tagFirst TimeThe Summer of 85 (Tom's story)

The Summer of 85 (Tom's story)


During the Summer before I went to College in 1985 I spent a lot of time at my friend Brian's house playing ball or swimming in their pool. Brian's dad had a job in sales with an Oil Company and was gone almost 2 weeks out of every month visiting out of State clients. Brian's mother, Beth only worked a few blocks away from their home and was around the house a lot when we hung out.

We had just started swimming on a very hot day when Brian got a call asking him to go to work in the Mall because someone didn't show up. I was bummed about him having to leave and started climbing out of the pool to go home; but he told me to stay and swim as his Mom would still be there and she liked having a man around the house.

He called to his mother and told her that he had to go to work for a couple of hours and would it be ok if I stayed in the pool. She shouted her agreement from the kitchen and Brian left to go to the Mall. About 10 minutes later his Mom walked out of the house in a yellow bikini and carrying a large towel and a glass of wine.

Brian's mother had the most gorgeous caramel coloured skin I had ever seen and I couldn't take my eyes off her as she casually lay on the lounger reading a magazine and sipping her wine while as I continued swimming. Eventually I had to stop and clung onto the side close to where she was reading. Beth tilted her Wayfarers and started chatting about my plans for College. I had a hard time looking her in the eyes as we talked because her tits looked amazing and could have spilled out at any second as she leaned forward.

As we chatted Beth began rubbing lotion into her arms and legs; then across her flat brown stomach. Even though the water in the pool was quite cool I felt a sudden twitch in my trunks as Beth smeared white lotion into her large breasts making them wobble. After a while she tilted the Wayfarers again and asked if I could help by putting some on her back, because she did not want to burn.

I was struck dumb. This was a teenage dream come true; getting the chance to rub creamy lotion onto my best friend's mother's skin but I knew as soon as I got out of the pool she would see the bulge in my trunks.

Beth looked at me and smiled while she waited for a response. I eventually said 'sure' and swam to the top of the pool away from her gaze, and climbed out of the pool and approached her from behind.

When I got there she was already lying on her stomach so I put lotion in my hands and started applying it to her hot back as I sat on the edge of the lounger. I was now so nervous my erection had shrunk to the size of a walnut as I rubbed the cream along the sides of her body.

At that tender age, I'd already had a couple of girlfriends and felt quite a few other girls' tits but nothing had prepared me for something like this. My heart was pounding and my pulse racing as my hands pressed deep into her muscle as Beth began purring her encouragement. After a couple of minutes I started to relax and enjoy my 'job'; until I got careless and my sticky fingers accidentally touched a little bit of her soft tit that was bulging out of the side of her bikini bra. My cock became rock hard again in a nano second. I froze and my heart just about stopped when I realized what I had just done, but she didn't flinch a bit. Beth was still purring and moaning making my confidence grow; so I went back to rubbing the lotion all over her back until I nervously stopped right at the top of her bikini pants. Her ass looked pretty awesome at the best of times; but from this angle it looked better than perfect! I was still unsure as to what was expected of me; so I went back to rubbing lotion into her shoulders and worked back down her arms and her sides again. Feeling slightly brave I rubbed little bit more cream onto the sides of her tits. Just as I did, she nonchalantly moved her hand from above her head down to her side and hit my lap. I froze again as she touched my boner and instantly pulled her hand back.

Beth turned her head to the side, tipped the Wayfarers down again and smiled at me then asked if rubbing the lotion had caused 'a problem'.

I blushed and mumbled 'yes; but I was really sorry'.

My best friends Mom kept smiling as she told me that she had often seen me staring at her and she quite enjoyed the attention really and to not worry about it.

There was a lengthy silence until she moved her hand again and rested it on my thigh. I actually felt nauseous as it slid inside my swim shorts and rested on my stiff dick.

Still smiling Beth began squeezing my cock, and then slowly rubbed it up and down. Eventually she asked in a whisper if I wanted a better look at her tits, which I seemed so interested in.

I timidly asked if she was kidding but she said no. Still with one hand stroking my cock inside my swim shorts, Beth sat up and quickly untied the string around her neck and let the bra fall down to her taught stomach revealing the most amazing tits I could ever imagine. I stared in disbelief as Beth unfastened the back of the bra then ran her fingers through her long black hair making her gorgeous tits jiggle only inches from my face.

She then took my hand and placed it on her luscious soft tit. I instinctively squeezed it then slowly ran my finger across her stiff brown nipple.

My cock was now about to burst and I suddenly thought 'what the hell' and leaned forward to lick the nipple between my fingers. As my tongue flicked the tiny mound Beth suddenly pulled me into her chest and started rubbing my face against her big caramel orbs. I felt her throw her head back and began panting big shallow breaths as I licked her sweat covered skin and nuzzled her nipples; which I knew was a good thing for a guy to do; from reading plenty of porn mags.

Still with my face stuck between her boobs, Beth removed her hand from my shorts and groaned, "Let me show you what really makes a woman feel good." She then reached down and slid her bottoms off. At this point she grabbed my head again and pushed it down her stomach until it was between her spread legs and only an inch or so away from her hairy pink pussy. With both hands holding my head she growled, 'lick it.'

I was like a mad man licking her pussy and sucking the flaps until she told me to slow down so she could enjoy it too. The married woman was soon gasping for air as she ground her hot cunt against my young face. Her wet slit tasted like nothing I'd ever known before; even now I can only describe it as being like 'Tupelo Honey', the Van Morrison song. I was in sexual Heaven, but after licking her for a few minutes my cock began twitching involuntarily and leaking pre-cum into my shorts.

She told me to take them off and climb on to the lounger to be next to her. As I lay down, Beth immediately took my cock and began rubbing it against her swollen pussy lips then pulled me on top of her and my cock easily inside her hot pussy.

I was in sensory overdrive as my virgin cock slid as far as it could inside this married woman's pussy. I'd read so much porn I always presumed I'd know what to expect when I finally fucked a girl; but this was way beyond my boyhood dreams. Beth clung onto me like a limpet and stared into my eyes as I thrust as hard and fast as I could manage.

I came in no more than 6 strokes.

Still lying on top of my neighbours naked body; I sunk my head down into her bosom in embarrassment as my six inches began shrinking and fell out of her sticky cunt.

Beth chuckled and whispered that it was ok and that she hadn't expected me to last very long anyway. She helped me onto my side and took my shrivelled cock in her hand and began tugging it back to life.

She was quickly satisfied that it was back in working order and my best friends Mom then told me to stand up. As I did she swivelled around until she was sitting in front of me. I was staggered when Brian's Mom cupped my balls and started licking my cock.

You have to remember that this was 1983 and even getting hold of a copy of Playboy or Penthouse was a major achievement in our town. Girls very rarely 'put out' and those that did only let you play with their tits and hardly ever let you get inside their pants; so a married woman sucking my cock was way beyond my sexual stratosphere!

When Beth took it into her mouth I felt my knees go weak and I stumbled, but took hold of her shoulders making my six inches go straight to the back of her mouth. Beth gurgled and winked a big brown eye as if to say that was what she wanted. I obliged and began fucking her sweet mouth as she sucked and swirled her tongue around the shaft making me shake with excitement.

With a smug smile on her pretty face Beth then fondled my hairy balls with one hand and rubbed my cock all over her soft sticky boobs with the other. Many girls had played with my cock since, but nothing felt or looked as sexy as Brian's Mom when she did it.

Beth's breathing soon became shallow again and she was panting feverishly when she turned and knelt on the lounge chair with her ass facing me and her legs apart so that I could see her gaping pink pussy dripping my cum onto the towel from between a mass of dark pubic hairs. Beth then looked over her shoulder and told me to play with her ass cheeks.

Oh my GOD they were so tight, round and sexy. My cock was so hard it hurt.

Beth was shaking her head again and her back arched as I dug my fingers into her ass cheeks and pulled them apart then shook them making her pussy leak some more onto the towel. Without looking Beth slid her hand between her legs and grabbed my cock and pulled it against her soaking cunt; then croaked for me to 'stick it in her'.

Natural instinct took over I guess and I pushed my cock in so hard, it made her gasp. I lasted about 10 minutes this time; slowing down on her commands and speeding up when I dared. This time when I came I was gripping her hips and it blasted deep inside her belly.

I was soaking wet with sweat as I flopped onto the concrete, totally spent. After a couple of minutes Beth motioned for me to put my shorts back on and said that she had better go inside to get showered.

As we walked into the house my neighbour turned to me and held my wrist before saying 'she hoped that I didn't think she was a whore,' but 'she thought it was something we BOTH needed' and 'she didn't need to tell me that it had to be a one time thing.'

I left for college a few weeks later, and nothing else ever happened between the two of us; but I sure had a few more sneak peeks around the pool during that month!

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