard and long - like you life depended on it," I instructed her.

She drank another full glass of water and more of the cocktail. Then she came to, she lay on me and started to give me such ferocious open mouth kissing that I'd never known before. Her tongue, her nose, fingers of both hands explored my mouth and my throat until I was nearly gagging. My lips went numb from the stretching and the biting. This girl could do anything she wanted now, if she'd suggested it. But now I was beginning to feel the urge to empty even more strongly.

I held her to me with both hands on her waist as she writhed and contorted herself to get as much of her body into my mouth as was possible. My eyes were closed but I thought my jaw would break. My intestines were now groaning audibly and the room was filled with the rumbling sounds of my insides as well as her slurping and murmuring. I tried to relax my muscles and my anus opened a little, but not enough to ease the pressure and I had no relief from the straining. Suddenly she stopped kissing me.

"I need to go to the loo," she said softly.

"Not yet," I said, "I'll be your toilet in a few minutes. Just hold it longer."

Her voice was soft and uncertain as she said, "I'll try."

Then it started. I got a slight and almost imperceptible feeling of something creeping out of my anus. It felt the width of a matchstick and it kept coming until a foot of it had escaped. Then it stopped and I knew why: there was nowhere for it to go. After the crack in my buttocks was full, there simply was no space anywhere for my contents to move into. I could feel it pressing on the insides of my buttocks but nothing else was moving. It was trying to move my clothing out of the way but not succeeding. I held her waist and pulled her down onto me. My abdomen felt as if a pack of wild animals was fighting inside me. The straining was becoming painful and yet there was no movement between my legs.

"I must go to the toilet," she said with a little wail in her voice.

"No; only into my throat," I said

"It'll come any second now," she wailed again, "I can't hold it."

"Right," I said, "come up here."

And with that I tugged on her waist until she was straddling my face, on her knees, leaning forward a little with her hands on the wall behind the bed. I could smell her sex and also noticed that she was very wet with her own lubricant. She was ready for penetration there and then. I could feel her lips across my chin and then right on my mouth. I pushed my tongue up between her lips and pressed on her urethra opening. That was too much for her and she lost control. Her urine gushed out of her, so strongly it made one hissing sound as it left her and another as it hit the back of my throat. I just opened my throat and held me breath. I had to swallow every few seconds as she filled my mouth and then a reservoir grew in my mouth each time so I drank her in a series of big gulps.

"How long will this go on?" I wondered.

She must have drunk three pints of fluids so the urine was diluted almost to the strength of water. She tasted delicious, slightly salty and I held onto her waist above my head as she leaned forward a little more, finishing her stream. She sighed with relief but I was feeling the additional pressure in my stomach. I had to keep swallowing to keep it down as she stayed astride of my face. I decided to give her some licking pleasure, it she wanted it. I needn't have wondered: I kept up a steady stroke across her clit and lips. She murmured softly and swayed a little back and forth. When she came, she gave a closed-mouth scream, quiet but strong and her body bucked up and down on my face. Then she collapsed on me, and slid down until her face rested on my left shoulder. She felt hot to my skin and she whimpered softly again as her pleasure subsided.

Her eyes opened towards me and I said, "Kiss me again."

If she could taste her own urine, she gave no indication but started kissing me again deep and hard. She placed three fingers of one hand behind my bottom teeth and pulled down, and three fingers of the other hand behind my top teeth and pulled up. I felt as if my jaw would break open and then she could put her entire head towards the gaping hole in my head. As it was, she got most of her face into my mouth: chin, lips nose and part of her forehead. She was relentless as her tongue probed right behind my molars and into my throat. She didn't stop for a second.

My internal problems were now becoming urgent. I was in pain from the contractions and the pressure. More than urgent, it was becoming desperate. The pain was getting worse and after one particularly strain and I wondered it my intestine had burst. Worse, were my entire insides just torn apart and was I just a bloody mass inside the rubber and corsetry? Was I dying in fact but hadn't realised it yet. The pain was so bad that I could feel the outline of my colon and rectum from the pangs I was getting. The pressure on my anal muscles from inside was forcing my body to arch. My back muscles tightened and I was forced into a bow-shape with my heels on the bed and my shoulders but almost nothing in between. Somehow the colonic contractions had bent my body against the strength of the corsetry in a way I couldn't. I began to wonder what I would do it my dung couldn't escape. Would I stay like this and be found? Would the girl realise that I was doomed and leave me? Something had to happen, I decided, but I needn't have given it any thought. It started to happen.

Clinging onto her waist as she was lifted high in the air by my arched body, I was aware of movement again between my legs. Suddenly, something solid left me, not liquid or even gel-like. It felt like a piece of hard plastic about the size of an apple.

"That's what been holding me back," I thought, and I was right.

Almost immediately, my colon gave a massive push of soft excrement into all the spaces around the top of my legs and under the material of the corsetry, then it began to creep down my legs inside the leggings. I was aware also that it was expanding the corsetry upwards and trying to get to my waist, but prevented by the corset. The leggings were taking the bulk of the dung, and I could feel it squeezing past the cuff legs of the long-leg girdles and into the leggings inside the boots. I realised that the girdles were no longer touching my skin. The excrement had forced them off my body and now formed a layer or warm semi-solid around my hips, bottom and thighs, and increasingly down to my knees inside the leggings.

For 30 minutes my intestines continues to empty until the pressure inside was no greater than that in my corsetry and then it stopped. My anus was still wide open as more was trying to get out but it was prevented by the mass of excrement on the outside. By this time, I had filled the leggings right down to the feet. My thighs, hips and abdomen were contained in a thick covering of it and only the corset had stopped it coming out of the top of the leggings. I felt more comfortable inside but couldn't move because of the extra pressure and bulk on the outside.

I sighed and relaxed, and realised that the girl was still on top of me, floating above me on a contained layer of my excrement.

She saw me relax and asked softly, "Is it over now?"

"Yes; I think so," I replied but then an unexpected sensation came over me. My bladder seemed to need to empty two or three times its usual volume. Without my having any control, the urine just poured out of me, mixing with the contents of my clothing in a way that I had not planned. Suddenly, the bulk around me body became increased by a further volume of liquid to mix with and to dilute the excrement. And it was warmer; it felt as though it was boiling water going into my leggings and the corsetry. The leggings were being stretched to bursting and I could feel the extra strain on the corsetry as I tried to move around.

I was so shocked by this development that I stopped speaking and looked wonder-struck. "What is it?" she asked, "is there a problem?"

"No," I said, "just a surprise for me. A nice surprise."

"Now is it over?" she asked again.

"Well, I think that part is," and I smiled at her, "now is my cleaning up. Don't worry; you'll not be involved in that. It'll take me about an hour but there's food and drinks, so you can get a little meal ready for us. Is that OK?"

"Fine," she replied, "you were amazing. It threw you around so I had to cling on. Could you feel me? It was like another animal inside you, knocking you around. Did it hurt?"

"A little at the start," I explained, "but then comes the pleasure and the dream coming true. It's hard to explain properly. Help me up now and get the boots off me, and then into the bathroom."

I rolled around on the bed and she manoeuvred my legs until she could unlace the boots and slowly took them off. The swelling inside the leggings was obvious and as soon as the boot pressure was removed, my rectum started to retch again, so that another half kilo load of excrement slowly forced its way out. I lay there on the edge of the bed for a while until it stopped again. I could prop myself up and stand with her help. She guided me to the bathroom, as if I were a stranded whale or a great fat pig walking on hind legs. I tottered down the steps into the sunken bath and asked her to turn on the water and the shower. Although she'd helped me get dressed, I knew that I'd have to do this part myself.

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