tagInterracial LoveThe Stable Ch. 02

The Stable Ch. 02


Lissette looked at the business card stuck to her mirror. She had been staring at it everyday for a month. Every time she looked at the card she saw his eyes, a set of piercing blues that gave you shivers and heated you all at once. His eyes were not the only thing that haunted her. She constantly thought about the feel of his hands, the stroke of his tongue, and best of all the fit of his cock. Every carnal part of her wanted to dial his number. She let out a puff of air and pressed the digits. Really what is the worst that can happen? He doesn't remember you? He doesn't want to see you? You won't die. Well maybe of shame.

The phone rang once. The phone rang twice. Lissette decided she would hang up after the third ring. At least she called so she is not a punk. In the middle of the third ring he picked up.


"Hello, uhhh, uhhh," Lissette stuttered, she realized she had no idea whom to ask for. "Um I would like to speak to Mr. Mercedes." Perhaps that would trigger his memory.

"Speaking. I am glad you called." He smiled remembering the name she called him the day they met.

"Okay." Of course you are.

"Would you like to meet somewhere?"

Wow, that was easy. "Hmm okay. How about Panera Bread in West Orange? Let's say tomorrow around one."

"No, I want to see you today. Six is good for me? How about you?" He was not about to give her a chance to sleep on it.

He sure is eager. Lissette was surprised at his insistence. "I can do six. See you then."

After hanging up Lissette threw herself face down on her bed and screamed into her pillow. What am I doing? What am I doing? What am I doing? I must be insane. She gathered herself and put an outfit together. She wanted to look sexy, but not like she was trying to hard.


Lissette arrived at Panera Bread at five. She wanted to get there early to give herself some time to relax. As she walked in the door she spotted him sitting in the far corner looking over some papers. Damn there goes my advantage. Freak he looks good. She approached him with a smile on her face.

"Ahem." Lissette faked coughed to get his attention

"You're early." He rose to greet her.

His eyes travelled up her body, and rested at her cleavage. The maxi dress she wore did a poor job of obscuring the object of his desire. Lissette caught Brent staring at her breasts. He seemed to forget they were in public. For a man that looked so polished and had an air of breeding he was quite crass sometimes. Their eyes met registering the mutual attraction was still there. He leaned into to kiss her on her cheek. They inhaled each other like dogs in heat. He was wearing her favourite scent for men, Polo Sport. To him, her scent was crisp and intoxicating. He pulled out her chair for her to take a seat. It gave him the opportunity to caress her back. Her nipples hardened at his touch.

She lifted her eyes to his as his hand lingered on her back. "And so are you."

"Great minds." He offered her toothy grin soaked in charm. "Can I get you something?"

"No, I'm fine, thank you."

Brent smiled. "Yes you are."

Lissette blushed. He was getting to her again, and she did not want to go there. At least not until some understanding about what was going on between them was reached. She was in mega lust, and if this was just going to be all about the sex she was open to it. She just had to know up-front. If he wanted more, that would take some consideration and serious caution.

"I have some questions." Lissette started.

"I am not surprised. Let's get down to business, because I have some questions for you too." He placed the papers he was looking over into his briefcase.

Lissette laughed nervously, everything now had an air of formality to it. She licked and pursed her lips, before beginning. "First thing, what is your name?"

"I like Mr. Mercedes, but other people call me Brent. Now it's my turn."

"Okay," Lissette replied slowly. She had not anticipated having to answer any questions about herself.

"Why did you let me fuck you?" Saying the words and watching her face as she contemplated the answer caused a heat to rise in his neck.

"Hmm." She gave him at sly smile. "I was horny. It was hot. And you were available."

Brent laughed. He was not expecting that answer at all.

"Okay Brent, why me?"

"Why you what?"

Lissette looked at him trying to see if he seriously did not follow the implication in her question. "Why did you choose to hit on me, then follow me into the library and fuck me?"

Brent face lost all humour as he formulated the answer to Lissette's question. He knew that possibly the truth would make her run screaming.

"I told you when we first met; you were made for sex. And I should know. I own one of the largest pleasure service companies in the state. When I saw you in April I knew you would be perfect addition to my stable. The bumping into you was staged. After talking to you the next step was to fuck you...to test you out."

His words drenched Lissette like ice-water. Her face registered the horror she felt inside. "Did I just hear you correctly? Oh...my...God, you're a pimp. This is insane. I knew this was too good to be true." Lissette got up in a rush, ready to bolt out of the restaurant.

Brent quickly grabbed her wrist commanding her to sit down. He did not want her walking out angry, or disappointed in herself or him. Since their time together his mind had been in turmoil. He was conflicted about her calling, because he knew he would have to tell her the truth. Now he was concerned about what she thought of him. What the fuck is that about?

Lissette wrenched her hand away but sat back down. She was on the verge of tears, but didn't want him to see her cry. "What the fuck did I get into? And what the hell you mean since April?"

"I've been collecting data on you since April."

"If you've been watching me since April then you will know that my dad is chief of police. Is that was this is about, compromising a cop's daughter? What for? Leverage? You are a fuckwad." She folded her hands under her breasts, throwing icy daggers at him.

Brent recoiled inwardly at Lissette's anger, but was determined to play it cool. "You have not gotten into anything. We're just two adults who had a nice time. A very very nice time. Of course I know your dad is a cop, but that is irrelevant. I have no interest in leverage, or whatever seedy motive you think I might have. I want you." He said it with such confidence and determination.

Lissette looked in his face searching for any sign of deception. There was none. He really fucking wants me...as one of his whores.

Brent saw Lissette's face was impassive so he launched into the story of when he first laid eyes on her. "I saw you in April on Main Street. You were battling an umbrella in a downpour. As you were struggling to fix it the wind blew up your bright yellow strapless dress. The vision of your ass clad in that lacy black boy shorts is seared in my brain. Your thick sexy thighs..." Brent's voice got low and trailed off as he seemed to get lost in the memory. His cock hardened as the image of her that day flooded his brain and combined with how he took her in the library. "I thought a girl like you should be naked all the time. And when you turned around and those beautiful DD's pointed at me, I knew you were perfect."

Lissette listened to Brent go on about the day he saw her. She tried not to focus on his words which were having rousing effect. She was getting so inside herself trying to fight him the last thing she heard was "three years." "Huh?"

"Why did you stop having sex three years ago?"


"Before that day in the library with me you had not had sex in three years. Why?"

"That is none of your business," Lissette snapped. "And how the hell do you know that?"

Brent reached into his briefcase, and handed Lissette the file he was looking over. Here he was again breaking rules and crossing boundaries, just for her. She thumbed through it. She did not know if to be flattered or freaked. The file was comprehensive to the point of having her medical records. That is how he knew she had not had sex in three years. This is so crazy. I am really lost for words. He has really covered his bases. Should I be scared? I should be scared, but I am not. What is wrong with me?

Brent broke her train of thought. He had to bring the conversation back on track. "Why did you call? I was beginning to think that you weren't going to."

"So did I, but I was curious about you. Now I kinda wished I wasn't. But answer me this. I'm sure your business would be more profitable with girls that look like Halle Berry. Why me?"

"We have some of those, but I believe in providing variety. Men have all sorts of appetites." He looked at her and licked his lips. "You are beautiful. And I'm not just saying that so I can hire you. You are. Also, you have a certain, je n'ai sais quois. And I understand that what I just told you came as a shock, but the choice is yours all the way." Brett said that almost believing it himself. But after months of watching her pictures and thinking about her he knew he was drawn to her more that he could openly admit.

Lissette bit the inside of her lips trying to decide if she should just walk out now. As difficult as it was to digest what Brent just told her, she was fascinated. Anybody who can approach a cop's daughter, and offer her a job as a prostitute surely had a pair of big bass ones.

Brent saw her eyes relax and used that as his opening. "Are you interested?"

"Let's just say curious." Lissette smiled. Don't forget genius, curiosity killed the cat.

Brent laughed. He was curious now. What is going on in that pretty little head of yours, Lissette? "You get paid a flat fee of $500 per week, but then you earn 40% of whatever you earn. All the companions live on the property. You set your own schedule, but you must put in a minimum of thirty hours per week. No family or social calls at the property. Any personal drama that impacts the company, you're out. If you decide to stop working I require two weeks notice. We provide healthcare and benefits. How does that sound?"

"Like a good set-up. Perhaps too good." Lissette could not believe that she was actually considering this.

Brent saw the cogs in Lissette's brain working, and wanted to make it easy for her to say yes. "How about we do a trial week, and if you don't like it no hard feelings."

"Can I think about it?"


"Thanks." Lissette stood up to leave, and put her hand out offering to shake his. Brent stood up, looked at her hand and smiled. He took it as if to shake it, but he gripped it hard and pulled her toward him. He was not going to let her leave without having her lips again. Lissette was caught by surprise, but did not hesitate to return the kiss. Their tongues danced fervently, stoking the flame they had been suppressing since they sat down.

He held her tight against him with one hand. The other sat at the nape of her neck as they kissed without any desire to stop. He slid his hand down to her ass and pinched it. She moaned in his mouth. They were forced to part when they heard a chair drag on the floor by them. Apparently the person was trying to get their attention to stop the PDA. They disengaged with broad grins on their faces. Brent took Lissette's hand and pulled her out the restaurant. She had no idea where he was taking her, but wherever it was she wanted to go.


"I guess I can't call you Mr. Mercedes anymore," Lissette remarked as Brent let her into the passenger seat of a Yukon XL Denali.

"You can call me anything you like," Brent replied slipping his hand underneath her dress. He was delighted to discover she was pantiless and wet. "You are a horny girl."

"Well I figured if you were going to be as eager as the last time, I might as well come prepared."

"Damn," was all he could muster in reply as she gladly accepted three fingers into her already dripping cunt.

Brent heard her whimper as he pumped his fingers in and out. She begged for him to stop, but he kept going. Lissette thought she was going to die from pleasure. Her body responded to his manipulations leaving her senseless. He withdrew and licked his fingers just as she was about to cum.

"Hold that thought."

Lissette grunted in frustration, as Brent readjusted her clothing. He wanted her teetering on the brink of ecstasy when he got her to the hotel.

"Why did you start if you weren't going to finish?" She was exasperated with him.

"You do realize we were in the middle of a parking lot and the sun is still up?"


Brent looked up surprised. The Lissette he had first encountered was timid, now she did not mind getting finger boned in broad daylight. "What has come over you?"

"Nothing. Nothing. Nevermind." Lissette looked out the window pouting.

"Oh don't be like that I am going to fuck you silly. I promise." Brent spoke as if he was promising to take her for ice-cream.

Lissette laughed. "I am holding you to that."


Brent poured himself a drink from the bar. Lissette had gone to the bathroom. The energy around him felt blah. He realized he hated not being in her presence. Their ride to the hotel was animated and fun. She appeared to be open, but he sensed the alertness about her. He relaxed in a way that he had not done in years. He forgot she was just for business until Carla called about some issue. He looked over at Lissette's smiling face and pushed the internal warnings down. He knew that this would have to be their last time together. If Carla found out she would hit the roof, since it was against their rules for him to have sex with any of the girls after the initial test.

The whiskey sour slid down his throat and thoughts of Lissette swirled in his brain each having their own effect. Brent was brought back to reality with the sound of the shower. He took his clothes off and went to join her. Lissette's normally pinned up hair was down and had kinked tightly. Brent adored the sight of water cascading over her plump ass. He stepped in behind her. He gripped her hair and twisted her face towards his for a kiss. Lissette leaned into him and he palmed her breast. Brent squeezed and pinched her nipples causing Lissette to hiss and grind back on him. He slipped his finger into her hot sex ready to finish what he started earlier.

"Brace yourself on the wall Lissette."

Lissette bent over put her hands out against the tile. Brent wasted no time and entered her. He pounded her without a break, holding onto her breast all the while. Lissette was a pleasure bomb waiting to go off. She did not hold back telling Brent how magnificently he filled her. The harder Brent went at her pussy the higher her pitch rose. She could feel the familiar shocks going off, tightening on Brent's masterful cock.

"Fuck meeee!" Lissette screamed. "Harder Brent! Harder! Sweet Mother!"

Brent loved watching her shatter by his exertion. Knowing that it was because of him she was twisting and bucking made his balls contract. He unleashed jet after jet of cum inside of her. When he was done he reluctantly pulled out of her. Lissette dropped to her knees. Her orgasms had weakened her.

"Are you okay?" Brent asked rubbing her hair.

"I'm good. Help me up."

Brent gave her his hand, and she stood up. Her smile made his stomach flutter. He was suddenly annoyed. Lissette was ruining him. He stepped out of the shower and toweled off. She stepped out and stared at him. She sensed the change in his mood, but did not want to pry just yet. She wanted to rest first.

When she was dry Lissette went to the bedroom and found Brent redressing.

"Where are you going?" Lissette inquired.

"Something came up. I have to go. But you can stay if you want to. The room has been paid for."

"You don't have to lie Brent. I felt your attitude change in the bathroom. I don't need to know what it is, but you don't have to lie to me." Lissette's voice was calm and without judgment, but she needed to let him know she saw through him.

Brent turned around to speak, but was vocally disarmed by a naked Lissette. She was just standing there in all her glorious nakedness as if it was the most natural thing. Her bountiful breasts with its dark peaks stood proudly. His eyes lowered settling on her sparsely covered cunt. He quickly looked away willing himself to be strong. His cock had other ideas. It rose and begged for a release. The kind of release that only Lissette could give him now.

She saw him look away. She walked over to him, grabbed him by the jaw and tilted his head down to hers. "If you are going to lie to me at least have the decency to do it to my face."

"Cover yourself first. I can't argue with you when you're naked."

"Then get undressed, even the playing field."

"Lissette you are pissing me off." Brent was angry at himself for being so confused over her.

"Me? Why?" She did not take any of Brent's lashing out personally, but she was not going to let him leave without pleasuring her again.

"Get out of my face."

"No." With that Lissette pushed him hard onto the bed. She straddled him and peered into his eyes. "What is your fucking problem?"

"Watch your language." Her strength surprised him.

"No. I will speak as I like unless you give me a reason not to."

He grabbed her neck and flipped her onto her back. Lissette smiled. She knew she had him now.

Brent trailed kisses all over her naked body. He placed chaste kisses on her pussy. Lissette hips shot up. Brent kissed and licked it. Damn this girl is delicious. He pushed away and rolled onto his back.

"Sit on my face.

"Yes sir." Brent cock twitched, at being called sir.

She squatted over his face and lowered herself to his face. Brent's tongue slipped easily into her seeping center. Lissette moved slowly against his face while his hands kneaded her butt. His nose provided great friction to her clit, driving her mad.

"Ahhh! Ahhh!" She arched her back being stimulated something wicked. Her body felt tingly all over.

Brent lapped at the juices flowing over his face. It was like a faucet was turned on. She tasted mildly sweet and salty with a hint of fruit. He could not get enough. He'd been craving a taste of her pussy since the library. He loved the way she rode his face then, but this time was more erotic. For a moment he allowed himself to forget the cloudiness in his head as he felt the increasing pressure of her grinding on his face.

Lissette shook violently as she came on Brent. Her pussy kept firing shock after shock after shock. She tried to get away from him, but he held onto her swallowing every drop he could get.

His tongue grazed over her sensitive walls, and Lissette felt the contractions again. She shouted, "Brent! Brent! Please stop. I'm I'm I'm..." Lissette body snapped back stiffly and she remained jerking on Brent's face.

Brent got concerned after a few seconds when he could no longer hear her voice. He gently leaned her to the side so he could get up. Her body was still twitching, her breath was laboured, and she was moaning. He tried to touch her but she grunted as if she was in pain. He got off the bed and looked down at her, wondering what to do. He had never set a female off like that. It turned him on. His cock wanting to participate, but he knew he could not touch her. Her eyes were shut tightly.

Lissette could not get a clear thought through. All her senses were focused on the fire storm in her body. As the feelings began to lessen shame overtook her as she realized how uninhibited she became in front of Brent. Her eyes fluttered open and she could see him staring. The leer on his face told her all. He was proud of his handiwork. His ego was stroked and from what she saw pointing at her something else needed to be stroked.

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