tagLoving WivesThe Sunbathers

The Sunbathers


Patsy Lynn loved to celebrate the warmth and joy of summer every year and July 14th was an extra special day for Patsy Lynn and best friends and lovers. Her personal tradition was to welcome the sunny heat by her own intimate sunbathing rites and she celebrated as far from civilization as she and her accolades could take themselves. The hot sandy coast a few miles south of her California home was Patsy Lynn's idea of paradise on Earth.

Patsy Lynn had always been a sun worshiper and nature lover. It was as if she had to walk barefoot through cool morning grass everyday or she lost her focus on life. The stress of modern urban living required renewals of nature to remind her she was an important part of the natural world. Any day the temperature topped 50 degrees Patsy Lynn would strip off her clothes and stand silently in the sunshine.

In her own backyard, or in several secluded park locations that held special meaning for her. Patsy Lynn would stand quietly with her green eyes closed and her face toward the sun, feeling the warmth all the way down to her toes. If it was sunny enough her chest would grow pink and her brown nipples would become warm and toasty and the skin of her belly would become moist and dewy with perspiration as the sun warmed her through and through.

This is what Patsy Lynn was doing midmorning on July 14th. Bastille Day to intellectual brainiacs. But to Patsy Lynn and the circle of folks she ran with, the best day of summer would always be National Nude Day. Nothing could be as fun or as appropriate as a national American holiday dedicated to the splendor of the bare naked human body, exactly as it was created.

Today Patsy Lynn stood nude and facing the ocean on a grassy bluff just south of Santa Cruz, near the sleepy beach hamlet of Capitola. She stood with her chin lifted to catch the gentle sea breeze, her curly brunette hair hanging down her smooth back to where the curls tickled the Celtic 'earth mother' tattoo just inches above the swell of her ass. Her henna tattoo was her tribute to mother earth, and Patsy Lynn's joy at just being a woman. Patsy Lynn's smooth, golden skin continued over the swell of her hips and down her round thighs to her smooth bare feet pressed together in the warm gritty earth. Patsy Lynn's husband Hank always said she had the prettiest toes. Hank was mad for her smooth, tanned feet and her long toes with their ever-painted red toe nails. Patsy Lynn's body was her shrine and she loved the constant worship from the men in her life.

Patsy Lynn could just make out the shakes of the steeply sloped roof of Shadowbrook, that Alpine style restaurant clinging to the side of the cliffs overlooking the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean off to the left of her grassy spot. The roof was the only part of the building that was visible, the rest of the building was below her line of sight as it hugged the side of the cliffs. Above and behind her, Pacific Coast Highway One wound past the next tiny community of Aptos and then past splendid Monterey Bay and continued its two thousand mile long journey southward through the misty fog of the coastline all the way to the U.S. border at Tijuana. Two thousand miles of sandy sunbathers, many of them just like Patsy Lynn, worshipping in their birthday suits.

Patsy Lynn loved this stretch along the bluffs overlooking the vast sandy beach. While she knew that civilization was nearby, from this vantage point where she stood, the millennium old view was created by nature itself. Watching the waves crash on the beach below was Patsy Lynn's idea of peace and serenity.

A gentle breeze blew across the ocean all the way from Hawaii. On the sandy, secluded beach below her, Patsy Lynn knew a man was sunbathing with a couple of gals who had walked down from the Red, White and Blue Beach just to the north of her own sun worshiping spot. The tall, dark haired man was Patsy Lynn's husband of eight years Hank. Hank was gorgeous and she knew he was going to have a fun day frolicking with the girls he had found. And Patsy Lynn was going to have fun watching him from up above.

Patsy knew Hank liked his nudity as much as she did of her own. Once he shucked off his trunks and flip-flops he would attract female attention. It was inevitable with Hank, and Patsy Lynn did not begrudge him a bit of innocent fun. Though she know they were below her, once the figures below sat down Patsy Lynn could not see Hank or the girls, so her view was exclusively provided by nature, which Patsy Lynn liked best of all. But now and again Patsy Lynn could hear their laughter and giggles. That was enough for her.

Because Patsy Lynn truly planned to enjoy every single minute of this glorious day.

While standing silently letting the salty air kiss her naked skin, Patsy Lynn hears one of her boys arrive behind her. He and his cousin, whichever of the two is behind her, are expected. Patsy Lynn is so ready to feel the breeze on her hot, sweaty body. She is ready to feel her aroused body rubbing and caressing sweaty young men. So very ready to feel the renewal and happiness of summer right here on the side of these beach cliffs.

Young and blond Justin stood behind Patsy Lynn silently for a moment or two. Gathering his thoughts and scanning the beauty of the cliffs, the surf crashing on the shore. It never ceased to amaze him the peace and privacy that Patsy Lynn always managed to find in the chaotic modern world. Ten feet about them, cars drove by full of passengers who would never see their nude bodies cavorting in the grassy sand. Justin's young body was so ready for whatever Patsy Lynn had in mind.

Justin took a deep cleansing breath. He flips his sandals towards the far side of this outcrop, he knew best to approach Patsy Lynn's special place with his bare feet making contact with the dune grass and the sand of the earth. Justin bends over and slips his baggy surfer trunks down his backside. Justin kicks his drawers on top of his sandals. He shucks his flower-patterned Hawaiian shirt and flings it away.

Blond Justin, fully and gloriously nude, kneels behind his dear Patsy Lynn. Justin spends many hours surfing. He was well tanned and thick muscles cover his arms and back, his lightly furry chest, his thighs thick and defined from the constant joy of riding his surf board. Between his legs, a thick but not overly long shaft and full and well formed testicles. If she had bothered to turn around, Patsy Lynn would have sucked in a deep and lustful breath at the sight of this finely made male kneeling behind her. He was the definition of health.

While Patsy Lynn continued to sunbath, Justin begins kissing her warm skin. He gently rubbed her feet giving the skin of her ankles and calves sweeping open-mouthed kisses. Patsy Lynn's skin tastes like a piña colada and Justin is aroused by his tongue lapping at her tight curves behind her knees. Patsy Lynn is getting aroused to, if her sighs are any indication.

Justin kisses the backs of her thighs, wraps his arms around her, very slowly caresses the front of her legs from her toes to the tops of her thighs. He stops short at her curly hairs. Justin does not want to go too fast, taunting and tantalizing Patsy Lynn with his wet kisses and his caresses.

Patsy Lynn is getting really aroused and she just has to touch her breasts, squeeze the round flesh of her heavy boobs, gently squeeze her hard nipples. Shivers quake in her womb. It is a delicious feeling being so aroused in the clear sunshine of a summer's day.

This is how Bryan comes upon the two of them, naked and aroused in the open air. Traffic over the mountain was a like a carnival ride and Bryan is later than he wants to be. He knows neither excuses nor interruptions will be tolerated by Patsy Lynn, so he puts the bottle of wine and plastic glasses he has brought by Justin's clothes and he prepared to join right in. He drops shorts, shirt and car keys in a pile, and promptly turns to face the sea. Salty breezes that have travelled from as far away as Hawaii caress his bare naked body, and the sea gulls overhead crow out their welcome to him.

Bryan stretches his arms out all the way and stands up on his tippy toes and yawns loudly as his full bare body relaxes and throws off all the residual stress it had been harboring. Bryan rolls his neck and shoulders, his eyes closed, letting the warm sun and the cool ocean breeze wash over him.

But Patsy Lynn's eyes are not closed. She drinks in the vision that the muscular, red-haired Bryan makes as he gets ready to join them. He is the cousin that Patsy Lynn met first, not the lanky surfer Justin; but the body-builder Bryan. Bryan has spent years seriously working out with his eye towards competition and he was now reaping success in that venture.

Bryan reaches into a shirt pocket and grabs a bottle of oil and is rubbing it all over his body; over his hairless chest and pecs, a stomach like a six pack, hairless for competition, also. Thick and muscular arms are slathered with oil, makes Bryan begin to resemble a Celtic warrior with his flame hair blowing in the salty air. Bryan bends to begin oiling his lower half. His groin is hairless, too, but that is more for Patsy Lynn than for competition; and she knows it. So, Bryan glances at Patsy Lynn to see if she is watching him. Which of course she is, so Bryan winks at her, a shared secret between them. He continues watching her as he thoroughly oils his smooth belly, his long cock that thickens right before their eyes, his balls he rolls between his fingers oiling them well. Bryan makes quick work of the front and back of his legs. He moves to Patsy Lynn, hands her his oil bottle and presents his back to her.

After Patsy Lynn rubs oil on Bryan's back, she hugs herself to his body and begins caressing him with her oily fingers around the front of his body, rubbing her curly pubis gently across his ass. Patsy Lynn drops the bottle in her intent to massage all that cocoa oil right into Bryan's skin. Not to be left out, Justin takes the bottle and squirts a generous pool in his palm and begins rubbing all that oil to any part of Patsy Lynn's naked body he can get with his fingers on. Or into.

What a great summer sandwich they make. Bryan's big hard cock being 'massaged' by Patsy Lynn, all the while that Justin rubs and kneads Patsy Lynn's ass and hips. Rubbing that coconut oil between them. Rubbing and squeezing and caressing. The sensations build in Bryan and he just does not want to wait any longer, he turns around to Patsy Lynn and reaches between her thighs, her hot stickiness calls to him.

It is time. Justin catches Bryan's eye and a silent male message passes between them. Yes, it is time and the time is now. Bryan pushes Patsy Lynn down onto the soft beach grass and he immediately falls between her sprayed legs. Patsy Lynn's smooth warm thighs cradle his face as his mouth kisses her sweet pussy, Bryan's mouth sucking at her wet lips., his tongue licking her clit with single minded focus. His cock is so hard that beach grass blowing in the breeze sends shooting sensations through his body every time the thin blades of grass caress the head of his penis. He is so aroused.

Patsy Lynn's is mad with her passion, moaning with what Bryan is doing to her deep in her vagina. Squirming at what Justin is now doing to her body. But still she reaches for Justin, wanting more, Patsy Lynn still wants more.

Justin kneels beside Patsy Lynn caresses her face and neck with his slick fingers, he kisses her lips and sucks at her tongue. Justin smells like a wonderful piña colada cocktail, and Patsy Lynn is aroused to new heights by his sensuous mouth and gentle lovemaking. Justin, smaller and more lithe than Bryan, is true beach bum. The beach is the place he exhibits his true expertise and it is here that his sexual prowess is most in evidence. It was heaven the day Justin discovered that Patsy Lynn not only loved the beach, but love to sunbathe naked on this beach. Today was another day in paradise for Justin and he was going to make sure that Patsy Lynn was there every second with him.

As Justin kisses Patsy Lynn down her neck and latches onto her right tit, suckling like a new born baby. Patsy Lynn is moaning louder. " I am sooooooo close, so so close," she moans her breasts arch deeper into Justin's mouth. He knows that Bryan has probably attached himself to her clit, since Patsy Lynn likes that so much, so Justin begins to suck that much harder too, and squeezing her other nipple. " I am cumming," Patsy Lynn yells, an unnecessary benchmark for the boys since they can feel her whole body convulse as she is lost in the flow of her orgasm. " More.. Just a bit more, " she moans, her body shivers in the warm sunshine.

"Oh, more, come inside me, come inside me NOW, " Patsy Lynn orders and Bryan is right there to obey her every command. He raises himself up on his knees. He mouth is wet and covered with the juices of her vagina, juice drips down his chin. He is too aroused to smile, his eyes are on fire, his cock is painful as he jams it deep inside Patsy Lynn all in one, swift stroke. Oh, God, this is heaven, he thinks in that brief moment before his only thought is to pump in and out of Patsy Lynn.

Justin cannot interrupt the erotically charged moment between Patsy Lynn and Bryan, but he also cannot take his eyes off Patsy Lynn's face as her second orgasm explodes in her body and every nuance is mirrored across her face. Her eyes are like glittering pools of ocean. She is the most beautiful woman in the world at this moment.

Justin bends to kiss her mouth and Patsy Lynn grabs him in a great intimate embrace. She wants more and Justin's gentleness is exactly what she wants as an encore. Sweet, passionate Justin can always curl her toes. But what does she want him to do for her, Patsy Lynn has a moment of lucidity while her mouth is sucking Justin's tongue and running her tongue over his teeth and just feeding on his month like it was... Yes, Patsy Lynn knows exactly what she wants.

But, she waits a moment more, sucks Justin's long tongue in and out of her mouth. Justin stretches himself out along side Patsy Lynn. His curly chest hairs lay against her sensitive nipples. His lightly hairy thighs cradles her side firmly and in between his thick, finely-made cock presses firmly into the side of her belly. Justin is massaging his cock into Patsy Lynn's belly to a rhythm that is both satisfying and arousing at the same time. Justin moans as his cock presses into Patsy Lynn's soft flesh, he is so aroused it is almost painful for him.

Taking one last suckle on Justin's wonderful mouth and giving him a last little love bite to his lower lip, Patsy Lynn sighs and pushes him away. She starts to push him upright, and Justin braces his arms beside her, confusion written on his face. He has not yet satisfied his lust. His cock is painfully hard and the gentle ocean breezes caress and tantalize the head sending sensuous, electric shocks to his balls. He desperately wants his release.

Patsy Lynn grasps Justin's tight male nipples. They are not as sensitive as a woman's but Justin knows Patsy Lynn likes to play with them, she twists them and he knows this arouses her even more. That is his reward but it further arouses his erection. He is about to cum without his penis even being touched but he really wants more. Justin wants Patsy Lynn to take him.

As if by magical thought transfer, Patsy Lynn lets go of his raw nipples and grasps his enflamed cock in her hands, one hand firmly on his shaft, the other gently strokes the crown. Justin's eyes nearly roll back in his head, the sensation is like an explosion on his senses. It feels so good. Patsy Lynn loves the power this gives her, the most sensitive part of a man. She has control over him, at this particular moment.

Patsy Lynn's vagina is still quaking from the orgasms that Byran's body gave her just moments ago, so she did not want Justin's cock in her, just yet. She squeezed and pumped his shaft, pulling him up her body until his member was standing upright just beneath her breasts, Justin straddled her belly. Patsy Lynn pumped his shaft tightly, but oh so slowly, up and down. Justin starts to moan deeply, his face lifted to the warm sunshine, beads of perspiration roll down his chest. The breeze dries the moisture before it becomes uncomfortable, the pacific day is perfect for nude sunbathing and for making love in front of the ocean.

Bryan cock is flaccid but he is not totally satisfied with Patsy Lynn's beautiful body and he is not put off by Justin's current possession of it. He moves to Patsy Lynn's head and leaves her head to let her rest in his lap. His cock and balls and his crotch enjoy the weight and feel of her as she rests against him. Bryan leans over and begins massaging Patsy Lynn's tanned bust, her tits are so responsive. Bryan's hands are adding to Patsy Lynn's excitement.

Patsy Lynn's increasing excitement makes her hands work Justin's bursting cock harder and harder. Justin moans loudly, his release eminent. Patsy Lynn moans as another orgasm over takes her body, the sun, surf, sea breezes and two young aroused men caressing every inch of skin on her body driving her to greater heights of ecstacy. Patsy Lynn moans and pants loudly as Justin spurted his hot seed across her chest. Bryan loves the hot gooey feel of the semen splashed on Patsy Lynn's nipples and he just has to play in it. He rubs the warm cum into Patsy Lynn breasts like he is slathering her with body lotion. The best lotion under the sun.

In moments, Justin collapses into an exhausted heap next to his lover, as Patsy Lynn lays beside him boneless and satiated, Bryan slides down next to Patsy Lynn, cradles her in his arms.

The warm afternoon sun above them as given all three lovers a even, all over tan and later they may roust themselves but for right now, nature's beauty celebrated by the most natural lust.

* * * * *

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