tagRomanceThe Story of A

The Story of A

byParis Waterman©

I had celebrated my fiftieth birthday two days earlier, and now I was relaxing by the pool of a luxurious Caribbean hotel, nursing my second pina colada of the afternoon. Nursing might not be the appropriate word for it as my doctor had warned me about the use of alcohol and my heart condition, stressing that they did not go hand in hand.

Oh, I was free to drink in moderation, mind you, but not excessively. The problem now of course was, here in the balmy Caribbean, drinking was almost second nature, and with a heart condition, most other pastimes were out of the question. But I was adhering to the doctor's advice and keeping my drinking to a minimum of four to five cocktails a day.

It was four in the afternoon, so you can see why I was nursing the damned drink.

It was enjoyable sitting there watching the young lovelies sauntering past in their bikini's. I can tell you this, the younger the woman it seemed the smaller the bikini. Just then two girls sidled past wearing nothing but strings and some delicately placed beads. Yes, they managed to avoid nudity, but there were moments as they walked past me that each and every part of their anatomy was revealed to me.

So there I was, sipping gingerly at the dammed pina colada and squirming around trying to made a comfortable adjustment to my newly risen erection when another well-tanned woman walked past. I reckoned her age to be in the early forties, and thought to myself that she looked damn good in the red and white bikini she wore.

Imagine my surprise when she stopped next to chaise lounge I lay on, removed her sunglasses and said: "Orin, is that you?"

What followed transpired quickly. I really hadn't gotten a good look at her face as she was standing with the sun behind her, her face essentially a silhouette. The voice was familiar, and obviously she knew me. Who was this woman? I asked myself while at the same time my brain seemed to register a familiarity in her facial features as my eyes slowly became accustomed to the brightness.

"Yes, that's me," I said, "but you seem to have the advantage on me." I was struggling to place her, but the moment she smiled, I remembered!

"Addie! Is it really you!" I gasped, and hurriedly sat up, knocking over the damned pina colada in the process. Laughing, she put her hands up to her mouth and nodded as the memories came flooding back.

"Why, it must be twenty years or more...." And I left it there.

She reached out and took my hand. I covered hers with mine and as images of her as she looked back then flooded through my memory I felt the heat fill my loins.

Addie glanced down as women are wont to do when they seek to find out how they are being perceived by an admirer. In short, she looked at my crotch and noted the telling bulge, and had the decency to blush through the deep tan.

"Orin, it is wonderful to see you again. I never expected it. What a wonderful surprise!"

"Sit!" I said, "I'll order you a drink. We have a thousand things to talk about."

"I know, I know," she replied. "But 'I've really got to be somewhere in a few minutes. But we must get together and catch up. Are you doing anything this evening? Perhaps we could have dinner together?"

"That would be perfect," I said, and followed with, "Here, at the hotel?"

"That suits me fine," Addie replied then leaned down and kissed me on the cheek, and she was gone, walking briskly away from me to her appointment with whomever.

My mind was awhirl with thoughts and memories. Who might she be meeting wearing that bikini? Is that really any of my business? I couldn't concentrate on anything but Addie the remainder of the afternoon. I was so wrapped up in thinking about her that I paid no attention to the many nearly naked beauties passing by.

After all these years to see her again!

For the remainder of the day I couldn't concentrate. She didn't look a bit like I would have expected. I would have thought she'd be frumpier; that she'd have lost those slender legs that I lusted after, after all she had to be what – forty or forty-five. And that only reminded me that I was about ten years older than she. Yet I had seen with my own eyes just how attractive she was – the bikini she had worn wouldn't have hidden the tiniest blemish. She was in fantastic shape for any age.

I had another pina colada, after all, I'd spilled the second, and so this was merely a replacement and not a third, (read excessive) drink. Images of our friendship passed through my mind: Addie had worked for a small company that leased office space in my building. Oh, not 'my' building, I mean my firms building. I was an up and coming executive with them. I would rise to a vice president level before leaving to start my own public relations firm, but I'm meandering and should get back to the point, which is of course, Addie and how we met.

I should add a word about myself – the me of that time. I was not an introvert, nor was I exactly an extrovert, I was probably somewhere in the middle. I dated young women on a regular basis and had a reasonable amount of success with them. (Which means I bedded about twenty percent of them.) But in my particular building with one exception the women were aloof, or unfriendly, hardly acknowledging me when I spoke or smiled at them.

The exception was a lovely dark-haired beauty who never failed to greet me with a warm smile and a remark whenever we encountered one another. She was fairly tall, but slim almost to the point of being skinny, with enormous limpid dark eyes that sucked me in if I gazed at them too long. She also had a pair of magnificent breasts that took all my willpower to refrain from gawking at when we did meet.

Her name was Addie. She was perhaps twenty-four and had a college degree in Psychology, but unfortunately in those days she had to settle for a less than well-paid job as a secretarial assistant and part-time translator; one might suspect the infamous glass ceiling prejudice, I suppose.

We soon became firm if intermittent friends, meeting perhaps 2 or 3 times a week in the corridors to chat, and I admit I sometimes scheduled my wanderings in the hope of bumping into her. One day I asked her to join me for lunch and she rewarded me with a winning smile and an acceptance that had me walking on air. We ended up in the building's cafeteria, had the dried out meatloaf and laughed about it instead of complaining. I learned she was planning on getting married in three months and looking forward to starting a family.

I hid my true feelings and wished her the best, but I think she saw through me, although she said nothing further about it.

We continued our platonic relationship, even exchanging intimacies about our respective relationships – me with the various girls I was dating and my struggles to get into their pants, which Addie found hilarious. And Addie's confession that while she thoroughly enjoyed sex with her fiancé, it was always hurried sex because they only met at his home, (her parents hated him, and refused to allow him in their home) and, while his parents were happy about the coming marriage, they were always in close proximity.

Infatuated as I was with Addie, I wondered about this strange situation, of course. Why did her parents hate him? Was that what made her want to marry him? But while I pondered these questions and more, time passed and the wedding date grew nearer.

It was on our last lunch together; I had arranged a little deli-picnic for us in the park. It was spring, and Addie wore a light-weight coat to the park, but as she prepared to sit down she removed it and I saw she had worn a white sweater and more importantly, had removed the bra she'd had on earlier that morning. Her darkened areola was quite visible under the thin cotton sweater. It was as if after all our meetings she had decided to reveal her breasts to me before getting married.

She laughed delightedly on seeing my stunned look, and said, "So, Orin, how do I compare with all those girls you've bedded these last few months?"

"You... you're more beautiful than all of them together, Addie."

My eyes were fixed on those nipples that seemed to be growing bigger every second. Addie laughed delightedly and said, "Oh, look how you're staring, Orin. You're giving them hardons. See for yourself." Still laughing, she pointed to each nipple in turn.

Taking that as permission to touch, I reached out and carefully ran my palm over each hardened nipple in turn. Addie drew in her breath then slowly released it as her smile grew larger and larger. Her hand dropped to my lap and lightly brushed over my erection.

"I'm glad to see I have that kind of effect on you too."

"Addie... I started to say.

"No," she said quickly, reading my mind. "I we can't do it. I'm getting married and you are coming to the wedding. Hump one of my bridesmaids, I've told them about you. They're pretty girls and eager to... meet you."

And that was that... almost.

I went to the wedding and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Her husband was a nice enough chap. I might have liked him under other circumstances, but he'd taken Addie from me and for that I couldn't forgive him.

I did get to dance with Addie, and during the dance she whispered that I should ask the red-headed bridesmaid to dance and giggled, "She's hot for you, really she is."

I followed her instructions and twenty minutes later found myself in a closet with the redheads legs wrapped around my waist as we fucked ourselves silly.

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't Addie's legs wrapped around me, and I was haunted for several months after with visions of Addie being in the closet with me instead of the redhead, (whose number I threw away on the way home from the wedding.)

Addie and I met for lunch soon after she returned from the honeymoon. If anything she was more beautiful than before - her skin positively glowed and there was a sparkle deep in her eyes, and she smiled constantly. Marriage obviously agreed with her.

Still, I noticed her wince briefly as she sat down, and lifted an eyebrow. She grinned at me.

"I'm a bit sore, Orin. I'm not used to all the attention!" she laughed making a joke of it.

"Well you were saving yourself for the honeymoon," I said to lighten things between us, "but most brides aren't sore after the honeymoon; during it perhaps, but after?"

"Can I tell you something in the strictest confidence?"

"Of course you can, Addie."

"The night we arrived at our destination I got my...."

"Period?" I said, finishing her statement.

"Yes, my... period. I couldn't disappoint my husband so I let him...."

"In the backdoor," I said, again finishing her sentence for her.

"Yes, back there. It was awful."

"Where is he? I kick the shit out of that lousy bastard!"

"No, no! You mustn't!" Addie protested.

"He had no right to hurt you!" I said as my eyes filled with tears.

"He had every right. He's my husband, Orin. My husband. Besides, I allowed him to do it. He asked permission and I gave it to him."

"He had no right to hurt you."

"It only hurt the first two times. After that I got used to it. In fact I've gotten to like it. He does... well you don't need to know what he does. That's between us."

"Tell me this much," I pleaded, "are you still...."

Addie interrupted me to say, "Yes. As I said, we both enjoy it." She started to laugh, and I had to laugh along with her. Still laughing, she touched my arm probably more to assure me more than anything else, and added, "It doesn't hurt at all anymore. I intend to recommend it to my girlfriends. I think they'll like the idea since it removes the possibility of getting preggers."

"I have to admit you've shocked me with this disclosure."

"Oh, Orin! I wish we had known one another earlier...."

"I wish the same. But life is what it is, Addie. Still, I'm here if you ever need me... for anything."

"I know, Orin. Now to change the subject, how did it go with you and Isabel?"

"Mmmm, Isabel?"

"The bridesmaid I fixed you up with. The redhead!"

"Oh! Isabel... well we had a great time at the reception."

"I know that, she couldn't wait to tell me. I can't believe you took her to a closet, Orin."

"There were no rooms available at the hotel. All the guests were staying there."

"But a closet? And come to think of it, Isabel had a room at the hotel."

"She did?"

"Yes, she did."

"She never said...."

"Well... I did fix it so she really had no chance to tell me."

You dragged her into the closet and had her dress up around her waist before she could get a word out."

I began to laugh.

"What's so funny, Orin?"

"Isabel couldn't have told me about her room."

"And why not?" Addie asked, but I saw she was beginning to laugh too.

"Um, there's no way I can put this delicately. A woman can't talk when her mouth is full."


"It's true. Ask Isabel."

"So are you dating her?"

"Mmmm, actually no, I haven't seen her since the wedding."

"She didn't give you her number?"

"I lost it, I'm sorry to say."

"I'll call her and get you two back together."

"Please don't."

"Oh, I thought...."

"Addie, we humped like bunnies in that closet. Isabel is a delightful girl and I surely hope I haven't hurt her. She wanted it as much as I did that day. But I haven't felt any need to connect with her again.

"She's not you, Addie. She's nice, fantastic in fact; but she's not you. There, I've said it, I hope you'll forgive me."

Addie's face flamed in embarrassment. "I know... I'm sorry, I shouldn't have put the two of you together."

"Let's talk about other things. Let's talk about you, Addie."

"No, let's not talk about me. I'm married, Orin. From now on what

happens with my husband and me is private."

But unable to contain herself, Addie went on to say, "We met another couple and got drunk. I mean it was a good drunk, not the kind where you feel terrible the next morning. We sort of compared notes with them and found other ways to do it. I never realized you could have so much fun!"

"Addie, you're tormenting me."

"Call Isabel, Orin."


"Call her. You know, he never leaves me alone. Not that I'm complaining, you understand. This is the longest I go without it, when I'm at work. I wish I could meet him at lunch... oh, I'm sorry, Orin. I didn't mean that."

I grew cold with fury. "I think you did, Addie. I don't know why, but I think you meant to hurt me in saying what you did."

I stood up and left her sitting there. If I hadn't I might have slapped her and I never wanted to have that happen.

Three days later we made up and agreed to have lunch the following day. It was as if nothing had happened between us. Addie was on a sexual high. The brunt of her lunchtime conversations dealt with her sexual activities the night before, or what was planned for that night. And I was happy for her; happy to be in her company. But my nights were long and boring. I wasn't dating anyone. In fact, I wasn't even looking for anyone.

The following month she revealed that she was pregnant. She missed several lunch dates with me because of morning sickness and other problems women encounter when carrying a child. And then she dropped out altogether – taking maternity leave. I was despondent at the loss of seeing her on a daily basis, even if she belonged to another.

A month passed before I saw her again. God knows why, but I found myself in Bloomingdale's shopping for a Mother's Day present.

I was going up the escalator and saw her coming down. I called to her and asked her to wait for me, and immediately took the escalator down.

She seemed glad to see me. I got a warm kiss, and promptly returned it. Then I stepped back to admire her. Addie's stomach was bulging under the maternity dress she wore. She looked tired, but gave me a wan smile and told me how good it was to see me. We spent a few precious minutes in polite conversation, and then she told me she had to go.

She reached into her purse and took out a business card and scribbled something on the back then handed it to me.

"Call me tomorrow at eleven, will you, Orin?"

"Of course, I said, and watched her walk away.

We had lunch the next day. She appeared to be her old self, but everything she said contradicted it. She was tired, achy, nauseous, and argumentative. Her words, not mine.

"And look at me, I'm enormous!" she exclaimed as desert was served. "I'm twice the size I used to be!"

Addie was certainly enormous: her slim arms and neck contrasted almost grotesquely with her swollen belly. Her breasts too, normally small and conical, were swollen and full. She wore a flimsy green silk wrap - it was a hot summer that year - and her big nipples and distended navel showed through.

She continued to tell me how uncomfortable carrying to term was for her.

"You know, some women are lucky. They hardly gain a pound, are active right up to the delivery, and then spit the damn baby out like you do a watermelon seed at a July cookout."

"I know it's uncomfortable, Addie, but look at the bright side...."

"What bright side? After delivery there are the sleepless nights... the attempts to shed all the excess weight, and talk about ever looking the way I did before!"

She started to cry and I put my arm around her and held her trying to comfort her.

"I just... I just want to get it over with."

"It will be over soon enough, dearest Addie.

She winced as the baby kicked then took my hand and placed it on her belly.

"Feel it?"

Addie's skin was hot under the thin green silk. I put both hands on her stomach, leaning against her thighs, conscious of the beginnings of an erection at the proximity of her pussy. Silently, I cursed myself for entertaining such thoughts.

'He likes your hands," she said.

"Here, put your ear against me; see if you can hear his heartbeat."

I pressed my ear against her bulge, heard the blood singing in my ear and realized I was stroking her stomach. I felt her hands rest on my head, holding me against her. We stayed like that for what seemed an eternity. I was never happier.

Suddenly I felt the baby kick. Actually it kicked twice.

"Did you feel it?" Addie whispered.

"Yes, it's a wonderful feeling to have an unborn child reach out to you."

"He never does this," she said, meaning her husband.

"Then he's a fool."

She lifted my head to look into her face. "You're so sweet," she said, and hugged me. I held her against me, her head against my chest, and after a while heard a sniff. I turned her head to me. A tear ran down her cheek, and she brushed it away.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, everything." She smiled wanly. "I didn't tell you the real story about what happened on our honeymoon."

I didn't have my period that first night as I told you. After checking into the resort he had me dress for him. You know, special lingerie a woman has for this extraordinary event. In addition to the filmy negligee, he had me wear a pair of black pumps. These particular shoes had 5" heels on them. I would never wear heels like that, but he insisted. I felt like a whore wearing them, but then he was all over me and suddenly I was naked, except for the dammed shoes."

"Addie, you don't have to tell me...."

"I have to tell you. I want you to understand. What followed was normal enough. He kissed me, sucked and squeezed my breasts and I played with his penis. But my world turned upside down when he had me stand on his penis with my high-heeled shoes.

"I have to say it felt odd, but good to crush his penis. It turned me on, more than his kisses. He grew bigger and started making it jerk this way and that and soon we were both laughing about it. I wanted him in me, but he was not in any hurry. He had me squeeze his balls next. I hurt him, I know I did, but he insisted that I continue to squeeze them. He wanted me to step on them with those damned shoes, but I refused.

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