tagMind ControlThe Studio

The Studio


** Please practice safer sex - this is a fantasy and not a proposition! **


He recognised her the second she walked into his studio. It was the arrogant way she had of hold her head erect but at a slight angle, as though she was looking down at the rest of the world. She hadn't changed in the 8 or so years since he'd been at high school with her. That wasn't entirely true. She had changed. She looked even better now than she had then when all the kids at high school were trying to get into her panties.

Lucy was an athletic, attractive blonde, with smallish breasts and long slim legs. She had her hair cut almost to the shoulder in a bob and was smartly dressed in a very dark blue blouse and a pair of skin-tight faded jeans.

Somethings though hadn't changed though. She didn't know him from Jack shit although they'd gone to the same school on the same bus every day for six years.

'I Want to have some photo's taken. Of me.'

'Then you've come to the right place. I'm a photographer.'

True to form, she didn't even blink or give any kind of sign that had said anything untoward.

'What kind of photo's did you have in mind?'

'What do you mean?'

'Well, were you thinking of? A portrait, face-only, upper body, erotic ...'

Erotic. Sure thing! Although she was a prick-tease in the past, she never actually did anything with anyone. The rumours were that she was frigid - but that was probably just sour grapes.

'Oh. Well, I don't know. I guess my face and body. Clothed of course.'

'Fine. If you like, I can show you around the studio and I can also show you some photo's from my file if you like. Would you like a coffee?'

'Er, sure. Thank you. Yeah, I'd like to see the photo's.'

While he was making the coffee, an idea started form in his mind. When he was studying, he'd done a course on hypnosis and found that he was a natural talent. It was something that he'd developed as a hobby over the years and even used it on occasions to help people relax before they went in front of the camera. He had never abused this power but as he thought back to the way Lucy had treated him all those years ago, he thought that this might be his one chance for a bit of harmless fun.

Most people think that hypnotism requires golden medallions swinging on chains in front of someone's face, but this is not true. In fact, the whole aim is to get the subject to focus on what you are saying and doing until they start going into a kind of focal tunnel where their attention to their surroundings decreases until they enter a hypnotic state.

This was exactly what he had in mind as he sat down next to her and started talking her through the photo's in a calm and pleasant voice, not letting her interrupt him and gently taking her down the path ...

After two or three minutes, Lucy's eyes had taken on that slight glaze so characteristic of a hypnotic trance and he decided to see whether or not she was ready for the next stage.

'Lucy? How are you feeling?'


'Are you relaxed?'


'I would just like you to close your eyes for a moment and relax completely for me.'

Just as he had hoped, Lucy shut her eyes and slumped back in her chair.

'I am going to count to three. When I reach three, you will be wide awake again. When I say the word quantum, I want you to relax completely, stay wide awake and wait for me to tell you what to do. When you wake up, you will feel happy and relaxed. One ... two ... three ...'

Lucy opened her eyes and straightened herself in her chair.

'Oh, sorry about that, I was almost dropping off. Shall we get started?'

'Yes, of course. Why don't you go and sit on that chair in front of the backdrop while I set up the lighting.'

Lucy did as she was asked and he checked all of the settings.

'OK. So just try to relax and look up at the small blue light behind me in the corner. That's good. Just lift your jaw a little higher, turn your shoulder to me. Good.'

He continued in this vein for about 10 minutes, by which time he had completed the first roll of film.

'OK. Do you want to take a quick break?'

'Er. No, I'd rather get it over with if you don't mind.'

'No, not at all ... quantum.'

Lucy hardly reacted to his code word but her shoulders sagged slightly as she sank down a bit into the chair.

'It's quite warm in here isn't it. Why don't you undo a button or two of your blouse?'

Lucy reached up to her midnight-blue blouse and undid the first two buttons so that a hint of cleavage could now be seen.

'Are you still hot? Then undo another couple of buttons. There's no-one here to see you.'

Lucy's fingers reached up and undid the next two buttons to expose a plain black cotton bra. Click. Click. He continued taking photo's as she followed his instructions.

'It is really getting quite hot isn't it. I bet you're boiling under those warm lamps.'

'Actually I am really hot. Can I undo the rest of my buttons?'

'Yes, go ahead.'

She undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse so that a strip of her flat tummy could now be seen.

'Why don't you just go ahead and take of the blouse? There is no-one here but you and me and it is still very warm.'

She pulled the blouse out of her jeans and took it off before standing up and laying it over a nearby chair. He took another series of photo's.

'I tell you what, why don't you take off your trousers as well?'

'I er ... I ...'

He hurried to calm her down.

'Look. It's just like being on the beach. Imagine you're wearing your bikini underneath. What does it matter if I see you in your bikini?'

As she turned to him, she started undoing the jeans and tugging them over her hips. Underneath she was wearing a pair of black cotton bikini-style panties to match her bra. He took photo after photo as she gradually exposed her pantie covered crotch and long slim legs.

He quickly grabbed a colourful towel from his props and laid on the floor.

'That's better. Why don't you lie on the towel for me - just like being on the beach.'

She did as she was told and he took some more photo's of her tight bum under the plain black cotton.

'Take off your bikini top and turn around onto your back.'

This time there was no hesitation. She reached behind her back and undid her bra before rolling over to reveal she rather small breasts with their pink nipples.

'Oh. I think that man near you is looking at you.'

Lucy immediately covered her breasts with her hands and looked around.

'No don't cover yourself up. I think you're turning him on. I can see his hard-on under his shorts.'

She still looked uncomfortable, but took her hands back down as he had asked.

'Yes. He is definitely hard. Doesn't that feel good to know that you make him that excited?'


'I bet it turns you on too, just knowing that his cock is all hard and throbbing because of you.'


'Are you excited Lucy? Does it make you hot just thinking about it?'


'Why don't you tease him? Make him even hotter?'

Lucy raised her hands and cupped the flattened disks of her breasts and teased her nipples with her thumbs. Her nipples stiffened as she did so and after a short while, she slid one hand down her smooth flat tummy to her crotch and gently started stroking herself through the thin black cotton of her panties. Soon the material was dampened by her activities and he took more photo's of her - close-ups highlighting the way her fingers were running down her pussy and some shots of her from further away, making sure that he had her face in clear focus.

'Lucy? He's gone now but you are alone on the warm sunny beach. No-one can see you. You are still really turned on ...'

Just as he had hope, Lucy lifted her hips and grabbed hold of her panties by the waistband. Without a moments hesitation, she slide her panties down and lifted them over her feet. Freed of the last restraint, she lay naked in front of him and spread her legs slightly, exposing her neatly-trimmed blonde pussy. Her hand returned to stroking her swollen clitoris as he returned to his camera taking photo after photo as she rapidly approached orgasm. As she came, he made sure that he got good photo's of her face and of her whole body, laughing to himself despite his highly aroused state.

Once she had recovered he told Lucy to relax and get dressed again. Minutes later, they were sitting facing one another drinking a cup of coffee.

'I am going to count to three again. When I reach three, you will wake up. You will remember the photo session including undressing for me, but it will make you happy. You won't remember masturbating. You like the idea of undressing for me and would like to do another session tomorrow when you come to collect your photo's. You will not tell anyone else about the photo session. One ... two ... three.'

Lucy blinked and then looked at him.

'I can't believe that I did that!'

'Don't worry. I think I got some nice photo's - all very tasteful. If you like, you can come and have a look at the first prints tomorrow or the day after.'

'Er, yes, I'd love to. If you had time, I would also like to do another session with you.'

'OK. Then how about tomorrow afternoon - around 1 p.m.?'

'Yes, that would be great.'

'Good. And bring some clothes with you. Maybe a tennis skirt and some pretty underwear. OK?'

'OK. See you tomorrow. Bye.'


With that, Lucy hurried out of the studio with a slightly bemused expression on her face. The photographer took the microdrive out of his camera and headed over to the PC where he spent the rest of the afternoon scanning through the photo's and selecting the 'official' ones to optimise and print them for Lucy.


The next day, Lucy arrived carrying a sports bag and wearing a pair of tight black 'Venice Beach' aerobic trousers and a tight white T-shirt.



'So what have you brought with you today?'

Lucy reached into her bag and placed the contents on a nearby table, leaving the open bag on the chair. She showed him a grey pleated tennis skirt, and a variety of underwear in all colours and material.

'OK. Then why don't we start with these?'

He handed her the tennis skirt and a pair of grey cotton briefs.

'Where shall I get changed?'

'Quantum ... just get changed here.'

'Oh, OK.'

Lucy kicked off her shoes and tugged down her sports trousers leaving her dressed in a pair of red cotton panties. These she quickly stripped off and replaced with the grey cotton knickers he'd given her. Seconds later she was clipping the tennis skirt shut.

'Why don't you get on to the table on your hands and knees? Good. Now place lift up your skirt with one hand and push it up until you are holding it over your hip. That's great.'

He took a series of photo's of her pert bum encased in grey cotton. The material was soft and thin and formed itself around Lucy's curves so that he had a beautiful shot of her smooth pussy through her panties.

'OK, now turn around and sit on the edge of the table with your legs spread.'

Another series of photo's followed.

'Take off your T-shirt.'

As she did so, he unbuttoned his jeans, slipped off his sandals and jeans, followed by his own T-shirt.

'Now take off the rest.'

Lucy's bra came off next to reveal her smallish, perfectly-formed breasts, their nipples already hard. Standing up, she undid her skirt and simply let it drop to the floor before sliding her panties down and flinging them do one side. For a second, he just revelled in the view of her slim frame, her flat stomach and her blonde pubic bush. Her blonde hair barely covered her mound so that he could clearly see her swollen pussy lips.

He moistened his lips and shrugged off his shorts, leaving him naked in front of her.

'Take my cock in your hands. I want you to explore it and play with it for me.'

Instead of coming to him, she pulled him gently around to her and knelt in front of him. Reaching up, she took his cock in her hands at arms length and started to masturbate him, letting one finger gently stimulate the sensitive area below cock head. He knew that if she carried on like this he wouldn't last for long.

'Stop. I don't want to come yet.'

'Wait. Then let me pleasure you another way.'

This surprised him, but he waited patiently as she walked over to her bag and took something out. In her hand was a tiny silver-coloured vibrator, no thicker than his little finger.

'Lie face down on the table for me.'

'Er, I am not sure that I ...'

'It's OK. It'll be fun. I won't hurt you.'

Although he was definitely not into this, he decided that he would do as she told him. After all, he could stop at any time and make her forget everything that happened. Having her doing something more than passively following his instructions was more exciting than anything else!

He lay face down on the table and waited as the high-pitched buzzing noise came closer to him. As the vibrating tip touched the cleft of his bum, he clenched his buttocks automatically.


He tried to force himself to relax and in doing so, made it possible for the vibrator to slide further down between his cheeks. When it reached his anus, he almost jumped in the air at the sensations that hit him - a mixture of revulsion and embarrassment together with a sexual thrill that seemed to spread through his whole body.

As she continued to gently stimulate him, she told him to take hold of the vibrator himself so that he could control its movements. He edged the head of the vibrator between the muscular rim of his anus and held it there, the blood surging to his cock as he did so. Holding it in place, he stood up and turned around to face Lucy who was crouched to one side of him.

'Suck my cock!'

'Afterwards. Masturbate for me. Come over my tits!'

Lucy leaned backwards, supporting herself on her shins and hands. In this position her legs were spread and he had a clear view of her swollen sex. Taking his cock in his hands, he started to masturbate, the combined stimulus of the anal vibrator and the view in front of him bringing him immediately to the edge of an orgasm.

'Oh, shit, I'm going to come!'

He came with a stifled grunt and a jet of jism shot through the air, spattering over Lucy's breasts and stomach before running down her thighs and waist.

As he came back down from his excited state, he slowly drifted back to the real world. The sensation of the vibrator wedged firmly between his cheeks was uncomfortable and he pulled it out before switching it off and dropping it to the floor. The sight of the naked, come-covered, women in front of him only highlighted the embarrassment he felt at what he'd just done. He felt completely deflated; suddenly all he wanted to do was to get out of here and have a shower. He picked up the grey panties and handed them to Lucy.

'Wipe yourself off with this and get dressed.'

Lucy did as she was told. As she was getting dressed, he picked up the clothes that she had brought with her and headed towards the table. Lucy took them from him and put them into her bag.

'Lucy? I'm going to count to three. When I reach three, you will reawaken and and forget everything that happened this morning. You will only remember that I had an important meeting and couldn't do the photo session today. Call me at the weekend to organise another appointment. One ... two ... three.'

Lucy blinked once and then looked at him in disappointment.

'Oh. Can I give you a call over the weekend to arrange another appointment?'

'Sure, no problem.'

'OK. Bye.'

'Bye Lucy.'

Lucy headed off, leaving him alone. He shut the studio for the day and headed off to have a shower and to think over what had just happened. Somehow, things seemed to have got a bit out of hand and he wondered whether he shouldn't just leave things be.


The next morning after restless night, he opened the studio to find a small package in a brown paper bag waiting in his mail box. Curious, he picked it up and headed up the stairs to the studio. Switching on the coffee machine, he opened the brown paper wrapping.

Inside was a video tape and an envelope. On the envelope was a short typed message: First watch the tape, then open the envelope. This was getting stranger by the minute. He took the video tape out of its box and stuck it in the video recorder before switching on the T.V.

The black screen cleared and was replaced by a slightly shaky shot of the front of his studio, the camera focussing on his shop banner - Pete Harley Photography - before turning towards the studio door. The camera was obviously hand-held and it swang in time with the holders steps as they opened the studio door and headed up the stairs to the studio itself.

A cold knot of premonition tightened in his stomach.

The scene changed. The film had obviously been cut and had now switched to a static viewpoint looking towards the centre of the studio. He could clearly make out his table in front of the camera and his worst fears were realised as the naked image of himself came into view and bent over the table directly in front of the camera. He watched in silent fear as the scene unrolled in front of his eyes - the silver vibrator teasing him and then sliding down to his virgin passage; his own hand taking the vibrator; his erect cock appearing directly before the camera; him masturbating in front of the camera, his face clearly visible throughout.

In retrospect, he reflected how clever she'd been. She didn't appear in the film at all, but his degradation was as clear as day. He was so stunned, he couldn't even feel angry. As the film stopped, her turned to the envelope with dread. A typed letter:

"Collect all photo's that you have - electronic and hardcopy - delete all electronic copies that you have stored elsewhere and put the others in a large sealed envelope.

Take the envelope and bring it to Apartment 17, 353 E. Street on Saturday at 4 p.m. If there is any reason to suspect that you have not fully obeyed these instructions, the film will be placed on the Internet and sent to some of your photographer colleagues!"

To be continued ...

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