tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Stranger From The Bar

The Stranger From The Bar


I am shackled to a wall, facing the side of a king size bed. The room is large and is tastefully decorated in a masculine way, with quality fittings throughout. I am naked, my arms chained above my head with my wrists secured together. My legs are spread and chained to shackles in the wall behind me. I am unable to move other than to twist my torso slightly. I am gagged and unable to utter any sound other than indiscernible grunts.

On the bed in front of me, approximately two and a half metres away is my wife. She also is securely tied, with leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles. Other than that, she is also naked. Her legs are pulled wide apart and her sex is on full display to anyone standing behind her. Her breasts are mostly concealed as she has been forced to lie on them; however I can see the side of one that is there for viewing, showing her curves.

Standing over her is a stranger we have only met this night. He is fully clothed, dressed as he was when we met him at the bar, in grey trousers and a patterned crisp white shirt.

Out for a quiet night together, my wife and I were having a drink when we met this man. Six foot two inches at least in height, built like an athlete and exuding charm, he started talking with us and we both warmed to him immediately, inviting him to join us at our table. Drinks led to dinner to more drinks and both my wife and I found him to have an almost irresistible quality about him, both of us wanting him to say longer. When he invited us back to his house for more drinks, we both went willingly. Little did we know where it would lead?

Now I am powerless to do or say anything as I watch him run his hand up my wife's left leg, gently, lovingly, and caressingly. He reaches her buttocks and does the same thing, first the left buttock and then the right. Without warning, he raises his and spanks her arse, four quick slaps. The sound is revibrating around the room as she throws her head back and cries out. He gently caresses the spots where he has spanked her before he repeats the spanking. She cries out with each slap! Again, he caresses her arse and again he spanks her and again he caresses her.

She pleads with him to stop. I can see her arse cheeks and they are already red. He ignores her pleas and repeats the whole thing again. By the time he finishes, she is whimpering and crying, and I am beside myself with concern for her.

He again runs her hand over her leg, starting from the ankle and works his way up. He reaches her arse cheeks and caresses them once more. She tenses, expecting another spanking, but he does nothing except caress her telling her to relax. He continues to caress the redness and she moans. He slips his hand between her spread legs, and comments on how wet she is. She turns her head away from me, unable to look at me. She is humiliated by her unexpected arousal of being spanked. He asks her if she liked it. She mumbles and he swiftly spanks her again three times. She cries out and then whispers 'Yes'. He spanks her another three times and caresses her arse. "Well?" he asks. And she cries out "Yes, yes!! I like it!! Alright? Is that what you want to hear?" He slips his hand between her legs again and plays with her open pussy and she moans repeatedly and raises her arse to him.

He asks her if she has ever been flogged and she says no. He asks if she would like to be flogged and she says yes. I am stunned!

He gives her a quick slap on her inner thigh and asks her yes what? "Yes please," she says quietly. "I didn't hear you," and she says quite clearly "Yes please."

"I don't think your husband heard you, say it again."

"Yes please!" she almost shouts.

I watch as he takes from a draw beside the bed a flogger and drapes the tentacles of the thing across her back. She shivers as he runs it up and down her spine. With a flick of his wrist, he whips her back with it, but not hard. Not yet. Again and again he flogs her and I can see her back and arse getting redder by the minute. I can also see her raising her arse to him, spreading herself even wider than the restraints are holding her. She is breathing heavily. This continues for a full five minutes. It is a long five minutes. When he stops, she is exhausted, but there is more to come for her yet.

I watch as he puts the flogger away and withdraws from his draw of tricks two vibrators, a long thick one and a much shorter slimmer one. He tells her he thought he would need lubricant, but not on her, she is very very wet. Again she turns her head to the side away from me. Before he begins on her with his tools of debauchery, I see him strip naked. Her erection is hard and full, at least eight inches long, and I fear for my wife anew.

He turns on the smaller of the vibrators and applies it to her spread pussy lips. In very short order, she is moaning continuously. With his free hand he caresses her red and glowing arse and she lifts her it for him. He continues to tease her with the vibrator, playing it across her clit. He picks up the larger one and as she again lifts her hips he slides it into her, all seven inches of vibrator, and with that she has her first orgasm, crying out over and over "Yes! Yes!" He withdraws it and asks her if she likes being fucked by a seven inch plastic cock.

"Yes," she replies. Then tell me he says.

"I like.....I like....." and he thrusts it inside her once more before removing it to her entrance. "I like being fucked by a plastic cock," she pants, and he thrusts it into her, fucking her spread and willing cunt.

I cannot believe what I am hearing! My wife, who never swears, is telling him she likes being fucked!

In a very short time, she is coming again, first one orgasm and then a second one! He takes his finger and using her own juices teases her anus, causing her to moan loudly before he slides his index finger into her upturned arse, fucking her arse with his finger and her cunt with the vibrator, and for the third time she comes.

"Do you want me to fuck your arse," he asks? "Do you want my cock buried in your arse?"

"Yes!" she cries as she grinds herself against his hand.

"Then say it! I want to hear you tell me"

"I want you to fuck my arse!" she shouts.

"Beg me. Beg me to fuck your arse in front of her husband," he demands, humiliating her.

There is a silence for several beats of my heart. He continues to tease her arse and pussy, waiting for her answer. I think she is going to refuse him, telling him she will never beg him for anything, and then I hear her pleading, "Please, I want you to fuck my arse! I want your cock in my arse! Please!"

He has turned my wife into a slut! His slut!

For the first time he looks over at me, looking me in the eye, giving me a knowing look. His look is telling me that my wife is now his for him to use, to do with as he pleases. Then he looks at my cock and I also look down and see I am rock hard and pre-cum is dripping freely from the end of my cock. I look back at him humiliated, but I can't break away from his gaze, and he knows that I am also in his power, willingly or not.

Finally he releases me from his penetrating scrutiny and he unties my wife's legs, drawing her onto her knees. He stands behind her and points his rigid cock at her spread cunt and in one motion he enters her, thrusting into her. There is no finesse in it. He fucks her with vigour and self-indulgence, not caring whether she is enjoying it or not, however she is, very much so, as she throws herself back at him to meet his thrusts and she climaxes.

He rolls onto his back, drawing her on top of him. I see she is making no effort to try to escape him, and indeed as he places the tip of his cock at her entrance I see it is her that is trying to impale herself on it. From my position I can clearly see her waxed spread pussy and arse and his shaved cock and balls.

In one motion he grabs her hips and pulls her down onto his hardness while at the same time he thrusts up into her, and she cries out, throwing her head back. As she becomes accustomed to his size she starts to slowly ride him, leaning over him, her hair hiding her face. He reaches up and grabs her breasts as the hang near his face. I can't see him playing with her nipples, but I know they will by now be large and hard and from her reaction I know exactly what he is doing, having done it hundreds of times myself, getting the same response. My wife is now moaning and whimpering in pleasure as he continues to torment her sensitive teats.

I watch as he thrust up into her and she pushes down to meet him. All too soon she is taken over the edge, crying out into the night.

He rolls her off him before pulling her back on top, this time she is facing me as she sits on top of him. Her legs are either side of his and her back is to his chest. I can now clearly see him playing with her nipples, pulling on them, lifting her breasts by them and she collapses back onto him, her petite body dwarfed by his size. I can also see her pussy spread wide as he spreads his legs, forcing hers apart and the size of manhood as it rests at her entrance as he waits, knowing full well by now that she will pushing down on him. I watch as my wife desperately tries to feed his meat inside her , but I am somewhat taken by surprise when he rolls her aside, seemingly finished with her, not having arse-fucked her as he promised.

He comes over to where I am tied and tells me it is my turn. I don't know what he can mean. He removes my gag and unties my legs and arms, leaving my hands tied however. Sucking in deep lungful's of air, I think I will try to overpower him but I have been tied for too long and my muscles won't respond. Worse, my legs will no longer support me and I sink to my knees in front of him, hands tied, and I am face to face with his rampant cock. He grabs me by the hair and pulls me forward and before I know what has happened, I have fallen onto his cock. He holds my head and his hard cock, coated in my wife's juices, is in my mouth before I even realise. It has all happened so fast. He calls out to my wife and tells her I am also his slave, that I am his personal cock slut.

On my knees, hands tied, his cock in my mouth I try to pull back, to no avail. Desperately I try again, and looking over to the bed I see my wife watching, a strange look in her eyes as she watches him fuck my mouth. He uses me for a full minute or more, his cock at the back of my throat making me gag. It is with a shock that he pulls away, and I feel debased and also humiliated that I was powerless to stop him.

He once again climbs on the bed ordering my wife onto her hands and knees and he quickly takes up a position behind her. He teases and plays with her pussy, quickly bringing her back to an agitated state of arousal. Using my saliva and my wife's own pussy juices as lubricant, he places his cock at the entrance of her arse and slowly pushes forward, easing his cock into her, defiling her. Is it defilement if she is now willing? She looks at me, on my knees, not moving, as he rhythmically fucks her arse, her looking at me with that strange look as she is being arse-fucked!

As he continues to move in and out of her arse, she moans loudly, over and over again. She has dropped her chest to the bed and her arms are stretched out in front of her, her hands tightly clutching the sheets. I watch as she begins pushing back against him to meet his thrusts, and then it is she who is setting the pace. I watch still as he stops thrusting, and we both see it is my wife who is riding his cock, sliding her arse back and forth onto the length of his erection.

I now see him looking at me, still on my knees, my hands still secured and I am unable to explain the feelings running through me as I watch, doing nothing, as she fucks her arse, using his cock. I masturbate myself, cupping my balls and squeezing them and I see him and her come together and I ejaculate on the floor.

For how long we will remain in this man's power I am unsure, but I do know life will never be the same for my wife and I.

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