The Taxi Ride

byTony King©

It was 2 am and I was knackered. I'd been on since10 am the previous day and all I could think of was getting home to bed when the radio crackled into life. "Two four, do you read, over."

"Yeah Dave, I read you, log me off will you, I'm calling it a night." Two four, could you call in at Carnaby's on your way home and pick up a Mrs. Reynolds, she's heading in your direction."

"Roger that Dave, last one though, OK."

"Roger two four."

Carnaby's was the local nightclub and not the place to be at 2 am in the morning. I pulled up at the curb and shouted the name Mrs. Reynolds to my old friend John, the bouncer. "Hang on Mike, I'll see if I can find her." A few minutes later a tall well stacked blond bird in her thirties staggered out the door and headed towards the cab. Now I've always found that good manners produce bigger tips, so, I leapt out the car and opened the back door for her. She totally ignored me and just slumped in the back seat. She was wearing a lacy see through top with a sexy little black bra underneath covering her ample tits; this bird was well stacked. As she sat back, her little red mini rode up over her stockings showing a good amount of thigh. She followed my gaze to her lovely long legs but made no attempt to cover up. All the way home I kept glancing in my rear view mirror at this lovely creature asleep on my back seat and eventually angled the mirror so I could see her legs and panty covered pussy.

"Mrs. Reynolds, we're here," I said leaning over the drivers seat. She opened her eyes and peered into the gloom. "That's £5.60 please love."

"Wait here," she said getting out of the car. I watched as she fumbled for her keys before letting herself into the house.

I'd only been doing the job for six weeks and already I'd had three runners. Either they get out of the car and leg it down some ally or they go into a block of flats and you never see them again. It mostly blokes so when she hadn't returned after a few minutes I wasn't unduly worried. When she hadn't returned after twenty minutes I was pounding on the door.

"What the fuck do you want?" Oh shit, the front door was opened by a guy who looked like he was a body builder. He was easily two inches taller than me and I'm over six foot, his head was shaven and his massive arms were covered in tattoos. This guy had muscles on his muscles. "I'm sorry mate, but I've just dropped a lady off here and she hasn't paid me." The guy was wearing a pair of jogging pants and nothing else and it looked like he had a hard on. The way he stared at me I thought I was dead. "You'd better come in," he suddenly said. I wasn't too keen on the idea but if she didn't pay the fare it would come out of my pocket. He led me into the front room and there sprawled on the sofa with her legs wide open was Mrs. Reynolds. Her panties lay on the floor beside her, her blouse was off and her massive tits were hanging over the top of her bra. Starting at her high heeled shoes, I followed the black stockings all the way up those lovely long legs until my gaze settled on her smooth cunt, red and puffy as though she'd just been enjoying a good seeing to.

"Is this the bitch?" he asked. "Y-y-yes," I stuttered unable to tear my eyes away. "Fucking bitch, you come in here and start shagging me and you've left this poor cunt waiting outside for his money." She just looked at him. "How much she owe yeah?" I told him the fare. "Right bitch, you can fucking work it off, all right with you pal?" It wasn't a question, it was a statement. "I'll finish off and then she's all yours."

After taking his joggers off he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her onto his cock. "Fucking suck you bitch." She took his fat cock in her mouth and sucked it hard again. When he was satisfied he pushed her back and knelt between her legs. This guy was big all over and she screwed her eyes shut as he forced his fat cock in. "Fucking cunts dry as a bone. Here, how about you lick her out." Boy, this was a guy you just didn't argue with and as he withdrew his cock I got on all fours and started to lick at her cunt. I worked on her hole and then her clit and slowly she started to loosen up. Big boy was busy stuffing his cock in her mouth again as he watched me tongue fuck her. "Tell you what pal, you can fuck her first, I like sloppy seconds and the bitch here won't mind, will yer darlin'." I undid my flies and rubbed my modest size cock up her slit, getting it nice and wet. Then I slowly slid it in. I was expecting it to feel like the inside of a cathedral but was pleasantly surprised when she clamped her pussy muscles together and started to squeeze.

"Stick her on er knees," big boy said after a few minutes, pulling his cock from her mouth. She knelt on the sofa and I climbed behind, shoving my cock back up her tight little hole. Big boy resumed fucking her mouth. "Go on son, fuck her real ard, get your fucking monies worth. Fucking bitch is always fucking people about, ain't yer you fucking cock eating slag." I couldn't believe the way this guy was treating her, but it seemed the rougher he was the more she liked it. "Fucking great tits, avn't yer bitch, likes having em pulled she does." As if to demonstrate he grabbed both nipples and pulled hard, stretching her tits more than I thought possible. She moaned in either pain or pleasure but at the same time clamped down hard on my cock as she came. "Ere, swap ends, let the fucking slut taste her own cunt juice." We changed ends and with out being asked she just grabbed my cock and sucked the whole six inches into her mouth. It felt incredible; her tongue was swirling round the head and shaft cleaning every little drop of juice.

Muscles watched her suck my dick for a moment and then climbed up behind her. He rested his erect cock on her back, and spitting into his hand, massaged it into the large cock head. "Watch this, she fucking loves this." I watched in awe as he slowly fed what must have been a good nine inches of thick veined cock up her arse, lubricating the shaft with more spit until eventually his whole cock was completely buried. She still had my cock in her mouth and as she moaned at the intrusion into her arse, a series of vibrations went through my shaft. I started to pump her mouth as muscles pumped her arse. "Where'd you wann cum?" he asked, stroking his big cock in and out. "I'd like to fuck her cunt again," I said, feeling the desire to cum build up in my balls. "Tell you what pal, we'll double fuck the whore, OK?" With that he held her tightly around the waist, his prick buried to the hilt up her stretched arse. Lifting her as though she weighed nothing, he sat back on the sofa bringing her down on top of him facing outwards. "Fucking diamond, never missed a fucking stroke," he laughed bouncing her up and down on his shaft.

He leaned back, shuffling his arse to the edge of the sofa and spread his legs wide. He then held her legs open giving me easy access to her exposed cunt. "Grab the fuckers tits and shove it up her," he commanded. I knelt between them and easily slid my cock into her warm wet cunt. I could feel his cock up her arse separated only by a thin membrane of skin. As I slid forward he would lift her slightly, then, as I pulled out, he would drop her down, his fat cock penetrating her depths. We built up a rhythm, me hanging onto her lovely big firm tits and ramming her cunt while he held her hips and simply lifted her up and down on his cock.

"Yeah, just like a fucking slut should be treated, huh pal, full of cock, they fucking love it don't they." I was looking at her face. She had her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open with her head leaning back against his massive chest, she was totally compliant. Whether she was enjoying any of it was hard to say, but her pussy sure felt good as it tightened round my cock. Muscles started to work faster. "Oh yeah, you fucking slag, I'm gonna fill your slutty little arse with spunk bitch, you gonna be shitting spunk for a whole week." As he rammed her down on his cock, I could feel it twitch as spurt after spurt shot through it into her arse. I squeezed her tits hard as I too emptied my load into her cunt, causing her to cry out as her own orgasm tore through her abused body. "Clean em up bitch," muscles said forcing her to her knees between us. She licked from one to the other until both pricks were spotless.

"Well pal, did you get your monies worth?"

"I guess you could say that," I said getting dressed. Mrs. Reynolds grabbed her clothes and made towards the door. "Hey bitch, you tell that fucking lazy husband of yours that next time he can't pay the rent it will be his arse as well as yours."

"Fucking tenants," he said staring after her.

Mrs. Reynolds simply smiled and with spunk running from both her holes, headed up the stairs to her own flat.

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