The Taylor Family Ch. 04


Well, a temporary end, anyway.

Kristen hadn't had her turn at this with mom yet, after all.

* * *

It was the sort of scene that normally only happens in pornography, certainly not the kind of thing anyone would expect to find occurring in a quiet suburban neighborhood in real life, but the fact remained that it actually was happening in this one.

And it was a scene that no reasonably objective observer could have possibly described as anything less than delicious, beautiful, and erotic.

Lying sprawled on her back across her own bed, Ann found herself in a position she had never imagined that she would ever be in, but one from which she never wanted to stir.

To begin with, there was a teenaged girl sitting on her face. Kristen had straddled her without a moment's hesitation and demanded that she start eating and not stop. Ann was naturally only too happy to do so and dove in with great relish, but the girl made a point of rubbing her pussy all over the older woman's face so that she was quite quickly bathed in the fluids spilling out of her. Ann had tried to reach up at one point to hold onto her daughter's thighs or, even better, to grab her butt or boobs, but Kristen had put an end to that idea, catching her hands and pinning them down to the mattress.

Meanwhile, Ruth had taken up residency between her mother's widely spread legs. With a pillow under the older woman's ass to make it easier to reach the bits she was interested in, this second daughter had managed to drive two fingers of one hand into her mother's butt and was pumping them in and out while at the same time lashing at the exposed clitoris with her tongue.

As if this wasn't enough, she had also managed to push her other hand all the way up to the wrist into her mother's cunt and was giving her a good, sound fisting. It had admittedly been a little difficult to get in there as she'd never done it before and had no idea how to pull it off, but she'd succeeded in the end through sheer grit and determination.

Her baby's trial and error efforts down there had caused Ann more than a little discomfort at times, but she absolutely refused to complain. Not that she could anyway with the other girl sitting on her face like this. She knew in her heart that Ruth would quickly become an expert at it as she meant to offer her plenty of chances to get in some practice.

Almost reduced to a mindless fuck toy by her demanding daughters, Ann ignored all distractions and just did her very best to keep one of her daughter's cumming while the other kept her cumming.

* * *

Reclining comfortably on a pile of pillows, Ann was smiling so broadly that it made her cheeks ache just a little.

After all of the wild passion that had taken place in this room today, all three women seemed to have decided it was time for things to calm down just a little, to allow them all to catch their breath. That was just fine with Ann, but she knew that it was but a momentary respite at best. Soon enough, they would be wearing her down to a frazzle again, but that too was just fine with her.

Anything her girls wanted . . .

At the moment, they were snuggled up cozily on either side of her, each laying claim to a boob. Mostly, they were just resting their heads on those plump pillows, running hands over them slowly but ceaselessly, but occasionally one or the other would suck a teat into her mouth and do a little nursing.

As much as she enjoyed being ravished by these two angels, as much as she craved their delectable young bodies, as much as she needed them to use and abuse her, Ann could not deny that she savored a quiet, intimate moment like this.

"I love you girls. I love you both so much." Her voice was a bit raw from all of the ecstatic cries she had let loose, but the sentiment was perfectly genuine.

"Love you, too," Ruth immediately responded in soft tones, tracing her finger lightly around one of the older woman's areolae.

"Yeah," Kristen affirmed heartily. "It's going to be pretty interesting around here from now on."

"We'll have to be careful," Ann cautioned. "I don't suspect your father would be happy to learn about all of this. An unfaithful wife, daughters who are so sexually active, homosexuality and incest! It's a whole lot to have to deal with. He'll probably call us all perverts and leave us forever!"

"Really? You don't think he might eventually come around?" Ruth inquired. "I mean, he is a guy, after all. You don't think he'd get off on being able to watch a bunch of real live lesbian play right here in his own home? I would have thought that, once he was over the shock, he'd be begging to join in on all of this family togetherness."

"I really don't think so, dear. Your father's pretty straight laced."

"Besides, I'm not sure I'd want to have sex with dad," Kristen chimed in.

Ruth snorted. "Oh, please, Kris. You're just scared of how much it'll hurt when you lose your cherry."

"Well, yeah!" The other teen did not even think of denying it. Her more sexually active friends had filled her head with all kinds of horror stories of what happens when clumsy and over-anxious boys finally got into their pants and she was scared to death of it, but that wasn't what she said out loud. "It's not like I had the good sense to lose mine as a child, like you did."

Ruth said nothing, not really wanting to think right now about how she had accidentally broken her hymen while playing some rough and tumble game as a little girl. It didn't make her any less a virgin with men than her sister was.

The silence lengthened and started to grow uncomfortable, so all three women chose to forget about Roger and how he might react to all of this for the time being, instead refocusing their attention on enjoying this interlude.

Raising her head suddenly, Kristen announced, "We need to do some shopping!"

Ruth giggled. "Do you mean to say that the three of us are naked and wrapped up in each other like this, we've just spent a whole day fucking each other's brains out, and what you're thinking of right now is going shopping?"

"But there's so much stuff we need, Ruthie! Mom hardly has any lingerie at all and you and I don't have any! We could all use a new wardrobe. We could also get some better make-up and hair care stuff. Then there's all the toys we could get! Just think how much fun it would be to screw each other with of one those great big dildos you can wear! But then we'll also need some lubes and . . ."

"Considering how much fun we've been having today even without all of that . . ."

"It'll be even more fun with it! We'll have so many more options when it comes to fooling around. We'll go shopping tomorrow!"

"Right after school?"

"No, instead of school. That way we'll have plenty of time to find everything we need and can get it all back home and out of sight before dad comes home from work. If we hurry, we might even have time to try some of it out . . ."

Ann's motherly instincts came into play. "No, sweetheart. Tomorrow's Monday and you have to go to school. Getting a good education is very important and . . ." Her voice trailed off as she cringed under her oldest child's glare, her will power wilting rapidly.

"All right, honey," she conceded at length. "Just this once, I'll call you two in sick in the morning and we'll go do some shopping."


* * *

When it came to deciding on a sort of grande finale to this wild and wonderful day of wicked fun, the three women knew what they would do.

Arranged in a sort of triangle atop the bed, each of them had their head in between one of the other's thighs in a sort of endless chain. Their bodies rocking gently, they were using mouths and fingers to very good effect. Kristen was eating her mother, Ann was eating Ruth, Ruth was eating her sister, and a good time was being had by all.

What made it all the more special for the threesome was that somehow or other they managed to achieve the impossible feat of a simultaneous orgasm.

* * *

Though her gait was a bit awkward after all of the attention that had been paid to her nether regions over the last couple of days, Ruth came down the stairs and headed for the kitchen.

Feeling very tired, but deliriously happy after that marathon bout of sex up in her parent's bedroom, she had wandered downstairs in search of something to drink. Considering all of the juices she had consumed this day, she couldn't imagine why she should feel so dehydrated, but there it was.

Grabbing a plastic cup down from the shelf, she filled it with water from the faucet and had a sip.

Even though she knew that they were alone in the house and despite the fact that she had just finished having a lot of sex with everyone who was there, Ruth just could not imagine wandering around the house in the nude. She had paused before coming down to at least put on a comfortable pair of old cut-off's, but now was pondering on the wisdom of that idea as the denim rubbed roughly against places that were already red and raw.

They were simply going to have to limit these all day fuck sessions, she reflected, and not have them every single time dad went somewhere. They might be endlessly fun, but she had dealt with enough athletic injuries in the past to know that she was going to be feeling this for some time to come. She was sore all over, maybe even bruised, and could hardly walk in a straight line.

At least she didn't have to go to school tomorrow and face questions from Charlie and the rest of her friends. She figured she'd likely be able to walk well enough by Tuesday that nobody would notice, but she found herself dreading having to walk around a bunch of stores tomorrow. Kristen was firm in that all three of them should go though as she didn't want to waste time and money on lingerie that didn't fit and toys they would never use.

Her mother and sister were upstairs now, but the frolics were over. With only a couple of hours left before they expected dad to come home from his day of golfing, it had been decided that they should go ahead and wrap things up. The master bedroom was getting a thorough cleaning and being aired out and freshened up, but as they believed they still had lots of time, they were in no hurry about it.

Ruth smiled to herself, thinking they were probably also grousing about her not being up there to help them.

They meant to get themselves cleaned up afterward and she knew that her mother was keen to share a shower with one or more probably both of their daughters. Ruth had to agree that the idea of having some slippery, soapy fun in a steamy shower had it's merits, but chose instead to go along with Kristen's decision that they should go separately.

The idea was to get cleaned up after all, not just to find some new place to get down and dirty.

She was taking another sip of water when she noticed the flash of sunlight reflecting off something. What she saw when she turned to look made her gag on the water and drop the cup.

Her father's car was pulling into the garage! She had been so wrapped up in her own thoughts, so focused on everything that had just happened to her, that she had not even heard the garage door come rumbling up to admit it. It would be mere moments before he got out of the vehicle, retrieved his clubs from the trunk, and came inside!

Sprinting to the bottom of the stairs, she shouted up, "Look out! Dad's home!" The resounding sounds of crashes, running feet, and raised voices told her that her warning had been heard.

They were rushing to get the bedroom back into some semblance of order, to do something about the pervasive stench of sweat and sex, and put some clothes on, but they could not move at light speed. Going back to the window and looking out, Ruth could see her father as he paused a moment to lower the garage door again and knew they were not going to make it.

She had to delay him somehow! But how? The thought of locking the door occurred to her, but obviously he had a key and she didn't think that would give them enough time. She could go out there and try to block his entry, perhaps by engaging him in conversation about something, but how to explain the fact that she was apparently running around the house with hardly any clothes on?

Seeing him turn and head towards the door again, Ruth made her hasty decision.

It was time to test her mom's idea that dad would be appalled by the very thought of incest, but without giving away everything that had been happening behind his back.

Going to the door, she threw it open and launched herself into the garage, meeting him a little less than halfway and blocking his progress. His eyes were understandably huge as he took in his pretty eighteen year old daughter topless and bare footed and his mouth worked for some time before any words managed to escape.

"Ruthie?! What on earth . . ."

The girl did not stop to offer an explanation, however. "I'm so sorry about this, dad," she said as she rushed him, "but I've always wanted to try this with you." The only way to justify her partial nudity, she had guessed, was to make him think it was for his benefit. "This seemed like the perfect time to do this too since mom and Kris are busy doing some spring cleaning right now, so they won't come down and catch us." She was pretty proud of this part of her tall tale even though it wasn't spring since it would justify any changes he might note in his bedroom and also reassure him that no one would see them together like this.

While he was processing all of this, almost mesmerized by the sight of his youngest daughter's bouncing, swinging breasts, she dropped to her knees in front of him and hurriedly pulled open the front of his pants. Before he knew what was happening, before he could recover from the shock of what he was seeing and hearing, she had already fished out his cock and scooped out his balls.

There was an expression of surprise on Ruth's face for a moment or two as she found herself more than a little impressed with how well her father was hung. This was the first one she had ever seen in the flesh, much less touched, but she didn't need to be told that he wasn't small.

"Oh, my God, Ruthie!" Roger managed to gasp out. "You can't . . ."

Before he could finish the sentence, she had. Stroking and caressing her father's manhood with both hands, she leaned in to take the bulbous head into her mouth.

There was every chance that he might pull away still and try to escape her forbidden attentions. It would certainly be the proper thing for him to do and, according to her mother at least, the thing most likely that he would do. However, she was to find that it was her own idea that a guy would not refuse something like this even when it came from his own daughter that would be born out today.

Not only did he remain in place and let her do as she liked, not only did he get larger and harder in her mouth very quickly, but he also dropped one hand onto the back of her head. "Oh, dear God, Ruthie. I can't believe you're doing this. This is so wrong! If anybody ever found out that you had done this . . ."

Given all the noise her father was soon making, Ruth had to believe that she was at the very least reasonably good at this. She was glad of that as she had certainly never done it before and didn't want to ruin everything by doing a shoddy job of it.

Groaning breathlessly, Roger was soon trying to urge her to take more of him into her mouth, humping his hips forward just a bit and gently trying to pull her head closer to his crotch. There was nothing forceful about it, he was just trying to let her know what he wanted. She understood and accommodated him, more and more of his shaft disappearing between her lips. He thanked her with a long, low moan.

With her head bobbing back and forth on his cock, her tongue lavishing a great deal of attention on every inch, one hand stroking the rod when it emerged from her mouth and the other fondling the scrotum below, Roger hadn't felt anything this good in a very long time. He certainly couldn't remember the last time his wife put even half as much effort into something like this.

Looking down, still awestruck by the incredible, unbelievable sight of his own daughter worshiping his cock, Roger couldn't help but notice the big breasts swinging and swaying down there. Without even thinking about it, he reached down with his free hand to caress one of them. He marveled at the heat and texture of the flesh, the hard points that were the nipples, and indulged himself in a lot of groping.

Ruth didn't mind a bit, finding she liked the feel of his large, rough hand moving over her bare skin.

The young girl tried her best to make this last as long as possible - the point was to give her mother and sister all the time they needed to hide the evidence, after all. Between her determination not to rush things, his efforts to prolong his pleasure by making this last, and to some extent perhaps her inexperience, she was pretty successful at this as well.

It could not go on forever, however.

Ruth picked up immediately on the clues that her father was about to climax and found herself faced with a dilemma.

Several of the girls she hung out with were much more experienced sexually than she was and the topic of guy's cum had come up more than once in their discussions. About half said that it wasn't fit for human consumption and would never, ever swallow the stuff. The other half admitted that it wasn't exactly gourmet cooking, but that it wasn't bad at all, adding that they loved the effect it had on their boyfriends when they swallowed. With opinion so evenly split, Ruth realized that she would just have to try it and see for herself.

With a throaty groan, his whole body shuddering violently, Roger had a powerful orgasm and provided his little girl with plenty of cum to sample.

He sagged back against the side of his car in the aftermath, watching closely as Ruth gulped down the mouthful, scooping up the spillage with a finger and popping that into her mouth as well.

"Mmmm," she purred, her eyes rising to meet his. "Delicious."

To her amazement, he seemed to start getting hard again! At his age, weren't men only supposed to be able to get it up once in a while? Well, she made up her mind that she wasn't going to blow him again right now. She had to believe that she had given Kristen and her mother plenty of time to get everything done upstairs.

Jumping back up to her feet, she took off like a shot for the door. "Thanks, dad!"

He reached out to catch her arm as she raced away, but missed. "Um, Ruthie, honey? I really think we need to talk about this . . ."

"No time," she called back. "Gotta go or someone will catch us!"

Roger could only let out a heavy sigh as his little girl vanished from sight and set to work stuffing himself back into his pants.

To Be Continued . . .

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