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The Stranger In Black


I can't begin to explain how much I love Halloween. I begin to anticipate decorations and costumes weeks in advance, and this year was no exception.

To my delight, I had been invited to a pre-Halloween costume party being thrown by my best friend who owned a night club. I was told it was going to be wild and uninhibited. My kind of party! I wasted to time in deciding what I would wear.

The night of the party I made sure I had at least an hour's worth of free time in order to get myself ready. I hate getting ready to go ANYWHERE in a hurry. I stood in the shower for a good half hour before reluctantly giving up the delicious hot spray pelting all over my body. I dried off and slid into my black lace thong, the ONLY lingerie I was planning to wear that evening. I had decided that since the party had a no-holds-barred theme that I'd dress as your typical Lady of the Night, and what the hell..if anyone propositioned me I may have to take them up on it.

I slid into my micro-mini that bared half of my ass just simply standing. I couldn't wait to see the men's faces when I'd sit down or bend over. Next came the sequined bustier. I laughed to myself, if it was T and A they were wanting, T and A they were gonna get.

Hair and makeup were next. I dried my short black hair and styled it into what I like to call the "just been fucked" look. Then I went to work on my face. An insane amount of eyeliner and plenty of mascara, followed by the darkest shade of lipstick I owned. When I was pleased with the results I stepped into my knee-high stilletto boots, grabbed my leather jacket and keys and headed for the door.

The drive there took no more than twenty minutes and in the duration of time it took to walk from my car to the club I was already getting whistles and obscene comments.

"Hey baby, I wanna fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk for MONTHS!!" some guy yelled at me.

Instead of my usual one finger salute, I turned around, lifted up my skirt and gave him a nice view of my ass, followed by a resounding "KISS THAT!!" before heading into the club.

Once inside I greeted my friend with a warm hug and she gave my costume the once over followed by a thumbs up. She told me to grab a drink and a seat and we'd chat after she'd taken care of some paperwork.

I sat in a corner watching the other guests and admiring the costumes. I was just about to get up and ask a girl where she had found her gorgeous Victorian dress when someone grabbed hold of my hand and whispered in my ear. "Come with me"

I turned toward the voice but was quickly told to look away.

"Uh-uh, no stolen glances" he whispered.

The stranger stood me up and I stepped backward a bit and then he was leading me to another darkened corner. What I saw from the back was that he was dressed in black and his blonde hair was pulled into a low ponytail. The scent of his cologne wafting back to me with every step we took. Once we'd reached our destination he told me to face the crowd and then pulled me against him. His hands slid up my legs and over the fabric of my skirt before he began to lick and suck the base of my neck. As he did this, I could feel what felt like fangs against my skin. Oh good LORD!! He was dressed as a vampire!!! Those who know me know that I think vampires are fucking HOT!!

He whispered in my ear again. "Now don't move, we don't want everyone in here to know what we're about to do"

I shuddered as I heard him unzip his pants. He then pulled one of my hands back so I could feel just how much he was looking forward to our little escapade. I moaned. I wanted to turn around and suck the life out of him but he insisted I remained facing forward. He then raised my skirt in the back and traced over the fabric of the thong in the crack of my ass before moving it out of the way and deftly inserting two fingers deep inside of me. I sucked in a breath of air desperately trying to stifle a moan, and he chuckled in my ear, "This is going to be alot harder than you thought, isn't it?"

I bit my lip. I knew if I opened my mouth, the only thing that would escape would be another moan, so I just nodded.

Just as I began to get my bearings and concentrate on looking natural, he slipped his fingers out of me and replaced them with his hot and impatient cock. I choked back a groan as he began a steady rhythm against me. I unconsciously reached for my breasts still confined in my bustier and he quickly reached for my hands.

"We don't want to draw attention to ourselves do we?" he asked, tightening his grip on my waist.

"No" I whimpered. But that didn't mean I wasn't going to try anything sneakier. I reached around behind me and unbuttoned and lowered his pants, all the while he was still thrusting into me. I slid my hands down his ass and gently parted his cheeks. I wasted no time in slipping a finger inside his tight little hole, and he bit into my neck to keep from growling which only made me torment him more. If he thought he was to be the only player in this game he was surely mistaken.

I worked my finger in and out of him, making him pound into me at a now frantic pace. He slipped his hand up under the back of my skirt once again, found my aching clit and rubbed it briskly. I knew my orgasm was coming and I also knew that it was going to be murder to try and remain still but I had no time to think as the electric shock of my release slammed into me. I rammed my finger one last time into his ass and he too went rigid in pleasure.

He wasted no time in regaining his composure as I struggled to keep my knees from buckling. The stranger politely sat me down in a chair and left as quickly as he'd arrived and I had never seen his face.

I sat dazed in my chair until my friend came bounding up to me and began to shriek with glee.

"My party's been crashed by---get this---TRAVIS FIMMEL!!! I just heard it from another guest!! Rumor has it he's dressed as a vampire, if you see him let me know!!"

My eyes grew wide with shock as my brain began to put two and two together. Travis Fimmel--hot Calvin Klein model. Travis Fimmel with the long blonde hair, and Travis Fimmel dressed---as---a-----VAMPIRE!!!!!!

I screamed and began looking around the room. I caught his glance in a flash as he stood in our corner winking and raising his glass as a toast to our memorable night.

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