tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Taking Of Jane Ch. 1

The Taking Of Jane Ch. 1


Jane opened the door and walked into a one-bedroom apartment putting her purse on the table, she collapsed into one of the kitchen chairs, letting the night drain away. The $22 in tips from last night's work would her enough to pay the rent for the next month. She have been worrying because her worthless boyfriend did nothing but lay around and drink while she worked all the time. She knew that the landlord would kick her out if she did in have the rent for him, because he had told her that he needed the money. Jane realized that her boyfriend Steve wasn't even there, she hoped he was looking for a job but she knew better.

She made her way to the bathroom, and took her Band-Aid container from the shelf. Her fingers trembled as he realized that the container was empty. Steve must have found her money, and if he had then he would be drinking all for rent money. Jane retraced her steps to the kitchen and slumped crying into a chair, what was she gonna do now how would she ever get the money now heart. After 15 minutes a crying she finally stopped crying and began to explore options of which there wasn't many. The landlord was gay so trying to work something out for the rent was out the question, and her parents had been killed in an accident so she had no one to go to to borrow money from. She looked at the clock on all 7:00 a.m. that meant she had three hours before the landlord would be there, three hours to come up with over a $150. She had been giving her worthless boyfriend pussy and head for nothing so she figured maybe it was time for somebody to give her money for some.

Jane went to her dresser and got out a pair Daisy Duke shorts and a halter-top that would show off her pert 34 c breast. She was very nervous as she stepped out apartment on the street, she had never done anything like this before and she hoped the she would not make a fool out of herself, or get arrested for prostitution. She did not know what she was supposed to do so she just walked down the street trying to look as sexy as possible. The first car that noticed her had two black in it, they scared her by threatening to grab her and drag her in their car so she moved over on the sidewalk as far as possible from the street.

Jane with about to give up when a green mini van pulled up next to her, and the driver rolled down the passenger window. He said, would you like a ride?

Jane flashed her smile at him and said, yes thank-you.

When Jane was safely inside with her seat belt on the driver pulled away from the curb. The driver was the first one to speak, he said, are you looking for a party?

Jane smiled at the driver and said, yes she was looking for some fun.

The driver took a long look at her and said, how much?

Jane had forgot to figure out what going rate should be because she it never done this before, all at once she blurted out $100.

The man pulled the men over to the side street, and said, I am sorry but that is just too much. For that much I can get call girl from one of the resorts not just some girl of the street. He stopped the van and waited for her to get out.

Jane felt like she was gonna panic, the man was a little overweight, and in his mid-40s, but he was nice and she felt comfortable with him. Jane said, what is the going rate then I am kinda new at this.

A man said most the time it's 30 once in awhile maybe all of 40, but that's about tops. Why how much the need and why are you doing this to yourself?

Jane took a deep breath before answering, my boyfriend found the rent money I had been saving, and now if I don't come up with a $120 to replace it I will be thrown out of my apartment on the street. You seem like a nice person and I wasn't trying to screw you, I really did not know how much to say.

The man smiled, my name is Dave, I will give you the $120 you need if you agree to give me four dates at other times of my choosing. That's five dates altogether you have do whatever I want you to do with no arguments.

Jane only took a moment to decide, and said, you have a deal.

Dave stopped by the Bank going to the drive up automatic teller he took out $150 then he stopped at the drive-in liquor store near his house. He even bought her a four pack of her favorite wine coolers to drink when they got his house. As he pulled in the driveway he told her to get down because his neighbors were very nosy and he didn't them knowing he had anybody with him. In the carport he opened the door to the House and motion for heard come quickly which she did. Inside the house it was modest with a nice living room in clean neat kitchen. Dave led the way down the hallway turning in the first room on the right; the room was a bedroom without any Windows. Jane felt that someone was wrong the minute she entered the room nothing she could put a finger on just the feeling. When the door closed Dave turnaround facing her with a knife in his hand.

Dave said, we have change in plans from now on your my property you will do what I say when I say how I say, do you understand?

Jane was trembling as she answered, why're you doing this, I thought you were such a nice person, I just can't believe this. I'd think I had better leave right now.

Dave said, I don't think you understand, first you're not going anywhere ever, unless I decide to get rid of you. From now on you belong to me, you are my property as long as I wish, and you will stay my property. When I no longer have a use for you then I will consider passing you on to some of my other friends for their enjoyment. As long as you are here you will always address me as master sir, as in yes master sir, or no masters sir. You always kneel in my presence and obey my every command without hesitation. Do you understand?

Jane felt tears forming in her eyes as he answered, yes master sir.

Dave smiled, now strip and place your clothes in this bag. He handed her a brown paper sack, and after she had placed her clothes in the bag he folded the top down, and wrapped in tape. The bag he he set on a table outside in the hallway.

Jane held one arm across her breasts, and the other hand modestly covering her pussy. She watched Dave as he locked the door, and walked over to the easy chairs sitting in the room. He snapped his fingers pointing at the floor in front of him for Jane to kneel. There was a slight head hesitation, but then the hopelessness of the situation set in, and she meekly obeyed sinking to her knees in front of him.

Dave spoke, get the zipper down, and then you know what to do.

Jane looked up at him with tears in her eyes, please don't hurt me please. I will do what you say and not cause any trouble just don't hurt me please. She began to fumble with his zipper finally getting it down and reaching inside found his cock. His Dick was bigger than a boyfriend been he had 8 in. and the head was big as a plum. She began to kiss and lick the length taking time to suck gently on the skin of the sides and let her tongue wonder over the surface. Jane could tell the she was having the desired effect has Dave had his eyes closed and let is free hand rest on her head as she serviced him. Dave looked down at the girl on the floor kneeling between his legs, and he knew that she was going to work out perfectly. Her training had already begun, soon she would do anything he request it without hesitation, the perfect submissive. He let his fingers grasp the her hair and then forced her head all the way down on his stiff cock. He enjoyed the feeling of her throat muscles gagging on the head of his cock as it entered her tight throat. The feeling of a of enjoyment continued to grow until he could he knew he was ready to come, the feeling down in his balls and erupted from the end of his cock into her mouth.

Jane had to swallow furiously in order to keep from drowning on his massive amount of cum. Jane had to swallow most of the cum but some still seeped out the corners her mouth. She continued to nurse and suck on the cock until it softened and withdrew from her mouth. She knelt there on the floor looking up at him wondering what her next instruction would be, dreading but also anticipating the command. She had never realized she had a submissive streak, but now she knew she wanted to be told what to do and when to do it.

Dave picked up a dog collar from the table he showed her the collar. The collar had small pouches on the inside of it, that Dave explained were filled with small explosives nothing big enough to cause a major explosion but enough to make Jane's head fall off.

Dave then buckled the collar snapping a small padlock in to the latch so that she could not remove the collar from her neck. He explained that there was a small electronic circuit in the collar that if she tried to leave the premises the explosive would go off automatically. If he wished her accompany him somewhere he could deactivate the collar from a small remote he carried in his pocket.

Jane hung her head and said, yes master I will do is you say.

Dave led her to bed and had her lay on her stomach, he then tied each and of her wrist to different bedpost leaving her there to think about her new situation.

When the door closed Jane was in total darkness, her first reaction was to cry, but in a way he had not hurt her and being his property might not be too bad anyway she didn't seem have any choice. Having worked all night she fell into a deep sleep, that was filled with memories of how bad some of her past boyfriends and had abused her.

It was evening when Dave opened the door entering the room, but without any Windows and Jane had no way of knowing it was day or night. Dave kneeled on the bed next to her head and presented his cock to her for servicing which she opened her mouth and set to work vigorously on it. When the cock was hard he made her raised up on to her knees with their hands still bound. He then opened her legs and slid to his cock deep inner pussy ending up against her cervix. Jane had never been so filled; it felt better than ever before when he started stroking in and out she found that she was moving with him. Dave took his time reaching under to stimulate her clit with his finger as he shoved his cock deep inside her. It did not take long with the ministrations of its finger for her to feel her first orgasm building, and by the time she had had her fourth he was ready to fill our with his hot juice. Blast after hot searing blast shot deep inner steaming pussy sending her over the edge again.

When Dave was finished he covered her with a blanket before leaving the room. She slept better than she had for a longtime. He came back about an hour later, and she heard the door handle opening this time. She had felt the urge to relieve herself so bad that she spoke up first, please may I use the restroom.

Jane knew she made a mistake by speaking as he entered the room. She regretted saying what she said, but she did have to go and didn't know how else to say it.

Dave looked sternly at her on the bed, you have already forgotten the first order I gave you bitch, but you will learn it for sure. You did not address me as master sir before asking permission to speak, now you have a choice you have five strokes with a cane before you piss or 20 strokes afterward? Well which will be?

Jane felt tears begin to well up in her eyes as she answered him, I am sorry master sir his worthless one did not mean any disrespect, I forgot my place for a moment please forgive me. I cannot hold it while you punish me so I will have to take 20 strokes, but I am sorry and I did not mean any disrespect to you master.

Dave reach down and untied her hands helping Jane to her feet he lead her to a door on the right side of the room. The door opened onto a small bathroom with a tub, shower and stool. He stood there watching as she relieved herself, but she found it hard to begin going while someone was watching her. Jane knew that there was going to be many new adjustments for her to make, she had no choice.

When Jane had finished relieving herself Dave led her across room to the other door across the room, which turned out to be a closet with strange objects in it. He pointed for her to pullout a wooden stand with the board on top which had three holes cut in it. It was heavy for Jane to move; finally she managed to drag it to the center of the room. Dave opened the board motioning for her to put her head and hands in the holes like old-time stocks would have been. When the top are the board was latched to the bottom she founder self unable to move, the holes were padded so she didn't have to worry about being hurt by the boards. Her perfect C breasts were hanging down below her, felt Dave's fingers pinched and twisted her sensitive buds.

Jane was totally unprepared for the first stroke of the cane, as suddenly her ass exploded in fire. Through her tears and sobs Jane heard Dave's voice, you will count each stroke, and then thank me for correcting you with my cane. You understand?

Jane nodded her head and croaked out 1 thank-you master sir for punishing this worthless one.

Suddenly there was a new streak of fire across her ass, and she said, two thank you master sir for punishing this worthless once again. The strokes continued one after another and soon it was a struggle to remember what to say, then finally she heard herself say 20, and she knew it was over.

Dave released her immediately and helped her to the bed; he did not bother to tie her this time but covered her up and let her sleep.

Jane had wild dreams that she had been taken by pirates and was being held in the captain's cabin. Then she dreamed that she was a slave in the Old South and master was going to sell at auction. When Jane woke the next morning she found that during the night some time Dave had come in the room and had put a soothing lotion over her punished ass. What ever he had put on her had taken away all the pain, and she could move without wincing.

The door opened and Dave turned on the light from of switch outside in the hallway, and stepped in the room closing the door behind him.

Jane was the first to speak, master sir how can this worthless one please you? When she is finished speaking and she crawled out of the bed to to kneel beside it waiting for a reply.

Dave smiled she was already shaping up to be a perfect sub, I bought some supper for us, I hope you like Chinese.

Jane continued looking at the floor and as she spoke, yes master sir I love Chinese, it will be my pleasure to serve you.

Dave walked too small dresser next to the bed, and handed Jane a garter belt, pair of nylons, and high heels. He said, you will put these on, and join me in the dining room. He turned and left the room, leaving the door to the hallway open.

Jane for just the second contemplated the possibility of escaping, but she knew that would be impossible without any clothes. Even the blanket on the bed was attached at the foot so it could not be removed, and down deep inside she was not sure she wanted to escape.

Five minutes later Jane stepped out of the bedroom door into the hallway and then walked to the kitchen. Dave sitting at the dining room table there were containers of Chinese food spread out on the table, there were two places set at the table. Jane felt slightly uncomfortable wearing only high heels and nylons, but she walked purposely to the table. Jane was the first one to speak; may I serve you my master?

Dave said, yes and my little one you may. I will have some fried rice, sweet and sour pork, broccoli beef, and hot cabbage.

Jane picked up his plate, began putting the items on it that he had specified. She then place the plate in front him and then inquired if there was anything else she could get for him. Dave said no for her to go ahead and get her food. When she had served herself she sat down in the other chair and began to eat. She did not know how hungry she was until She began to eat, then he realized she had not eaten all day.

Jane kept the wary eye on her master to make sure a he did not want for anything without her knowing it, and getting it for him before he realized it. Very little food was left in the containers when the meal was over in Jane quickly picked up the garbage and wiped off the table. She stood next to a table as her master finished his drink and waited for him to tell or what to do.

When Dave finished his bourbon and Coke he stood up and motioned for Jane to follow him, as he led the way back to the bedroom. When he entered the bedroom he told Jane too late down the bed on her back, in to grab her ankles with their hands. He stood there for several minutes admiring the beautiful sight before him, because with her in that position it caused her pussy to lay open and exposed. Jane was totally unprepared for what Dave did next; he lowered in self to his knees between her legs, and began to use his tongue to stimulate her lips. Within a minute she could feel her pussy juice running down the crack of her ass. He was extremely good with the did, he let his lips suck gently on the skin of the insider her thighs, and then his teeth with gently scrape the lips of her pussy. When the bud of her clit forced its way from under its cover he grabbed did gently with his lips and sucked it gently like it was a mini cock. The thing that he did that drove her over the edge was when he was sucking on her clit he shoved two of this fingers in her pussy.

Jane lay their drenched in sweat, she had never felt so satisfied in her life and she knew that she would do anything he asked to her without threats. When Dave finished and stood up Jane asked him if he could do something for him. Dave lay down the bed and told her to get on top and ride him to a came in her. When he finally had his orgasm and she had her fourth she said, they you master the taking your time to train this worthless one I am happy to be your sub. I will belong to you as long as you want me to I will be your sub in do anything you tell me.

To be continued...

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