tagRomanceThe Sunday School Mistress

The Sunday School Mistress


Time passed slowly as the children recited their catechism to you and you would gently correct them. The day was so slow, as humidity made the room close. The merest touch of your clothes was uncomfortable and you were glad to be free of your lessons. I was the priest and I allowed you to close the school hall, you gathered the books and slates stacking them carefully. You heard the light cart and thought I had left you in the church alone and you tried to find the coolness in the shadows. Still it seemed to hot and you unbuttoned your dress leaving you in your underwear. It felt still uncomfortable to be clothed in a loose cotton shift and long knickers but it was better than the petticoats and dress.

Scattering the cushions onto the floor you lay down and rested. A sound startled you and you quickly ran for your clothes that you were able to dress in just before I appeared from around the corner.

"Sorry Miss _____ to bother you but I need to look at the roof I thought it was leaking last time it rained."

"Father you scared me. I thought you had gone on your rounds."

How delightful your voice sounded and I noticed that you seemed somewhat flushed and I noticed that a button was undone.

I had seen you with the children often and thought you one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen, however I had never had the courage to talk to you before now. I wiped my brow of the sweat with a rag and smiled at you only to be surprised to be answered with your sweet smile and then a blush to your face. I also saw the sheen of sweat on your upper lip, a lip that I wished to taste.

"My Miss _____ it is such a warm day. I was given a bottle of elderberry wine would you have a glass with me?"

I felt so forward and wondered if perhaps I had been too quick to judge your warmth. A shy smile greeted my words and you answered in a small voice that yes you would love to do so. I found the bottle a gift from one of the old spinsters in the parish and poured a glass of the deep red liquid into two glasses. Slowly we sipped the sweet concoction and enjoyed the soothing silence.

The alcohol stirred my feelings for you and I felt strong warmth in my groin. I drank so sparingly and this wine was strong stuff indeed. I saw you dart glances towards me and you played with the buttons of your shirt. I knew I should fix the shingle roof but felt no desire to move from this place. I saw you fan yourself with your hand and felt desire grow within me for you. I felt a stirring at my groin and knew that my prick as we had called it in school was growing hard.

Perhaps the devil caught my tongue but I found myself making a suggestion that I blush at.

"Miss _____ it is such a hot day today that perhaps we should be as Adam and Eve in their innocence."

"Pardon Father I do not understand what you mean?"

"Adam and Eve in their innocence were naked in the Garden of Eden, now I do not say we should be naked but perhaps less clothing will be of advantage to us."

You blushed as I spoke and gulped a mouthful of wine that you coughed up. It went over your white dress and stained it, looking down at it. You then looked at me and I saw the fires of your passion burn in them.

"Yes that sounds a good idea."

As you spoke you removed your dress leaving you there before me clad in your linen shift that rose and fell with your breathing. Your fingers found your shift and it fell to the floor leaving you in your cotton ankle length knickers. My God you were virtually naked with me. As you did this my fumbling fingers undid buttons and removed braces until I was in my underwear. It felt so strange to be so disrobed but looking at you I stepped to you and you raised your face to me, bending down to you my lips grazed yours.

The passions once dammed burst through our reserve and our kisses grew harder and more insistent. My hands found there way to your breasts and I stroked the flesh beneath the stiff linen. You slipped a lace from below and vest flew open being held together by a small button. My fingers touched your breasts, marveled at your curves and I glutted my sight at the brown tips that I saw under the semi-transparent cloth.

Touching the peak of your nipple you groaned deep in your throat and I bent down and slipped one of the nipples into my mouth, a gentle scream burst from your throat and I wondered if I had hurt you somehow. Grabbing my head you pushed it back to your tip and I suckled on your breast understanding what a child gives up for food. I felt your fingers rub at my prick beneath the flanneled cloth and it peeked above the slit that could be unbuttoned.

"Yes, oh yes. Suck harder, suck hard on my tits."

Again and again you repeated the phrase as though it was a catechism and I felt you unbutton my fly and you gasped as my prick flew to your hand. It was the first time that you had ever seen or touched such a thing as this, it was the first time that I had a woman caress my flesh in such a way. I felt my prick ready to cum as it did when I touched it sometimes in the dark of the night and I knew what it was to cum.

To hold myself from cuming at your touch, I raised you to your feet and kissed your lips again somehow. Pressed against me I led you to the small bed kept for medical emergencies in the hall. Yet before I let you lay on the bed I untied the drawstring that kept your knickers up. The garment fell in a pool at your feet and you stepped out of them. I feasted my eyes on you and admired the curved thighs and well-turned ankles. However what I wanted above all was the dark haired vee at the top of your thighs, the hair matted and wet from your arousal.

I saw your lips beneath the hair and I knew that my manhood was hard and I wanted you now. As you looked at me I saw the same need in you, yet I knew that I needed to be gentle and slowly I parted your legs and saw the swollen lips that peeked beneath your matted hair. I saw the thing called the clitoris that I had heard about in the anatomy classes I had taken in my studies. Like my prick it was hard and like my prick I knew that it was the centre of your pleasure.

My fingers touched you and you sighed with pleasure as I rubbed your thighs opening them more as I knelt between your legs. I rubbed and caressed your breasts, tweaking and twirling the sensitive nipples, as I did so you lay back and grabbed hold of the frame.

Watching you was too much for me and I lay atop of you. My cock strained to thrust into you, being in a rural town we knew how sex was each rutting season we would watch the beasts and we needed to rut now. I felt your hand guide me to your wet lips.

My cock stayed there for a short time as I lathered your breasts with my hungry lips and slowly I eased into you. A gasp told me when I struck your maidenhood. I eased out and felt your nails claw at my back.

"No, more give me more!!!"

You almost screamed for me and I slowly pushed into you again to feel the maidenhood give a little. Each thrust would weaken it until then it burst aside as I thrust deep into you. I saw tears at your eyes and kissed them away then my body took over as my passions swept away my thoughts. My prick thrust again and again into your body. I felt your pussy spasm and knew that I had given you your first orgasm from a man. Our lips locked, tongues fought and massaged each other. My hips bucked as I drove my prick in and out of your pussy.

Your legs locked about my waist and I drove deeper into you, I knew you came as I did thrust into you but all I wanted know was the release of cuming in your wet pussy. I looked into your eyes as my sac tightened and cum rushed through my prick to shoot deep into you. I felt the muscles of your pussy tighten and release my prick as you milked cum from it. Finished I slipped from you and held you tightly and kissed you softly.

Suddenly you laughed and touched my cock again;” I think there is more to teach me isn’t there Vicar."

As my cock rose to your gentle manipulation I rolled onto you again and thought of a couple of Latin words I knew about and what they would be like.

The End

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