tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Succubae Seduction Ch. 04

The Succubae Seduction Ch. 04


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Chapter 04

Heading for Answers, Finding Trouble Instead.

"Well, it seems I needn't have worried about you, after all," a voice says above me.

My eyes snap open to see an unfamiliar woman in a jogging outfit, bleached blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, and some of the longest legs I've ever seen leading up to a skin-tight pair of jogging shorts, standing proudly over me. Her midriff is bare below a sports bra that proudly shows off pair of decent sized breasts, and it's very easy to see that her nipples are hard.

I attempt to sit up, and realize that I have a naked woman in each arm, and my crotch, soaked in our mixed juices, gives away what we'd been doing.

"Who. . .?" I ask, trying to figure out who this unfamiliar woman is. Looking outside, I see that the sun has set, and it feels like it's late into the night.

"Have you forgotten me already? I talked to you just a couple hours ago." A mischievous smile splits her lips, and for just a second the woman flickers and I can see Angela's punk aspect, before she returns to her jogging persona. "I had to stop off for a snack, but it looks like you had the main course."

"Angela," I say, realizing that she can be the only person who could've gotten into my apartment, without the key. "Wait. . . . A couple hours? You've been gone for over a day!"

"Damn!" she stomps her foot. "I hate how time plays odd tricks while in the shadow realm. When I came out of my building and it was night, I'd just assumed it was the same night."

"Did you find out what's going on with me?" I ask, then go on to explain what's been happening the last couple days.

She seems to grow nervous as I talk but finally shakes her head, saying, "I didn't find out exactly what's happening to you, but I've been hearing some things that I don't like." She hesitates a moment, looking to the still naked women, before continuing. "We need to go back to my realm, and discuss some things. I have a . . . friend . . . that may be able to shed some light on this, but she needs to see you first."

"I'm sorry," I tell the succubus, studiously avoiding looking at the two naked women. "I didn't even think about how you might feel about me sleeping with other women."

Angela gives me a funny look, glancing at the two again, before bursting out with laughter. "I'm a succubus, silly! It doesn't matter to me that you've been with a few women. Honestly, with everything happening to you, I'd be surprised if you don't get some every chance you have." She smiles at me, to lessen the hurt of her laughter and takes my hand. "It's a great stress reliever, and if you're still drawing energy from them, then all I can say is be careful. If you draw too much at once, they'll die."

Shocked, I pull away from the supernatural being. Of course, I knew that was a possibility and that's why I've tried to be so careful, but to hear it said out loud really drives it home.


I mean, I can really hurt someone. No, I need to be honest. I can kill someone if I'm not careful.

"Lyden, stop."

Looking at the two women, I start to panic. Were they breathing? The last few seconds of our tryst had been intense. Did I killed them and didn't even realize it? What kind of monster am I?


No, Becky is breathing, and they'd both been warm while we were lying together. Maybe I'll have to go celibate. That's the only way to make sure I don't kill someone.

A sharp sting against my cheek brings me back to the present, and I find two very large, very angry, brown eyes boring into me. Once again I can see flames in the back of her irises, and I shudder in reaction from more than just the slap.

"Now listen here, Lyden. I know what you're worried about. As long as you don't take and take and take, and you let them rest, you're not going to hurt anyone."

"But how will I know when to stop?" I demand, pleadingly.

I see the fire in her eyes quenched by sadness, replacing the heat. "You'll know. . . . You'll feel them getting weaker as you continue. They may even pass out, but you'll feel so alive . . . so powerful." Her eyes close as she sits on a chair at my kitchen table. "I haven't felt that way in a very long time. I'd almost forgotten, until we were together in my world."

Feeling sorry for her, I walk over, squat down, and pull her into a hug. I can feel my shoulder growing wet as she cries. "Did you care a lot for him?" I ask when I feel her sobs lessen.

I'm not expecting her reaction. "Care for him?!?" There's anger in her eyes again, but I can tell that this time its target is someone else. "I absolutely despised the man. He was a vile, evil creature, and . . . and . . . I killed him." The last words, delivered in a whisper, allow me to feel the horror she still suffers from that act.

A glimmer of understanding starts to seep in. Whoever he'd been, she'd despised him, but somehow his death still weighs heavily on her conscience. I wonder if that experience may have been what led to her becoming a succubus. She'd told me that it had been from her own actions.

Then something else she'd said sinks in. "You felt the same after we had sex in the Shadow World?"

"Shadow World?" she asks, blinking to clear her eyes, and I realize that that'd been a term I'd come up with on my own. She gives a little laugh, before saying, "I like it. It fits. But yes, I'm still buzzing from the energy of our coupling. Normally I only take enough to sustain me for a day, but unless I have to expend a lot in a hurry, I'll likely last a week or more. I haven't felt this alive in centuries." Standing, she faces me, and looks curiously into my gray eyes. "I still don't understand how you survived? Especially since you received life-energy as well."

Becky stirs and mumbles something, and Lisa cuddles closer to her roommate, disrupting Angela's thought.

"We'd better go," the succubus says and starts walking towards the door.

"Um, what about . . .?" I ask; indicating the two slumbering women.

"Oh, they should keep until we get back," she says off handedly.

"And if we're gone for days instead of hours?" I press.

"Hmm, leave them a note then." I do as told and go to walk out the door when I realize I'm still stark naked. "Oh, for crying out loud, clothe yourself." I turn to walk back in, but she stops me. "Try getting dressed mentally. Just think about the outfit you want to wear, and then think yourself into it." She blinks, and suddenly, her jogging outfit changes color, demonstrating her advice. If I weren't color-blind, I'd be able to identify what color it'd changed to. Something dark, but I can't tell if it's brown, green, tan, or something in-between.

Concentrating, I try to picture myself in a comfortable shirt and denim shorts. When I have the image in my mind, I try to apply it to myself. . . .

And wake up on the floor.

"Are you okay?" Angela asks worriedly.

I blink a few times, trying to get my bearings. Looking at my body, I can see that I'm dressed, but apparently it took a lot out of me. "Maybe I shouldn't try that again," I say, and I'm glad that at least my voice is steady.

"Yeah," Angela says as she helps me to my feet. My legs are still a bit wobbly, but I manage to keep them under me. "I guess you don't have all the same abilities as me, or are at least quite a bit weaker. Do you want to fuck and rebuild your strength?"

I think about it for a moment, but I really want to know what's going on too. "Maybe later, if I need it. I think I'll be fine for now." My stomach growls, giving away the lie, and I quickly snatch a cold slice of pizza from the fridge, scarfing it down.

We walk out together, only to be confronted by Brooke again. "Oh, Lyden," she says as we're both not expecting to see the other. Then she blinks at Angela, and I wonder what's going through her mind. She'd seen me go into my apartment with two girls, and come out with a different one. "And this is . . .?"

I open my mouth to speak, but the succubus cuts me off.

"I'm his girlfriend, Angela," she holds her hand out to my friend, and I just stand there, unsure what to say.

Brooke stares at the hand, then back up to me. "Lyden, can I talk to you for a moment?" She looks to Angela and pointedly adds, "Alone."

I can see worry in my friend's eyes, and I wonder what has her so concerned.

"We're kind of in a hurry," Angela says, and tugs me down the hallway towards the elevator.

"We'll talk when I get back," I yell over my shoulder at Brooke, as we turn a corner and find a waiting elevator.

As soon as the doors are closed, Angela turns to me, and pushes me against the wall, her forearm against my chest. I'm still a little weak from the clothing debacle, and have no strength to resist her. "What do you know about that woman," she asks me fiercely, and I just stare back at her in confusion.

"I, she's, um, but, she's a friend," I finally splutter.

"Okay, but what do you know about her?" the fierce woman presses painfully against my chest, making it harder to breath.

"She saved my life when I was a kid, and she's always looked out for me. Jeez, what's wrong?" I wheeze, beginning to get worried.

Angela steps back, and tries to unruffle her smooth, tight jogging clothes. "Nothing," she almost spits, letting me know that there really is something wrong. "Just . . . just be careful around her."

I'm extremely tempted to ask what she means, but I see the fires in her pupils again, and decide to drop it. She can't be jealous, can she? She hadn't been about Becky and Lisa, but then again, those two aren't in the same league as Brooke.

I wonder what Brooke wanted to say to me?

We stand in silence as the elevator descends.

The doors finally open, and I follow the quickly walking woman out and to the Orange Bubble. I'm tempted to give her the keys, after all, she drives faster than I do, but for some reason I want to have some control over things. The last twenty-four hours have been a whirlwind of activity, and I need to have something solid I can rely on.

Once again as we drive, the lights turn green, and the only time I have to slow is to make turns. The drive is in silence however, and I'm really getting uncomfortable as we pull into the parking garage of the building that leads to the Shadow World.

Just before we enter the elevator, Angela grabs my arm and turns me to face her. "Look, I'm sorry about back there. Just be careful around that woman, okay? She's dangerous."

"Sure," I nod, still wondering about the succubus's behavior, "but why?"

"Just do it," she snarls, and I drop it. I don't like this side of Angela. "Also, this . . . friend we're about to go see. Be very careful with her too. She's very powerful and could kill both of us in an instant if the whim strikes her. I wouldn't take you to her, but she's the only one I know that might be willing to answer what's happening to you."

"Sounds dangerous," I remark, now regretting not getting more energy before leaving. I'm still feeling pretty weak.

"All dragons are dangerous," she replies, as if that's common sense. Well, I guess it rather is . . . if you're used to dealing with dragons!

We get into the elevator, and she swipes her special card, before we begin our ascent.

"Any other pertinent info I should know? Like, oh, I dunno, are we going to see any ogres or goblins?" I ask, trying to cover the quaver in my voice.

"Maybe," she says evenly. "We'll have to travel a bit of a distance, but if we don't bother them, they shouldn't bother us."

I gulp. I mean, what else can I do? Not go? I need to know what's going on with me and why I'm suddenly getting these abilities. I never thought I'd be facing dragons, or goblins, or anything of a fairy-tale nature.

The elevator dings, and we step out of the oak tree, into the prairie field of flowers. Taking a deep breath, I can already feel my body slowly rejuvenating, as if jumping into a warm pool after a long day's work. I actually have to blink, as it's still day here, while it was night in my world.

"See that peak over there?" she asks, pointing into the distance. "That's where we need to go. Shouldn't take more than half a day."

"How much daylight do we have?" I ask, hoping not to have to travel this strange land in the dark.

"We won't be going through any night zones," she says, then must see the confusion on my face. "Some zones, like this one, are always day, some always night, and some change similar to your world. Our path will keep us in the daylight."

I nod, and breathe a sigh of relief. I have a feeling I don't want to know what lurks in the all-night zones here.

We head away from the oak, and after walking for an hour it becomes apparent that I'm not going to make it half a day hiking, as weak as I am. Even as slowly as this place is rejuvenating me, I haven't slept for what feels like days—not counting the short nap after passing out earlier with Becky and Lisa. All of my energy was sapped when I'd forced my clothing on, and I'm already exhausted.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to broach the subject with Angela, even if she is a succubus. What do I say? Excuse me, demonic creature of sex and lust, but I'm feeling a little low. Mind if we screw to build me back up?

"I was hoping you'd feel that way," Angela says to me, turning and plastering her body to mine.

"Wait, what?" I ask, confused.

"Silly, succubae can read emotions and thoughts. That's how we know how best to seduce our target or fill their minds with fantasies. Your thoughts came through loud and clear, and no, I don't mind a quick fuck to build us both up."

No further words are necessary as her lips press against mine, and I feel her tongue dip between my lips, demanding entrance. I open up to her, pulling her tall, thin frame to me. Her body feels very different in this form, with her larger breasts, taller frame, and no additional jewelry, than she had as a punk, and I wonder how many forms she might have.

"As many as I want to," she tells me, still reading my mind. "Do you want me to go back to the punk?"

Feeling emboldened by her forwardness, I undo my denim shorts and drop them to the ground, displaying my raging hard on. "Does this answer your question?" I ask, allowing my turned on state to give her my substantial and inarguable response.

Her eyes sparkle as she drops to her knees, and quickly sucks my stiff wood between her warm lips, making me moan with the delight that her mouth is causing me.

"You did one of those girls analy, didn't you?" She asks, and I realize I haven't cleaned up from when I'd been in Becky's colon.

"I'm so sorry," I tell her, thinking that she's disgusted with me.

"Don't be," she says. "I don't mind." And with that she swallows me back into her mouth and starts taking me down her throat. Her tongue does wonders as she licks around my shaft. I try to hold back as long as possible, but with four hundred years of experience, she soon has me firing off a volley of seed into her mouth. My knees buckle beneath me, and I collapse backwards onto the soft ground, but Angela's talented mouth never leaves my member, and I realize I'm not softening. Must be another trick of the succubae. That, or something learned after four-hundred years of practice.

I realize that I actually feel a little more drained, until it dawns on me that I haven't given her any pleasure.

"Lay back," I tell her, "it's my turn."

She smiles, as she lies back on the soft soil and removes her tight biker shorts to reveal a glistening, bald, beaver. I dive in, hungrily, lapping up her already flowing juices, and nibble lightly on her labia. I avoid her clit, just sticking my tongue as deep into her as I can, and sucking in her inner lips, making her squeal in delight. Her overlong legs squeeze my head, and I know she's enjoying what I'm doing.

This really pumps up my ego. I mean, how many men can say that they can please a four hundred year old succubus?

Me! That's who!

Sucking in her labia, I use my tongue to press it against the roof of my mouth. My hands roam up her chest, under her confining sports bra, and finding her already stiff nipples, I begin rolling them between my fingers, enjoying the louder moans that escape from her throat.

Sensing her getting close, I switch tactics, and bite lightly on her clitoris. Her powerful thighs nearly crush my skull as her back arches and sweet nectar pours from her. I can barely hear her cries of pleasure through my muffled ears. The best part is that I can feel renewed life flowing into me, rejuvenating my limbs, and making me stronger.

I don't wait, as soon as her legs loosen their grip, and dive up her body, aiming my thick log at her entrance. Kissing her forcefully, sharing her fluids, I thrust my hips forward, connecting us, and driving our pleasure to new heights. I moan as I feel her velvety folds enclose my cock, and ripple tenderly around my length.

Her hips buck beneath me in a desperate staccato, as I suck hungrily on her tongue. It doesn't take long for me to be fully seated inside her wonderful canal, and unlike the last time we'd had sex, this somehow feels different. It almost seems like both of our organs are trying to properly accommodate the other, only to find the other constantly changing in return. I realize that this must be why both Becky and Lisa felt so comfortable around my member, yet Lisa had been a bit looser.

Angela breaks the kiss, and places her hand on the back of my head, while she moans into my ear, "Fuck me, Lyden. Oh, God it's been such a long time since anyone's felt this great."

I lift the bottom of her sports bra, releasing her c-cup breasts, and tweaking a nipple in both hands, as I suck hard on her neck. I've never been one into leaving or getting hickeys, but this seems to set Angela off again, and as I feel her life energy flood into me, I have to fight hard to stave off my own orgasm.

She grabs my face, and pulls my lips to hers, kissing me deeply, but not in a sexual way. Physically I feel on top of the world, and as soon as she comes down from her climax, I roll us over.

Placing her hands on my chest, she plants her feet on either side of my chest, then lifts her pelvis up until only my tip is still inside her. Her eyes twinkle, as she looks deep into mine, before slamming her hips down forcefully. The speed and strength behind her movement would have crushed my hips a couple days ago. Today, however, I feel like Superman: completely unbreakable. She repeats her motion again and again, slamming down onto me, and I'm just able to match her pace, driving back up into her. The friction between our two bodies sends waves of pure distracting bliss through me.

I know I'm getting close, and there's no way I'm going to hold off my ejaculation this time. I reach up to her bouncing, firm breasts, and pinch both of her nipples hard. Her pussy clamps down hard on me, and she stops bouncing and just shudders as her final orgasm takes her.

Like a cannon firing into a sweet valley, I fill her insides up with my seed. It feels as if I'm cumming for an hour, as her energy floods into me, and mine back into her.

Breathlessly, she hugs me tight to her body, as our minds come back to this reality.

"My my, what do we 'av here?" A deep gravelly voice sounds above us. "Looks like we got ourselves a mid-day snack, brothas. And there ain't nuthin sweeta than a succubus and her mate after they bin fucking."

Looking up, I see three forms towering above us. I can just make out long tusks, and mottled green skin, before something strikes me painfully in the head and unbreakable or not, I black out.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Big thanks to Garbonzo607 for the awesome edits. Without his help, this story would have been a lot more lackluster.

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