tagAnalThe Taste of Ass

The Taste of Ass


Nothing, and I mean nothing, in sex gets me off more than the scent and taste of my woman's ass. I don't mean when it's squeaky clean and perfumed. I mean when it smells and tastes like what an ass is and what it does.

Nothing beats the erotic blast of kissing her soft, satiny fanny and parting the cheeks to expose her sexy anus. I always press my nose into the warm, slightly moist cleft to savor the musk of her anal pheromones while the warmth of her bare buttocks embraces my face. The intimacy of it is so intense, and if the crack of her ass is hot and sweaty from a long day or a little dirty from its normal function, it makes me indescribably horny. There's a kinky, forbidden naughtiness to experiencing it, to tasting it, to knowing my lover so completely and to mutually getting off on sharing her most private, intimate scent and flavor.

My lover is a 49-year old divorcee who is fully embracing her sexuality now that she's free. I'm 26 and single. We met in a mall and struck up a conversation while she was there to buy a new computer. I offered to help and we ended up having lunch at a local restaurant after her purchase. A few drinks helped me get an invitation to her house where I set up her new system. One thing led to another, as they say.

Kim's a handsome woman and her age only enhances her beauty. She has short dark hair with blonde and gray highlights that almost make the overall color pewter. There's a prim, businesslike air about her -- she manages a fashion boutique, dresses well, and acts every bit the well-organized boss -- and I like her intelligence and drive. I was also turned on by her body. I love full-figured women with wide, round hips, a large firm ass and luscious thighs. She has all that, plus really sexy tits -- the kind that slope on top with a half-moon curve on the bottom and big pink nipples that make her breasts come to points. Viewed from the side, they are very erotic, especially when she's also offering a view of her luscious bare ass.

The first time I saw Kim nude was when she came out of her bedroom that first afternoon -- by then it was early evening -- wearing only a satin robe, which she let fall open while offering to repay me for my help with a blowjob. She was half drunk and obviously quite nervous but I gazed appreciatively at her and took her in my arms. We kissed sloppily, but she tasted good and I loved how she slipped off her robe before descending completely naked to open my jeans. I was hard by the time she got my penis out and she proceeded to hungrily give me a wonderful, wet suck while looking up at me. It was such a turn-on because she was so into it, whimpering with lust as she licked and sucked and swirled her tongue on my cock and balls. She later told me she hadn't had sex in months -- something I found hard to believe -- and had kind of gone crazy. Not that I minded...

Before I could come, I decided to give her a reward, too. I stepped back, helped her up and led her to the bedroom. It was there that she lay on the bed while I explored her wondrous body -- those delicious lips, magnificent tits, soft slightly round stomach, fragrant patch of dark brown pubic hair, and tangy pink pussy. But what I really wanted to taste was her gorgeous ass. I made love to her pussy slowly and sensuously, carefully building her pleasure. When her moans and the way she was clutching my head told me that I had her close to coming, I turned her over onto her stomach. She was somewhat surprised and confused at first, then maybe even a little alarmed when she felt me kissing her plump, round asscheeks as my hands caressed her back.

I felt her tense as I spread her sweet ass and gazed into the inviting crevice. She doesn't have a porn starlet's pink, tight, cute starfish. Her asshole is a nice slit, surrounded by dark, soft, wrinkled skin and ultra-fine dark hairs that make the circular area around it look like it could be a little funky even when it's not. The wrinkles and hair seem to retain the musky scent and flavor of any of her natural activity back there and that makes licking her so much more delicious and exciting. I've tasted several women's asses, but Kim's turns me on most.

That first lick was the best. Her warm anus tasted slightly salty with a faint, underlying bitterness that made my cock almost burst with excitement. As I licked and held her down, she gradually relaxed and began to moan softly. My tongue's gentle passes along her valley from her pussy to the top of her buttocks made her relax, and after a while I was able to probe inside her asshole with my tongue.

The deeper I went, the more delicious she was and the more the rich scent of her ass enveloped my face. I slowly and sensuously explored the firm, rubber-smooth walls immediately inside her. To my delight, she began to surrender to her lust and was soon pushing her ass back against my face, urging my tongue inside her even more deeply into her rectum. It was there that it met a satiny softness and a much more pronounced, almost tart bitterness that made me seek and enjoy it ravenously. I knew exactly what I was tasting, and this forbidden essence just turbocharged me with lust. She got really turned on, too, when I told her how delicious her asshole was.

I eventually made her come by slowly moving my tongue deep into her ass and out again, and she later marveled at it. No one had ever gone down on her ass before, and while she confessed to being nervous at first out of concern about how her scent and taste would be received, once she realized how aroused I was by it, she felt a great sense of empowerment that brought her almost instantly to the verge of orgasm. It was even more powerful than what she usually felt while giving a blowjob and having a man completely under her spell. Being a boss by nature, she said she fed off the idea of a man licking and eating out her asshole. There was a dominant-submissive element to it that turned a key in her libido and from then on, deep analingus has been a major part of our sexual interludes.

For me, it's the total package of sight, scent, taste and the sound of her moans. Kim is now well aware of the power her ass has over me and she gets off on sharing it with me. She'll even call me at work and drive me wild by saying, "Want to come over and smell my ass? My asshole tastes really hot...."

I often meet her after work -- sometimes in her office, and sometimes at her house -- to lick, suck and probe her spicy rear until she comes. She knows that nothing makes her gorgeous bare bum more seductive, nasty and tasty than lingerie. In stockings and a garter belt, with a hint-scent of toilet paper and having gone to the bathroom earlier in the day, her ass is an indescribable treat. Women don't often realize that a lot of guys are super-aroused by the natural scent and taste of the female anus and that being a little funky back there will deliver an extra kick in the turn-on department. But it takes a brave woman to share herself that way.

Kim almost always offers her bare heinie to me as a kind of kinky challenge: here, smell my ass, lick my asshole, taste it, work your tongue in deep. We're not into the really heavy, bizarre stuff, but traces are incredibly exciting and she knows it. Maybe the kinkiest thing we've ever done was when I pulled her white satin panties off one time as she lay on her back. We'd been kissing and touching and they were very wet. We also noticed the thin brown mark in the seat, and she was embarrassed but only until I held the panties to my face. The scent of her pussy and ass in the cloth made my cock ache, and I gazed into her eyes as I licked and sucked the fabric that had been resting against her asshole. It was delicious -- that familiar salty bitterness I so often taste when my tongue is deep inside her anus -- and it left her almost panting with lust when she realized my enjoyment.

After that, I wasn't afraid to lick or bury my tongue in her fanny at any time. Nor was she afraid to let me. She's even let me watch her go to the bathroom, spreading her legs to give me a full view. It's not the least bit disgusting. When you're into someone as much as I am with her, it's a deeply intimate and erotic act -- like watching a thick dark cock slowly sliding out of her ass. We conclude with deep kisses and me lovingly wiping her before going down on her warm, pungent behind until she comes.

We developed a really good relationship. Our sexual chemistry and comfort level is off the charts and we are able to openly discuss our desires and fantasies. I'm very keen on making hers come true and she has reciprocated.

Her greatest gift to me was inviting her business partner Beverly to join us. They'd known each other for years and Kim had confessed an attraction for her that they'd acknowledged. They'd agreed that if they were ever going to try lesbian sex, it would be with each other, and lucky for me, my love of licking Kim's ass, and my descriptions of it, only made her want to experience the erotic charge of a woman's anus for herself. We began discussing the idea of a threesome, and when Kim approached Beverly about it, she got a positive response.

It finally happened one night after the three of us had dinner together. I'd met Beverly before because I'd been by the boutique a few times, and as the drinks flowed we all got more comfortable. The sexual tension in the air, though, was unreal and we were all kind of nervous and giddy and a little awkward when we got home. But what I saw next was absolutely beautiful.

Kim and Beverly shyly went into the bathroom, but left the door open. As I sat on the bed and watched, they began making out and slowly removing each other's clothes. Beverly is a plus-sized brunette with shoulder-length hair and a plush, sexy body. They stripped nude while they kissed, seemingly forgetting about me, and after a while, Beverly sat on the counter, spreading her legs so Kim could kneel and lick her shaved pussy.

It was clear that they'd done this before. Kim obviously knew exactly how to please Beverly and she spent the next 20 minutes or so just licking, gently fingering and feeding on that beautiful cunt while Beverly moaned softly with her eyes closed. Even from where I sat, I could see the glisten of her juices on Kim's fingers and the way her delicate pussy lips became swollen and open as Kim's tongue fluttered on and around her honey hole. As Kim sighed and continued her work, Beverly began to play with her own breasts while she slowly moved her cunt up and down against Kim's face. Her nude body looked so ripe, and the sight of Kim's bare ass as she knelt there just made me so hot that I could barely stand it.

Beverly's orgasm was intense, her legs twitching and quivering as she cried out, her chest pink, her nipples erect as she pulled Kim's face into her steaming twat. To say I had a raging hard-on is an understatement. This beat any porn I'd ever seen by a mile. It was real.

They finally came out, flushed with excitement, and kneeled on the bed with their asses in the air -- an invitation. Kim had obviously told Beverly about what I loved. Still fully clothed, I caressed each woman's plump, soft rear as my heart jackhammered with lust. My hands were almost shaking and I could feel my cock leaking precum as I gazed at this amazingly erotic sight.

I began with Kim's ass, giving her long, slow licks that made her shiver. As I tongued her deliciously familiar asshole, I could see that she and Beverly were kissing. I kept one palm on the soft, pleasing smoothness of Beverly's rear while I bathed Kim's hot, musky anus with my saliva. Once I could sense that her lust had built to a near peak, I moved over to Beverly's bare tush.

Licking two women's assholes and savoring their distinct aromas and flavors was the best, most intense sexual experience I've ever had. The scent of Beverly's ass was sharper than Kim's but the taste of her pink, puckered anus was bittersweet. She reacted to my tongue with a deep moan and wiggled her fanny in my face as I savored her. With each lick, her asshole swelled just a bit in excitement until it relaxed to admit my tongue. The taste became almost yeasty as I probed as deep as I could. I moved my tongue firmly and deliberately within her, to maximize the sensation and I could feel the wetness of her pussy against my chin. She was moaning and trembling as she kissed Kim, and I admired their passion as I paused to caress Beverly's satiny asscheeks, spread them wider and slide my tongue into her tart anus again.

And then Kim was beside me, gently nudging me aside. I had a wonderful, close-up view of her kissing Beverly's plump, nude ass. She was contemplating it and I could see the lust in her eyes as she extended her pink tongue and swirled it around Beverly's asshole.

Kim moaned and kissed the pucker, momentarily burying her face in the cleft of her friend's nude rear. The scent of Beverly's ass was clearly turning Kim on intensely, and I softly caressed Kim's sopping pussy while she intently licked and sucked. Within a few minutes, Beverly was coming and the sound of her release made Kim lose it, too. I could feel her pussy throbbing against my fingers as she bathed Beverly's swollen pink asshole with her loving tongue, occasionally pushing it in to taste the deeper recesses.

After they recovered, they shared a soft kiss and then had me lie down on my back. Kim opened my jeans and pulled them off. I just lay there with both nude women licking, sucking and caressing my bulging cock with their fingertips. It didn't take me long to come even though I never wanted this night to end. But the sight of my shining, wet erection in one mouth and then the other, their tongues, their expressions, their moans and the sensation of warm softness on the intense excitement of my rod just made me lose it, Seeing how hungry they were for my cum only intensified my orgasm and I just kept spurting thick white gobs of warm semen from an almost paralyzing wave of ecstasy. I was amazed by how much cum I produced and I've never enjoyed sharing my cream so much. It splashed across tongues and ran down chins, dripping onto breasts and covering delicate fingers with its stickiness.

Kim and Beverly shared a warm, sticky kiss -- their lips covered with my cum -- and then we all lay on the bed and cuddled. Kim and Bev seemed a little flustered by the intense intimacy they had shared, but we're talking about doing another threesome some time. After that one, Kim and I fucked furiously and intensely as soon as Beverly left. And I made sure to visit Kim's delicious rear one more time.

I have the taste of Kim's asshole on my tongue, the musk of her fanny on my face, as I write this. My cock is hard even though we had sex an hour ago and she is now asleep. I'll never get tired of the wonder that lies between those gorgeous white cheeks.

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