tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Taking of Lena Ch. 02

The Taking of Lena Ch. 02


Lena was lying naked on the large bed of the Crown suite. She was weakened and vulnerable, completely on display, and there was nothing she could do to protect her modesty. She remembered, then, that there was no longer a modesty to protect. Renz had taken her.

The coldness of the room made her smooth skin turn into gooseflesh. Her normally puffy, rose-colored nipples were hardened and erect, pointing directly to the ceiling. She shivered, weakly beginning to curl up towards her center to warm herself, but strong hands pressed against her shoulders, keeping her exposed.

"I'm cold," she murmured. Renz chuckled.

"You'll find I have many ways of keeping you warm," he whispered.

Lena felt his warm, wet mouth darting between her nipples, and her pussy throbbed in a reawakening ache. She was suddenly aware of just how empty she felt without him inside of her. His cock had filled her, stretched her far beyond what was comfortable, and without him, it felt like something was missing.

She hated the feeling.

"You're getting wet again, Lena," he said softly. Lena shook her head.

"No...no," she whimpered.

"Shh, Lena. It's nothing to be ashamed of. You love what I do to your little body with my mouth," Renz whispered. Lena squealed, for suddenly, it felt as if his mouth was covering every last inch of her naked, heated skin. She felt the warm wetness of his tongue on her breasts, swirling around and flicking her sensitive nipples. She felt it going lower, across her stomach, her ribs, the smooth triangle of her mound.

"Don't go any lower," Lena pleaded.

But his tongue did travel lower, and all of her resistance flowed out of her body and into his eager mouth. She felt his long, thick fingers surge inside of her as his tongue swirled around her sensitive clit, and Lena screamed.

Renz shifted up her body, sinking his fingers deeper inside of her. Lena stared into his smoldering eyes, tears welling in hers as his thumb pressed against the most sensitive part of her body. She shook her head as he began rubbing her swollen clit, trying to resist the sensations of her body more than resist his insistent touch.

Lena felt something bigger and harder pressing against her sore opening, and she began to panic, terrified of what it would feel like again.

"Please don't do that," Lena begged. Renz stared down at her, and pushed a strand of damp hair away from her flushed face.

"You will learn to love this, Lena. I promise, you will learn to love having me inside of you," he whispered. He pushed in, and Lena's eyes rolled to the back of her head as her small body was filled with him once more.

Lena groggily opened her eyes, images of her dream, or perhaps nightmare, haunting her consciousness. She felt dizzy, achy, and tormented. She could tell the sun was high in the sky, but she felt as if she hadn't slept a wink. Her head, legs, breasts, stomach...everything throbbed painfully. Part of her hoped that what she had experienced the night before had been a figment of her imagination as well as the vivid dream, but the raw soreness between her thighs reminded her of just how real it was.

She slowly sat up in the bed, doing her best to keep her nakedness and shame covered with the sheets. She looked around, and slowly became aware that she was alone in the room. Renz was gone.

Lena slowly got out of bed, wincing as her leg movements strained her sore internal walls. She saw her dress uniform and apron from the night before neatly folded on the vanity of the bedroom, and she carefully walked over to it. Before she could touch her clothes, she caught her reflection in the mirror. Immediately, she began to cry at the horrid sight.

There were bruises and bitemarks all over her body, particularly concentrated around her breasts, waist, and hips. She traced four red, long welts across her waist and onto her back with her fingertips, shocked at the realization that they were from Renz's rough grip.

Her eyes were red and puffy, and her neck was so dark and bruised that she felt she looked as if she had some form of skin disease. Her hair was a giant, tangled mess. Lena sighed, truly feeling more dreadful than ever.

She lowered her gaze, and saw a filmy white substance smeared between her upper thighs, with streaks of red. Lena's eyes widened in shock, and before she could calm herself, she retched into one of the vanity drawers, completely disgusted.

"Where in god's name have you been?! I've been worried sick! It's after noon!" Marie shrieked. Lena's ears began ringing at the sound of her voice, and she winced as a new headache began to form.

"I'm so sorry, Marie. I overslept," Lena replied meekly. Marie's face softened slightly at the pained expression on Lena's sweet features.

"What happened to you?" she asked, motherly concern overriding her employer-like impatience.

Lena wanted to tell her about what had happened, but the words wouldn't come out of her mouth. What Renz had done to her, what she had done with him, was shameful and primal. Marie would never look at her the same way again.

Lena shook her head, forcing a smile on her face.

"Nothing at all. Should I start with stripping the rooms?" Lena asked. Marie frowned.

"Lena, it is far too late to strip the rooms, I had Annette and Josephine take care of that. No, what I need you to do is prepare the solarium for tea," Marie replied. Lena nodded, feeling increasingly guilty for slacking on her normal duties.

"Right away. I'm so sorry for my lateness, Marie," she answered sincerely.

"I know you are. Don't disappoint me again today, please?" she asked kindly. Lena smiled.

"I promise I won't," she replied, rushing over to the kitchens.

"Please...Mr. Wolfenbarger...I need only another month. I will be coming into a great deal of money soon, and I will be able to repay everything you are owed. With interest," Jonathon said pleadingly.

Renz strolled around the ethereally illuminated solarium, enjoying the fragrance of the various exotic flowers. He paused at a particularly captivating bloom, gently beaded with crystal clear drops of dew. Its pink petals were not quite ready to meet the sun, and gracefully concealed a deep pink, almost red, mysterious center.

His cock began to throb at the thought of the delicious, wet petals between Lena's legs this flower reminded him of.

Renz cleared his throat. "Are you aware of how many times you have delivered precisely that rhetoric, Jonathon?" Renz queried, voice low and serious.

"Well, I—"

"Five times now, to be exact. I am not a man to show mercy. For mercy, to me, is merely the Christian word for weakness. But because of our long-standing history, I have granted you several extensions, far more than I usually offer. It is time to pay your debt," Renz replied coolly.

A sweat began to form across Jonathon's forehead, completely unrelated to the beaming sunshine inside of the solarium.

"Mr. Wolfenbarger...please sit," Jonathon began.

Renz strolled over to him and sat opposite, putting one riding boot-clad ankle over his knee. He observed Jonathon as he struggled to find his words, his fat cheeks turning red. Renz thought he looked pathetic.

"Between my son's marriage, increased land taxes, year after year of failing crops, and...living expenses...I simply don't have any disposable income. This ball was not just for my son. It was also a fundraiser," Jonathon confessed.

Renz felt no sympathy for Jonathon's carelessness.

"You might consider mortgaging your properties," Renz suggested. Jonathon shook his head.

"Out of the question. I don't even know when I would be able to buy them back. I have people working for me, hundreds of servants that depend on my employment," Jonathon replied. Renz raised an eyebrow.

"Didn't you just say you are coming into a great deal of money soon?" Renz asked mockingly. Jonathon swallowed hard.

"The servant's here with tea," Jonathon replied, loosening his collar.

Renz recognized her by the delicate, small hands that gently placed a tray of tea and chocolate biscuits on the wrought iron table of the solarium.

"Good afternoon, miss," he said teasingly.

"Good afternoon, sir," she replied quietly, refusing to look at him.

Renz watched her as she gracefully poured the tea, first in Jonathon's cup, then in his.

"Lena, have you met Lord Wolfenbarger?" Jonathon asked eventually. Lena's eyes widened, and she looked pleadingly at him. Renz chuckled.

"Only briefly, last night. She was turning down my room. Fine maid she is, Jonathon," Renz answered. Lena's small shoulders slightly relaxed from their tensed state, and he could literally feel the relief emanating from her body at his discretion.

Jonathon smiled, a grin of pride.

"That she is. A very hard worker. You can go now, Lena," Jonathon said. Lena curtseyed.

"Yes sir," she replied. And just as quickly and quietly as she'd arrived, she departed. But this time, Renz's eyes followed her every step, and every curve of fabric on her body, as she walked.

"Give me her, and I'll cancel your debt," Renz said suddenly. Jonathon gasped in surprise.

"You wish...to marry a maid?" Jonathon asked. Renz nearly laughed out loud.

"I have no intention of ever getting married again, let alone to a maid. No, I have far more interesting things planned for that one. Lena is her name?" Renz asked. Jonathon frowned.

"Yes, her name is Lena. And I am not giving her away," Jonathon replied firmly. Renz chuckled.

"No? What if I pay you, then? How much do you want for her?" Renz pressed.

"Lena is not for sale," Jonathon replied.

Renz folded his arms, disappointed by the realization that acquiring Lena would be a bit more challenging than he'd originally thought. "You seem awfully protective of her," Renz mentioned. Jonathon's eyes narrowed.

"She is a good girl. And completely alone in the world, save for my employment. She needs protection," Jonathon replied.

"She hardly appears to be a girl anymore, Jonathon. And what if there is nothing left in her to protect? Looking the way she does I'm most certain—"

Jonathon angrily slammed his hand down on the table, spilling tea. He stood up on shaky legs, and pointed his finger at Renz.

"Your arrogance is astounding, Mr. Wolfenbarger. I will not tolerate you speaking ill of Lena, nor will I pass her off to you to be tortured. I'll repay my debt, in cash, by the end of the week. And after, I want no more dealings with you. Now if you'll excuse me, I need air," Jonathon fumed, storming off.

"I meant no disrespect," Renz called, but Jonathon was no longer within earshot.

Lena kept herself very busy for the rest of the afternoon, in an attempt to stay away from Renz as much as possible. She traded chamber duties with Marie so that she would not have to be alone in the Crown suite at any point in time. She would not, could not, allow Renz to repeat what he had done the night before.

Lena retired to her small room later that night after her tasks had been completed. She was exhausted, and still feeling sick to her stomach, but she had successfully avoided him. Only another five days of working in the fields and kitchens, and he would be gone. And then, she would be able to get back to her regular life as a happy chambermaid.

She noticed the wildflowers Gregory had given her were still sitting on her nightstand, and were slightly wilting. She realized then that she hadn't even thought of how Gregory had hurt her since the day before. That was one benefit to her violation, she thought bitterly. Someone had managed to hurt her even more than Gregory had, and now his offense didn't seem so terrible.

Lena gathered her hairbrush, soap, and night shift, and exited her room for the bathing room she shared with the other chambermaids. Because it was so late, it was empty, for which Lena was eternally grateful.

Lena pumped water into the center basin, and added hot coals for warmth. She slowly and carefully removed her uniform, and stepped into the hot water, fully submerging to her shoulders.

Lena closed her eyes for a few moments, enjoying the feeling of the hot water on her sore muscles. She reached for her bar of soap, and gently scrubbed her fragile skin, washing away all remnants of Renz. She washed her hair three times, scrubbing her scalp until it was raw, just to be extra certain there wasn't a single part of her that even smelled like him. After rinsing, she remained in the tub, enjoying the now floral-scented steam.

Lena reclined, and began to gently run her hands over her body, tenderly massaging the areas that were particularly sore. She softly kneaded her breasts, surprised by how nice it felt, and shocked that she was touching herself this way. She began wondering if maybe she could touch herself, inside, where Renz had taken her. If massaging her sore skin helped the pain, surely touching herself deep inside would ease that ache as well.

Lena tentatively slid her hand down her stomach and between her legs, slowly parting them. She softly explored her sore pink flesh, running two fingers in light circles up and down her inner lips. She felt her excitement slowly and gently beginning to build up inside of her the closer she came to her clit, and she removed her hand once she realized she was releasing soft moans.

Eventually the water began turning cold, and Lena crawled out of the tub, securing herself in a towel. Her limbs ached in reaction to the cold bathing room, and she dried her skin as fast as possible, and slipped on her thin white night shift.

Lena brushed her wet hair in melodic strokes, smoothing out the minimal coarse ends, and exited the bathroom. She returned to her room, and nearly screamed when she saw the looming, masculine figure perched on her small bed.

"Close the door, Lena," Renz instructed. Lena, too terrified to disobey, closed the door behind her.

"What are you doing here?" Lena asked, knees shaking. Renz rose from her bed and strode towards her. Lena backed up against the door, eyes wide and fearful.

"To enjoy you, of course. I've been thinking about you all day," Renz replied. He placed his hand on her chin and gently kissed her.

"Please don't hurt me," Lena pleaded. Renz frowned, and his eyes narrowed dangerously.

"I thought I made it pretty clear last night that I have no intention of hurting you, Lena. Just the opposite in fact," Renz said, leaning down to kiss her again. Lena stopped him, however.

"Y-you did hurt me," Lena argued. Renz wrapped his arms around her and pulled her up against his torso, flattening her breasts against his chest.

"It only hurt because it was your first time, Lena. Your body had to do a lot of stretching to accommodate me. It will only get better for you now," Renz replied, gathering her shift up around her waist. Lena shook her head furiously.

"No...you're not doing that to me again. I will scream," Lena threatened. Renz chuckled.

"I sure hope you do. I love the sound of you screaming when you're coming," Renz teased. Lena blushed, and pounded her little fists against his chest.

"That's something...you'll never hear again, sir. I won't let you," Lena said, voice quivering. Renz raised his eyebrows and released her. He stared at her with a smile on his handsome face, almost as if she'd just told a joke. It frightened her.

"Why are you smiling?" Lena asked.

"Because I am a man that always gets what he wants. I want you. And I want you willing," Renz replied. Lena shook her head.

"You stole me. I didn't give myself to you willingly and I never will," Lena replied. Renz chuckled, and sat down on her bed with a sense of authority and ownership.

"How do you think your gentle old Jonathon Sterling would react if he found out his most precious, innocent maid slept with one of his guests?" Renz asked. Lena's lips parted in a silent gasp.

"He has known me my entire life. He knows I would never—"

"An eighteen-year-old maid, very beautiful, yet with no social standing, no prospects of marriage. Sterling, and everyone else for that matter, would assume you attempted to seduce the first wealthy man you were alone with. It's your word against mine, darling," Renz answered casually.

Lena felt her heart sink, unbelieving that this man could be so cruel.

"You wouldn't dare tell such a lie," Lena began. Renz shrugged his broad shoulders.

"You'll find I am a very fair man, Lena. To deny me the delights of your body would be a sin greater than murder. And such a sin, naturally, deserves punishment, don't you agree?" Renz asked. Lena's cheeks felt hot, and her head began to pound. She swallowed hard, realizing that she had no choice but to acquiesce to him.

"Please don't tell Master Sterling. If he finds out...and believes what you say...he will never forgive me. I will have nowhere to go," Lena replied sadly. For the first time, Renz dropped his gaze, and Lena was able to observe him a bit more closely. He seemed younger, somehow, when he wasn't looking at her. More human.

Lena tentatively approached him where he sat, and stood between his parted knees. She was nearly eye level with him, and she shakily reached out to touch the side of his face. He looked up at her then, steel eyes slightly softening.

Renz reached forward, and slowly slid his hand between Lena's legs, beneath her shift. Lena's knees nearly gave way when he pressed his fingers against her bare slit, softly stroking her lips.

"You will come to me willingly," Renz said. Lena nodded.

"Yes...yes," she replied. Renz moistened his fingers in his mouth before putting them between her thighs once more, this time separating her lips, and teasing her not yet damp inner folds.

"I will have you in here tonight. But every night hereafter, for the duration of my stay, you will report to my suite," Renz said, slipping his finger just barely inside of her. Lena gasped.

"Yes, sir," she replied, trying not to react to his touch.

"And if you do all that I ask, I promise to keep this a secret. Now what do you say?" Lena began to cry again, feeling more humiliated than ever. She sniffled and looked up at the ceiling before answering.

"Thank you, sir," she replied. Renz leaned forward and kissed her pussy, through her shift.

"That's my good girl," Renz whispered, squeezing her buttocks. Lena moaned uncomfortably as his head disappeared beneath her gown, and his lips left teasing kisses along her upper thighs. She squirmed as his mouth moved dangerously closer to that traitorous part of her body that craved his agile tongue.

"Why are you doing that?" Lena asked. She heard, and felt, him release a low tone, vibrating her sensitive folds.

"Don't you like it when I lick you?" Renz asked in response, lips against her lips. Lena's eyelashes fluttered, and she struggled to maintain control of her body.

"What I mean is...why do you care what I like or don't like?" Lena clarified. Renz paused, and eventually rose, smoothing down her shift. He pulled her closer to him, fingertips skirting along the backs of her thighs.

"I told you Lena. I'm a fair man. It would be meaningless to me if I was the only one gaining pleasure," he replied. Lena frowned, completely disbelieving.

"You...raped me. Last night was pain, not pleasure," Lena replied solemnly. Renz frowned and shook his head. He stood, and Lena defensively began to back away from him. He stalked towards her, and Lena cowered in fear against the wall. Renz angrily placed his hands on either side of her, causing her to jolt. He brought his face close, his mouth nearly touching hers. Lena could feel his hot, angry breath spreading all over her face.

Renz spoke slowly and deliberately. "You were dripping wet by the time I entered you, Lena. I counted two contractions: once around my tongue, the other around my fingers. I made sure you came before, and after I did. Look me in the eye and tell me you didn't enjoy the way that felt," Renz ordered. Lena gulped.

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