tagInterracial LoveThe Stable Ch. 03

The Stable Ch. 03


Brent barged into the surveillance room. He knew at this point he had no legitimate reason to be there, but he couldn't stay in his office another minute.

"Bring up monitor eight." Brent almost barked the order.

Damon looked up at Brent questioningly. It was not like him to come in unless there was trouble.

"Is something wrong? She has not pressed the panic button."

"I know. Just do as I ask, and give me audio."

Damon gave Brent a "you're the boss" look and brought up monitor eight.

The image on the screen delighted Damon, but sent Brent into a rage. The coke can in his hand was crushed, and he could feel a heat rising in his head. He stormed out of the room after a few moments, almost knocking over Carla, his business partner.

Carla walked into the surveillance room to inquire about what got Brent so twisted. Damon did not have time hide the erection he was stroking.

"Damon put that away."

"Yes, Ma'am." Damon would have been embarrassed, but this was not the first time he'd been caught with his cock out. In fact, when Carla was feeling generous she'd blow him.

Carla looked at the monitor and knew instantly. "That is what Brent was looking at?"

"Yes, Ma'am. She is one bad bitch. If you don't mind me saying."

"No I don't. You can continue your wank." Carla left the office to go find Brent. She needed to have a serious talk with him.


Lissette sat naked in front of the vanity absentmindedly brushing her hair. She rarely wore it straight, but James had asked to see it straight today. She pinned it up off her shoulders to expose her neck. James liked to lick and nibble although he had strict instructions not to mark her.

She rose and looked at the blond gentleman sitting behind her on the bed. His smile was warm and relaxing. It met his green eyes sincerely. She studied his face. He reminded her of Chris O'Donnell, except he was taller.

"Did you cum?" he asked already knowing the answer. This was James' second time with Lissette, but somehow today she seemed distracted. She responded on cue with her body in many ways, but he did not feel those sensual unfiltered vibrations that told of her climax.

"No." Lissette said honestly. She considered lying, but she knew that if he was asking it was because he already knew.

"And you are okay with that?" James was glad she did not lie.

Lissette considered her words carefully. "I am okay with giving you pleasure."

"Well, I am not okay with leaving here without having you cum."

Lissette automatically glanced at the clock. She had her review with Brent, and she was excited to tell him she was staying. Working at Coq au Vin was surprising. Everything ran with military precision.

"Don't worry. I've paid for more time." He has been a patron at the Vin, which is what most people called it, since they opened up, and had sampled the variety they offered on the menu. Lissette was the newest addition and Brent did not disappoint. She was gifted and had a voluptuous body in a cocoa package. His preference for darker hued girls was well known. He was the first client she serviced at the beginning of the week. Usually they would not see him until he was back in town, but he needed to see her before he left for California. To say she rocked his world was an understatement. She read him, she allowed him to guide her, and she challenged him.

Lissette smiled, it always came back to that. She was being paid for sex. James inhaled her freshly showered cunt. He was intoxicated with its fragrance. He took his index finger and stroked her moist crease.

"Sit on the edge of the bed."

Lissette sat on the bed while James got on his knees between her legs. He placed his hands on her knees so he could push her knees apart. He stared at her pink and cocoa center. His mouth watered. He loved to eat pussy, and getting a chance to devour Lissette's was an experience he was going to relish. He was so pleased when he discovered she did not shave herself bare. She was trimmed and neat, and had enough hair to satisfy his inclination. He stiffened his tongue and went to work. He lapped at her gushing hole. Lissette felt it pass along her responsive walls, urging more sweet liquid to come out. She twisted the sheet in her palm and moaned as she tried to restrain herself. James French kissed her pussy so expertly that despite all her efforts to maintain control Lissette lost it. She grabbed his hair as her hips jolted off the bed. Lissette's mouth release a slew of curses and James doubled his efforts. He knew he had her when she began to ride his face. He latched onto her delicious pearl and sucked it, like baby on a tit. Lissette screamed and flooded all over James' face. He would not give until she was near collapse. Lissette lost count of all the times she came.

She wilted back onto the bed while James planted kissed all over her delightfully besieged body. He made his way up to her breast and suckled on the aroused tips. Her legs still parted felt the nudge of his erect cock. She brought her knees up and looked into his eyes giving him silent permission to enter her. James read her and complied without hesitation. He sunk himself to the base and she rolled them so she would be on top. Her once pinned up hair fell down in a messy cascade. James thought she never looked more beautiful. She leaned back and placed her hands on his thighs, getting herself properly balanced for the ride. She closed her eyes as she rode him just the way he liked it; a slow and steady pace that would be sped up when he brought his hands to her hips. After watching her cum by his expert tongue James was on the verge of his own orgasm. He tried to think of other things to push it away, but it was going to be a hard thing to do with her tight channel gripping him and jerking him. Her breast bounced before him. Her nipples begged to be pulled, and he submitted to their request. Lissette squealed in glee. James's hands settled on her hips, that was her signal to speed up. She rolled and rocked her pelvis at a tempo that created amazing friction. Soon they were both gasping and calling for God. The climax for both of them was exquisite. Lissette rolled off James to catch her breath.

"Now wasn't that better." James said with a smug smile on his face.

Lissette continued staring at the mirrored ceiling. She too was beaming. She turned to him. "Definitely an improvement."

"Next time don't hold back from me." James said seriously.


Brent paced his office like a madman. He had tried to simmer down after leaving the surveillance room, but just couldn't. A knock on the door drew him out of his head for a second.

"Enter," he commanded in a steely tone.

To his disappointment it was Carla. After bumping into her earlier he knew she would come see him, but he was not ready to deal with her. All his focus was on Lissette and blasting her out.

"Well well I see we still have not calmed down." Carla spoke propping herself against the door.

"Carla I am not in the mood for any lecture."

"Oh yes you are. If you think that I am going to let some schoolboy crush mess up my...our business you are mistaken. You need reigning in. She's only been here a week and already you are stalking her footage. What you're gonna do, beat up her clients?" When she saw that his face registered nothing. She knew what he had up his sleeve. "Oh no you don't. You won't fucking dare."

"I won't? It's my call, Carla and I will do as I fucking please. Now get out."

Carla got up not daring to provoke Brent any longer. His temper was notorious, and he had strung her up before. "We're not done."


Lissette stepped out of her room feeling great. Her double session with James did a wonderful number on her. She really liked her new life. She was still thinking about James' tongue when Carla called out to her. Carla's face was so stern Lissette wondered if she had done something wrong.

Carla noticed Lissette's perplexed look and immediately reassured her.

"Don't worry. I just wanted to say that you have been a great addition to the stable. The other girls and staff speak highly of you. I do hope you decide to stay on."

Lissette was not sure if to believe Carla. In her experience with females there was always double speak and back biting. Not wanting to give her thoughts her away Lissette smiled and replied. "The experience is new and I'm hoping to make the best of it. I'm off to my review and evaluation with Brent. Wish me luck."

"Good luck." You will need it.


Lissette parted ways with Carla and made her way to Brent's office. Her euphoria still had not lessened. She tapped a beat on Brent's door with her nails. Brent looked up as he heard the faint rapping. He took a deep breath certain now that it was Lissette on the other side. The utter gall of that girl, knocking on my door all quiet and innocent after having that bastard tonguing the shit out of her cunt.

"Come in Lissette." He tried not to let his voice betray what he was feeling.

Lissette bounced into the beautifully designed office. It was decorated in hues of grey and chrome. Definitely masculine and all business. She sat on the leather sofa and crossed her legs. The denim skirt she was wearing rose showing off her thighs to him. He tried hard not to be distracted by the view. Lissette leaned back and folded her arm across her chest waiting for him to say something. Brent pretended to be looking over some documents on his desk. He wanted to ignore her for awhile...keep her stewing. Lissette smiled watching him. She knew he was not doing anything, but whatever he was playing at she was going to be patient. After fifteen minutes Brent finally looked up at her and spoke.

"First off I would like to thank you for giving this opportunity your best shot. However, it is not going to work out." Brent delivered the news stoically.

"Hmm, that is interesting. Can you tell me in detail why I did not make the cut?" Lissette looked at Brent squarely in the eye.

He shifted uncomfortably. He hated that she was being so cool about everything. What the fuck was she so happy about? That bastard James? Well there will be no more James for you. He wanted to provoke a reaction out of her. "I received some feedback from your clients that you just did not satisfy them the way they had expected." He twisted their words out of context.

"Hmm, that is interesting. Because I spoke to Carla and she seems happy with my job performance. Plus, I checked with Lulu and she informed me that the clients I saw have rebooked. And even today I had a double session, so I don't know who you have been talking to, but you might need to recheck that data."

The mention of her double session with James caused Brent to clench his jaw. "About this double session with James. What was that about?"

"He wanted to take more time to pleasure me." Lissette wondered about Brent's line of questioning. Why did he say his name like that? Is he jealous?

The image of Lissette's head thrown back in abandon as James munched on her pussy was doing damage to Brent's brain.

"You seemed to be having a ball." Yeah I'm letting you know I saw your behaviour.

"Oh I did. He was amazing. How did you know?" Lissette was now watching him suspiciously.

"I saw you on the monitor. Every time a client pays for more time. I check the monitors to make sure everything is copacetic." It was a lie, but he could not let her know he was checking on her alone. Lulu had called to push back his appointment with Lissette that is how he knew.

"Bullshit." She called him out. "You wanted to see what I was doing to him to have him so hooked he wanted more time." Lissette laughed. "You are nuts. You hire me to work in your stable, but get jealous when I do my job. You can't have it both ways Brent."

"Well then I fire you."

"The fuck you do. I made a choice to do this, and I'll be damned if your jealous ass is going to stop me."

"Watch you language Lissette."

"The fuck I will. You..." She had barely gotten her words out before she felt his hand on her neck.

"I said watch your language." Brent squeezed. Lissette gasped, and her cunt spasmed. "Do you hear me Lissette?"

She nodded. He removed his hand, and she sat silently watching him unbutton his shirt. From the moment she walked into the office he wanted to fuck her. She looked delicious in her short denim skirt and tube top. He smelled her pussy when he choked her so he knew she wanted him too.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"I am getting undressed you should do the same."

"No, Brent. You know the rules." Lissette avoided looking at him. She would not be seduced by his hard alluring manliness.

"I wrote the rules, and I said you are fired." Brent locked the door and continued undressing.

"I refuse, and you are crazy so call me back when you want to have a serious discussion." She decided that perhaps all this aggravation was not worth it. Maybe Carla could have a talk with him. She stood up and walked towards the door.

"Where the hell do you think you are going?" Brent blocked her way.

"I am leaving. You want to fuck me at your will, monitor who I work with. Hear what you get neither. My body, my choice. I am choosing not to fuck you."

She tried to pass by his naked body, but he gripped her face and tried to kiss her. Lissette wrenched her face away and tried to wiggle free but Brent was having none of it.

"I can smell you. You are hot for me and you know it."

"No, I am hot for James. You saw what he did to me. That shit stays with you." Lissette knew those words would cut Brent. He seemed to have some beef with James.

Brent, still high with rage snatched at Lissette's throat again, but this time she was expecting it and dodged him. Brent was quicker though, he grabbed her hair and flung her to the couch. When she tried to get up he pressed his foot into her cunt. He was disappointed to find her with underwear on. He used his big toe to stroke her clit through the fabric. Their breaths laboured in sync. He removed his foot and lunged at her. Lissette nipples rose against his hard chest at the feel of his steeled cock pressing against her stomach, but she was still determined not the have him inside of her.

With her last ounce of energy she pushed him off of her onto the floor, and made a dash for the door. Brent grabbed her ankle and she fell down. She secretly thanked God for the plushness of the carpet. Brent quickly yanked her up onto her knees, pulled her panties aside and plunged into her from the back. Lissette howled at massive intrusion. Although she was flowing like the Hoover Dam, Brent's impressive member always gave her an aching.

"Stop fighting me Lissette and enjoy the ride." Brent panted out.

Lissette bowed her head to the carpet as he took her as he wanted. He was rough and merciless wanting to punish her for her insolence, and for the apparent affection for James. He wanted her to know that her pussy belonged to him. Despite Lissette's reluctance his pounding was doing the trick. His sawing in and out passed over her heightened nerve endings making an orgasm inevitable. In the haze of his frenzied hammering he began to play with her clit. Lissette fought against to be washed away by the climax. She remained resolutely silent although she felt the spasms in her pussy.

Brent roared victoriously as he deposited his spunk into her. Rope after rope of his jism coated her inner walls. He dropped onto her back when he was finished, kissing her neck as he wound down.

Lissette crouched down even more into a kneeling position. Brent took that as his hint to get off of her. He didn't want to be unsheathed from the warmth of the cunt filling him with bliss. When he removed himself Lissette rolled onto her back and stared up. Her blank expression disturbed him.


"Shhh." She brought her fingers to her lips. "Just call Lulu and authorize her to give me my money. Don't forget to pay for this session." She got up and walked out of the office leaving Brent with deflated cock and ego.


Lissette returned to her room to have a shower and get her things. She was grateful she did not bring much. All the way to her room she could feel Brent's cum inside her mixing with her own juices. She hated the effect he had on her. I don't belong to him.

Lissette jumped into the shower she needed to get him off of her and out of her. She knew her parents would have questions, and she wanted to at least smell fresh as a daisy when she lied to them.

She walked into the room and found Brent sitting on the bed. She moved around the room as if he wasn't there.

He grabbed her wrist. "Stop ignoring me, Lissette." He could not believe he had lost control with her like that. He felt so ashamed. And even more so when he played her last statement in his head. She was right. He treated her poorly. He could not decipher the hold she had on him. It was destructive, both personally and professionally, because he was losing it. Carla was right.

"Let me go, Brent." As irate as she was she kept her tone cool. No hysterics Lissette. You can cry when you get home.

"Lissette, I'm sorry," he said letting her go.

She continued moving around him, getting dressed and packing. "No you're not. You think you have a right to my body. And I gave you that impression. From the first time in the library I let you get to me in a way that had me like a dumb broad. I don't blame you. You're a brute. A refined, cultured and spoiled brute. I should have behaved like the sensible woman I am, instead, I let my cunt take lead. Not anymore."

"Lissette...," Brent tried to plead his case.

She cut him off, her tone frosty and devoid of care for him or his feelings. "Leave my money and go."

He dropped the thick envelope on the bed and approached the door. She passed by, he reached out and touched her, just as quickly as his hand grazed her neck her hand connected with his cheek.

"Now get the fuck out."


"Hey Mom." Lissette walked into the house trying to act normal. After she left the Coq au Vin she went to the mall to decompress, but was not successful. Her brain was still obsessing over Brent's violation, the tongue work of James, all the fun she had during the week. Going back home to job hunt filled her with dread.

"Hey Sugar. I was just thinking about you. How was the job?"

"It was great, I was hoping to stay on but the nanny's illness was not as serious as previously thought."

"Oh Sugar I knew you were finally glad to have a job. Even if it wasn't in your field."

"Thanks Mom. Well I got paid, and I wanna take you and dad out for dinner tonight."

"It's just going to be you and me. Your dad is in Atlantic City for the weekend on some law enforcement thing. Oh and that reminds me. We are going to the Cape May Monday morning."

"For how long?"

"Two weeks we'll be back Sunday before Labour Day. You're welcome to come."

"That's okay. You and dad need some lover's time."

"Child, you're too much." Mrs. Baynard said swatting her with the dish towel.


Lissette and her mother had a great time together. They both remarked how they had not done a girl's night in a long time and missed it. Marie probed Lissette about the job and Lissette lied through her teeth. She knew as much as her mother loved her she would not understand her choice to work as a prostitute. Marie was a staunch Catholic with a focused view on what she perceived to be moral. Plus if Lissette told her mother, her mother would tell her dad and Patrick would blow more than a gasket. He would kill Lissette.

Throughout the night, Marie caught a far away look in Lissette's eyes. She thought with this new job and new man Lissette was finally getting out there. Although Lissette had not confided she was seeing someone Marie had been calculating the clues for some time. Three years ago she noticed something was amiss with Lissette. Despite silence from her daughter Marie knew it was guy related. Now Lissette seemed to have her glow back. Also two weeks ago she spent the night out. Next day she made up some story about waiting online for concert tickets. Marie did not believe her, but did not press the issue. Tonight Lissette was not going to get away.

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