tagTransgender & CrossdressersThe Sultanah Ch. 03

The Sultanah Ch. 03


Dear Reader, thank you so much for reading this story. It has taken nearly a year of my writing life to get the whole thing finished. This is Chapter 3 of 14 chapters and the total is over 250,000 words. It is my Dirk Diggler/Jack Horner act of hubris: my attempt to write an erotic adventure story that pulls you in with a story you want to read, even when there isn't any sex going on (though there is a lot of sex. Crazy, weird, fun sex). It is the most ambitious piece of erotic fiction I have ever attempted. So I hope you enjoy it.

With that said, this book is not for everyone. It will be too long for many people (no shame in that, it is a big time investment). Some of the sex scenes are intense and include themes like hermaphroditism, non-consensual activity, incest, etc. For some people, that will likely be the appeal. In fact, while this story is definitely not for everyone, I think for a select group of people this story will essentially have everything you could ever ask for. So if that is you, congratulations, you found that thing you have been searching for. You can skip ahead to the sex and I won't be offended, but I think this story is more than the sum of its parts. If you read this whole story, you will not be disappointed.

In Chapter 1, our main character, Princess Varis, finds that her father has died and that, by virtue of the fact that she is a hermaphrodite and can father a child, she is now the Sultanah. In Chapter 2, Varis unearthed a conspiracy to destroy her Empire led by Rahip, the Cardinal of the "New Religion" and later she received her coronation.

Some recurring characters you might want by name are Varis (the Sultanah and narrator), Cin (the head priestess of Gunes), Arkadas (Varis' friend and servant), Kardes (Varis' older sister), Nislani (Varis' younger sister), Rahip (a Cardinal of the 'new religion'), Duke Hain (an important lord opposing Varis), Lord Sadik (a minor lord who has spoken in support of Varis); King Sican (the leader of Dusman, a rival kingdom), Prince Lider (Sican's son); King Köylü (the leader of Temsilci, a rival kingdom); Agiz and Got (Subordinate Sun Priestesses); Saygili (Varis' guard). Further, Gunes is the name of the Sun God, Tanri is the name of the 'new god.' The city where the story is set is Şehir in the country of Ülke and the Empire of Bütün Dünya. If you need more...reread the earlier chapters.

Please, please, please, please, please tell me what you think after you read this. I put an embarrassing amount of work into this and I want to know what you think. Especially if it is good things.


Part II: The Siege

Chapter 3: Sucking Out the Venom

"Sultanah Varis, the Steward estimates that, given your rationing decree, there is sufficient corn in the market to last another week and a half..." Danışman, my Secretary, stated nervously. He shifted from foot to foot and refused to look me in the eye. I stared at him intently, as if there was no one else in the throne room.

"How much corn is saved in the palace reserve," I interrupted him. I looked down from my throne as I spoke. Danışman was a portly man with a long, flowing mustache. I trusted him very little and I knew he had grown fat on my father's inattention. He could sense my displeasure. I enjoyed that everyone got to see me make him squirm. He looked around the room anxiously. The peers stared from their seats without movement.

Almost all of the Peers of the realm were present, in their traditional seats. More seats had actually been added to accommodate the lower nobility, who were only now being included. It was our daily planning session. I had called them since the day after my coronation. I lacked the actual authority to do anything on my own at that point, I was very weak. I wanted the Peers to feel flattered and to feel that they were an important part of the decision making process, such as it was. Truth to Gunes, I was actually hoping that one of them might come up with some useful idea. That eventuality never actually occurred.

"If is rationed wisely, it may last two months..."

"That is impossible, there must be half a million people in the city right now, the reserve is..." I started.

"I apologize for the confusion my lady," the Secretary sputtered. I should've cut his tongue out for interrupting me, to give the Peers a sense of my justice, but I wanted to hear what he said, so I took no offense, "I estimated only for the members of the royal household, the Peers, and the soldiers."

"Everyone must eat," I said. It might have been a mundane opinion, but it was becoming more and more poignant as the siege stretched on, "What good will it do us to eat in a month if all my subjects are starved to death?" I asked.

"I apologize again your grace," the Secretary sputtered, I heard a Peer laugh at his discomfort, "I will have to recalculate to account for everyone. The food in the reserve will likely only last a day or two at that rate...we were not prepared for this siege."

The Secretary was right about that. It had been almost a month since my father's death, a few weeks since my coronation, and it appeared I would have the shortest reign of any member of my house since Açlıktan ölen V. Our enemies, King Sican of Dusman, his son Lider, and their allies from Temsilci and Surgun were still camped outside my walls. They had further squeezed trade and choked the rivers that even fish became impossible to procure. The city was starving. I had been forced to shut down the market and seize all the food to avoid profiteering. It was an action that had made me extremely unpopular with the merchants, but it had ensured small meals for every person trying to live in Şehir. Even so, we were rapidly running out of time. Something needed to be done to break the siege, to return the city to life.

"How many soldiers are fit for duty today?" I asked, turning to my right and finding my newest general, Sir Albay. Of late, Surgun's archers had been targeting my officers on the walls. I was rapidly running out of anyone with leadership experience. My most recent general had been killed the day before while taking a piss. I had already forgotten his name. He, like his predecessors, was little more than glorified security guards. Sir Albay had been in charge of keeping the powder room dry before the siege, now he was my Marshal. He had rheumy eyes, smelled of rot and the arm pits of his tunic were constantly damp. A far cry from the General Mareşal in the glory days of the empire.

"2,206 Infantry, negligible cavalry, 291 on the gun and trebuchet, and 1,528 archers of some ability. There are about as many again militia at the wall, but they serve primarily to deceive the enemy and inflate the numbers, they would not be useful in a fight," Albay responded.

"That implies the regular soldiers would be," I heard a Peer whisper loudly so that all could hear him. His comment met with some laughs I felt my lips pull back from my teeth but otherwise pretended that I didn't notice.

"The legions have dropped to 8,000 soldiers, only 4,000 of which can fight" I whispered to myself. I knew the value of our actual soldiers, brave and willing to fight. But nonetheless, I shook my head.

"What are the Orders of the day my Sultanah," Albay asked after a long moment. Any thought that I may have had about taking decisive action with respect to the army at our gates had dried up upon hearing the numbers. Not that I would have hesitated to take action if it had been remotely possible.

After my coronation and the ceremony with my divine wives, I had found that I sat more comfortably on my throne. I cannot explain it, other than to say that a light had shown into my soul, finding deep reserves that I had not known existed. That is not to say that I had any more idea of what I was doing, I was simply better able to project a calmness and interest I had been unable to fain before. I understood the depths of my own ignorance now, and I suppose that was something. At least I could follow the conversations and preside over my own meetings. I sensed the Peers grudgingly respected that fact. The end result was that while I still had no idea of how I would drive the 75,000 soldiers from before my walls, I was not constantly gripped with panic and confusion. I suppose that was something.

"Same as yesterday, 8 hour shifts for each man, trained soldiers at weak points, tell everyone to keep their eyes open, prepare to swarm to trouble areas if necessary," I said to Albay. He nodded sagely as though we'd ever had another plan. This was the order the Peers had suggested at our first session and it was invariably followed now. There was no solution to our problem that could be found by the in the army. The best we could do was trick our enemies into thinking we could repulse an assault.

"Perhaps, your grace," Lord Örnek stated, "We should reconsider Prince Lider's offer of parley. It is possible that they do not realize how dire our straits have become. Perhaps we can sue for peace on advantageous terms now, they must be tired of their siege as well. I hear there is some sickness in their ranks." Örnek was a member of the Collaborationist party. I had been hearing some version of this advice paired with my military orders since my coronation, that it was time to surrender while we still had some leverage. I did not believe it then, I did not believe it now. Still, the Collaborationists were the strongest party at court. And every day, as the food dwindled, their case became stronger. Soon there would be no choice but to sue for peace or starve to death. My stomach rumbled at the thought. Or maybe it was because I was on half rations as well.

"Yes, Prince Lider's offer, I should consider that seriously," I said, trying to hide my true thoughts. Cin had been coaching me in kingship for weeks. I knew that it was essential to be all things to all people, and that meant keeping quiet and letting my Peers project their preferences onto me.

Still, I did think for a moment about the peace offer. I had to admit, based on what Cin told me of statecraft, and my own instincts, it had been somewhat clever of King Sican to offer peace through the auspices of his son. First, Sican had a reputation for being brutal, his son was seen as softer, his offer of peace more probable (even if he had no real authority to offer peace on his own). Perhaps more importantly, it left the impression that the marriage pact between the Prince and my sister could be revived. The Collaborationist had grasped hold of it. That was what they had sought since the beginning, to pretend my father had never been killed and that I was not Sultanah. I was running out of ways to put it off.

"May I send up a flag of truce?" Örnek asked, and as he spoke his eyes darted nervously towards Duke Hain, the leader of the Collaborationists. I guess they had sensed weakness in my avowed interest in Lider's mission. They thought that maybe, I had finally seen the writing on the wall.

"No," I said quickly. I saw the heads of peers look up, I had spoken too quickly, my thoughts were apparent. I dared not look at Cin, for I knew she would be disappointed. All the same, Örnek's eyes dropped quickly, whatever illusion he had about my willingness to speak with our enemies was punctured. Hain looked away, not wanting to be associated with the premature request. But I could feel the hostility from the Collaborationists in the room. My Gunes given title of Sultanah was buying their acquiescence now, but not for long.

Besides, I still felt uncomfortable challenging these men, they had been trained and prepared. I blushed at my harsh words and felt ashamed of myself. They were men. I felt embarrassed whenever I asserted myself in front of them, "I apologize if I sounded blunt my good Lord Örnek," I soothed, "I meant that I cannot make any decision without prayer. And I intend to do so now, to seek guidance from god," I did not say the name "Gunes" for fear of offending the numerous followers of Tanri, but after my ceremony with my spiritual wives, what I had seen, had made me a devout follower of the Sun god. I certainly would pray to her.

"A wise posture my lady," Lord Örnek responded and then sat back down in his seat. I looked around at the other Peers, trying to gauge their thoughts. Mostly I saw apprehension, mixed with boredom. I looked out the window and saw the sun hanging high in the sky. There was little more we could do, I stood only a chance of harming my position further by extending the meeting.

"I believe this meeting has gone long enough. I release you all and thank you for your attendance today. I will have a definitive answer for you at tomorrow's session," I said. Örnek nodded, placated by my avowed uncertainty and the fact that the meeting was breaking earlier than intended. Many of the other Collaborationists seemed to feel the same. But Hain, and the smarter members, could tell that I was just buying a little extra time. He and his closest associates stared daggers at me as they rose and left the chamber. I watched them all go, while I stayed motionless in my throne, projecting permanency but not feeling it.

Once the peers had left, I let out a long sigh and sank down deeply into the throne. I looked around the room, left now only with the people I trusted, the only non-Peers allowed in the meeting. Cin stood directly to my right, on the floor below me. Behind her were Got and Agiz, my other spiritual wives. To my left was my sister Kardes, sitting in her traditional seat. No other family members were present, as Nislani was still mourning her marriage and spitting angry over my rationing orders. My personal guard Saygili stood next to Kardes, the only guard (and man) allowed in the throne room.

Once the door closed behind the last Peer left the room, I felt the formality slip out as well. These meetings were also a tradition, a meeting of my private Inner Council. Here is where I felt comfortable being myself, speaking my own mind, and where I earnestly sought a solution to my predicament.

"They grow restless," Got said, once we had sat in agreeable silence for several minutes. I nodded and no one seemed inclined to disagree.

"The affair with the traitor Rahip sapped the Collaborationist strength. But it grows again, day by day." Agiz said. It always sounded like the three priestesses were thinking from one brain. Perhaps it was just three copies of Cin, always wise, but always blunt.

"In a few days, maybe as soon as tomorrow, Hain and his ilk will not sit quietly when you turn down the chance to sue for peace. In a week, they will be taking drastic action to force your hand, within 10 days, unless something else changes, you will either capitulate or there will be a coup," Cin said. I felt a chill run down my spine. I knew that she was right. I had been sensing something of that nature myself.

In the time since my coronation, I had done nothing but wait. I dared not surrender my throne but, I could not risk war. Unfortunately, our enemies were better suited to wait. If I sat for too long, I would lose just as certainly as if I surrendered now. When my power ebbed completely, the people (and the Peers) would know that I was not a true Sultan, they would kill me, and they would quit the fight. I had to act, but how?

"Then we, those still loyal to my empire, and the Collaborationists agree on one thing," I said to my Inner Council, "We cannot sit idly by forever. Time is running out, we must act." We were quickly sinking into the well-worn path of previous discussions. We had been over this and over this a million times.

"But how?" Kardes asked. That was the real question. I had been running that through my mind for weeks, trying to devise some plan. I had spoken with the Inner Council daily. No one had devised a workable plan. We just kept going in circles, never resolving anything. Cin claimed that Gunes gave her no hints of the future. I sighed deeply.

"Saygili," I said and my guard turned to me, "Have you rounded up the messengers I requested?" I was referring to the only practical plan I had devised.

"Yes your majesty," my guarded nodded, "Our fastest men, ready to move at a moment's notice."

"I cannot see all the future," Cin said, "But I can sense that this gambit will fail, it is a waste of time."

"We cannot break the siege ourselves," I said, "We need an army. The only way to obtain an army is an alliance with some other power. I am the Sultanah and therefore the most eligible bachelor in the world. Certainly some prince with some army will give me his daughter's hand in exchange for the use of his army." That was the best we had been able to do. Even then, there was little time to act. The Army would need to arrive in the next few days. That was why I would send my fastest men, and only to nearby countries with large standing armies.

"Even if, and it is by no means a small thing, that your messengers can get out of the city and reach the court of the princes of this world, you chances of success are miniscule," Cin said, repeating her earlier objections, "Any prince that would give you his daughter would be doing so for the sake of his ambition. Only a weak prince with nothing to lose would take on King Sican at this time, only a fool with a small army and no future. And even if such a prince were agree, he could not get his army here in time. But I don't think we have to worry about that, I think the world will reject you, no man will think you appropriate as a husband for his daughter," Cin said, her voice never changing in tone. This was as blunt as she had ever been.

"You cannot speak to her in that way!" Kardes shot back, protecting me. Cins words hurt, but I knew what she was trying to tell me. I raised my hand. I demanded absolute candor from my Inner Council.

"Cin meant no offense," I said to my sister, "She does not see anything...unnatural in my body. She is placing herself in the mindset of our possible benefactors. And she is probably right," I said. I could not imagine a father who would want me as a husband for his daughter, no matter how rich I might be (especially with my riches consisting of a single city that was doomed to fall). My nobles barely respected me, despite my absolute right to rule, the rest of the world likely saw me as an illegitimate circus freak. As a result, we focused exclusively on courts where my sisters lived, hoping that familial relations would lessen some of the stigma.

"Thank you your majesty," Cin said and nodded to my sister. Kardes seemed to accept that explanation.

"But, while she is likely right, I find no harm in acting. Saygili, send the messengers," I added. As I said, I was attempting to be decisive.

"If a messenger is caught, they will know you're desperate," Got warned. That was certainly true.

"If they looked at our meager legions guarding our walls they will know I am desperate," I replied, speaking a deeper truth "Saygili, go," I ordered.

"Yes your grace," My guard said and he walked out from the throne room, to seek his hand-selected messengers and to hand them the scrolls I had drafted the previous evening. I was begging the crowned fathers of the old empire to let me fuck one of their daughters. To make her a whore for their blind ambition. So there was still some hope.

The plan was to coordinate with some other power, to have them arrive at some instant immediately after my legions sallied forth from the city. If we could catch our enemies unaware, then we could drive them back in confusion. We would attempt to hit them where they were weakest and find spots on the battlefield where we could briefly have superiority in numbers. It was desperate and weak on details, but it was all we had.

As such, once Saygili was gone, we sat in silence for some time. There was nothing left to talk about. I supposed I should release them, let them attend to their own matters while I thought. But I needed them now. The world seemed to be growing more hostile by the day. The peers were cooling, my enemies heating up. Even the people, who had embraced me earlier during my adventure with Rahip and during my coronation, were holding back. They were apprehensive about their future. I did not blame them. But it meant that outside of this room, I was friendless.

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