tagHumor & SatireThe Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee


Starring Big-Boobed Educator Hilda Humper in:

"The Spelling Bee"

Written by Victor C. Nathan


"Now class, pay attention," Hilda Humper said to her twelfth grade English class as she adjusted the strap of her triple J cup brassiere and let her eyes scan the boys' groins for hints of erections. "This being close to spring break, we are going to do something fun instead of just doing literary reading and grammar discussions and shit like that. I thought it would be fun to have a good old fashioned spelling bee. What do you think?"

"Can't we just have an English wee wee contest?" asked Chuck Dicker with a big grin on his face as he unzipped his fly and pulled his penis out.

"Oh, Chuck," Hilda said with a chuckle and a toss of her hand. "I believe we are in the wrong class for that. That's sex ed, baby. Now let me put your wee wee back in your pants for the time being. I'll suck him after class, I promise."

Hilda Humper leaned over and kissed the swollen pee wee head of Chuck's genitals and then eased his prick back through his fly hole and zipped him up. She patted the crotch of his pants in a motherly fashion before turning back to address her curious students.

"Now listen to what we are going to do," Hilda raised her voice as the class 'ooed' and 'aahed' about what she had just done. "I want to have a spelling bee with a reward system. Every time a student spells a word correctly, he or she will get a very pleasurable reward. Do you get the drift of what this spelling contest is going to be like?"

"Fuck, yeah!" Kenny Long shouted out, to the amusement of the class. "We're going to get our fucking wee wees sucked!"

"Hee hee hee!" Hilda laughed. "Calm that libido down, Mr. Long. You'll see how it works in good time. In fact, since you and Chuck are so horny, I believe I will allow you two fellows to be the ones to administer the rewards to any of the girls in the class who spell words correctly."

"Yeah!" both guys yelled in unison and gave each other high fives.

"I hope all the big-tittied girls in here are good at English," Kenny quipped as he glanced down at his own crotch. "Cause I got something for 'em."

"Yeah! Big fucking tittie bitches!" Chuck yelled, feeling a stir in his own private parts. "I want to fuck 'em!"

"Whoa, big fucker," Miss Humper spoke in a calming voice as she put her hand on Chuck's crotch again. "Keep that trouser snake in his cage for just a minute. He'll get fed soon enough."

The class was definitely perked up and paying attention at this point, both boys and girls knowing what was coming. They all knew Hilda's penchant for sexual shenanigans, no matter how outrageous. It was this facet of her personality that made her the most popular teacher at Taft And Adams High School.

"I'm going to be the one to administer rewards to the males in the class, as all of you probably expected," Hilda explained, tossing her blonde hair back as she unbuttoned several of the snaps on her blouse, which had the full tonnage of her tits weighing against it. "You boys will learn that studying your English and doing your homework can reap big dividends for your wee wees."

"Let me help!" a husky voice, which belonged to Missy Cummings, begged in a needy and hornily wistful tone. "I can help with the dividend part of this contest, Miss Humper."

"Okay, Missy," Hilda acquiesced in a mere second as she beckoned her forward, the busty high school senior striding to the front of the class, her soccer ball boobies bouncing beneath her blouse and her round ass displayed and swaying beneath her skin tight skirt.

Hilda Humper had the class all get out of their seats and make a huge circle that extended around the entire area of the classroom. Missy Cummings, Hilda Humper, Kenny Long and Chuck Dicker all gathered in the midst of it. They were the reward-givers. Kenny and Chuck surveyed the bevy of beauties that were among the students. The great thing was, all the girls had big fucking jugs. The boys were in tittie heaven. Kenny was going to stick it to as many of them as possible. He knew that his friend Chuck felt the same about the stacked assortment of trim around him.

"Now let's get started," Miss Humper instructed as she took out a stack of note cards and set them on the small podium beside her. "First, let me say this. If you spell a word correctly, you can request anything you want to have done by the four of us up here. If it is a guy, Missy and I will do something special that you request. If it is a girl, Kenny and Chuck will be more than glad to administer an enjoyable act that you are interested in. Is that clear?"

The class nodded and Hilda smiled at the number of erections that she saw now straining against the jeans and trousers of the class's male population.

"Now here's the first word," Hilda said clearly, already horny for wee wee. "They are going to start out pretty easy and then get more difficult as the spelling bee progresses. The first word is: titties."

With this simple word, a flurry of hands went up. Hilda pointed to one of her sex partners of recent days. She chose Jeremy Peters to answer.

"Okay," Jeremy said slowly. "This is an easy one. T-I-T-T-I-E-S. Titties."

"Correct," Hilda declared.

"Now what would you like, Jeremy?" Hilda Humper asked him, beaming naughtily at him, more like a temptress than a teacher as she unbuttoned her blouse even more and the young man could make out the swell of Hilda's big mammies set against the support system of her hammock-sized green brassiere that was big enough to make mountainously big-boobed adult star Pandora Peaks pale in comparison. "Anything you want, baby."

"I want you," Jeremy spoke simply and the class roared at his candor. "What else would I want?"

Hilda Humper could tell that the wild fuck session that she and Jeremy Peters had engaged in last week in her office had given the young man confidence beyond compare. In the last week Jeremy had become like a new person, with a new strut, a new style that wowed the young ladies and it even looked like the wild fucking encounter with her had caused his wee wee to get a late growth spurt. Hilda had caught him in the hall days before and pulled him into a janitor's closet to check out his wee wee. Although she hadn't had time to suck him to completion, she had pulled out his manhood and stuck her tongue ticklishly into the tiny pee pee hole located at the tip of his pee wee head. Hilda had noticed one thing. Jeremy's dick had clearly grown. The head of his wee wee, what she always called a 'pee wee head' or a 'mushroom crown' had gotten enormous and the length of his penis had stretched by at least two inches. Hilda knew that her sexual powers over men were strong, but she never thought that she had the ability to transcend puberty. Clearly, Hilda was wrong. Her powers were legion.

"I miss my dinky toy," Hilda said, looking at his groin and growing impressed with the bulge that jutted proudly against his pants in full view of the spelling bee circle that he occasionally glanced at with a proud look that said that his wee wee was now an instrument that women wanted in their pussies and in their mouths to fellate hungrily. "Does dinky want to play with his Hildy mommy and her pretty udderly cow-sized titties? I can't believe I just fucking said that crazy shit while baby talking to a guy's wee wee! Ha! Ha! Ha! Now since I have embarrassed myself in front of the class by using the private name for your wee wee in public, you better whip that fucker out for me and let me reward the bastard!"

The class roared with laughter and began to chant "Dinky! Dinky! Dinky!" as Jeremy Peters unbuttoned his khaki pants and reached to pull down his pressurized fly.

"I'll show you a fucking dinky," Jeremy said with a grin as he fished out his hardened shaft that looked shiny under the many lights that illuminated the classroom because of the pre-cum that inched from his pee pee hole and was brought out by the beauty and gargantuan splendor of Miss Humper's whopping knockers that even now wanted to leap from her brassiere that strained to hold the fucking mountaintops that adorned her chest region like treasures bestowed upon her.

Hilda pulled away her blouse and the class gasped as her bra-encased bust tumbled into view and a thin gentle stream of semen squirted lightly from the tip of Jeremy's wee wee's head just like a tiny squirt of water and landed in a thin puddle on the carpet, the semi- ejaculation almost seeming to act as a portents to the abundant outpouring of his wee wee juice that was to come shortly at the hands of his teacher. In an act of sheer indulgence and almost surreal whorishness, Hilda went to the carpet, her boobies jiggling as she descended and proceeded to lick the clear puddle of his thin pre-cum jism from the fibers of the carpet and took it into her yearning mouth.

"Can't waste a drop that comes out of any wee wee," Hilda said, smacking her lips and savoring the salty taste of it as she looked at the girls in the circle. "Wee wee juice is the fucking staff of life, girls. Remember that shit the next time you go on a first date and a guy wants you to suck his dick."

"Yep, it's some good fucking shit," Hilda said emphatically as she savored the semen that she lapped into her mouth as she rose from her knees to look at the first correct speller of the spelling bee. "I love my wee wee juice. It keeps my titties soft, my skin glowing and it's so fucking high in protein, it's great for low carb diets!"

"And I got a lot in this big dinky," Jeremy Peters replied in a deep voice as he gripped his erect penis that had been stretched to an almost seven inch staff by his fucking of Miss Humper the week before in her office, when he had squeezed her big knockers and pinned her plump fanny to her desk. "And this big dinky is itching to squirt."

His teacher had seemed to have almost supernatural abilities with her pussy and he had been shocked when his dick grew within two days of fucking her to something that the chicks loved. Jeremy had fucked a girl that lived next door to him since his exploits with Hilda. It was like her pussy had taken his small penis and sprouted it into something enormous and made him a stud who was desirable to women. Sometimes he couldn't believe it. But now almost every waking moment of his life was dedicated to pursuing tits and ass.

"Now what the fuck do you want to do?" Hilda asked him, smiling as she slowly unfastened her green triple J cup brasierre and tossed it across the room as the class of both guys and girls watched her intently, the guys all sporting huge erections that she glanced at and dreamed of sucking as her globes of flesh sprang out of her boulder holder with a flurry of fleshy enormity, like beachballs made out of human skin. "You want your wee wee sucked, or your wee wee fucked, or what?"

"I want to fuck your fucking titties, Miss Humper," Jeremy declared as he shed every stitch of his clothes, his penis now throbbing and a string of sticky baby batter dangling from its head. "I want to fuck the fucking shit out of your big fucking boobs."

"Mmmmmmmmmmm! That's a lot of fucking fucks!" Hilda moaned loudly as she pushed her titties close together and then reached out and grabbed her student's wee wee in the most explicit manner possible and went to her knees once more, her enormous set slapping him in the shins. "Now let's clean Mr. Happy off before he heads for the mountains. And one more thing. Missy, would you read the next word on the spelling list and keep the fucking ball rolling in this contest. It's no use depriving the other students of education while I get my boobies balled by my wee wee warrior here."

"Sure, Miss Humper," Missy responded amiably as she took the list from the podium and read while Kenny Long and Chuck Dicker stood by anxiously, hoping that the next correct speller would be a girl. "Now, the second word is: fellatio."

There was a flurry of chattering voices and a multitude of hands shot up. All the students in the circle wanted to get pleasured in the worst way this afternoon. Being close to spring break had made all their wee wees and cunnies horny and anxious to fuck. Missy had to choose someone. She thought that it was only right that a girl was picked this time.

"Bunnie," Missy spoke, pointing to a red-haired, full-figured girl named Bunnie Mounts whose mammoth breasts were practically popping out of the green blouse that she wore which many people would have labeled, somewhat accurately, as slutty looking. "Your turn."

"Yaaaaahhhh!" Bunnie Mounts cheered in a giggly voice, the same voice that she used when a football player was ready to shove his penis into her overfucked pussy in the back seat of a car. "Let's see. F-E- L-L-A-T-I-O. Fellatio. Is that right? I know how to do it, but I don't know if I know how to spell it. Tee hee!"

"Sure is," Missy Cummings smilingly replied. "Now you get to pick one of these two horn dogs to reward your correct spelling. It's your choice."

"Well," Bunnie sighed pensively as she pushed her blouse down even more so that the rosy red nipples of her big fucking jugs were almost peeking over the top of the fabric and smiled as she watched both Kenny and Chuck's peckers now so hard that they were straining, pushing hard against the crotches of their pants. "Both of them have big fucking dicks, but I want the biggest. Chuck's a good fuck, tee hee, but I choose Kenny. Kenny, come here and show me that big pee wee of yours, you big horn dog. Tee hee!"

Meanwhile, Hilda was on her knees in front of the now completely naked Jeremy Peters and was taking his peter in and out of her mouth, lubing it up and tasting all the wee wee fluid that still trickled out intermittently. She wasn't going to suck it to completion, but was simply readying it to slide between her watermelon bazooms.

"Now you're all ready, aren't you, Mr. Wee Wee?" Hilda cooed effusively and lovingly to Jeremy's penis that she held just in front of her face as she talked to it like a two-year-old. "Awwwwwww, you happy wee wee! You just want to get your naughty waughty little pee wee head between mommy wommy's big warm sweet pretty tittie mounds, don't you, you wily wee wee, you! You're a sneaky pee wee! Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky! Hildy would suck you clean and drink all your silly wee wee juice if you weren't going to take a twippy between my girly boobies! Mmmmmmmmmmm, I love you, Mr. Happy Wee Wee!"

With this Hilda softly rubbed Jeremy's genitals with only her index finger and then cupped his balls, which had also grown and then she leaned over. She pushed the staff of his prick up high and kissed his testicles sweetly and then released his wee wee trunk, giggling as it snapped back outward at erect and rapt attention. Jeremy moaned. In this moment the class had begun to laugh at their teacher's predictable antics and Hilda laid back on the carpet, in only her birthday suit and began to rub some lotion between her towering twin peaks, kneading her gallons of titflesh, readying that flesh, that essence of tittiedom for the throbbing wee wee that she had just fellated, anxious to get it in the soft intimate cleft of her cleavage and have her student riding her mountains, slipping lubriciously within the slick track that he loved so much to fuck. Hilda thought that she was literally in love with wee wees. It was almost a romantic attachment for her, if she was capable of romance. Miss Humper had to suck them, which she did more than anything else, and she had to fuck them every day, always having to have a stiff weiner pummeling her pussy and pinning her big glorious ass to the mattress as the bedsprings screamed and her butt squeaked its delight against the fabric of the bedspread or sheet as she bounced and bucked, she and her partner's pelvises slapping noisily and sweatily together and their breathing gushing out in bursts, much like the cum that soon stickied her insides as her lover's wee wee ejaculated, squirting and wetting her sopping hole. This situation, this blessed tittiefucking, was going to be just as special. Hilda put the finishing touches on the lubing of her honkers, tweaking each point of desire, tugging softly on her nipples that were pebbly and erect. She had some nice nipple hard-ons.

"Come to momma's pretty titties, Mr. Happy," Hilda Humper breathed as she pushed her boulder-sized jugs apart and beckoned him into the pre- slicked canyon as the class cheered and Jeremy went to the carpet next to her, his private part so hard that she thought it would combust if she touched it, which she did anyway. "Jeremy, yes! Give wee wee to momma! Squirt all of baby's special pee pee in here between momma's boom booms! Please, baby! Slide it in there! Yessssss!"

And Jeremy shakily and excitedly did. But their erotic fun was not the only thing that was holding the class's attention until Missy Cummings called out a new word. Bunnie Mounts and Kenny Long were soon to be introduced 'formally' in more ways than one. Bunnie was getting right down to business. Her business in this moment was Kenny's wee wee.

"Oh, golly, gee whiz!" Bunnie shrieked as she took off her yellow blouse and let her H cup bosoms tumble into view before the lusting eyes of Kenny, whose pecker was so hard now that it hurt as it swelled against the tight pair of pants that he wore. "How do you like these puppies, big boy? From the look of that crotch, I think your pee wee has got to be crying to get out of those tight stuffy pants!"

Kenny smiled and nodded at her as two of her fingers brushed the tip of his manhood that pressed tautly against the harsh constraint of his trousers. Bunnie was a bit of a bimbo with her excess of makeup and her frizzy, but pretty, mane of red hair. Her boobs were enormous and Kenny knew many guys on the football team that had celebrated a victory with their faces buried in her benevolent bosom and their wee wees plumbing the depths of her overused and frequently pounded pussy, that she would fucking share without selfishness with just about any lucky guy that came along.

"It's coming out, all right," Kenny announced to the bare-bosomed trollop as he undid his pants and shed them, the erect wee wee that inflated his briefs pointing directly at Bunnie's stacked to capacity chest that swung as a pair like perky pendulums of boobery. "Fuck me sideways! You must have about 50 or 60 pounds of tittie on you, Bunnie!"

"Tee hee! Thanks, Kenny for the compliment. Now hurry up and take your fucking wee wee out."

"May I mount you, Miss Mounts?" Kenny asked jokingly as he yanked his penis free from his underwear and Bunnie screamed as it leaped up in front of her.

"Forget the fucking spelling bee, kids!" Hilda screamed to the class from where she laid splayed on the floor, a wee wee riding her hooters like an amusement park attraction, Jeremy Peters behaving like a kid at Disney World as he dicked her assets. "Wee wee my titties! Ohhhhhhh! Now boys, grab the girl closest to you by the titties and have some funny. Use those wee wees and cunnies! This is much more important than your fucking spelling skills! Go to it, class!"

And the students obeyed.

"Wanna play with my clit, Chuck?" Missy asked, turning to Chuck Dicker from where she stood at the podium as the tawdry trollop pulled her skirt playfully off and then followed with her panties. "You can lick my pussy for starters and then put your wee wee in there, Chuckie."

"I thought you'd never ask," Chuck laughed as he tossed his pants across the classroom and threw his boxers at Missy, his cock piercing the air proudly in front of him. "And those titties. Don't forget those titties."

"How could I?" Missy giggled, tearing her blouse open with a loud rip and then popping the hooks on her massive brassiere, freeing the prisoners from their boobie confinement. "My titties and I have been friends for years. Tee hee hee."

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