tagLoving WivesThe Stud Next Door

The Stud Next Door

byGrey Eagle 286©

My wife called me, "Billy, come see! We have new neighbors next door." We watched out the window as the movers carried box after box in the house. We never got a glimpse of our new neighbors that day. That was on a Friday afternoon. There was a knock on our door the following afternoon and I opened it to find a strange couple standing there. They were a very attractive couple and I said, "Let me guess, you are our new neighbors."

He laughed and said, "You are correct, I am Hank Turner and this is my lovely wife June."

I said, "Come on in, I'll call my wife." I flipped the switch on the intercom and said, "Dixie, come on out, our new neighbors are here." She was out in a moment and I introduced her to the two new neighbors. "June and Hank Turner this is my beautiful wife Dixie and I am William Pierce."

Hank was a very well built and handsome guy and June, his wife was extremely pretty. She was a strawberry blond with a sleek and trim figure. My Dixie was equally attractive with large breasts, a tiny waist a nice ass. She looked great in anything she wore. Me, I 'm an average guy, 180 lbs on a 5' 11" frame. I stay in very good condition.

We talked for a bit and got acquainted. They had just moved from California and were in Florida for the first time. He was an aircraft electronics technician, and she was an interior designer. I am an account manager for a investment company. Dixie works in real estate as a Broker. She and a long time friend are co-brokers in a office primarily selling acreage.

We were invited to a house warming the next Saturday evening. We were told to wear swim suits as it would be a pool party. Hank and I talked football and fishing, we both loved both. Dixie and Jane wandered off talking a mile a minute. They rejoined us and I whipped up a batch of Margaritas. They went fast so I did another batch. Hank and Jane were feeling no pain when they wandered home.

Dixie came to me and said, "Wow! Did you check out the bulge in Hank's shorts?"



"Is it going to be a problem having a stud like that next door?"

"No, I know our agreement, I won't break it, ever."

"Good Sugar, let's go to bed and I will try and make you forget the stud next door."

"Billy, you know you can do that easily."

"I'm not so sure about that, I've never seen you that excited about the bulge in a guys shorts before. I think you want it."

"What? I just want your bulge. Get those shorts off and I'll show you whose bulge I want."

She pushed me back on our bed and kissed me passionately as she worked at the zipper of my shorts. She scooted down and tugged at my shorts until she worried them down to my feet. She pulled my sneakers off and threw them across the room. The shorts flew after them. Her hand was instantly around my hard cock, rapidly stroking him as her mouth moved to envelop him.

It felt super good, she knew exactly what to do to send me into a state of bliss where I would forget everything. It didn't work this time. I could still hear the excitement in her voice as she asked if I had seen the bulge in Hank's shorts. It brought back bad memories.

We had joined a swinger's club about two years ago. The club had strict rules about members meeting outside the club. I had caught Dixie fucking an other member on the side. To get even I had screwed her best friend. We had a nasty time over that and had quit the club. We almost got a divorce over it. We finally realized we loved each other and didn't want to be apart. We had made an agreement we would never cheat on each other, and never have sex with another person without the express permission of the other spouse and without them being present during the sex. The penalty for breaking the rule was instant divorce. The divorce papers had been drawn up and signed by each of us. They were kept in a locked box at the bank. Each of us had keys.

Our loving was very passionate that night. I felt it was because of Dixie's attraction to Hank.

The following Saturday evening we got ready to go to the house warming. Dixie had bought a new bikini. It was hot, leaving nothing to the imagination. It stopped just short of nudity. It actually was sexier than nudity. She wore a sheer cover-up over it. The outfit, worn with high heeled slides was blazing hot. I was burning with jealousy. Dixie never even noticed. I told her to go on over I would be over in a minute. She agreed and I watched as she hurried over. I followed well behind her and watched as Hank greeted her and pulled her into his arms for a hug and a kiss. It looked too familiar for a second meeting. June ran over and kissed Dixie. It was a long kiss. Junes hands ran over Dixie's body. What the hell was going on here? I could see no other guests at the party. I stayed in the dark shadows. I saw Hank help Dixie out of her cover-up. They all sat close together and were quietly talking. Then Hank stood and started toward the gate between the two yards.

I moved out of the shadows and greeted him. "Hi! Hank, where is everybody?"

"Everyone canceled at the last moment. It is just us chickens, lot's of food and booze. Come on and join us."

We all sat and talked. Hank put some music on and asked Dixie to dance with him. June grabbed my hand and led me out to dance. She pressed tight against me. I glanced at Hank and Dixie, they were pressed tightly together. They were kissing. I didn't like the way this was going. June sensed I was not comfortable with the way this was playing out. She suggested we have something to eat. She told Hank to get the food heating. Hank asked me if I had some fire starter he could borrow. I said I had some and would go get it. I went through the gate then slipped through the bushes and watched. The three of them got together and Hank ran his hands under Dixie's Bra and caressed her tits while June kissed her passionately. I ran to my shed and got the can of fire starter. They were sitting well apart when I returned.

"Here you go Hank. What did I miss?"

Dixie said, "Not a thing Dear. Come sit by me." I sat beside her on a chaise and her hand dropped on my thigh, just brushing my cock. I saw both Hank and June watching from the corner of their eyes. Dixie looked at me and said, "Honey, go get that new CD of Faith Hill's so June and Hank can hear it, please."

I agreed, I ran and grabbed it and was back very quickly, The three of them had their heads together. I yelled, "Dixie, where is it?"

"By the CD player, top shelf."


I watched as Hank quickly kissed Dixie, "We have to get him drunk or something. He is not playing along."

I walked back and grinned at them, "Here it is. Right where she said it was." I sat by Dixie and she kissed me and asked if I were feeling all right. I said I was not feeling all that great. She was immediately concerned. She said we should go home. I said I was OK and didn't want to ruin the party. I went to their bar and fixed everyone a drink. Mine I made extra light. I had only had a sip or two from my drink when Hank took my drink and said he was going to freshen it up. I watched him put a triple shot in it, he brought it back and I saw them all watch as I took a long drink. They started talking and when they couldn't see I dumped it in the grass. I pretended to drink it down. Hank fixed me another. When the food was ready we had a nice dinner, I was hoping the chicken would be undercooked, but no, it was perfect. Hank fixed another round of drinks. I thought it tasted funny. I accidentally spilled it and got up to get another one. Hank, the perfect host jumped up and said he would get it. I watched carefully and saw him put something in both drinks he fixed. He gave one to me and one to June. I set my drink down and watched as Hank danced with Dixie again. I got rid of my drink and lay back in the chaise. I saw them keep looking at me. Dixie walked over and asked if I were all right. I mumbled something back. She got a beach towel we had brought and covered me with it. She kissed me and whispered, "I love you Billy, I really do."

Hank covered June and they danced again for a while. Then the just stood and swayed as they kissed and groped each other. Finally Hank led Dixie in the house. I got up and watched as they necked in the den. I slipped in their kitchen and got an egg from the refrigerator. I went back on the patio and pulled the towel off of June. I slipped the bra cups off her breasts, I licked each nipple while I was at it, leaving them very wet. I popped the bows at each hip of her bikini bottoms and pulled them off. I broke the egg and dropped the yoke over the fence in my yard. I took the white in one egg shell and poured some in June's pussy, I let it run out. I poured the rest over her lips and breasts. I threw the shell into my yard.

I walked in the house and looked in the den. They were both nude. I acted groggy and said , "Hey Hank, two black kids were just fucking June when I woke up. They ran off. Shit! What the hell is going on here! Dixie get your cheating ass home. Go to the bank tomorrow!"

"OH! No! We didn't do anything."

"Then where the fuck are your clothes. I think this slime ball drugged both me and his wife and let us lay out there, were you in on it too?"

"What?" She looked at Hank. She picked up her glass and looked at it. It was almost full. I took it from her. I went and got my glass too. "I'll have these tested in the morning. I'm going home. Dixie, you do what you want to do." I turned and heard a 'whop' and looked back to see hank clutching his balls and dropping to the floor with a loud scream. Dixie grabbed my arm. "Run and put those drinks somewhere and help me with June, we can't leave her here like that."

I hurried to our house and hid the drinks and then helped Dixie carry June to our house. We took her to the spare bath and Dixie had me set her in the tub. She grabbed my arm, "Look at the cum run out of her pussy and it is on her face and her tits. The poor Dear, we'll have to give her a douche as fast as we can. It probably won't do any good but we have to try. I think I still have some of that spermicidal foam we can use too. Hurry Billy, I need to get fucked, I am horny as hell."

We got June washed out and filled her with foam. I put her to bed in the spare room. When I got back Dixie was sound asleep. I crawled in beside her and she snuggled up and I was soon asleep .

In the morning, Dixie looked in on June who was still sleeping. We sat and had coffee. She looked at me with tears running down her cheeks, "Do I have to go to the bank tomorrow?"

"Only if you want to. I am going to find out where I can get the drinks tested. We'll see what June wants to do first."

"See what I want to do about what, and why am I in your house?" Asked June standing in the door to the kitchen.

Dixie got up and hugged her, "Honey, Billy and you passed out. He woke up and saw two black kids fucking you. They ran and he couldn't wake you up. He ran in your house and found Hank trying to fuck me. He got there before anything happened. We think Hank drugged all of us. We have a couple of the drinks, yours and mine. We are going to have them tested."

"That son of a bitch. That was why we had to move here. He got caught doing that in California. I'm through. I can't handle that anymore. He didn't need to do that. From what Dixie told us, all he had to do was ask and let you watch and he could have had Dixie, me too!"

"Yeah! That is the agreement Dixie and I have about sex."

Dixie held June as she cried. June said, "He messed everything up, I wanted to make love to you, Dixie, so bad I could taste it. You are the sexiest girl I have ever seen. That little outfit you wore last night had me all hot for you."

"You were hot looking too, wasn't she Billy?"

"She sure was, I was looking forward to loving June myself."

Dixie looked at me, "Why don't we all go back to bed and rest some more, I'm not hungry for food right now."

June kissed my wife on the lips for a long time. She turned and looked at me. I nodded and we all went to the bedroom.

I sat on the side of the bed as Dixie and June slowly pulled the robes from each other. June pushed Dixie back and then moved over her to take my girls nipples in her mouth. She slurped noisily at them. They stood straight out from her breasts, Dixie dearly loves having her breasts suckled on very hard. My wife looked over at me and pointed to her pussy. I pulled her legs apart and saw she was already very wet down there. I rubbed my fingers up and down her little pussy. Dixie moaned and groaned. She put a hand on my head and pulled me closer. I buried my face deeply in her pussy and lapped happily away. A few minutes later Dixie shifted and grasped my head and moved me between June's legs. She said, "Sweetie, you'll love Billy's tongue, it drives me crazy, do you feel him yet?"

"Oh! My goodness, Yes, yes, yes I feel him, you are right. Oh, Shit, he is making me cum already, and again, again, alllll theeeeee timmmmme. OH MY God he is wonderful! Can I have him inside me? Please let him fuck meee!"

"Billy, Baby, Please fuck Junie, please sweetheart, fuck her brains out."

I moved up over June pausing on the way to suckle for a moment on her long perky nipples. They are delicious. She guided my dripping cock into her hot wet pussy. It was tight and slick with her love juices. I thrust slowly into her until I hit bottom with my pubes against hers. I pulled slowly back out until the glans just cleared her sheath. Then I thrust slowly back to the bottom. I repeated this several times. I heard Dixie ask softly, "How do you like him so far?"

"The best, the very best, never had better."

I picked up the pace a little and watched her face. Junes eyes drifted shut, her lips curved in a smile. I upped the pace again. Then I started a circular thrust and rubbed against her pussy hard at the bottom. Her eyes popped open, she reached up and pulled my face to hers. Her tongue probed my mouth. She made mewing noises and shivered and trembled her tongue flew around inside my mouth.

I heard Dixie softly whisper, "Fuck her Darling, give her a wonderful orgasm like you always give me. She will love it. Give it to her Baby, Give it to her hard and sweet. That's the boy, yes sock it to her. Harder, yes, harder. She feels it coming now, she is on the edge, I know where she is. Here she is, she loves it, really loves it."

June's mouth was wide open and she was screaming her pleasure and joy. I froze as my sperm flooded her pussy. Dixie was kissing her. I rested with my hands on my thighs. I watched as they kissed. Dixie looked back at me and smiled. She put her left arm back and gently pushed me off June. Dixie slipped between her legs and held June's pussy open with her thumbs and watched my cum start to flow out. She put her little tongue out and lapped at it. She cleaned June's pussy inside and out.

I lay on the bed beside June. She looked at me and smiled a gentle smile then softly kissed me, "You are the very best, just like Dixie told me."

A small hand took my cheek and turned my face the other way, Dixie's sweet lips met mine, "I love you, Billy, thank you for pleasing June." The three of us lay there and one of the girls pulled the sheets up over us. We fell asleep.

We had a nice a brunch and sat and discussed the situation. June said she had it with Hank and was going to get a divorce. She looked at us, "I have no money and nowhere to go. I don't know what to do." Dixie scooted over to her and hugged her. "Honey, don't worry about that, you can stay with us, can't she Billy?"

I looked at the two of them looking at me, they were both adorable. "Sure, why not."

Dixie looked at me for a long time. "Billy I need to tell you something, I wasn't completely honest with you. Hank and June and I got together several times while you were at work. Mostly just June and I. I never fucked Hank but we did about everything else. I knew I was breaking the spirit of our agreement. Hank has the most beautiful body and cock I have ever seen on a man. I just wanted to try it a little. I thought about what I already knew. I love you and need you. Hank was all looks and no substance. I also came to love June. She is the sweetest girl I have ever met.

"Now Billy, please listen to me carefully, I love you with all my heart and soul, no one male or female can ever change the way I feel about you. You are my life. So much so that I stole one of your cyanide pills from when you were with the CIA and hid it. If you leave me I will use it, I cannot and will not live with out you. If June wants to live with us and sleep with us I will love it. If you tell her to get out, I won't like it, but I can live with that."

I stood up and tears ran down my cheeks. I walked to the window and looked out. I saw nothing. I thought about Dixie's little confession, she didn't really have to say anything, she couldn't know I had suspected something had been going on. I knew in my heart she loved me. And I hadn't confessed about the fib I told about the black kids. I decided I never would.

I looked at both of them, "Dixie you are my sweet wife and I love you beyond all reason. This has to be your decision. It is you that has to share, to give some of our time together to someone else. You will always be first in everything. Do both of you understand what I am saying?"

"Yes," said June, "That is how it should be. I am good with that. If there is a problem, Dixie will solve it. She is the first lady in this house. I will live within her rules."

"The rules are very simple. No sex with anyone other than Billy or I. The exception to that rule is when we both agree and approve of your partner and are present during the sex.

We both sleep with Bill every night unless one of us is not feeling well or doesn't want to take part. This is not permitted two nights in a row unless one of us is really sick. We may not enjoy each other while he is not present except with his direct permission.

We will all share in the household chores. Any questions?"

"Just one Dixie, who can initiate sex? Anyone, just Billy, or what?"

"If you feel you need comforting and want to kiss and hug someone. Just do it. If you need amorous, loving sex, just ask for it. Is everyone OK with that?"

I laughed, "How about if I just need down and dirty raunchy sex?

They both grinned, "Just ask for it."

I nodded and June smiled and said, "I think I will be very happy here. I love both of you. Can we go take a nap together?"

I grinned, "Sounds like a winner. I have only one more thing to say about this new relationship. You guys have to help me, I am only a stupid man. I forget things that are important to women. Birthdays, anniversaries, and stuff like that. Don't let me do that, remind me. If I say or do something to hurt one of you I fully expect to hear about it from the other. I assure both of you it will be unintentional. I will try my best to always please both of you equally but we all know that can not always happen.

This will not work if we all don't talk to each other, communications will be our way of avoiding problems, no secrets. One more thing, how does a guy go about getting a hug and a kiss or two around here?"

They looked at each other. "Communicate." They each kissed and hugged me then each took a hand and pulled me to the bed.

Several months later June received her final divorce. Hank had moved away and the house was up for sale. We had a celebration dinner that night and I surprised both of them by slipping an engagement ring on June's finger. I don't know which of them was most excited. I smiled and said "June, Dear, this ring is to try and express the deep and true love Dixie and I both have for you. You have made our lives really full and complete. I don't know how we ever lived with out you. I do know our lives will be dull and empty with out you. We don't want you to leave us. We wish there were a way we could marry you. There is none. So, if you agree, we will have our own ceremony and will each pledge our love and devotion to the other two. Will you join us our love, in a three way wedding?"

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