tagIncest/TabooThe Step Daughter

The Step Daughter


I woke up from a deep, troubled slumber, my head feeling like it had been trampled upon by an entire football team. I felt my body heaving and bile rose up to my tonsils as I clawed out of the sheets and crawled towards the bathroom. My head had scarcely gone over the toilet bowl when my futile resistant petered out and I vomited violently.

I puked for a long time, my body racked in pain; my breaths were coming in wretched rasps. I smiled to myself despite my pitiable condition and I reflected that if my stepfather saw me this way he would immediately assume that I must have gone clubbing last night and had gotten myself wasted.

Actually my present predicament was a result of a more domestic affair though not less wild. What I was spilling out of my guts with such reckless abandon wasn't the toxic contents of some vodka bottle but something more biological in nature though not less potent. Last night I must have swallowed a gallon of sperm from my boyfriend's unnecessarily huge penis. My jaws still ached.

I cleaned myself up and decided some aspirin was in order. There wasn't any more left in the medicine cabinet in my bathroom so I decided I would have to enter my stepfather's room and get his. I smiled crookedly to myself as I decided what I should wear. Trust me this wasn't out of a sense of decency; on the contrary I was looking for what would shock him.

I rummaged around till I found a pair of pink lace briefs and a male singlet that was absolutely useless in covering up my voluptuous figure. I looked at the full length mirror and grinned evilly. My perky tits seemed to wobble even while standing still and the thick, protruding nipples prodded obstinately at the soft, white cotton. My wide hips maltreated the pink undies, stretching them so thin that even the lips of my shaved vagina were clearly visible. I turned round and inspected my bum. What remained of the briefs had disappeared into the crack of my ass. I smiled and went to my stepdad's room.

He was asleep, lying on his belly. He had on only a pair of shorts which seemed to be his favourite pair. I watched him for a moment while a train of dirty thoughts ran through my mind. Eventually I sauntered over to the bathroom and made a considerable din opening the door and the medicine cabinet, rummaging through various assorted bottles and eventually sloshing water in a cup and downing some pills.

I vaguely heard some movement on the bed and knew I had woken him up. I bent over the sink and pretended to be inspecting my face which had bags under the eyes big enough to pack for an overnight trip. His bed directly faced the bathroom so he only had to turn his head to see what all the fuss was about and find my ass staring boldly back at him. My legs were wide apart and I could bet he could see the bulge of my pussy.

I swayed my bottom about as I hummed and washed my face. My eyes darted quickly to one side of the mirror and sure enough I saw his gaze fixed on my derriere like it was the eight wonder of the world. I smiled in satisfaction but not without some guilt. Why was I such a slut? A nineteen year old black bombshell with such a thirst for the perversities of life that it was almost scary. My smile grew wider.

After my little show I decided that I needed to take a shower. Having it in my stepfather's bathroom would be too much of an invitation and anyway I still enjoyed flaunting my wobbly bits in front of him without going completely nude. Let his lecherous mind feed on the image I had just generously provided him with for now. He should have a very productive masturbatory session before he got up. I turned to leave the bathroom and caught his eyes before they hurriedly dropped down.

"Hello, Dad, sorry if I woke you" I chirped as I walked slowly past him.

He mumbled a reply and I could feel his hungry eyes boring holes into my ass cheeks as I sashayed away.

I went back to my room and grabbed forty winks. When I woke up, my headache had gone and after a long, cold shower, I was as right as rain.

My face looked less puffy and after a quick makeup session my face was perfect again. I might sound very vain when I say this but despite the killer figure that God so generously blessed me with I have this sweet, oval face like that of an angel. Give me a habit and I could be easily be a nun. Except that there is no habit designed by man that can hide my figure.

My mind casually replayed the events of yester night. I did this all the time: anytime I had sex I filed it away in my memory like some cheap VHS cassette tape to be played back later anytime I was masturbating. I masturbated a lot and I had an impressive assortment of toys to probe my privates with.

Masturbation wasn't just pleasuring yourself till you climaxed, it was a chance to escape this world and enter into an alternative reality where everything was perfect and you could fuck anybody and anything without consequences.

I could fuck movie stars (both male and female), fuck all my family members (both male and female), fuck my friends and their friends (yes... both male and female) and fuck superheroes, get raped by supervillains, trolls, serial killers, aliens, zombies and unicorns. Yes, I have a pleasant imagination!

I like to refer to Andy as my beloved rapist rather than my boyfriend. He's such a sadist that he has no idea of how to treat a woman nicely.

Whenever he's alone with me he would rip off my underwear after I had taken off my clothes and take me hard. He had absolutely no time for foreplay. All he did was spread my legs and brutally fuck me till he was too tired to continue. After that I would suck his cock for ages till he spilled everything down my throat. He always made sure I swallowed it all down. If I spat even a drop out I was going to get spanked very hard with his rough, unforgiving hands.

Yesterday he called to say he was coming to my room. I had to wait till everyone was asleep then sneak down to open the back door. I had to lead him upstairs in the dark because I didn't want to turn on the lights and it was all I could do to stop squealing out in pain because he kept pinching and squeezing my butt.

Once we were in my room, he insisted that he gag me with a pair of dirty socks he was wearing to prevent me from screaming and waking my stepdad. My mom was out of town. I reluctantly agreed.

There is a thick rug on the floor and Andy said he couldn't fuck me on the bed, because the squeaking springs would make a lot of noise. He said he had to fuck me on the floor. I thought of the rug burn I would have in the morning but by then I was past caring. I was so horny that my nipples had dragged my breasts ninety degrees away from my body and a wet patch was growing in my shorts.

Andy made no attempt to hide the huge bulge tenting his trousers and the way his eyes gleamed in the dark as they raked me up and down I knew I was in physical danger. I hoped he wouldn't try to throttle me as he fucked the daylights out of me.

First of all he ordered me to take off my clothes and then pushed me down on the floor. He gave my tits a good squeeze and the sock in my mouth barely prevented me from squealing out loud. Soon he pulled off his pants and he didn't hesitate to make penetration.

He smashed in and out of my pussy, my ass and my mouth. I stopped counting the climaxes that he ripped from my body and I had no idea when he left because I passed out. The last few minutes were a blur and it annoyed me I couldn't remember exactly what happened. He had practically destroyed me. I needed a woman's touch if I was going to remain sane.

But none of my female friends were in town and unless I accosted female shoppers at the mall and asked them for sex I didn't think I would get lucky. It was so unfair! That's when I thought of my beloved step-papa.

Wouldn't it be a real adventure to seduce him? Make him throw caution to the wind and take advantage of me while Mom was out of town. I dare say the idea was delicious. After all I would be doing him a service. He would get to make his ultimate fantasy come true and I'm not too humble to say that I know that his ultimate fantasy is me.

For as long as I've known him he could never keep his eyes or his hands off me. He was very touchy feely and since I appeared to have no objections to being pawed he got bolder every day.

I smiled as I remembered the time we had to squeeze into a packed bus and I had to end up sitting on his lap. The poor bastard's cock nearly ripped a hole in my bum shorts and I wasn't helping the situation since I kept grinding my hips in time with the movement of the bus. He eventually ejaculated and he had to pull out the tails of his shirt to hide the wet patch of cum on his trousers. What a loser.

Well, I thought, as I got to my feet, it was time for me to get the old pervert out of his closet and into my bed. I knew if I waited for him to make a move, I could end up waiting forever because he was terrified of my mom. Mom would beat the shit out of him. Yeah, really. She was a violent bitch and she was even more depraved than I was.

I remember when she and her sister, Aunt Hilda, had decided to punish me one day for using her vibrator and what started off as a spanking ended up with me being abused and dominated for six hours straight. But that's another story.

I took off my top and strolled out of my room. I was soon knocking on his door and I heard his voice telling me with a wary tone, to come in. I walked in and stood before his bed and there are no words in the English dictionary to describe the intense pleasure and satisfaction I felt when I saw the look on his face. His mouth fell open and he forgot to close it.

"Daddy" I said in my best little good girl voice, "My nipples are hurting me. I don't know what to do."

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Duh. What the hell was that? Did you fall asleep before you finished?

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