tagMind ControlThe Spreading Darkness Ch. 02

The Spreading Darkness Ch. 02


Warning: this is a work of adult fiction; all characters are over 18 and this should not be read by anybody under that age.

Dedicated to Lady Izzabelle and all those who follow Her.


It had taken all weekend to complete their task. Even with the help of the additional technicians that Goddess has assigned to them, it had consumed a lot of time. But now, at last it was complete. The technicians had gone now. They too were planning to leave now after a final check up.

Ian looked around the office. Sleek, shiny new computer monitors graced every desk. State of the art and bang up to date, they were designed to work with the new system that Jennie had been working on for so long to give them that edge over the competition. It was a dog-eat-dog world out there in this game so it was important to stay ahead of the rest.

At the far corner of the office, Jennie stood looking at a small portable device about the size of a mobile phone that she had plugged into one of the computers. Dressed in jeans and a tight dark sweater, the young woman carefully checked the readout in front of her.

ian approached her and came to attention. jennie looked up from the display. Her blue eyes glittered in he florescent lighting.

"All systems are functioning within specified parameters," jennie announced calmly. "Monitor units are at 96% capacity. Subliminal generators are operating at 92%."

Ian took in the information. They had spent the entire weekend turning the office into a highly sophisticated brainwashing chamber. Dotted around the building, subliminal generators hidden behind walls and ceilings blanketed the entire office with a thick carpet of inaudible low frequency noise. While not audible to the naked ear, the effect on the unconscious mind of the listener was profound. Without being aware of it their minds would be corrupted by the Darkness that Goddess bestowed. When combined with the subliminals that the computer screens would burn into the soft pliable minds of the subjects there was no chance. Slowly and steadily the Darkness would consume everyone here.

"Yes," ian acknowledged, "Goddess will is done."

jennie's whole body stiffened on hearing Her Goddess spoken aloud by her fellow slave.

"The will of Goddess is my will," jennie recited in response.

Their work complete, the two slaves turned off the lights and left the building. No trace of their presence over the weekend remained.


Four Weeks later

The first chill of autumn was in the air that Monday morning. Barbara skipped up the few steps that led to the familiar office building which she had been working in for over 2 years now. It was hard to believe that only a few days before she and Tom, her new husband, were basking in the heat of a Caribbean sun on a golden beach. But it was back to reality again.

She breezed into the office. Alison, the receptionist was behind her desk, telephone headset perched on top of her head. Alison beamed her a wide white smile.

"Hi Barbara," Alison gushed warmly, "welcome back!"

"Thanks," Barbara replied before adding in a lower voice, "I wish I could say I was glad to be back."

Barbara now entered the main open plan office area where her cubicle was located only to stop in her tracks. The place was in a mess. Boxes of files and equipment lay piled up on desks and the floor. A few desks looked completely abandoned. All the usual personal bric-a-brac that filled the cubicles was gone. An air of abandonment pervaded the entire office.

Just as she reached her own cubicle in the corner, still filled with her own personal items, Barbara turned to see Jennie behind her. Jennie smiled broadly.

"Hi there," Jennie oozed, "welcome back!"

"Thanks," Barbara smiled in return, still slightly taken aback by what she had seen here.

"There have been a few changes while you were away," Jennie smiled on, "there was a sudden move of offices. Apparently they have been looking at it for a while but the decision was only made a couple of weeks ago. It's a major pain as you can see because everything has to be moved out and brought over to the new building across town."

"Ah," Barbara smiled in reply. "I thought the place had gone bust without me."

Jennie's grin broadened even more. "It was a struggle, but we managed," she retorted in kind.

"Anyway, I left your stuff alone for the moment to let you get back and up to speed again before I can transfer all your files and computer to the new building."

"Ok," Barbara nodded, "I'll sort everything out for the move right after I go through the million e-mails that are waiting for me."

"No problem," Jennie smiled again, "I sure know how that feels!"

Jennie half turned to go as Barbara was hanging up her coat.

"It's great to see you back Barbara," the girl smiled, her blue eyes glittering with pleasure


She was having a hard time concentrating. No matter how hard she tried, Barbara's mind just kept wandering. She hadn't done anything at all this morning. Every time she tried to concentrate and look at the computer screen, she found herself going into a daze. A few moments later she'd snap out of it and find that she'd been drooling open mouthed in front of the PC. She was annoyed with herself. All right, so coming back to work after a honeymoon away was always going to be difficult but this was ridiculous. She needed to concentrate and get through her inbox.

Exasperated and frustrated at herself, she'd left the building for a sandwich at lunchtime. An entire morning wasted. The small cafe was just across the street and she dutifully joined the small throng of pedestrians queued up waiting for the crossing light to change as the non-stop traffic flashed past.

Barbara stood there waiting. Suddenly, out of nowhere a thought popped into her head. A crazy, ridiculous thought.

Before she even realised it, Barbara found herself turning away from the pedestrian crossing and walking swiftly down the street in the opposite direction.

A few minutes later Barbara found herself standing in the doorway of the discreet sex shop on the side street where she'd been a few weeks ago to pick up some naughty supplies for her Hen night.

Now Barbara found herself drawn in.

Without pausing she entered the dimly lit shop. The middle aged man behind the counter looked up briefly before returning to his crossword puzzle. Normally Barbara would be flustered by now. This was only her second ever time in such an establishment.

Instead she found the correct aisle and pounced on the biggest, thickest battery operated dildo she could find. She paid cash and left the store immediately.

The shopkeeper, after ringing up the sale went back to fourteen across which was proving to be quite a challenge today.


Barbara returned to her desk gingerly. The thick shaft of the dildo pressed firmly between her legs made walking normally difficult, but as the building was almost completely deserted the chances of meeting anybody were nil. In the toilet, she'd removed her panties and shoved the long, thick rubber cock deep inside her womanhood.

She sat on the chair and faced her computer screen once more. Barbara was pleased with herself for thinking up this plan. There was no way she could lose her concentration after this.

Sliding a hand inside her skirt, Barbara reached between her legs and felt the end of the rubber phallus protruding from her pussy. With a smile, she pressed the small switch to the on position.

The vibrating dildo began to throb within her dripping snatch. Barbara's smile grew wider as she responded to the waves of pleasure.

There was absolutely no danger of her drifting off again.


She had woken up in a fantastic mood. She'd never slept so well in her life. Going to work was a real pleasure this morning and in anticipation, Barbara had plugged herself again, ready for another productive work day. She couldn't wait.

Hours of sitting in front of the computer, typing furiously responding to queries and questions while being mercilessly being pounded between her legs. It was delicious. And she was getting so much work done.

Why hadn't she ever thought about it before?

Tuesday would fly by.


Wednesday morning found Barbara once again in a fantastic mood. She was on top of the world. Every fibre of her being was filled with optimism and joy. Another sound deep sleep had rested her utterly last night.

Jennie was waiting beside her desk. Barbara was slightly worried now. Would Jennie's appearance stop another day of her fun?

Barbara had already eagerly anticipated hours of orgasmic working ever since she'd gotten up this morning.

Jennie didn't return her smile. Jennie stood impassively waiting for Barbara to approach.

Barbara was slightly surprised at how strict Jennie looked: her hair tightly pulled back and bound into a ponytail atop her head, the long black heeled boots, short black skirt and tight grey sweater she wore. She looked like a stern headmistress.

Strict, but also kind of sexy, Barbara thought.

"Morning Jennie," Barbara chirped cheerfully as she approached her stern colleague.

Jennie ignored the pleasantry. Instead she was straight to business.

"Your computer has been modified. It is now running a new programme. You will sit here and do as the programme commands. Do you understand?"

Barbara nodded. She was slightly confused. What was all this about?

Jennie indicated a pair of large headphones laid beside the computer. "You will put these headphones on while using the computer. You will not take them off until I return. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Barbara replied meekly. Jennie was so domineering. So bossy. So sexy. Barbara was beginning to moisten between her legs.

"Good," Jennie acknowledged. She now pointed to another object placed on the chair. Barbara gasped in surprise at seeing the silver coloured phallus, linked by a thick black wire to her computer.

"You will insert this stimulation device into your vagina while using the computer, "Jennie commanded. "Do you understand."

Barbara was juicing herself. "Ohhhh yesss..." she gasped raggedly.

Jennie nodded and stepped aside. Eager to begin, Barbara hurriedly sat down and followed the commands she had been given.

Barbara's experiences over the past two days were as nothing compared to what she would go through today.

Satisfied that her commands were being obeyed, jennie walked away, leaving the slave to seal her own fate. There was no going back for Barbara. jennie knew that by the end of the day the woman would belong to Goddess completely.


After parking the car in the underground parking garage, ian proceeded to the elevator. A Cameras tracked his movements. He keyed in the special access code and the elevator doors opened and he stepped inside.

A short time later, ian stepped out into a large brightly lit atrium and marched towards a closed door. Behind this door ian found himself in a large room filled with neat racks of clothing. The familiar heady scent of latex and rubber filled his nostrils.

Here, ensconced in the safety of the facility that he and the others called home, there was no need to conceal his true nature. The true glory and power of his Goddess over him could be revealed.

Off came his pants and boxers followed by the dark sweater. Exposed to view now was the mark of his Goddess, a two inch circle that enclosed a large Z branded into the top left side of his chest. Removing the turtleneck also revealed the heavy black leather collar that encircled his neck tightly. His collar, the symbol of ownership and total submission to his Goddess was as much a part of him as the brand that had been burned into his flesh. As one of Goddess deeply enslaved creatures, ian kept his collar on permanently, concealing it at the times he had to go outside.

From a nearby rack ian took a black latex catsuit with his Goddess' mark emblazoned upon the chest and slid the tight rubber on over his body, tingling at the delicious sensation against his depilated skin. He manoeuvred his very aroused cock into the attached sheath on the suit, while the rear dildo slid easily into his ass.

Dressed in latex the slave left the room. His mind was empty of everything except a single certainty. He was a slave. All he was and ever wanted to be was a slave. Nothing else mattered. ian walked on, enjoying the comforting sensation of obedience and servitude that filled him.

Other slaves dressed in latex and leather passed him in the corridor. Up until recently they had been colleagues and co-workers, But now, thanks to his and jennie's work, they too had been initiated into the glory of Lady Izzabelle's service. They had been resistant at first, but now they understood and appreciated their new function in life.

At the end of this short corridor, ian found himself in the central area of the worship room. A large dark room with rows of padded knee rests full of kneeling men and women, faced a huge screen upon which the face of his Goddess shimmered. Gazing upon her perfect form, his member immediately stiffened. A wonderful rush of desire overcame him. She was absolutely perfect. Lady Izzabelle was his absolute Goddess. Nothing else mattered.

ian sank to his knees in an empty spot on the rear row of kneeling slaves. His arms raised automatically as he adopted the position of worship. His eyes were lost in awe at the sight of his existence, his purpose in life.

Soon, he was chanting in time with the others, swearing his rapturous unconditional worship to the Goddess that had enslaved his mind and body. ian's mind was empty of everything except pure devotion and obedience.


She stood over her husband. Tom lay sprawled on the bed, snoring loudly. Thanks to the sedative she had administered to his food earlier, Barbara knew that he was completely out for at least eight hours. Plenty of time for her to complete her task.

From the black bag she had been given by jennie in work, Barbara removed a pair of thick black headphones, similar to the ones she had worn earlier that day. Lifting Tom's head slightly, she slid them down over his ears and then tightened the leather strap beneath his chin, to prevent them being accidentally dislodged. A thick black wire ran from the headphones into a large black box.

Reaching into the bag once more, Barbara produced a syringe. Without hesitation, she pierced her husband's neck and plunged the contents deep into his vein.

Then Barbara flicked the switch on the black box.

Barbara looked at her husband without pity. Barbara had to obey. She had to obey her commands. Goddess owned her mind and body. She was a slave. Slaves didn't think so Barbara didn't think. Her Goddess, Lady Izzabelle thought for Barbara now.

Barbara loved it.


Thursday dawned the coldest day of the week. The weather forecast even predicted snow later. Barbara used her new swipe card to open the glass door to the office block. She stepped into a expensively decorated reception area. The familiar face of of Alison sat behind a desk opposite the door. Alison sat still, looking blankly ahead, phone headset whispering whatever it was she needed to know today.

Her high heels clipping accross the tiled floor, Barbara approached Alison. As if becoming aware of Barbara for the first time, the receptionist looked up at her. Barbara stood still before the desk.

Alison's eyes came into focus, as a thought appeared in her mind. She spoke into the headset. "Barbara Taylor is waiting in the reception area."

There was a reply and Alison responded with a dull, "Yes."

She turned back to Barbara, her eyes empty and glazed. "You will wait here. You must obey."

Barbara's whole body tensed involuntarily as she heard the delicious word spoken aloud. "Yes," she replied, "I will obey."

A few moments later, the lift door behind the reception desk slid open and two men emerged. Barbara recognised them, Ian and Peter, co-workers that she had known for years. The two men marched towards her mechanically, arms by their sides, faces blank and expressionless. They were dressed alike; matching dark trousers and dark turtleneck sweaters with a large Z logo on their chests. Purpose glowed behind their eyes. The two men stood in front of her.

ian looked directly into Barbara's eyes. He spoke clearly, "You will obey our commands. You will follow us." He paused, gauging her response. "Obey."

Barbara shook as the words licked against her clit. "I will obey," she replied.

Escorted by her two guards, Barbara entered the lift and was whisked to the third floor. Emerging into an empty, featureless corridor, Barbara was taken into a small room nearby. The small room was dominated by a large padded leather chair that was located in the centre of the tiled room. A large screen faced the chair.

Barbara stood still. Her mind was empty, thoughtless. Barbara knew that all she must do was obey. Obey. Barbara loved to obey.

ian turned towards her again.

"Remove your clothing," he commanded.

"Yes," she answered before slipping out of the grey trouser suit, purple blouse and matching white lacy underwear she had chosen this morning. She undressed calmly. Not a shred of doubt or self-consciousness existed in her. Barbara had been given a command. Barbara would obey. That was what she lived for.

Naked, she faced the two impassive men again. Her discarded clothes lay bundled at her feet.

"You will sit on the chair. Place your arms on the rests and your feet in the stirrups," Ian ordered again. "Obey."

"I will obey," Barbara repeated before clambering on to the chair. The leather was cold against her bare flesh. As ordered, Barbara placed her feet in the stirrups which spread her legs wide, baring her sex completely. Ian set about securing the straps around her, binding her tightly to the chair.

Barbara waited placidly. She just had to wait. She would submit. They would command her.

She felt a needle pierce her arm as her former colleague attached the IV drip. This made no impression on the very compliant woman that sat placidly in the chair. Barbara's mind had been switched off, not a thought passed through it. She registered something cold and metal being lowered down on to her head. It pressed snugly against her forehead, tightened securely. Headphones, thick and black covered her ears.

Barbara felt Ian press contact pads on to her temples before moving down to attach more to her breasts and her newly shaved snatch. Barbara took all this is quite calmly. It was as if she had no opinion on this violation of her body. She was obedient. Barbara couldn't think. She needed a command to think.

She saw peter in front of her, holding a long, silver vibrator in his hands. Slowly, the empty minded slave sank to his knees, out of sight, buried between her legs.

Barbara gasped automatically as she felt the slickly lubricated dildo being pressed deep inside her dripping cunt. Barbara's body was telling her brain that she really liked this new development. The muscles of her vagina clamped down hard on the delicious intruder buried within.

"Stimulation unit installed," she heard peter announce. muffled through the heavy headphones that covered her ears.

"Acknowledged," came ian's reply from somewhere behind her, "activating conditioning sequence level 4."

The lights dimmed. Barbara 's awareness of the room evaporated immediately. The seductive whispers in her ears and the dazzling display that filled the screen consumed her completely. Slowly, steadily the vibrator began to hum in time with the programming being instilled into her mind by her deity, her Goddess.

Without a word, both of the male slaves turned on their heels and marched out of the room, leaving Barbara to her fate.

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