tagErotic HorrorThe Spider's Brothel

The Spider's Brothel


Author's Note:

Well, a chapter of a story I have been working on has been deleted as my external hard drive is bust! So I finished this story for the Halloween contest, a late late entry but enjoy. This has since been re-edited on 10/25/2013 as I feel the bad grammar mistakes have effected the rating of this story which is unfortunate as I'm very proud of this story. This story contains Shemale sex so if you don't enjoy that be warned.

* * *

Dave dusts himself off and straitens out his leather jacket. His short black hair is combined to the side and held in with hair moose provided by Stephanie, he hates it usually but for TV purposes it has to look good and Stephanie claims gel looks too heavy and she needs his hair to be wavy. He turns to look behind him and looks up the huge drive way towards the huge abandoned Mansion they will be investigating tonight.

"Ready to go?" Ed the camera man asks, a big muscular African American in his late twenties.

Dave looks at Ed and nods. The overcast is giving a good light and now is the time to do the creepy intro. "Yes, let's go." Charlie, a 5, 8 skinny man with short brown hair is behind Ed acting as a director. The camera is already on and Charlie counts down from 5 to 1 with his fingers and points saying to Go, Dave smiles at the camera and begins his intro.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Haunted World. I'm Dave Sheffield and we're here in the heart of Maine, sitting by the road in this wooded area stands the Mansion you see behind me. This Mansion opened in the mid 1800's and has an infamous past. The police raided this Mansion in 1993 and found the building in use as a Brothel, the girls inside, some had been missing for several years, claimed a sinister force within the Building controlled the girls into becoming prostitutes to lure unsuspecting men. Several men currently receiving treatment at the Local Asylum lost their sanity in this very building. This building in the 1800's was reportedly used for ritual murders by the prostitutes working here as a sacrifice to the being they supposedly worshiped. The girls in 1993 could not say entirely what happened as their memories of the events were full of gaps; they had only one warning about this building, stay away, burn it to the ground. Tonight, Halloween night, we will investigate this building, rumors of strange ghostly sounds and apparitions are reported, homeless people have run in fear after trying to spend the night, the current owner refuses to step foot in the building and plans of renovation have been put on hold. Tonight we investigate the infamous, Spider's Brothel."

He waits a few seconds. Then Charlie gives thumbs up. "Brilliant, great intro."

Ed puts the Camera down and nods. "Great man, really great."

Dave smiles and looks at the Mansion and looks back. "Tonight should be good."

In the nearby van, two girls emerge, one wearing all black Gothic clothing with a piercing in her lips, nose and ears named Sandra. The other is Stephanie a tall long haired brunette with a tank top showing off her C cup breasts and tight jeans. Stephanie does the makeup for the guys but she is also an expert on Ghosts which has been a hobby of hers since she was a teen, she found the idea that something her parents told her wasn't real may in fact actually be real. Sandra is an expert in the occult but everyone finds it hard to get along with her due to her bad temper.

Charlie chose to be an investigator so he could finally figure out whether Ghosts are real or not. Dave is the same and he is the more camera friendly than the others and is a trained actor so he knows how to perform to deliver the intros correctly. Ed is just a camera guy who wants to film the ultimate Ghost video.

Dave looks at the guys and coughs to get their attention. "Guys, I have something to tell you." They all turn to him to see what he has to say. "As you know we have been doing these videos and putting them on YouTube and it's great you guys give up your free time to do this. But, I got an email today, a TV network has been following our investigations and they want to offer us the chance to do this as a proper TV show. We are filming the pilot tonight."

Dave tries not to laugh at the reactions on their faces as they smile and cheer. Stephanie runs and hugs Dave who awkwardly returns the hug. "Oh my god this is awesome."

Dave blushes. "Yeah, soon will be getting paid to go round the world to do this rather than just doing it out of our own pockets." Dave says happily.

Ed coughs smiling as well. "I know we are happy but we only have a few hours of natural light left."

They all get started to get the gear together with an extra spring in their steps.

* * *

They are just outside of the house with a woman in her thirties with long red hair standing next to Dave. Charlie indicates they are ready for filming, then counts down to zero. Dave starts the interview.

"I'm standing here with Wendy Cooper, who purchased this mansion four months ago. Wendy, why have all renovations on the property been put on hold?"

Wendy looks a little freighted but answers the question anyway. "I came to the house after I purchased it at auction, I began looking around the house and I was always conscious of the fact that someone or something was watching me. I had heard rumors that there is a basement in the house, but when I first entered the house there was no door to the basement, but the echo on the hard floor suggests there is in fact a basement."

"Have you seen anything strange or unusual?"

"A door, a door that appears and disappears. When I first saw it, something compelled me to go through the door, but I came to my senses and ran. I assumed it is the basement door, but sometimes it isn't there. There is also a door to the Attic that is always locked, it was rumored that the Attic contained a room, a room which the girls claimed was their last know coherent memory of the house before they were rescued."

"Yes, the infamous surrender room, where the girls entered and came out whores. Have you tried gaining access?" Dave asks.

"Only once, but it was locked. I also began to get things ready for renovation, but the moment I started to move things, that's when the strange events got worse. I was pushed down the stairs, luckily I sustained no injury and a voice told me to leave, telling me I wasn't welcome."

Dave nods sympathetically. "I assume you heard stories of this place, what have you heard?"

Wendy seems a little reluctant to answer but speaks. "That the girls here, used to use sex as a form of ritualistic means of sacrificing men, and that the Brothel was used as a way of luring men. Even the girls who were freed in 1993 were wearing Victorian style clothing with modern undergarments or lingerie for a better term, it looked sophisticated enough to avoid suspicion. Some of the men who were reported missing in the early nineties were never found."

"You are locking us in tonight, any advice about tonight?"

"Don't disturb anything, and don't enter the basement if the door appears. And the most important of all, don't enter the Attic, at all. Especially the girls here." She says pointing to Stephanie and Sandra.

Dave looks at the camera. "Despite this warning, we will be locked in here tonight and investigate, Wendy here will unlock the door tomorrow morning and let us out. Will the team discover anything within the walls of the Spider's Brothel? Tune in and find out."

After a few seconds pause, Ed turns the Camera off. "Good, it's good." Charlie says.

Dave turns back to Wendy. "Are you sure you can't give us tour of the House?"

Wendy nods. "I won't go in that house, ever. I must advise you not too as well."

Dave nods and turns to the team. "If you don't feel comfortable entering this house then let me know now."

The team looks at him like he is crazy and he turns back to Wendy. "They are willing to take the risk like I am Mrs Cooper."

She nods and looks deep within his eyes. "On your head be it."

* * *

As the sun sets, the team opens the front door with flashlights, Camera's, Hand Held Camera's, EMF detectors, Tape recorders for EVP's and other Ghost detection devices. They bring them in and look around the ground floor. They see various red leather sofa's completely covered in dust, cobwebs and spider webs, a reception area and a large curved stair case leading upstairs. They look up and see a large circular spider web designed structure with a huge metallic spider in the center. Sandra sees it and nods. "So that's why it's called the Spider's Brothel."

They all look up at the magnificent structure and nod in agreement. Dave and Ed enter and Ed has the Camera ready with Wendy standing in the door way. Stephanie enters last carrying a box of equipment, Stephanie trips and Dave instantly catches her. "Woh, careful there."

Stephanie blushes. "Thanks Dave."

Dave holds on to her a little too long and he awkwardly lets her go and she enters the house with everyone else.

"OK Ed, three, two, one." He pauses and looks serious. "We are now inside the infamous Spider's Brothel and Wendy Cooper is about to lock us in for the night, she has been instructed not to open the door until sunrise which is at 07:43, the time now is..." he looks at his watch. "09:15 pm, that's ten hours of investigating." He turns to Wendy. "Please lock us in Mrs Cooper."

Wendy closes the door a little, she looks at Dave with a look of sadness. "I'm sorry." She says and closes the door and they hear the chains being put around the door and the click of the lock. Dave shakes the door for effect and turns to the Camera. "Let the investigation begin." He waits a few seconds then uses his hand to slice across his throat to kill the camera. Ed turns it off and looks around with the girls and Charlie.

"Why was she sorry?" Charlie asks looking concerned.

Dave laughs at him. "Relax, she is just frightened something will happen to us is all. It's fine, trust me." He says but Charlie doesn't look reassured.

"Where are we going to set up?" Sandra asks.

"OK, we set up various Cameras around corridors and any rooms we can, command center will be here in the reception area and then we will begin our sweep around the house." They all nod and start to unpack the gear.

Ed sneaks up by Dave and whispers to him. "I saw you there with Stephanie, when are you going to tell her?"

Dave looks at Ed and looks past him at Stephanie who is in conversation with Sandra. "I haven't even dated her Ed, how can I tell her? It would look creepy telling her I love her when we haven't...never mind let's forget about it."

"Look man, just ask her out, you are torturing yourself by not doing it, besides the worst she can do is say no."

Dave shakes his head. "No the worst she can do is laugh at me."

Ed looks sympathetically at him. "At least you will know."

Dave looks uneasy and continues unpacking the stuff. "Come on, we have work to do."

Meanwhile, Stephanie and Sandra are also whispering to each other. "So, Dave saved you there, maybe there is hope."

Stephanie laughs it off. "I don't know, sure Dave is cute and all but I'm not sure if he likes me."

Sandra just laughs. "Listen, I may be a Goth and considered weird but I notice when a guy likes a girl. He likes you, just talk to him."

Stephanie blushes and brushes a hair out of her face. "Why would he be interested in me?"

Sandra now looks at her in disbelief. "You are gorgeous Stephanie; don't let anyone tell you any differently." Sandra says with a serious tone.

"Thanks Sandra." They continue to unpack the gear in silence.

* * *

It stirs in the Darkness, movement is above her, how can that be? She stretches out and tries to sense what is above. Three males and two females. It stirs more, preparing herself for her return. She sends a signal for her babies, they all move and scatter out of the basement, towards the people above. Her plan is set, hopefully one will submit to her, one will wear her silk.

* * *

Eventually the cameras are all set up, Ed is sitting at the Command center, Stephanie is with Charlie and Dave is with Sandra. Dave and Sandra are on the second floor while Charlie and Stephanie are on the third floor, Ed sees they are all exploring the rooms and trying different means of communicating and they don't seem to get anything. Ed is looking at the screens trying to spot anything but sees nothing. He starts picking at his nails failing to notice a shadow pass one of the monitors.

* * *

Sandra and Dave are sitting in one of the rooms trying to do an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) session. "Is anyone here who wishes to talk to us?" Dave asks holding the tape player. He pauses hoping it is recording anything. He then feels a shiver on his hand and he looks to see a fairly large spider crawling on his hand. "Jesus!" He shouts and shakes it off of his hand. His breathing is heavy, in and out trying to calm himself. "I hate spiders, I feel numb."

Sandra shakes her head in disbelief and stomps on the Spider dead. "Ghosts are fine but a spider?"

"Shut up." He then sees a lot of spiders on the walls. "Where did they come from"?

Sandra sees them and shrugs. "It's an old building there are bound to be spiders."

"Let's try another bedroom." They get up and leave.

* * *

She feels pain, she saw the girl with black and piercings, and she crushed her baby. She felt the pain and the cry. "You will pay girl, you will pay." She says, but that will leave only one girl, she needs more, she must think.

* * *

Charlie is smiling at Stephanie as she is looking at a large spider on her top, she is frozen with fear as it crawls on her. Charlie finds it very amusing. "Come on, it won't hurt you."

Stephanie looks at him pleading. "Please, get it off."

Charlie shakes his head, puts his camera down and goes to her. He lightly and carefully pulls the spider off of her. "Did you scare the poor lady. You poor thing." He says to the spider, he then looks at her. "There are thousands of spiders in the world, this one is harmless, and we are probably the first people it has seen for years, it's curious."

"What? It's a spider."

"Still a living thing." He places it on the nearby window sill and walks away from it. "Honestly. If you hate spiders why are you doing a ghost investigation?"

Stephanie shakes her head in disbelief and they continue with their investigation.

* * *

The Skinny boy, he let my Baby live, he could have killed it but he showed it compassion. He must be rewarded, he will replace the girl. She stretches herself getting the room ready.

* * *

Ed sees the video feed for the attic door suddenly go down. He presses a few buttons on his console but nothing happens. "Shit." He sees that Charlie and Stephanie are nearer on the third floor. He picks up his radio and changes the frequency to just Charlie's radio. "Charlie come in, over."

He sees Charlie pick up his radio. "Yes Ed, over." Says Charlie's voice down the radio.

"Could you check out the Camera on the Attic door? It's gone down, over."

He sees Charlie make a frustrated look and he looks into the Camera Ed sees him on. "Sure, Stephanie says she needs a break anyway, she will join you at the command center while I'll check it out, over."

"Thanks Charlie, out." He sees Charlie go one way and Stephanie go the other.

* * *

Charlie reaches the camera and looks at it; the red light indicates it should be on. He picks up his radio. "Ed, the camera is fine, anything on it, over." Only static, no response. "Ed?" Static again. He is about to walk away when he hears a lock click. He turns to the door and sees it has opened a crack, he feels his curiosity rising. He realizes he left the Camera with Stephanie and he can't document this. He mentally decides to check it out anyway and he can just report it to the guys later. He makes his way to the door shining his flashlight and pushes it open all the way. He looks behind him at the staircase leading to the third floor and is considering turning back, but what is in the attic space? Why do they say the girls surrender themselves in here?

He shins the light inside and sees a large four poster bed, the room seems large. He walks in and the door closes behind him and he hears the lock click again. He tries to open the door but it won't open. "Great." He says to himself and looks around. He spots a small desk lamp on a bedside table and decides to see it if works. Sure enough he clicks it on and the room becomes illuminated. He can now see the room is large, he sees the four poster bed has bright red silk sheets on it and it seems to be free of dust. He looks around and sees the whole room is free of dust and spider's webs. The room is decorated with Spider themed decorations. He sees that there are no windows in the attic, he sees a large wardrobe, a chest of draws and a makeup table with mirror and vanity chair. He decides to stay put until the guys find him, the room seems harmless enough.

He walks to the wardrobe and opens it, inside is a red silk Victorian style dress and a black leather pair of boots with a stiletto heal. Definitely modern and not from the Victorian age. He closes the wardrobe and moves to the chest of draws, he opens one and nearly laughs nervously. Inside are panties, lots and lots of modern panties. All seem to be silk and decorated with lace around the edge, he looks closer and sees a spider web design on the lace. He sees one pair that catches his eye, they are black laced with the spider webbing design and the center in a V shape is red silk with an outline of black silk, he sees it is also a thong.

* * * She senses the man is there, the one that spared her child, he has found her silk. She reaches to him psychically; to touch the silk, touch it.

* * *

Charlie doesn't know why, but he wants to touch the panties, just a look, they are only panties after all. He reaches down, one part of his mind saying to touch them, the other part saying to leave it alone. He reaches his hand and picks up the panties. They look like they would look really hot on any girl who would wear them. "They would look hot on you." His thoughts say. He doesn't know where that came from. "You should put them on." Says the voice in his head.

The room spins slightly and he blinks his eyes. "Wait, what?"

"Why not try, what harm would it do? You may like it." Says the voice in his head, he doesn't notice the voice has changed to a female voice, he feels disorientated.

"I...may like...yes." He says.

"Well, strip then."

He feels some arousal as he starts to take his clothes off. As he takes his shirt, pants, shoes, socks and underwear off and throws them to the ground he fails to notice in the haze of lust that spiders are appearing out of nowhere taking his clothes away. He stands naked in the room, his skinny frame exposed. He holds the panties to his face, a smile spreading across his face. His cock standing at full attention. "So sexy." He says as he lowers them and puts one leg in.

"Yes, that's it, put them on." He lifts the other leg in and then slowly pulls the up. "Yes, wear my silk my dear surrender to me."

He remembers hearing about the girls saying they were forced to surrender by some unseen woman to be whores. He knows he has to stop, but by the time he realizes he has already put the panties on fully, he feels the silky material travel up his crack and feels the silky caress on his hard cock. He is frozen, he is no longer disorientated, he is fully aware of the situation. He waits for something to happen. He stands still for the longest time until he thinks he is safe. He looks down at his aching member in the panties and knows he has to get out of them before the guys come looking for him. He turns to where he put his clothes down but sees nothing, his clothes are gone.

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