tagMind ControlThe Spirit Circle of Repetige

The Spirit Circle of Repetige


Though she was wrapped in multiple layers of wool sweaters, the bitter cold of the morning air bit deep into Jennari's slight figure. She had not been able to sleep the previous afternoon, as was her practice on the days before she had telescope time, and the dull headache of sleep deprivation wore on her as the whirring motor moving the telescope droned into her skull. Finally the motor stopped and she checked to make sure that the telescope was in line with the coordinates of the Kitrep Paca.

Kitrep Paca was a red giant star. Although the star had been well observed for years, her advisor had asked her to take spectral readings of the star. As she checked the exposure time programmed into the telescope's computer, she sighed at the waste of hard won telescope time. The spectrum that she had taken for her dissertation the last time she had telescope time, three weeks ago, had been poorly exposed and her advisor had assigned her this rudimentary task to prove her competency.

She pulled the stray strands of her long golden hair away from her eyes and looked into the telescope's eyepiece. The telescope was cleanly centered on the red giant. As she peered at the star she was startled at the sound of footsteps approaching her across the bare pavement of the observatory floor. She looked up from the eyepiece to see her advisor approaching.

"Good morning Professor Laigle," she greeted him. Dr. Felix Laigle, who insisted that his students call him by his honorific, was a balding man in his fifties with a diminutive figure that even Jennari dwarfed. She cringed as he approached. She wondered why he would be awake this time of the morning just to check on her. More than likely the old lecher thinks he can come up here and seduce me, she thought.

"Good morning, Jennari. May I have a look at your settings?"

"Yes, sir," she said, putting her thoughts aside and getting out of the way, so that he could take a look at her preparations.

He took several seconds looking at the computer monitor and looking through the eyepiece, checking her work. "Looks like you are set up okay. Go ahead and start the exposure," he said getting out of the way and sitting down at one of the pair of white plastic patio chairs that sat away from the scope.

She got back into position behind the scope and after checking that she had an unexposed film plate in the camera, she used the computer mouse to push the button on the screen that began the exposure. She would have a wait while the telescope completed the exposure. Reluctantly, after starting the exposure, she sat down in the plastic chair adjacent the one that Dr. Laigle was sitting in.

"Would you care for a drink, Jennari?" said Dr. Laigle, pulling a thin, round bottle from a paper bag he had brought with him.

"Sure, what do you have?"

"Some calvados. I favor it on such cold nights up here," he said pouring a generous amount from the bottle into a red plastic cup and handing it to her.

Oh great, he is going to try to get me drunk, she thought, as she took a small sip of the sweet liquor. Dr. Laigle poured himself a large helping from the bottle and held his glass up to clink with hers. She held up her glass to the professor's and tapped it, then brought it down and took another small sip. As the liquor flowed down her gullet she felt it warming her insides. Maybe liquor was not such a bad idea on a cold night as this, she thought.

She watched as the professor took a generous swallow from his cup. Dr. Laigle was the only Astronomy professor at the small Repetige University, and this telescope was his baby. From the early years of his professorship he had worked to get government grants to pay for the small telescope and it was his life. Dr. Laigle was a widower, his wife having died ten years before and now he had nothing in his life but his job.

Jenarri relaxed in her seat and took another sip of her drink. There was nothing to do now but wait. It would take two hours for the exposure to complete.

As she flew over the hill Grimoire Mistrune was incensed. What had happened to her circle? It had only been a scant two hundred and fifty orbits of the mortal planet since she had been to her circle and now the mortals had built a cylindrical building with a hemispherical roof where it had once been. She had not been away that long. She had departed to visit her sister Furor Magickblatter the Fourth Priestess that Forgets Dreaming in her demesne on the largest of the Eight Hills of Forever and now her circle had been built over by mortals. It was enough to make her wings curl.

As she flew nearer to the building she sensed that there were two mortals inside. Using her telepathy she reached out to read the thoughts of the mortals. The first mortal was much younger than the other and female. The female was suspicious of what the older male mortal desired of her. The older male, although his thoughts were filled with images of lasciviousness, had warm, nurturing feelings for the younger female.

She wished that with her magic she could disintegrate the building that had been built over her circle. For the thousandth time she cursed herself that she had paid more attention when she had been learning magic as a young pixie. The only spells that she had mastered were limited to sensing and affecting the mental state of mortals. At the time she felt it did not matter, she could always get mortals to do her bidding, why should she waste her time learning all those superfluous spells. Although she could tell the two mortals were insufficient to tear down the building maybe if she could disgrace the older male, who she sensed had a proprietary feeling about the building, it could go away.

Mortals really were such silly creatures, she thought. You give them what they want and it causes them no end of trouble.

Jennari took another sip of her drink and looked back at Professor Laigle. In the scant light of the observatory he somehow looked different than she remembered. Although he was not as tall as she, his figure was not as scrawny as she remembered. Maybe it was all the bulky clothing he was wearing in the morning cold, but it seemed to her that his arms and body were bulkier than she recalled. While he still was not about to win a contest for muscularity, looking at him she saw that he must have been extremely well built when he was younger, and despite his scant silvery hair he was not an unattractive older man.

"Jennari, I know you must feel like I am prying to come up here and check on your work, but I didn't want you wasting your time again like you did the last time you tried to get a spectrum for your work. I truly only have your interests at heart."

It was nice of him to come up and make sure I was not wasting my time, she thought. For a grad student telescope time was a precious commodity and to waste a clear night like tonight would have been a tragedy she could not afford again. She felt herself warming toward the older man as the calvados warmed her inside. Momentarily she wondered what the professor would be like in bed. Being an older man he would probably be a considerate lover she judged. As quickly as they had come to her, she tried to banish the thoughts of sex with her professor.

"Well, thank you for coming to help me professor. I really do appreciate it. And thank you for the calvados. You're right, it does keep one warm on a cold morning."

"You're welcome."

"So what do you usually do while you are waiting for an exposure to finish?" she asked.

"Most times I bring something to read. I am sure you have something to read for your classes."

Silently Jennari cursed herself for leaving the journal article that she had been reading on her desk in the teaching assistants office. I must look like an idiot to him, she thought, what can I do to distract him?

"Maybe we could go down to your office where it is warmer and wait for the exposure to finish, I am sure we can find something to do there," she said licking her lips coquettishly.

"Sure," he said uncertainly, and then quickly getting up from his chair he walked toward the observatory door.

I cannot believe what I just said, thought Jennari. What am I trying to do? If I fuck him, maybe he won't have problems with my spectrums anymore? She laughed to herself. Taking the last of the calvados in her glass down in one swig, she got out of her chair. After checking the telescope and making a small adjustment, she followed the professor out of the observatory and down the stairs on the hillside to the door of the faculty offices.

Taking a key ring out of his pocket, the professor opened the glass door to the building and then held it for Jennari. Leading her down the hall to the door to his office he opened it and held it for her. She entered his office and sat down on his cluttered desk.

Like most faculty offices Professor Laigle's was a study in chaos. Every surface of his desk, computer table and bookshelves was filled with papers, Xeroxed articles, journals and books, placed in random order. Although he could find anything he needed in seconds to a neutral observer the place appeared to be a shambles. Sitting down on the desk, facing his chair, Jennari pulled the two heavy woolen sweaters she was wearing off over her head, leaving only a white T-shirt covering her small breasts. She had not put on a bra when she had left her apartment, not expecting to run into anybody at the telescope.

Professor Laigle stood in the doorway watching Jennari as if he did not want to enter his own office, afraid of what might happen.

"Why don't you sit down here professor, and let me take care of you," she said looking back at him in the doorway and smiling, her hazel eyes sparkling in the fluorescent light.

Tentatively he entered his office and absent mindedly, without taking of heavy his ski jacket, he sat down in his chair, which after he sat down Jennari's legs were straddling.

"That's better. Now let me see what I can do for you," she said, getting down off of the desk and down on her knees before him. Her hands reached up and slid down the zipper at the fly of his pants. With his pants unzipped, using her fingers she worked his cock out of his boxer shorts. Placing her face in between his thighs she took his cock into her mouth and began licking the underside of his cockhead with her tongue.

"Mmmm, yummy," she moaned.

He remained silent, enjoying the sensation of his young student sucking his cock. As she licked his cock it began to harden. She wondered if he had ever had a student suck his cock. From the change in his breathing pattern she judged that he was enjoying himself. She began to make little slurping noises as she worked on his now swiftly hardening cock. As she continued she thought about how good it was going to feel to have him inside of her. While he did not have the biggest cock she had ever seen, it looked and felt as if it would do the job, now that it was engorged with blood. As these thoughts ran through her head she felt her cunt begin to moisten. Yes, she thought, it had been a long time since she had a lover and the sordidness of having her professor do her on his desk kind of turned her on.

Looking up at her professor she could tell by his open mouth and the scrunched up look on his face he was about to cum. Pulling her face out of his crotch she stood up and sat back down on his desk in front of him. After pulling her shirt off, over her head with her hand she offered him her breast to suck. "Why don't you lick my tits professor? I bet you can make my nipples all hard."

In a second he was upon her, wrapping his hands around her breasts and taking her right nipple in his mouth. He ran his tongue around her nipple and then took it into her mouth, sucking on it.

"Oh, that's it professor. Suck my nipple." She could feel it harden in his mouth as he sucked. After her right nipple had hardend he switched to the other one, taking it in his mouth, licking it, and beginning to suck. All the while his hands massaged her breasts. Her left nipple was soon hard as well.

Jennari felt that her cunt was a sodden mess. She did not know what had come over her, but she knew she needed to feel her professor's cock inside of her. There was no waiting. She wanted it, and she wanted it now.

"Enough. Fuck me now. I need you to fuck me professor. Fuck me on your desk like the little slut that I am," she cried. With her hands she pulled apart the fly her jeans, feeling each button pull free, one by one. Pulling her pants and damp panties down to her ankles as one, she sat back on the paper covered desk, her knees spread wide apart, displaying her cunt, with tiny drops of moisture on the sparse brown hair that surrounded it, for him.

Seeing her waiting for him, he wasted no time in shedding his jacket and unbuttoning his white oxford shirt. Undoing his belt and unbuttoning his pants, he let them fall to his knees.

She stared at his erect member. That would do just fine she thought. "Bring that thing here professor, I want you in me," she moaned.

He took a step forward and inserting his cock into her flesh tunnel. Slowly he began shifting his hips, sliding his cock in and out of her. "Oh, that's it. Fuck me harder professor. Come on, fuck me harder," she moaned.

He responded by shifting his hips faster, plunging his member into her, harder and harder. As his rate increased she felt her orgasm start to build. Slowly the feeling of pleasure spread from her cunt, soon engulfing her entire crotch as he rammed his cock into her. She heard him begin to emit small grunts simultaneous to his thrusts as he worked on her.

"Oh yes," she moaned as she felt her pussy begin to quiver with orgasm. "Yes, yes, yes, yes," she panted as her pussy throbbed and spraying its juice all over the papers on his desk.

Listening to her moan and feeling her cunt quiver was too much for him and his cock sprayed his seed into her.

As her orgasm subsided she was flooded with a feeling of shame. What had she done? She looked down and saw professor Laigle's small cock still in her. How had this happened? Trying her best to play off what had happened she tried to adopt an air of satisfaction. "That was wonderful professor," she said, sitting back and letting his rapidly softening cock fall out of her. "I better go check my exposure," she said, quickly pulling up her panties and pants and buttoning them. Grabbing the rest of her clothes that she had thrown aside, she quickly left the office, pulling her shirt and sweaters over her head as she walked.

Professor Laigle, his pants still down around his knees looked around. He could not believe his luck. He had thoughts about fucking Jennari since he had accepted her as a student. As a professor he knew it was a huge breach of ethics to fuck a student but to have her throw herself at him had been too much for him to resist. He would not have believed it had not his cock been wet with her juices. Fortunately, she had seemed satisfied and hopefully would not complain about it to the dean.

His eyes rested on his desk where she had sat. Underneath where she had sat, while he fucked her, was the final copy of his latest grant proposal with all the required signatures, due to go out today, now soaked with their juices. It was totally soaked and he could see the writing from all the following pages showing through to the top surface. He sighed. It was ruined and he would need to produce a new copy. Hopefully the dean would be in today so that he could sign it. He silently prayed that he could produce a new copy before the mail went out.

When Jennari returned to the observatory, she checked the telescope to make sure that her spectrum would be okay. Double-checking the figures on the computer screen she saw that her azimuth was off. Looking at her notebook she saw that the figure on the screen was half a degree greater than the correct figure. Trying to think about how she could have made such an error, she remembered the small adjustment she had made before going with the professor to his office. She hoped that he would be in a good mood later today when she informed him that she had again wasted her allotment of telescope time.

Grimiore laughed again at the silly mortals. It was so easy to manipulate them. It should not take her too much longer to get the ugly building off of her hill.

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