tagInterracial LoveThe Stable Ch. 05

The Stable Ch. 05


Retail therapy. That is what Lissette needed today, some retail therapy. The job market was ridiculously dry and hunting was frustrating. She circled the mall twice before taking a seat on the fountain. Not even any of the incoming fall fashions picked up her mood. She felt displaced, not like herself. It had been two weeks since she told Brent off. She had been expecting some retaliation from him, but after a few days had passed she relaxed. She stared at the bubbling water wishing for an epiphany about her life. I need to get away. Some tropical island full of hot men.

"A penny for your thoughts?" James whispered in her ears.

Lissette jumped. Hmm speaking of hot men. She had heard his voice in her masturbatory fantasies. It was raspy, sexy, and low. Lissette tried to get a hold of her thoughts, before responding, but couldn't. She looked up at him with a grin on her face.

"Fancy seeing you here?" She hoped her could not read her dirty mind.

"Are you pleased?" He flashed her his pearly whites taking in the sight before him. Lissette had on a purple halter top with white shorts. The fall had just begun so the weather was still warm. But she could have been in a burka and he still would have found her sexy.

"Only if it is a true coincidence. I'm so over stalkers."

"It is truly a coincidence. Scouts honour." He showed her the pledge signal, and sat next to her.

"So what badge are you here earning?"

"My "Best Boss" badge."

"Which one of the stores do you own?"

"None. I own the mall."

"Wow, that must be awesome," She said sincerely.

"It's inherited."

"So? Does that make the work you do any less worthy of praise?"

James looked at Lissette in surprise. He was not expecting her to be so magnanimous.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

He wanted to say a host of dirty things to her, thought better of it. "You are remarkable."

"You think so, huh?" Lissette replied sarcastically.

"I do."

Lissette did not know how to take James. He had been very nice during their first two times together, but that was all about sex. Sex she was getting paid for. And although she had no shame about that, here he was talking to her like that is not how they met. It felt a bit weird.

James, was overjoyed that he had bumped into Lissette. He had not been back to Coq au Vin since his last time with her. He was not interested in seeing anyone else. However he was interested in knowing what really transpired, because he was convinced Carla was lying. He needed a good segue into the topic.

Lissette and James sat in their awkward pause for a moment. They wanted to broach the same subject. Suddenly, Lissette blurted out, "Ok I know you are dying to ask!"

James blew out some air and smiled. "How did you know?"

"Your face. I hope you don't play poker."

James laughed. "So what happened?"

"I got fired. I guess."

"You guess?"

"In the midst of Brent firing me, I quit."


Lissette did not want to tell James the truth. She did not want to come off weak and defenseless. "Well Mr. Inquisitive, I got annoyed. Brent asked me to come work at Coq au Vin. Then he begins to freak out. Wait a minute." A reminder popped into her head. "He bugged out especially when I was with you. What is up with that?"

"Look who is being nosey, now. Brent and I go way back, I won't bore you with the details...just yet." He hoped she would catch the last two words.

"Just yet?"

"Yes. I don't plan to let you slip away from me again. Cards on the table, I want you Lissette. If Brent hadn't fired I would be trying to find a way to steal you from him."

Brent said the same thing. Lissette eyed him with skepticism.

"Don't look at me like that. I don't want you so I can share you. I want you as my permanent mistress."

Holy crap. Lissette was speechless but knew that she better say something or atleast nod her head. "Wow, that's one hell of an offer."

"Mistress maybe the wrong word, I would like you to be my companion. That means travelling with me, attending events and of course," he paused for effect, "sex."

Lissette looked into his sparkling green eyes. He seemed eager to have her say yes, but was trying to play reserved. There was a sweetness about him that Brent definitely lacked, but she was concerned about his true intentions. She did not want to be some adult version of their school yard games.

He continued to make his case. "Lissette you have a lot to offer. You are intelligent, gorgeous, and have a lovely personality."

"Can I interrupt you?"

"Well yes, since you already have."

"Thanks, but you don't know me really. And to make me an offer based on an inference you have not proven, is just crazy."

"I understand your reluctance to accept my offer, but I know you Lissette. You are more than you appear. Although you do try hard, you can't always hide it. You are looking for something Lissette, and I can give it to you. You want a job. You want adventure. You want sex, lots of it. You want stability. I am offering you all of that. Tell me I am wrong, I will rescind my proposal and we will remain friends."

Lissette wanted to deny the truth of what James had just said but she couldn't. He had her number. "You're not wrong, but you understand my apprehension."

James leaned to the side of her face and whispered into her ear. "I understand perfectly. But at this very moment all I can think is how pretty you look. How fuckable you are. Your lips, the curve of your breasts, I've been trying to keep some sense of decorum during this conversation, but manners be damned, I want to fuck you, now. Can you feel me Lissette deep in you, making you moan and shake as you cum hard for me." As he spoke his fingers discreetly danced up her thighs, until it was so close to her apex her mind screamed for him to touch her.

Lissette let out a barely audible gasp. "Where?"

Without speaking James took her hand and led her to his office. Each step built the tension between them. Lissette's panties were soaked with anticipation and James' cock strained in his pants pleading to be inside of her. The urgency with which he pushed her in the door was underscored by the haste in which they undressed. James grabbed her by a fistful of her hair and crashed his mouth against hers. Her pliable body molded into his perfectly. He nudged her legs apart and slammed into her. His swift filling movement caused Lissette to yelp in pleasant surprise. He backed her against the door and hoisted her legs against his thighs. With that support Lissette was able to rotate and grind her pelvis on his unrelenting cock. Her body was not going to delay the orgasm she craved, and neither was his. As the climax fast approached the friction of her nipples against his chest sent her into overdrive.

James' words of encouragement spurred her on. "Cum for me baby, Cum for me. I feel it. I feel you. Give it to me. It's mine. It's mine Lissette. It is mine!"

She gripped his hair and screamed his name from her trembling core. James reacted to hearing the sexy sounds of his name by cumming deep inside her. He jerked as shot after shot exited him and coated her inner walls. When they felt sturdy enough they released each other. James wiped the stray curls from her face, and kissed her. He kissed her wanting to communicate to her that what just happened was beyond a fuck. Lissette kissed him back know that something was passing between them. He moved them until they were crumbling to the floor together. James was ready to go again. He kissed her on her forehead and travelled down to her breasts. He made a special kind of love to her nipples that had Lissette writhing and begging for mercy. When he was certain he had her where he wanted. He took her again.

"Open you eyes Sugar. I want you to see me."

Lissette opened her eyes to see him looking at her so intently, her stomach lurched. She shut them again. James stopped his stroking to pull her nipples. They were so sensitive his grip caused her some pain.

"I said look at me."

Lissette knew the introduction of pain into their copulation would speed up her climax. She shook her head and he squeezed and pulled. She bucked her hips against his, indicating she liked what she felt. James did it again just to be sure his mind was not playing tricks on him. She opened her eyes and smiled at him. He rolled them over so she would be on top looking down at him.

"Lissette do you like pain?"

She nodded demurely. James' dick grew harder within her. He adjusted them so his back was against his desk and she sat astride him. He wanted to see her face as he inflicted measured pain as they fucked.

Lissette leaned back giving James access to her nipples. He held onto them like reins. She ground down against his penis, taking him on a journey of raw pleasure. His tugging at her turgid peaks was bringing her to the edge quickly. When he felt her spasm around him he stopped pinching her nipples and began flicking them, the alternating rhythm caused her start talking gibberish as she thrashed on his cumming cock. He drew her to him and held her in her arms as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Lissette felt sheepish as her senses came back to her. She tried to dislodge herself from James but he held her firm. He turned his face towards hers and kissed her. Only when he was satisfied did he let her go. She got up and redressed with her back towards him. Despite his tenderness and care she was still having a hard time facing him.

"Lissette will you look at me?"

"Perhaps, when my embarrassment passes."

"What is there to be embarrassed about? Because you cried? Would it help if I tell you that I wanted to cry the moment I entered you?"

"No, because you suppressed it, I feel like a right fool for losing it so, infront of you."

"Remember what you said to me at the Vin. You got pleasure from pleasuring me. Well the feeling is mutual. To watch your tears flow, or your eyes roll to the back of your head, or hear you scream in ecstasy or feel your pussy spasm; woman you can break a man. I treasure that."

Lissette listened to James describe so vividly how he loved to see her in such a state of abandon. She turned around a smiled at him. He smiled back; glad the awkwardness between them had passed.

He spoke as if his offer had been the topic of conversation. "I won't press you for an answer, but I will like to give you a taste of what I have in mind. There is a political fundraiser tonight in Manhattan, and I would like you to accompany me. It is the Fire and Ice Ball. There is a boutique on the first level that I'm sure will have the ideal gown for you, so take this," he said passing her a credit card and a grand in cash, "and get all that you need. I'll be by to pick you up at eight."

Lissette held the card and cash cautiously. She knew that James had worked some magic on her just now, but she was impressed. He and Brent had similar, I get what I want attitudes but their approach was different. With only six hours to get presentable she did as she was told, and went to the boutique on the fist level. James was right. The dresses in the shop were exquisite. Lissette found her gown in a matter of minutes. It was a bold red strapless flowing column by Marchesa, with an asymmetrical chiffon overlay and a flurry of floral appliqués. The dress was stunning. It hugged every curve deliciously. Lissette just needed some Spanx to seal the deal. After purchasing the body shaper she picked up a pair of strappy gold heels, a clutch and some jewelry. The last thing on her agenda was to go to the salon to get her hair done. She dropped the bags home and ran downtown to her cousin's salon.


Tonya's jaw dropped when Lissette walked into her salon. Tonya was Lissette's cousin on her father's side, and she could count the times on one hand Lissette actually came to the salon to get her hair done. She only came to get her nails and waxing.

"Hey Ton, I need you to do something with this? And I need everything else done too, feet, hands, and eyebrows." Lissette spoke unbraiding her hair.

"And moustache."

"I don't have a moustache," Lissette responded looking in the mirror.

"If you say so, but whatever it is you are doing tonight must be freaking important for you to let me touch that hair of yours. Just let me get this client under the dryer and then I'll start on you."

"I'm going to the Fire & Ice Ball and my date is coming at eight."

Tonya and Lissette chatted about the event. Lissette just told her some dude she met a few weeks ago asked her to be his date. She could not divulge how she met him. Tonya knew that Lissette was being secretive, but that did not bother her. Since they were children Lissette operated on a need to know basis, but that never stopped them from being close. The only person Lissette completely confided in was Brendon.

Lissette told Tonya that she wanted to do something with her hair the guy never saw before. They decided on a sew-in weave that she curled and pinned. When Tonya was done Lissette paid her and gave her a big tip with a wink, promising to tell her how the night went.


When Lissette got home from the salon she only had an hour to get ready. She laid everything out, jumped in the shower. She was glad she had the girl at the salon wax her armpit and legs. It was definitely saving her time now. After she had all her undergarments on she called her mother to put on her make-up for her. Lissette was not a big fan of the stuff, but knew she could rely on her mother to have everything she needed.

Marie was more that glad to assist Lissette. All she got was the cliff notes when Lissette came rushing in from the salon.

"Lissette relax your face, and pout your lips."

"Mom that sounds like contradictory instructions."

"Girl just do as I ask please. Your date will be her in twenty-five minutes."

"Okay. Mom but not to heavy I don't want to smudge or have to reapply throughout the night."

"Child hush I know what I am doing. So are you going to tell me who this date of yours is?"

"He is just some dude I met a few weeks ago and he asked me to be his date for tonight."

"So he is not the guy who you broke away with?'

"No, totally new dude."

"Hmmm." Marie smiled.

When Marie was done she told Lissette to look in the mirror. She was pleased with what her mother had done. She got assistance to put the dress and her shoes on. She had to hand it to herself she pulled it together nicely. She hoped James will approve. Marie was taking pictures of Lissette at the top of the stairs when the doorbell rang. Lissette looked at the hallway clock. Forever prompt.

Patrick answered the door to greet the man that was taking his daughter out for the evening. He wondered if it was the same guy who kept her out a few weeks ago. As a father he worried. As a cop he worried. But he had to trust that he raised Lissette to have sound judgment and enough sense that when she messed up, she was clever enough to cover her tracks and get rid of the evidence.

"Lissette your date is here." He called out to her as if she was in high school, while staring intently at James

"I'll be right down."

"Mr. Wexler, I did not know you knew my daughter." Patrick shook James' hand. He knew James from Chamber of Commerce meetings. He did not know much about him, except that owned malls, was wealthy, and was a frequent visitor of Coq au Vin.

"We only met a few weeks ago." James was a tall and confident man, but there was something about standing in front of Patrick that dwarfed him. And it wasn't just Patrick's strapping build that created this effect. The years in the military and as a cop had made him a force to be reckoned with. James had seen him in action a few times at meetings, and respected him. He was fair and intelligent. He was struck shocked that he was Lissette's father. He was sure Patrick did not know Lissette had worked at Coq au Vin. He chided himself for not reading the file he made Carla send over. He just scanned the first page for her address. Things may have just gone from interesting to complicated.

Lissette walked down the stairs and left both men speechless. Patrick's eye watered. There was something about seeing his little girl look so grown up that always touched him.

"Dad, are you crying?" Lissette raised her plucked eyebrow at him inquisitively.

"I just got something in my eye you smartass."

James was glad to see the exchange between Lissette and Patrick. It normalized her even more. Plus it gave him time to gather himself. She had taken his breath away. That red dress was working his imagination something wicked. He was debating if he really wanted to attend this gala tonight. He did not care that it was $25,000 per plate. He wanted to take her to his home and pound her senseless until the sun rose.

"James you are staring." Lissette broke his train of thoughts.

"Do you blame me?" He leaned in to kiss her on the cheek.

"Well this is all for you, so I am glad you appreciate it," she whispered into his ear.

James was surprised that Lissette flirted with him with her parents standing there. He blushed. Wow I think the last time I blushed was in 8th grade. But it did give him hope that perhaps she would say yes to his proposal.


James offered Lissette a drink as the limousine pulled off. She declined. She realized she did not have anything to eat since breakfast, and adding alcohol to her stomach now would be a disaster.

"So what you are saying is that you are hungry?"

"I am. So torture me and tell me what is on the menu."

"Shrimp and steak."

"Do I get an option?"

"No, it's served together. Why?"

"I have a serious allergy to shrimp."

"Okay." James took out his phone and made a call to someone to make sure Lissette plate was not contaminated with shrimp. When he got off the phone he was taken aback when she leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

"What was that for?"

"For taking care of me."

"That is all what I want to do, Lissette." He took her hand in his and stroked it gently. "Have you given thought to my proposition?"

"To be frank, I have not. I was so busy getting ready for tonight I did not have time to contemplate it deeply."

"I understand. No pressure. Well maybe just a bit."

They both laughed and made conversation for the duration of the ride. He told her that he knew her father, and so on.


Lissette smoothed her dress, and doubled checked her face in the foyer's mirror. She was surprisingly nervous. She wanted to make a good impression for James' sake. Please God don't let me embarrass myself.

James hand rested on her lower back ushering her into to the ballroom. He whispered in her ear, "I have you."

Lissette smiled. She was worrying about having his back, and he was worrying about having hers. Eyes raised in admiration and curiosity as they walked in together. Lissette glided across the floor, the light layers of the red dress fluttered around her. James introduced her to various friends and acquaintances. It was during one of these introductions Lissette was almost left speechless.

James tapped a gentleman on the shoulder and introduced him as Senator Clarke Brown. He looked at Lissette's face in just as much astonishment as she wore on hers. She had serviced him during her time at the Vin. The cowboy. She smiled reassuring him that their secret was safe. His facial expression eased as she cordially greeted his wife. James took note of what silently passed between Lissette and the Senator. Lissette had not considered the possibility that she would meet up one of her former clients there. It was slightly unnerving. She looked around the room and it occurred to her there were two other familiar faces in the room. She sighed.

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