tagFetishThe Strap

The Strap


My wife's daughter kissed her mother goodnight. Then she headed out to the car that would take her to a sleepover with her best friend. Sylvia closed the door and watched as the car backed down the drive, then drove off down the street.

She turned and kissed me hard then walked down the hall. I returned my attention to the television. A few minutes later my wife called to me, saying she wanted to ask me something. "Can't you ask me while I'm in here?" I shouted to her.

"No, you have to see it." I raised myself out of the armchair with a sigh and walked down the hall. When I entered the bedroom I felt my arm grasped and I was literally thrown onto the bed. I turned quickly to look back toward the door. My wife stood there in only her panties, a smile curling one side of her mouth. I noticed a motion at her side and saw she had the strap.

"It's been wa-ay too long since you had a good strapping, Mister," she said in a stern tone of voice. In truth, I'd never had a 'strapping'. My wife is a longtime spanko, but it was only after meeting her that I had begun to experience the pain and (sometime) pleasure of corporal punishment. She has given me several spankings. Sometimes I let her go on, but more often I'd stop her, saying it just hurt. The times I had enjoyed it, however, had given me a little more understanding of the whole subject, as well as my wife's pleasure systems. This night I decided I'd play along. We had all the freedom we used to have before her daughter came to live with us. Our sex (and sex play ) life had suffered, but the three of us make a good family.

She crossed to the bed and told me to get out of my clothes. I wasn't fast enough for her, however, because she dropped the strap and pushed my hands away, completing the job herself. When she stripped my underwear from my ankles, she bent and picked up the leather strap. she ordered me to pile up some pillows and 'assume the position'. I was a little apprehensive. She came into my life with her collection of spanking toys -- a ping-pong paddle and a wooden pasta spoon, as well as her other sex toys. She had a large dildo and an electric vibrator (the kind sold at Sears or Walgreen's for sore muscles). I bought a leather paddle and the strap that was now in her hand. I had experienced the paddle but this would be the first time I'd gotten the strap.

As I lay forward over the stack of four pillows, she pushed me farther forward to raise my ass to the height she wanted it. She also pushed my legs apart and reached under me to pull my dick and balls out, pointing my dick toward my feet. I bunched another pillow up under my neck and shoulders and waited.

She stroked my ass and pinched it a little before giving me a sound (but not very hard) slap of her hand across each cheek. The bed sagged a little as she sat beside me. She began to list the numerous things I'd done recently to piss her off. As she recited my sins, she began to warm me up by hand. Each transgression merited at least one swat, usually two or three. The list wasn't serious, just something she liked to use as her game. By the time She had finished, I'd received around 50 or 60 increasingly stinging swats.

She stood up and I took a deep breath as I felt the coolness of the 2" leather strap dragged across my warmed up cheeks. Then nothing. Then SLAP! I flinched as I felt the first stripe. It stung, but not too bad. Of course, I knew that first one was an easy one. She began laying on then. I started to count the swats silently, but quickly forgot that in an effort to work my way into (and hopefully through) the pain that the ordeal was giving me. She stopped every few minutes to stroke and pinch my ass, only increasing the pain. Then she'd begin again.

She walked around the bed so she could grab my hardened cock and still continue to spank me. She squeezed it hard as she laid on four hard strokes. She then announced that the next ten would be the last -- and also the hardest. Releasing my dick, I saw her back up a step to give herself a better stance and angle. She counted out loud as she literally whipped my ass. I had achieved something of a balance before those last ten in my pain center. But each of the last ten was equal to ten of those that had gone before. I had never before felt like crying when she spanked me. But this time I felt my eyes watering, even though no tears actually fell.

She dropped the strap and pushed me, rolling me off the pillows. Stripping off her panties, she straddled my face. Her cunt was dripping and sweet. I buried my tongue as deep in it as I could and she writhed above me. When I wet my thumb inside her, then slipped it back and into her ass, she came hard. She cried out and I felt her wetness increase. I sucked her lips deeply and she reached behind her to squeeze my cock again.

She moved down my body and jammed herself full of cock. Then she leaned down and tasted her own juices as she kissed me, shoving her tongue deep into my mouth. She was hotter than I'd ever seen her. We rolled over and I raised her legs over my shoulders. My ass felt like a radiator and I wanted to fuck her hard for the pain she'd given me. She came three more times (that I could tell -- later she told me she stopped counting after the seventh orgasm) before I felt the tightening of my balls that precedes my orgasm. When it came, I thought I was going to pass out, it was so intense. I don't know if it was the spanking, her excitement, or a combination of everything that increased the intensity of my orgasm. I collapsed beside her and we panted, sweating and regaining our breath. We slept then.

The next morning my ass felt sunburned. But I had learned a little more about my wife and about myself. I had also plumbed the well of pleasure more deeply than I ever had. I knew it wouldn't be the last time I'd submit my will to my wife's dominant side.

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