The Talk


"Kiss it Mama" cried Adithya.

"Yes, yes, come closer dear," saying this she placed a few pillows below her head and taking hold of his cock she started kissing the tip of his head.

"Now take it in Mama" cried her son.

"You want him inside my mouth. Does my son want me suck this lovely cock" saying this she opened her mouth and placing it inside her mouth she engulfed its head inside.

Adithya was ecstatic when his mother took his cock's head deep into her mouth. His body trembled and pushing his body closer to her face he asked "can I fuck your mouth Mama."

Pulling his cock out of her mouth she asked "does Rashmi allow you to fuck her mouth."

"Yes, I usually ram it inside her mouth" he lied putting one of his fingers inside his mother's mouth and widening it.

"Show me how you do it to her" she said opening her mouth wide.

Hearing those words Adithya's cock started pulsating. Positioning his cock right over his mother's mouth he shoved it in fully.

Nanda took his cock fully inside her mouth and bringing her hands over his buttocks she looked up at his face and nodded her head.

Adithya seeing him mother nodding his head started ramming his cock inside her mouth.

Nanda was ecstatic to feel her son's cock poke her throat and his balls hit her face. Lifting her face up she allowed him to penetrate deep inside her throat.

Adithya intensified his thrusts. He started pounding his mother's mouth with his cock and soon felt he was on the verge of coming. "Mama it is great" he cried.

Pulling out his cock from her mouth and holding its saliva filled head she asked "is he going to shoot."

"Yes Mama, put it back in your mouth" he cried.

"I want him to shoot on my face" she replied.

"Then give it some more licks and he will be ready" he shouted.

"Yes, yes" saying this she again took his cock inside her mouth and started licking its head with her tongue.

Adithya could not control any longer. Giving it a final push inside her mouth he removed it out and positioning it on his mother's face he shot his cum over it.

Nanda felt his cock spraying his hot cum over her face and when he was coming to an end she directed his spray inside her mouth and lapped it with her tongue.

Adithya felt exhausted by his spent. He had shot a thick load of cum, much larger than the previous one. He slowly slid down from his mother's body and gripping her he laid his head upon her bosom and rested.

Nanda embraced him in her arms and seeing that he was tired allowed him to rest. It was when she felt the desire to pee; she pushed him aside and went inside the bathroom.

As she came out of the bathroom she saw her son lying on the bed resting his head on a stack of pillows and waiting for her and as soon as she came near him he pulled her up on to him.

Nanda on being drawn up his body now faced him and looking at his smiling face said "so you had a good time inside my mouth."

"Yes, my cock felt wonderful inside your warm saliva filled mouth" he replied.

"I am proud that my mouth was of some use to your cock" she replied.

"Not only your mouth but you should be proud of your whole body" he replied.

"Do I possess such a body" she asked looking down.

"Yes" he replied pulling her up.

"Now what" she asked?

"Stand up" he commanded.

Nanda was mystified to hear this. Putting each foot on either side of his body she stood up on the cot.

Adithya lifting both his hands started rolling up her petticoat and when it reached over her buttocks he brought one of his hands over her moist cunt and said "bring this on my face."

Nanda was delighted to hear this. Spreading her legs a little she slowly positioned her cunt down on his face.

As Nanda came down she felt her son nuzzling his mouth over her bushy cunt. This sent wild desires up her body and as he continued separating her pubic hair from her cunt lips she held the frame of the cot and pushed her cunt on to his mouth and screamed "kiss it Adi."

Adithya went wild on inhaling the musky smell of his mother's cunt. It invigorated him and soon felt his cock regaining its strength. Bringing his hands over his mother's lush buttocks he held them tightly and drawing her cunt closer to his mouth he kissed it hard.

Nanda started gyrating her cunt over his mouth and when she felt him open his mouth she smacked her cunt hard on his mouth. Adithya on feeling his mother's cunt over his mouth slid out his tongue and started lapping her cunt lips. Nanda was ecstatic. Her body started convulsing and as her son pushed his tongue inside her cunt, she again smacked her cunt lips on his lips.

This brought her to orgasm. Holding the bedpost tightly she started lashing her cunt on his face. This made her pulsating cunt to open up and feeling his face nuzzled inside she creamed out.

Adithya felt her juices flow from her cunt. He started lapping at it and when the flow subsided he felt his mother relaxing. Pushing her down on the bed he straddled on his mother's thighs and looking at the pink slit of his mother's cunt open to his gaze he took hold of his erect cock in his hand.

Nanda seeing his cock erect again was surprised. "What made it to get aroused so soon" she asked.

"It was the musky aroma of your beautiful dripping cunt" he replied.

"Now is it the turn of my body odor to make you aroused" she asked?

"Yes" he replied.

"Tell me what else arouses you" she asked.

"Just looking at you arouses me" he replied.

"I can't believe it, why is it so" she said.

"It's because you possess a ravishing body" he replied.

"What about Rashmi does it happen with her too" she asked.

"Not as much as you" he replied.

"Why is it so, does she not possess a good looking figure" she asked.

"She is more on the thinner side" he replied.

"But I was under the impression that men like her type of figure" she said.

"It only looks good but it is totally different to have a heavier body underneath you" he replied.

"So that you get a good cushion" she asked.

"Yes, the feel of a lush body is very different" saying this he lay upon her fully.

"Feeling comfortable" she asked as he lay flat upon her.

"Yes, it is a wonderful feeling to feel a full body" saying this he embraced her fully.

"I too like a well muscled body like yours," saying this she held him tightly to her body.

"Can you feel my cock poking near your cunt" he whispered in her ear.

"Yes, what is it searching for" she asked.

"Searching for a hot opening to invade" he replied.

"Then why does he not invade it" she asked embracing him tightly.

"Guide me inside" he said.

"You are a baby" saying this she held his cock and guided it to the opening of her cunt.

"Put it inside" he said.

"Can't you do it" she asked guiding his cock head inside her cunt.

"I can but I would like you to do it to me" he replied.

"Does it give you more pleasure" she asked.

"Yes, the feel of your hand on my cock is wonderful" he said.

"There he is in, now what do you want" she asked.

"Let it be inside, let it get accustomed to its surroundings" saying this he started gyrating his cock head inside her cunt.

"Is it the way you do to Rashmi" she asked.

"No, I usually fuck her straight" he replied.

'Is hers tighter than mine" she asked.

Hearing this Adithya looked into her face. "It is a little tight but yours is very luscious" he replied poking his finger into his mother's mouth and caressing it.

Nanda lapping his fingers said "I wish she was here."

Hearing this Adithya was surprised and asked "why?"

"If she was here then I would have got some rest" she replied.

"You mean you would have let me do this to you even if she was here" he asked getting excited at the proposition.

"Yes, I would have welcomed her company" she replied looking at him directly.

"Is it a fact? Are you sure" he asked.

"Why? don't you want her to know what you did to me" she asked.

"I have not thought of it" he replied a little puzzled.

"If I was in your place I would have let her know" she said biting his ears.

"Do you want me to tell her" he asked getting doubly aroused.

"Yes, why not, invite her" she replied.

"Are you interested" he asked.

"Yes, I would love to watch her scintillating dance" she said.

Hearing it he was ecstatic. His cock started throbbing. Lifting his body a little he rammed his cock deep into his mother's cunt and said "I will, I will."

"Yes, call her," saying this she started to reciprocate his moves by thrusting her body up for deeper penetration.

Adithya started pounding his cock deep inside his mother's cunt all the time thinking Rashmi was watching the scene. This gave him added vigor and his thrusts gained momentum.

Nanda seeing her son go ecstatic lifted her feet up giving him more room to pierce her inner labia and as he dug his cock deeper she said "when thinking about her has made you grow stronger, I wonder how it will be if she was here."

"Yes indeed it has brought a change in me. What about you" he said as he held both her feet and placing them above his shoulders he rammed his cock till it felt the rock bottom of her cunt.

Nanda too felt his cock jabbing at the walls of her cunt. She too was on the verge of climax. Holding him tightly she said "Yes, I want to be in her company, invite her."

Adithya feeling her thrashing her body upon his went into raptures and knowing that she wanted to be in the company of Rashmi added more to his vigor. "I will fetch her tomorrow," saying this he dug his cock deeply into her cunt and shot his cum inside her burrow.

Nanda went in raptures hearing him accept her proposition and as she felt his cock ejecting deep inside her cunt, she turned and pushing him down on the cot she lay upon him creaming again.

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