tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Taking of Lena Ch. 04

The Taking of Lena Ch. 04


Lena leaned her head against the frame of the carriage. She stared absently at the fabric of the carriage's interior in front of her eyes, but it was too close for her to focus any detail. It was a blur of meaningless color.

Anything to avoid looking at Renz.

She sighed heavily, not wanting to let her thoughts go in the direction they were destined to go. She had been avoiding it for days...or maybe it had been weeks? It could have very well been years, for Lena had lost track of time in their travel.

She had slipped into a trance-like state following her banishment from Sterling Manor. She was half-awake during the day, and nearly dead when asleep at night. Lena could not recall much about what she had been doing, what Renz had been doing, where they had gone. She had simply existed, without memory, awareness, or forethought.

"Goddamnit, Lena!"

Lena jumped in alarm, shocked to hear Renz's voice, but more shocked to hear that he was yelling at her. She looked up at him fearfully, and instantly lowered her eyes when she saw that his were filled with fury.

"Lena, please look at me," Renz said, slightly softening his voice. Lena surveyed his tense body before making eye contact with him. She noted the way his large hands were clenching and unclenching in tight fists. He was rapidly bouncing his knee in what appeared to be nervousness.

"Please, Lena," he said again. Lena looked up at him through sad blue eyes, and Renz sighed.

"You can't carry on like this. You haven't spoken a word since we left Sterling's," Renz said. Lena cleared her throat.

"What would you like me to say, sir?" Lena asked. Renz rolled his eyes in irritation.

"There is no need for the formalities, Lena. You're not a maid anymore," Renz replied. Lena frowned.

"What am I then?" she asked quietly, almost speaking to herself. Renz stared at her unwaveringly.

"You're mine."

Lena curled up towards her center and closed her eyes, in order to fight back the tears. The idea of being his terrified her, and she wasn't ready to think about it yet. She needed more time to just be...empty.

She focused on the steady rhythm of the carriage, the sound of her own breathing, until eventually the present disappeared and her mind re-entered the cloud-like state she'd been in for the duration of their travels. She fell into a deep, dreamless sleep, comfortably dissociated.

When Lena awakened, the carriage had stopped moving. She opened her eyes and looked around, surprised to find that it was vacant.

Lena crawled over to the door of the carriage and opened it, immediately wishing she hadn't. She was greeted with an incredible chill that instantly made her shiver.

She exited the carriage with shoulders hunched and arms crossed over her body, in a feeble attempt to keep herself warm. The air was crisp and frigid, and a light rain sprinkled from the rapidly darkening sky.

"Fräulein Lena?" Lena turned towards the speaker, a servant of some sort. He stood rigidly, and appeared to be only a few years older than she, but he had a kind face. Lena smiled slightly, trying to take comfort.

"I'm sorry...I've never been called that before," Lena replied. The man smiled back at her.

"My name is Erich, welcome to Schloss Wolfenbarger," Erich said, motioning to the estate.

Lena's eyes widened in an attempt to absorb the edifice that stood before her, and her mouth opened in an awe-struck gasp. She thought she heard Erich laugh behind her, but she found she didn't care.

Lena had always thought that Sterling Manor was the most beautiful, luxurious estate in the world, because it was the only manor she had ever seen. In comparison to Schloss Wolfenbarger, however, it was severely diminished.

It reminded Lena of pictures of castles and palaces she had seen in books. It was surrounded by an expanse of manicured grass, with a forest of tall trees surrounding that. The structure itself seemed to go on for as far as her eyes could see, and the way it juxtaposed aggressive power with gentle beauty puzzled her quizzically.

"Shall I show you inside?" Erich eventually asked. Lena nodded without looking at him, still staring at the estate in wonder.

She followed Erich up the long curved drive and sets of stairs to the main entrance of the estate. The closer she came, the larger the estate looked. Two servants opened the very tall, intricately carved Baroque-style twin doors, and Lena tentatively entered.

For a moment, she stood in the threshold between the doors and the grand entry room, too nervous and open-mouthed to proceed further. But eventually, she moved forward, and was taken aback by the beauty of the interior.

The grand entry room was circular and open, elaborately decorated with chandeliers, candelabras, tapestries, and highly polished marble flooring. A particularly large, glittering statement chandelier hung in the center, and Lena's eyes tried to follow it to where it started. She had to strain her neck to find the ceiling, and was surprised by the number of floors her vision soon revealed.

The ceiling was painted with a lovely sky scene, a trompe l'oeil that appeared to be between day and night, or perhaps a combination of both. The sky was painted with a variety of blues, oranges, and deep purples, featuring both the moon and the sun, along with stars. There were delicate clouds painted with rich hues that hid some strange winged creatures her vision couldn't reach.

"Shall I show you to your room?" Erich asked. Lena tried to shake away her awe and regain her composure. She lowered her head and nodded, following Erich up the grand staircase that stood at the far end of the entry room.

Lena couldn't help but look over the railing of the third floor hallway down at the grand entry room again, just to stare at that beautiful chandelier from the new angle. Even from her new height, it still seemed massive.

"This way," Erich said, slightly impatient. Lena bolted away from the balcony and ran to reach Erich, who was waiting for her at the end of the hall.

"Your quarters," he said softly, opening the double doors. Lena stepped inside, taken aback by the beauty of the suite.

"This is for me?" Lena asked, surprised. Erich nodded.

"Those were the Master's specific instructions. To the left through those doors there, you'll find your bedroom and dressing rooms. To the right, your bathing room. This here is your lounge," Erich explained.

Lena slowly took in the beauty of the lounge room, which was larger than the entire Crown Suite of Sterling Manor, and easily ten times the size of her sleeping quarters there.

The furniture and decorations were lovely, in soft hues of pale blue, gold, and rose, but what truly captivated Lena was the view from the windows. The furthest wall of the lounge room was entirely made of floor to ceiling windows, and Lena walked over to it to stare at the beautiful sight outside.

A strange joy formed in her heart when Lena took in the sight of a lake. It reminded her of home.

"Where is the Master?" Lena asked eventually.

"He will be with you shortly. He stated that you might want some time to become accustomed to your new home," Erich replied. Lena smiled bitterly, for as magnificent as Schloss Wolfenbarger was, it would never become a home to her. It was simply a beautiful prison.

"Thank you," Lena said sweetly, trying to remain pleasant.

Erich regarded her, and Lena felt his eyes lower to her clothes and the shoes on her feet.

"Shall I send a maid to draw your bath?" Erich asked. Lena blushed in embarrassment, realizing she must have looked very dirty, and furiously shook her head in dismay.

"No, that would be improper. I can do it myself," Lena replied. Erich seemed confused by her reaction, but he pressed the matter no further.

"Very well, then. You may call on me if I can be of any assistance, fräulein. And again, welcome to Schloss Wolfenbarger," Erich replied.

Lena exhaled when Erich closed the doors. She hadn't even realized she'd been holding her breath until she was finally alone.

Lena felt out of place in the luxurious apartment. She looked down at her calloused hands and stained clothes, feeling even more dirty and lowly.

She entered the bathing room and drew a bath of hot water. The countertops featured various oils and soaps and salts for the bath, and Lena decided on a delicate lavender oil.

She undressed and entered the tub, exhaling in relief at the feeling of the hot water relaxing her muscles. She submerged up to her ears, and closed her eyes in relaxation.

Lena took in the gentle scent of the bath oils, allowing it to fill her lungs and calm her from the inside out. She focused on the gentle embrace the heat of the water had on her body, and she began to softly run her fingertips on her skin in the water.

She gingerly applied soap lather to her body and indulged her skin with the newfound luxury. She cleansed her body, becoming more and more aware with each touch. Lena was becoming fully awake, her senses reactivated from their dormant, trance-like state. She allowed herself to think about where she was, what her life would be, and about Renz. Renz...

She realized then that Renz hadn't touched her since Sterling Manor. She sifted through what she could remember of their travels, but had no recollections of any coupling.

Lena brought her hand between her legs and absently began to rub the soft slit of her pussy. She separated her lips with her fingers, exploring her intimate parts. She found her entrance, and gently pushed, expecting to feel a gaping hole where Renz had previously speared her. To her surprise, her body was not as flexible with her finger as she had expected. There was no pain, exactly, but there was a distinct level of resistance and tightness.

Lena brought her finger to her clit, and began to gently rub around it. She began to feel that familiar warmth deep in her belly, and the muscles of her pussy began throbbing rhythmically. Lena put her finger directly on her clit, and released a soft gasp at the satisfying feeling.

Her pussy began throbbing more insistently, clenching at something unknown, and Lena brought her finger back to her entrance, curious. Now, her body welcomed her finger and squeezed it snugly, and Lena slid it in and out of herself in pleasure. But soon she realized that her finger was becoming dissatisfying. A part of her craved to be filled with something else.

Lena exited the tub and wrapped her body with linen towels. She left the bathing room then, bringing the clothes she'd just taken off.

And there he stood in all of his magnificence.

"Hello, Lena," Renz said. Lena gasped and looked down to ensure her body was covered.

"Hello, sir," she replied. He started towards her, and Lena's knees began to shake, but not in fear.

"Did you enjoy your bath?" Renz asked, reaching for her wet hair. Lena nodded, shivering as Renz brought his mouth to the crook of her neck and breathed deeply.

"You smell delicious," he muttered softly, planting a kiss on her neck. Lena's heart pounded at his sudden close proximity, and she found that the cool, masculine scent of him was making her even more aroused.

His scent was like poison, drugging her into a dark sexuality. She pulled away from him and wrapped her arms tightly around her body, to protect herself from desire.

"You're cold," he mentioned. Lena was confused, but soon noticed the goosebumps all over her skin.

"Y-yes," she replied eventually. Renz paced around the lounge room, searching for something. He opened an armoire of sorts, bringing her a deep scarlet men's sleeping robe.

Before she could protest, he secured it around her to the best of his ability. The garment was much too large for her, with a great deal of it gathered at the floor.

"You can wear that for now," Renz muttered, seemingly in disapproval. Lena frowned.

"I recall bringing clothes," Lena replied. Renz shook his head.

"You are not a maid anymore, Lena. You will not be wearing uniforms here. I had my servants dispose of them the moment we arrived," Renz replied. Lena stepped away from him in shock.

"You wouldn't dare have me parade around naked, would you? Aside from the humiliation, I would surely catch my death of cold!" Lena exclaimed.

Renz stared at her for a few moments, amused. Lena frowned in irritation when he began to laugh.

"Why are you laughing at me?" she asked. Renz halted his laughter, but his wolfish smile remained.

"That is the most you have spoken to me in quite a while, Lena. I've missed your little thoughts," Renz replied.

Lena frowned in indignation, not at all pleased by his teasing.

"While the thought of having you naked all the time certainly has its appeal...I would hardly want anyone else to enjoy the sight of your body. That's for me. We'll have clothes made for you," Renz stated.

"I would rather you didn't," Lena replied. Renz raised his eyebrows.

"And why is that?" Renz asked. Lena looked down at her feet in nervousness.

"I don't want to be your doll," Lena replied. Renz stepped behind Lena, and put his large hands on her shoulders.

"You are lovelier than any doll Lena. But I think we can agree that you are my toy, and oh how I have missed playing with you," Renz purred.

Lena's insides burned with fury, but she took a deep breath to maintain her composure.

She stepped away from him, tightening the robe around herself protectively. She surveyed the room once more, wishing Renz would leave.

"How do you find the room?" Renz asked. Lena smiled bitterly.

"It's lovely. I was surprised," Lena replied. Renz snickered behind her.

"Quite different from the more...humble countryside of Sterling's, I imagine," Renz replied, continuing to chuckle arrogantly. Lena shook her head.

"It's not that. I thought for certain you would keep me locked up in a cage or a dungeon," she answered.

She heard him approaching her from behind, and her spine stiffened in anticipation. She could feel his body heat against her damp skin, even though he wasn't yet touching her.

His breath was hot against her ear.

"I told you I would take care of you, Lena," Renz whispered softly. He reached for the sash that tied the robe together and tugged once. The material instantly fell from her body and pooled at her feet, and she stood naked.

Lena tried to keep her face as blank as possible. She knew that servicing Renz was inevitable. Part of her desired to be filled, even. Yet she didn't know if her body or mind could handle him yet. He had taken her life away from her and given her a new one, and Lena feared the unknown.

She stood expectantly for several minutes, waiting for him to touch her. But he never did. Eventually she turned around to face him, and his expression was as blank and grave as hers.

"Put the robe back on," Renz said, beginning to walk away from her. Lena clumsily did as she was told and followed him, but he stopped her.

"Don't you want to...?" Lena asked. Renz lowered his gaze.

"Just stay here. You've never traveled before so you should probably rest tonight. I will have a servant bring you food shortly," Renz muttered quietly. Lena frowned in confusion, unsure of what to say.

When Renz loudly slammed the double doors to the suite together, leaving her alone, Lena felt a painful jolt in her chest. She had gotten so used to Renz using her that she had no idea what it would be like for him to deny her.

Lena's face felt hot with humiliation and fury, and she wished she could run after Renz, scream at him, and hurt him.

When she began to calm down, Lena paced around the suite, unsure of what to do. She hadn't given much thought to what her life would be like, or what the future held. She'd been too afraid to consider it. She didn't know what her role would be at Schloss Wolfenbarger. Was she a mistress? Or a servant? Lena shook her head, fully understanding that she was nothing more than his personal whore.

Lena entered the bedroom, and once she saw the large, inviting bed she realized that she really was still very tired.

She contemplated jumping beneath the thick comforter, but a gentle knock on the main door interrupted her thoughts. Lena sighed and walked back into the lounge area, pleasantly surprised to find a servant with a wide array of food, as Renz had said.

"Is this for me?" Lena asked, stomach growling. The servant nodded and smiled tensely.

"Thank you," Lena offered sincerely. The woman gave a quick nod once more, and poured a glass of wine.

When she left, Lena approached the elaborate spread, growing more and more ravenous as her eyes took in the sheer amount of food on the plates. She didn't recognize everything, but she was certain it all smelled delicious.

There were colorful vegetables, juicy meats, cheeses, and warm breads all prepared in ways she had never seen before, yet it all looked perfectly appetizing. Lena reached for a warm roll of bread, and her stomach began to growl in demand. She devoured it hungrily, and then cut into a large steak, swallowing much faster than her mouth could chew.

Lena rapidly cleared most of the food on the silver trays and released a slight belch when she finished. She felt slightly embarrassed, even though no one was in the room with her. She hadn't realized just how starving she had been, and a small part of her felt a bit of gratitude towards Renz.

She reached for the goblet of wine, but then stopped herself. She shook her head in distaste, remembering what had happened to her the last time she had allowed herself to become drunk.

Lena reclined on the chaise, contented with a feeling she had never before experienced; the feeling of having her stomach delightfully overstuffed. She put her hands on her stomach, suddenly becoming disturbed by how insistently it seemed to protrude.

A sinking dread entered her mind then as Lena realized the possibility of a pregnancy. She could handle being Renz's whore, but she could not survive being mother to his bastard child.

Lena stood up with a start, securing herself in the robe, and left her rooms.

The estate was dark and quiet, and Lena wasn't sure how or where to begin searching for Renz.

Lena passed several suites that were similar to hers, yet all uniquely decorated. Lena wondered how long Schloss Wolfenbarger had been in the Wolfenbarger family. Every possible surface was decorated with some beautiful piece or another; Lena imagined it must have taken centuries to complete the design.

She entered a long hall lined with oil paintings, each depicting a Wolfenbarger ancestor. Lena watched in fascination as she walked down the hall, noting the variations in the physical appearance of each subsequent Wolfenbarger heir. One consistency, however, were the stone-gray eyes of the men of the family.

Lena paused at a portrait of a family, and Lena knew simply by the arrogant expression on the child's face that it was from Renz's youth. The portrait was highly stylized, with Renz's father dominating the frame with his broad shoulders, focused eyes, and proud face, yet the artist had done an impeccable job of conveying the air of mischief that remained in Renz's spirit throughout his adulthood. The child-Renz's straight mouth looked as if it was just on the brink of becoming a smirk, and his gray eyes twinkled with impish secrecy.

Lean shifted her gaze to the portrait next to it, depicting a now adult Renz. By his side was a beautiful scarlet-haired woman, who was overtly pregnant. Her hand was splayed lovingly across her convex belly, and on her finger was a ring with a large, dark blue stone.

Lena gasped, wondering how she could have been so passively dense as to not realize that Renz had a family. She had inadvertently violated another woman's marriage.

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