tagRomanceThe Tales of Ariel Brody Ch. 03

The Tales of Ariel Brody Ch. 03


Everybody's old enough, foxy enough, you're better off reading Chapter 1 first, blah blah...


I was pumped. It was that incredible feeling you get when you realize that the exam you were completing couldn't have been any easier if you had written the questions yourself. I could see the A in Chemistry which would solidify my 4.0 for the semester. I went over my answers one more time and, satisfied with them, turned in the booklet and left. I felt like I owed myself a party but looking at my watch realized I had to get home and grab my bags so I could head out to the airport.

I'm Ariel Brody and I'm a nineteen year-old freshman at Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. My ultimate goal was to go on to the Veterinary School and become a large animal vet. I'm also the part-time administrative assistant to Frank Wright. His thoroughbred breeding and racing operation in Kentucky is ranked as being in the top ten in the country. The plane I had to catch would take me to that job in Lexington.

I drove over to my apartment just off campus and as I was about to insert my key I noticed that my front door was slightly ajar. I had thought I had locked and pulled it closed but... Oh well, I'll be sure to next time. I went into my bedroom to get my bags when someone jumped out from behind the door and clasped one hand around my mouth while his other hand held one of my own kitchen knives to my throat.

I froze. I was fairly strong but I wasn't stupid enough to believe I was stronger than a steel blade. A voice came from behind me. "That's good, little girl! You've figured out that struggling would be a waste of time, right?"

I couldn't speak because of his hand so I nodded.

"You know what I'm here for, right?" I shook my head no. "I've been sent by the manners police. You freshmen girls think you can run around with your sweet asses crammed into tight jeans, your shirts half unbuttoned, driving guys crazy, and not suffer any consequences? Well honey, I'm the consequence. Take off your clothes."

He took his hand away from my mouth but I didn't want to argue about the inevitable. I started unbuttoning my shirt. He said "Wait! I'm gonna sit on the bed and enjoy the show."

I shut my eyes. I had read somewhere that if you hadn't seen your attacker's face and couldn't identify him, your chances of surviving a rape improved. It might have been only a novel, but it sounded logical.

I resumed my unbuttoning and was surprised to be thinking that this would make me late getting to the airport. I took off my bra and as I was unbuttoning my jeans he commented, "Nice tits!"

I found myself answering. "Thank you."

After I had pushed my panties to the floor he called me over. "Come forward... a little to the right... that's fine, now take my pants off."

I felt the tip of the knife resting on my shoulder. While I was blowing him I tried every trick I could think of to get him to come as quickly as possible to get the experience over with but he grabbed me and threw me face down on the bed. He entered me for just long enough to lubricate his cock and then he shifted to my ass. Now I'm pretty tight there since my friend David is the only man to ever enter me back there and he'd only used it twice. It felt like this guy'd driven a horse van into me but I found I was starting to get into it.

When he was done I could tell from his ragged breathing that he was exhausted. "So, what did you think?"

I was so surprised at his question I forgot I wasn't supposed to look at his face. I flipped over and hoisted myself onto my elbows on the bed. "What do you mean 'what did you think'? Are you asking me to critique my rape?"

He looked a little sheepish. "Yeah, I guess I am!"

I thought for a minute. "Well, when you first grabbed me I was really scared. That part was intense, but after the sex started you turned kind of tender. You know, stroking me, kissing my fingertips while I was going down on you. My darling, I'm happy to report that you just don't make a very good rapist.

But I swear, David Knowles your timing sucks. You knew I wanted to get to Kentucky as early as possible. Why would you pick today to attack me?"

"Because I figured you wouldn't expect it?"

I laughed and kissed him on the end of his nose. "Considering where it's been lately I think I'll pass on kissing your dick; but seriously David let's get showered quickly so we can get to the airport."

"I'll come with you!"

" No, every time you get in the shower with me we don't leave until we run out of hot water. I'll go first." His expression was so hang dog I finally relented. "Oh, come on, but please try to be good. I really do want to hurry."

"I promise! I'll just get into the shower on my knees and let you do your shower thing while I nibble on whatever I find down there."

"Oh! You're incorrigible!"

Who's David Knowles? He's my sixty-four year-old lover, he's my Sugar Daddy, he's my boyfriend, my mentor, my patron... David and I have had frequent discussions attempting to define our relationship; why don't we leave it at the fact that he's my very good friend. We met two years ago when he was staying at the Hyatt in D.C. and I was the hooker who was sent up to his room in response to his call. Twice I've told him that I loved him and both times it seemed to make him uncomfortable. I don't quite understand that 'cause I can tell that he loves me. Maybe it's because of the difference in our ages, but whatever the reason I respect his wishes and don't say it anymore.

David called Howard from the car to alert him to our impending arrival. Howard Barnes was David's pilot, driver, part-time cook, Major Domo, and close friend.

The preflight had already been completed, the flight plan to Lexington already filed, and all that remained to be done was to board the luggage and ourselves. We were airborne in nine minutes. Howard had been teaching me to fly for a while now, so I was sitting left seat to him. Mine had to be the only student pilot's logbook around with nine hours logged in a Cessna 172 or any other light plane and close to 80 hours in a Citation. Howard got to our cruising altitude and turned the aircraft over to me. "I'm going to go make myself a sandwich. Buzz me on the intercom as you approach LILLI."

"Roger that, I'm to call you forward approaching LILLI. Bring me back a water?"


There's a highway system in the air above us so that planes, both private and commercial, can navigate in a more orderly fashion. The routes are called Victor Airways and the point at which multiple routes cross is called an intersection. LILLI was one such intersection, so Howard was asking me to call him when we got there which should be a little less than halfway into our two hour flight.

About fifteen minutes later Howard was back. I said, "What are you doing back? I just turned at BLAZE. You're early."

Howard slipped into his seat. "True, but you're wanted in the cabin."

"Okay, you have the aircraft." I released the controls and unbuckled myself. When I got in the cabin I found David at the galley. "You rang, sir?"

He handed me an iced tea. "I just got off the phone with Dr. Carstairs." He held out a package with a distinctive wrapping paper.

"Oh my God! My academic advisor is giving me a gift from Tiffany's?" I grabbed the box greedily and started tearing at the paper. When it came to presents I was still a little girl. The box contained a Piaget Ladies Pave Dancer watch. I screamed. It was magnificent. "And I don't think I ever even slept with Dr. Carstairs, did I?"

I put the box down and started unbuttoning my shirt.

"Ariel, what are you doing?"

"Chapter 17 paragraph 12 of the gift Receiver's Guide. If you're female and under 30, never put on a Piaget watch gift in the presence of the giver unless you're naked. It's a rule!" I wiggled out of my jeans.

David laughed. "Doesn't your Guide provide for an exception if the gift is given for academic excellence as opposed to compensation for sexual favors?" I unhooked my bra and threw it aside.

"Probably, but I just like to get naked." The import of what he just said finally sank in. "Academic excellence...talked to Dr. Carstairs..." I started jumping up and down. "What did he say?"

"Oh we were just chatting and...and you did it honey. You got your 4.0. That makes two semesters, back-to-back 4.0's. Not bad." He took the watch out of the box and made to put it on my wrist.

"Wait!" I pushed my panties to the floor and then held out my wrist. "Okay, now you can put it on me." I walked up and down the aisle of the plane admiring my beautiful adornment. "I think clothes detract from its elegance. Can I spend the rest of the weekend naked?"

"I don't know if Frank and Kathleen are expecting any weekends guests or not but I'm sure she'd enjoy it." I had told David about the time my employer's wife had made a pass at me. We had been swimming in the pool and were lying naked in the lounge chairs when I reached out and caressed one of her DD cup breasts and she took over from there. The only thing which stopped the action was Kathleen's sense that she might be taking advantage if me because I had consumed a quarter bottle of Grand Marnier. Truth be told I was a little tipsy, but I was enjoying the sex just as much as she. In case you haven't figured it out yet, I really am a slut at heart.

"By the way Ariel as it turns out I won't be able to spend the weekend with you after all. I've got a meeting in New York that I can't get out of, sorry!"

"You're just trying to get out of being raped when we get to Lexington. I'm just too much for you old man!"

"That must be it. I confess."

I grudgingly got dressed and went forward to fly the aircraft. Howard was listening to our assigned frequency with one ear and a Yankee game on the ADF with the other. My arrival meant he could relinquish listening for Air Traffic Control to me and devote himself to the Yankees. As he was turning control of the aircraft to me he said, "You have the airplane, and by the way, nice watch."

"Isn't it gorgeous?" I buckled myself in. "What's the score?"

"Bernie just jacked one out with two on. Yanks are up six zip.

Ariel, we need to talk."

"Is this a serious talk, or should I get undressed again." I'd never slept with Howard, but I loved to tease him.

"What did David just tell you about the weekend?"

I didn't like Howard's tone at all. I got serious in a hurry. "That he had an unbreakable appointment in New York and wouldn't be staying in Kentucky. There's more isn't there."

"His appointment's at Sloan Kettering."

I was numb. Sloan Kettering is one of the foremost Cancer Centers in the world. "You have the airplane." I reached for my seatbelt buckle.

"No I don't. Keep flying the aircraft and we'll talk. Don't embarrass him. We had quite an argument about you. He didn't want to tell you at all, I told him that he wasn't being fair to you. It has nothing to do with love or affection, it just would never have occurred to him to tell anyone who didn't need to know. Let's face it, receiving this kind of news is a downer to anyone and since you're not a cancer surgeon, he couldn't think of a reason to tell you."

"How about because my feeling upset for him being sick is a better feeling than what I'd feel like if I were to discover I'd been left out of his loop." I unbuckled and went in the back. David was sitting on the sofa watching a Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes. As soon as he saw the look on my face we went through one of those 'she knows and I know she knows I know she knows' moments. I curled up on the sofa next to him with my head in his lap.

It didn't last long. They opened him up only long enough to see that the cancer had metastasized everywhere. There was nothing they could do.

I spent July going back and forth between New York and Kentucky. Frank was totally understanding and built a fully equipped room in his house so David wouldn't have to spend his last days in a hospital room. His nurse wheeled David out to the paddock where I was watching the babies test the length of the ever weakening strings which tied them to their mothers. In another six weeks we'd be formally weaning them, but even now they'd rather play with the others of their own age, running back to their mother's side only when something frightening was near. David sent the nurse away and wheeled himself up behind me. "I'm sorry I disappointed you."

I turned to him genuinely confused. "Never once did you ever disappoint me in all the time I've known you. Even when I hit bottom two years ago I always knew that your lifeline was available if I couldn't pull myself up."

"You wanted me to say how much I returned your love."

He'd hit a nerve. "Oh that! I always knew you loved me."

"You wanted to hear the words, though. I never felt it would be fair to you to say them and strengthen the hawsers tying you to a man 45 years your senior. You and I talked of how the odds were strongly against our relationship lasting, Kathleen's standing joke about her being next in line when you finally dumped my old ass...

Well it looks like I'm going to prove us both wrong."

"What do you mean?"

He took my hand. "I really will love you for the rest of my life. Just as I have from the first day I met you." That was the third day I'd ever cried in front of David.

David died at 2:45 on a Friday morning. First Howard and then Kathleen tried to comfort me but I wasn't having any of it. I jumped in my H2 and just started to drive. I know I stopped for gas at least once, but I remember little about the next eighteen hours. I just drove, I made turns, stopped to pee a few times although I'm not sure where, and suddenly saw a young couple right in front of my car. I hit the brakes and for the first time looked around to assess my surroundings. I was in front of some UK frat house and judging by the huge number of people milling around there must have been a party going on. I sort of parked on someone's lawn and joined the fray. I was at the bar getting my third stiff something (not sure what, might have been single malt) when a guy started to hit on me. I asked "Do you live here?"

He held out his hand. "Yes I do. I'm..."

"Don't you think introductions would use up some of the time which you could be using to take me up to your room?" I vowed that until I passed out I wouldn't refuse a single guy who wanted to ball me.

The stupid guy who brought me upstairs kept trying to seduce me even though I'd already made it abundantly clear that he had his hands on a sure thing. Finally I gave up and walked from his room into the hall and dropped to my knees in from of the first boy I saw. He, at least, didn't need a second invitation and unzipped his fly and inserted his semi-hard cock into my mouth. While I was sucking him to a fully functional hard on I felt someone else pull my shirt and bra off and begin to unfasten my skirt.

I was carried into a room and thrown on a bed surrounded by more guys than I felt like counting. Within a very few minutes all three of my holes were filled and the remaining group went about organizing lines controlling access to my gangbang. A trend began as each guy deposited his load in my mouth or on my face no matter which orifice had stimulated him to orgasm. As the parade of men filed on through the room I neither asked for nor was offered any names. I wanted no relationships, only fucking, no deep feelings, only the absence of any feeling at all.

It didn't take me too long after I woke up to realize I'd just wasted an evening performing an exercise that didn't accomplish a single thing toward making me feel any better. The only positive thing it may have accomplished, judging by the two dorky looking guys sharing my bed, was to provide sex for some guys who might not have been laid since the invention of the telephone. As I started my Hummer I was hoping that none of these guys were ever planning to transfer to Cornell Veterinary School. I was checking my mirrors as I was about to pull into traffic when I screamed. A man was in my back seat. A split second later I realized that it was Howard and that he had been sleeping until my shriek awakened him. I turned around and stared at him. He yawned and said "It wasn't very hard to find the Hummer. It was even easier to find you. Once I realized that you were safe I had one of the stable hands take the Lincoln back to Gateway and I hung out here."

"You saw what I was doing?"

He got out of the back seat and moved to the front. "Not my business who or how many whos you decide to fuck. We each grieve in our own fashion."

I rubbed my temples. "Pretty stupid fashion."

"Got that right!" He yawned again. "Stop at the McDonald's, I need caffeine. Oh and we're supposed to meet McFarland at the Pendennis Club at four o'clock."

I groaned. "I don't want to go to Louisville!"

"You nap, I'll drive. We have to go."

"I know. But I'll paper rock scissors you to see who drives."


I went fishing. "Any idea what McFarland's got to say?"

"Only in general terms. David made provisions for both of us in his will. McFarland would rather go over it in Pendennis than in his office."

I snorted. "McFarland would rather have sex with his wife in the Pendennis than in their home! He never leaves that stodgy club."

"But they did invent the Old Fashion cocktail there! Speaking of sex I think that's one of David's provisions he made for you."

I turned to Howard. "He arranged for me to have sex with McFarland's wife?"

Howard shook his head. "No, he approximated that you and he had had sex 455 times and based on the rates you were charging back when he met you he figured he owed you $182,000 in back pay."

"I hope you know that I'll get you for that."

"Looking forward to it." Howard smiled. We kept at each other all the way back to the Gateway. I was well aware how important Howard had become to me.

According to lore, the Pendennis Club was, in fact, the place where the first Old Fashion cocktail was served. It was supposedly introduced by the celebrated Colonel Pepper and the earliest printed record documenting the drink there was in 1895. Attorney McFarland looked like he might have been present for the introduction, but his age in no way dampened the lecherous look he gave me as Howard and I were ushered into the room. Maybe sexually hyperactive seniors like David had a tendency to gravitate together as his lawyer definitely looked like he'd enjoy getting me into a nearby closet.

"Well then, Ariel, Howard, I'm going to leave all the persnickety details to the formal 'reading of the will' scheduled for next Tuesday, but David asked me to read the two of you a letter he left which would be totally inappropriate at that time." He cleared his throat and began:

"To the two most important people in my life, greetings.

I thought about leaving my ex-wife Danielle a million for instilling in me a routine of seeking out hookers to fill the void left by her disdain for all things sexual. Were it not for that routine I never would have met the most important woman in my life, but upon further reflection... fuck her. I am also, Howard, going to resist the temptation to settle upon Ariel the $182,000 in 'back pay' you suggested I owed her. I gave her my entire heart these last two years and anything else would be incidental.

I'm leaving the Ferrari Daytona Spyder to your Dad, Ariel. He's the only person I've encountered who seems to experience a more visceral pleasure from driving it than I do. I've also arranged with Stewart's that the car be covered by a lifetime service arrangement.

Now for the good stuff. My Estate isn't as big in terms of cash as one might think, Ariel, as most of what I own is in my Trust and in the Knowles Foundation. The Trust owns and takes care of all the real estate and the toys. The Foundation is responsible for the charitable work. Both Lewis and Howard sit on the Board of Directors of the Foundation and will continue to do so but with my death Lewis McFarland is directed to relinquish his Chairmanship in favor of the newest member of the Board, Miss Ariel Brody. The Chairwoman is to pay herself whatever salary she sees fit but no less than $1 million per year. Howard Barnes will assume the Chairmanship of the Board of Trustees of the Trust with his present compensation doubling. Since the Trust controls the toys I guess this means we're getting that G5 he's been wanting along with the Beech Starship.

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