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The Stranger


!29f_UseMyBf - I want you to slap him around good. don't hold back. make him cry. and don't let him cum, okay? it's all selfish. all about you. okay?

hungBristol24 - yea - where is he? does he have flatmates or anything?

!29f_UseMyBf - He's staying alone. The address is no. XX Graining Pl, BSXX XXJD. Just knock loudly, and when he asks who it is, say you're a friend of Jamie's. That's the name of the guy he's house-sitting for. Say you left your coat and you want to get it back. That you talked to Jamie and he said it was okay for you to swing by. Once he lets you in, do what you like.

hungBristol24 - Has he been fucked before?

!29f_UseMyBf - Once, I think.

hungBristol24 - Why are you doing this?

!29f_UseMyBf - I've been watching his history. He's been on the gay chat every night this week. Gay porn. Sissy porn. He's a faggoty bitch and I want him to get what he wants. And the money.

hungBristol24 - Not very much money.

!29f_UseMyBf - ...not my ass ;) Besides, he's always on about how macho he is, talking shit. homophobic. but look at what he watches when he's jacking off his little dicklet.

hungBristol24 - What if he calls the police or screams or something?

!29f_UseMyBf - Just cover his mouth. Slap his ass and push him into the mattress, and once you're buried balls deep in his ass, tell him Sars sent you. Tell him all about this conversation. I don't care. Tell him you won't be the last 'guest' he's going to get.

hungBristol24 - mmmmmm

!29f_UseMyBf - Besides, if he gets lippy or anything, smack him one good and point at his throbbing erection. tough to argue principles with a hardon.

hungBristol24 - mmmmm ;)

!29f_UseMyBf - Yea! So... u going?


The knock on the door was urgent and rapid. Tim hastily minimized his browser and got up, adjusting his pants to hide his erection. He looked through the peephole to see a youngish guy with dark hair, clean-shaven, and a friendly face on the other side.

"Who is it?"

"Hi, Tim? It's Perry; Jamie's mate. He told me I could come by and pick up my coat."

"Ummm," Tim hesitated a moment.

"Didn't he text through? He said he was going to let you know."

"No, he didn't text or anything," Tim unlocked the door, "but never mind. Come on in." He opened the door and stood back to let the younger man in. Perry was taller, and more well built. As Tim swung the door shut, he was caught by surprise. Perry immediately gripped him by the arm and, pulling him over, wrapped an arm around his midsection, clamping him close.

"What the-" Perry smacked his face hard before slapping a meaty hand across Tim's mouth, muffling his cries. As Tim struggled, Perry's grip tightened, the arm clamping his chest cinching tighter and tighter and making it harder for Tim to breathe. He was muscled through a doorway and down the corridor to a bedroom, struggling all the way.

"Shut up, you little bitch," Perry's voice was like warm honey as he whispered into Tim's ear. "We're just going to have a little fun." He shoved Tim through the doorway and moved to block the exit, releasing his grip. Tim immediately moved away, glancing around the room and back at Perry.

"No point in fighting me," Perry purred, "or thinking about calling the police. Sars sent me." He smirked. "A present, of sorts. I'm going to make your dirty little fucked up fantasies come true." He shut the bedroom door and turned back around to stare down Tim, who had frozen on the spot at the mention of Sars' name. "And there's nothing you can do about it." He turned back to the door and snapped the lock shut, then turning once more, took a step towards Tim, glancing down at the stiff cock outlined within his trousers. "And from the looks of it, that's got you pretty excited, faggot."

Tim looked down and winced. His cock was rock hard. This stranger was in his bedroom, blocking his only exit, and he knew Sars. What was going on? Perry, still between him and the door, had moved over to the desk and flipped open his laptop, pulling up his web browser. Tim winced again.

"What's this? 'Sissy Cock-Sucking'? 'Surrender to Cock'? 'Gay Sex Chat', hmm what do we have here?" He skimmed through the chat windows' contents. "Someone's been a very, very naughty fucking little boy, hasn't he?"

Tim stammered a bit but couldn't managed to get anything out; his mind was still spinning as he tried to catch up.

"I said hasn't he?" Perry crossed over in two swift steps, savagely gripped Tim by his hair, and marched him over, crying out in pain, to shove his face into the chat windows, like a pet owner rubbing an errant dog's nose in its own mess. "You have a girlfriend, don't you?"


"What was that? I said you have a girlfriend, don't you fag? Sars. That's your GIRLFRIEND. What're you looking at all this for, huh faggot? Let's see here... 'I wanna be used like a cheap slut. I wanna be cummed in and left with an aching hardon. I want you to smack my ass and pass me around to your friends-I wanna have cum dribbling outta both ends'-I think we can just about deliver on that, Timmy... All of that and more. Wanna be used, bitch? I'm gonna turn your ass inside out. I'm gonna use you up and wear you out; I'm gonna own your ass, your mouth," he eased his grip on Tim's hair as his left hand shot out and grabbed Tim's testicles through the thin material of his trousers, "and that excuse for a cock you got hidden between your legs, and you're not going to do a thing about it because Sars gave you to me, and because I've got an entire lifetime of dirt on you she'll be only to happy to show all of your friends and colleagues if you don't play along, and because I think you've been wishing for all of this for a long time anyway, now how's that sound, huh?"

He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down revealing an impossible bulge in a pair of tight blue Aussibum pants.

I said 'how's that sound,' huh boy? We're going to have to teach you how to answer when you're asked a question." Tim gasped as Perry's grip on his balls tightened in an instant motion that sent pain rippling through his whole body as his legs gave out. Perry released them as quickly as he had crushed them and buried his hands in Tim's hair once more, tightening his grasp and pushing Tim down onto his knees.

"One more time," he pulled Tim's face closer to the bulge in his pants with each word, "How's... That... Sound... Huh, boy?" Tim's face was crushed against the meaty package, his head held in place by a hand like a compactor. He tried to say something but the sound was muffled as Perry's bulge pressed into his mouth. "Smells good, huh boy?" Perry murmured. "Don't worry, there's plenty of that ahead of you."

Tim's eyes went wide with terror as he felt the toe of Perry's boot begin to bear down on his crotch.

"And don't get any ideas while you're down there. One wrong move and I will turn you into a soprano faster than you can say brokeback, got it?"

Tim's affirmative reply was again muffled by Perry's mammoth bulge.

"Fine, fine," Perry said, easing up his vice-like grip just slightly, "Don't you worry, Timmy, I'm here to answer your prayers, boy. You wanted cock? I've got cock for you. Now let's get started. Why don't you reach up there, pop that sucker outta those pants, and see what you can do for me to make me your friend."

Tim's hands were shaking as they went to the waistband of Perry's briefs and slipped under the elastic, pulling them down hesitantly. When the cock tucked inside was fully free of the stretchy material, his eyes went wide again and his own much smaller member gave an involuntary spasm. He licked his lips, nervously wetting the parched skin, and moved to take the behemoth in his hands when Perry's grip on him tightened once more.

"Now hold on there, this isn't right." He was yanked up onto his feet again. "Get those trousers off. Naked for me. Now! You're mine now and I want to take a look." He let go of Tim's hair and took a step back. Tim stood there for a second, looking at Perry, trying to size up the situation. "Well get a move on!"

The bigger man feinted forward and Tim jumped, then hastily started to undress. As he pulled off his shirt, Perry absently pulled open one of the desk drawers, examining the contents. Tim started pulling off his socks and shoes. Perry opened another drawer. Next Tim started removing his trousers; Perry opened the bottom drawer.

"Well! Look at this!" He bent to retrieve a bright pink buttplug, straightening up and dangling it from his thumb and forefinger like a prize catch. "What have we here? Oh, Timmy! This is too much! You like this? We are going to have so much fun, you and I! Well what's the matter?" Tim was standing in just his pants, waiting for Perry, hands trying vainly to cover his little erection. "Naked, bitch! Bare fuckin' flesh! I wanna see that ass!" Tim slowly pulled down his pants to stand, shivering slightly. Perry walked around him slowly, looking him up and down, before coming to a rest beside him.

"Hands and knees, boy! Now!" He started to get to the floor. "I said NOW!" Perry slapped his ass so hard he let out a yelp as he dropped down to all fours. A glowing red handprint was starting to raise up against the fair skin of his bottom. Perry admired the view for a moment. Tim's ass was a girly ass; faintly rounded hips blossoming into a slight bubble butt, lightly dusted in fine blond hairs that were almost invisible. Using the toe of his boot, he nudged Tim's knees apart, opening up his ass for view, and then dropped to his haunches to get a closer look, putting the pink buttplug on the floor beside him. Tim's anus was clean, puckered, pink, and tightly clenched.

"That's a pretty ass you got there, bitch," Perry said softly. He stuck his forefinger into his own mouth to wet it slightly and then pressed it unceremoniously into the pucker, sending a grunt out of Tim's trembling lips. "Don't worry, we're going to loosen that up." He pulled his finger back out again.

Perry picked up the buttplug and placed it against Tim's clenched hole and started screwing it in. "Better let loose or this is going to really hurt, boy." Tim gasped as the buttplug felt like it would tear his asshole apart, trying desperately to relax his muscles and let the rubber plug in. Perry just kept twisting it in like a machine pressing the ever expanding point into him faster than he could release his grip on his sphincter. Beads of sweat sprang from his pores as he clenched his teeth against the searing sensation, and perspiration dripped from his nose but still Perry pressed on, merciless, relentless, pitiless. Just as it felt like his ring was going to rip open, the plug popped inside and his ass clamped shut around it, spasms of pain shivering back and forth through his body, his breath coming in little ragged gasps.

"Good boy," Perry beamed, "It looks pretty with that little pink bulb sticking out like that. My ass," he gave the other cheek a slap to match the first. Tim's asshole kept clenching and quivering around the unyielding rubber buried in it as Perry got to his feet again and circled back, absently stroking his half-erect member, and stopped once more in front of Tim.

"Suck my cock."

Tim stared up for a second.

"You don't want me to have to tell you again," the threat was like molasses. Wincing with pain, Tim raised himself up into a kneeling position and, with hands shaking, reached for Perry's cock, guiding it to his mouth. Tears streaked his face as he opened wide and started taking it into his mouth. It was huge. With his jaws wide open it was just possible for him to get the first inch or two into his mouth before he gagged, coughing and spluttering as he pulled back. Perry's foot pressed threateningly onto his balls.

"I'd get to work if I were you," he said quietly. Tim opened his mouth again and took Perry's bell end in, then eased a bit more of it into his mouth while both his hands gripped the rubbery thing like a railing. Sighing with a bit of exasperation, Perry bucked his hips, sending several more inches into Tim's wide open mouth. "Come on," he said as he began fucking the mouth hole, "it's not some kind of science project. It's cock sucking, and you're going to get a whole lot better at it if you know what's good for you."

Tim was choking and gagging but Perry had him by the hair again, his right foot was still pressing Tim's balls into the floor as he continued fucking the mouth slowly.

"This is your life now," he said as he thrust in, sending his manhood coursing for Tim's tightly constricted throat. "You're my piece of ass, faggot." He emphasized the word with another full-on pump. "You wanted to play both ends and you pissed off Sars, and now you're mine. And when you go back to London, I'll be there too. You are my cum dumpster now. My bitch. My faggot... It's everything you dreamed of. You are going to fall in love with my cock, worship that bitch, suck it and fuck it and take it whenever I feel like it. You're going to be my on-call hole." He began pumping faster, the head bumping the back of Tim's throat making him convulse as he choked repeatedly. Perry's breath was coming faster and faster.

"My bitch, my bitch! My hole, my little faggot hole." He fucked the mouth hole faster and faster. "My pussy my ass my bitch you're mine, unh, unh, unh," he pounded his cock home over and over and over again as Tim focused his whole concentration on not biting down, "fuuucckk yeeeaah biiitch... fuck fuck fuuuunhk fuuu yeah"

The first spurt of cum went straight down Tim's throat, catching in his esophagus as the second load sprayed into his mouth, coating his tongue. He choked and a string of cum shot out of his nose as more and more pumped into his mouth while Perry held his head still and bucked his hips. Finally, his urgency eased, and he stopped fucking, pulling out to leave Tim with a gaping jaw and cum draining from his sinuses.

"Yeah," Perry said, "my bitch." He wiped himself on Tim's shirt, pulled on his pants and trousers, and walked out. "See you again soon, bitch," he called over his shoulder as the door swung shut behind him.

Tim blew his nose into the shirt and then sat back, feeling the buttplug still buried in his ass. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he started masturbating.

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