The Taylor Family Ch. 06


She just knew that those two girls were going to be the death of her.

* * *

"Oh, God . . . oh, God, yes . . ."

Kristen may have been the good girl before, the one who was trying to confine the lovemaking to home rather than a public place, but that was before. Now, it was she who was holding on to her partially dressed sister good and tight while rhythmically pumping that finger in and out of her juicy hole, her thumb bumping against the clitoris.

"That feels so damn good . . ."

Smiling to herself, thrilled with the idea that she could give her lover so much pleasure, Kristen now accelerated that plunging finger. With her varying her angle of attack as well, giving that digit a few good twists, she was soon driving Ruth right out of her mind. It was quite a chore to hold onto a girl who was writhing as wildly as her sister now was, but Kristen managed it somehow.

Ruth had not forgotten that they were in a public place or that their mother was waiting for them, so she did not even try to hold off the climax that was soon building fast within her.

"Here it comes!"

The orgasm that was coming was going to be a big one - that much was obvious to the both of them. Fearing that her sister wouldn't be able to keep control of her volume knob, Kristen was quick to clamp a hand over Ruth's mouth as the girl climaxed.

And just in time.

Convulsing, twisting wildly and only barely managing to keep herself on her feet, Ruth made so much noise despite the muffling hand that her big sister was absolutely sure that everyone in this store must know what they were doing back here. Even so, Kristen did not hesitate to give her a few extra bumps down below to help her on her way.

She was slow to cool back down in the aftermath, especially with that hand still working between her legs, but Ruth eventually caught her breath. Pushing herself out of her sister's grip and wobbling just a bit on rubbery legs, she waited until she was steady again before turning around to face Kristen with a hungry look.

That look was enough to make Kristen back up a step, a startled look on her face. "Now, Ruthie . . ."

"I want your pussy."

It came out as a feral snarl, but held all the same intensity as their mother's hysterical shriek of the night before and Kristen knew she would have no more choice in this matter than she'd had in that. Surrender was her only option, but it would be a sweet one anyway.

Kicking off her shoes, she hurriedly peeled off her jeans and panties under the watchful eye of her sister. Setting one foot up on the bench and turning slightly, she thus exposed herself fully to those seemingly unblinking eyes. Hanging onto her sister had been more than enough to get her motor running, but actually fingering her had shifted her into high gear, so it was a very aroused and dripping twat that she was now presenting her little sister with.

"Well, here it is, babe," Kristen told her, "and it's all your's."

Ruth decided to take her at her word, lurching at the other woman.

* * *

The orgasm Raylene suffered that day was a massive one, unlike anything she had felt in far too long. It had taken a fist crammed into her mouth to keep herself from letting out a wail of ecstacy that would have been heard by her husband all the way across town.

She was left to sprawl limply on the bench as the fireworks slowly subsided, the whole world swimming drunkenly around her. It would take what seemed like forever for her to catch her breath again, much less to slow her racing heart, and she shifted wearily in a vain search for a comfortable way to perch on that hard bench.

As her brain cells gradually came back to life one by one, she knew that she had to get out of there before she did something foolish - for instance, marching over there and begging to be allowed to join in the fun.

Unsteadily picking herself up from that bench at last, she went hunting for her clothes.

* * *

Ruth was now engaged in a feeding frenzy that would have made any shark proud.

With one hand on the wall to keep herself from falling over under this brutal assault, Kristen was moaning deeply as she was pleasured to within an inch of her life, shaking and shivering as the young woman kneeling at her feet absolutely devoured her. The sensation of one of her little sister's fingers being pushed up her bottom as well had almost been enough to make her lose all control of herself, but she held firm with an iron will.

She was determined to make Ruth work for this, her free hand going to the back of the other woman's head.

"That's right, baby," Kristen hissed, her whole body tensing as that ferocious tongue lashed at her. "Eat it all up!"

And Ruth did her best to do just that.

* * *

As she emerged at last, looking this way and that nervously to make sure that no one was around, Raylene was in a state of utter disarray.

With her hair tousled and her skin shining thanks to a thin sheen of perspiration, she had gotten dressed so quickly that her shoes had ended up on the wrong feet and her blouse had been badly misbuttoned. Her gait was a little awkward too as her well used twat was now very sore. She might have been mistaken for a shoplifter had anyone been around to notice the furtive way she was looking around the short corridor between the fitting rooms, but fortunately for her there was no one there.

Leaving behind the chemise she had originally gone back there to try on, Raylene's first few steps were worryingly not towards the exit but towards the other fitting room. Stopping in her tracks, she clenched her fists and forced herself to turn away.

"Oh, Ruthie!" a voice squealed from behind her. "Nobody eats my cunt as good as you do!"

Raylene's step faltered.

She was dying to go back there and try to find a way to turn that twosome into a threesome, but the last thing she needed was to get caught in that kind of compromising situation. If such a tale ever reached her husband's ears . . .

That voice from behind her sounded off again. "I'm coming, babe! I'm coming!"

Putting her head down, she rushed out of there so fast that she almost knocked over a rack of teddies and two customers.

* * *

Ann paced slowly around the store, looking at but not really seeing the merchandise as she waited for her daughters to come back out of that fitting room.

She looked up hopefully when someone finally emerged from back there, groaning when she saw that it wasn't either of her daughters. Still, it did seem a little odd the way that woman came sprinting out as if the devil himself were at her heels.

She was a very annoyed woman by now as she did not believe for a second that Kristen was just back there helping Ruth put on a piece of lingerie. Oh, no, she was absolutely convinced that her daughters had run off together to have sex without her and she didn't much appreciate being left out like this.

The idea of marching back there, ripping off her clothes and diving into that heap of femininity did occur to her, but she did not act on the impulse.

Most stores had a rule about how many people could be in one of their fitting rooms at one time and she expected that this one was no exception. She was a little surprised to see that nobody was complaining already about the two teenagers being in there together and just could not believe that they would continue to look away if she went back there, too.

And if someone did go back there while the three women were together, all would be exposed, so to speak.

"Excuse me?"

Turning, Ann found a cute young woman standing beside her and wearing a jacket with the logo of a local college. Holding up a camisole with a plunging neckline and copious amounts of lace, she demanded, "Don't you have this in green? This is just what I was looking for, except I want it in emerald green."

Mrs. Taylor frowned at the coed. "How should I know what colors that comes in? I don't work here."

"You don't? Really?"

The girl seemed so very surprised that Ann was insulted. What, just because she was middle-aged and old enough to be this foolish little bitches mother, she couldn't wear lingerie anymore? Did she think she was too old for sex or something?

Giving the young woman a disdainful look, she quickly put some distance between them.

* * *

When Kristen and Ruth finally emerged from the fitting rooms and rejoined their mother several minutes later, it was obvious to Ann that she had been right.

With both of the teenagers flushed hotly, with their hair and make-up mussed up, and given those guilty expressions on their faces, there could be no doubt that they had taken full advantage of the opportunity to fool around while they were back there. And if she had any lingering doubts, the permeating odor the two girls were wearing when they finally returned to their mother's side was enough to banish them.

Crossing her arms, Ann gave the two younger women a glare, her scowl only deepening as she watched those two guilty expressions morph into playful grins.

Reaching out, Ruth grabbed hold of one of her big sister's hands. "Sorry, mom, but we've decided that we're nymphomaniacs." Pulling her back towards the lingerie, she teased with a gay laugh, "Come on then. I'm set, so let's find the two of you something sexy to wear. The sooner we do, the sooner we can get back home!"

Sighing heavily, Ann could only follow after her playful girls.

* * *

The three women had returned home after their visit to Angelique's, their plan to do some more shopping abandoned in favor of rushing back home to have as much sex as possible before Roger got home that afternoon.

As they gathered in the master bedroom, they modeled their new lingerie for each other.

Ruth appeared in that black bustier, her big breasts not pushed up and out so that they were revealed in all their glory. She was also wearing a matching g-string, a tiny little thing that covered precious little and finished the outfit off with a pair of black fishnet stockings.

Seeing herself in a mirror dressed like that had gotten her to agree with Kristen that it showed her off wonderfully, but it also thought it made her look like a prostitute or something. When she'd complained to her sister that the get-up made her feel like a slut, the other girl had given her a wink and reminded her that this was the whole point.

For herself, Kristen had found a leopard print chemise with lots of black lace trimming. It was perfect for her as it showed off her statuesque figure and legs wonderfully, but it also gave her enough support up top to emphasize her pert little bosom, making the most of what she had. The thong she wore underneath this showed off her butt nicely and also came in a leopard print. The final touch was a pair of sheer black stockings to showcase those long, smooth legs.

Ruth had complained just a little when she saw that her sister's new outfit wasn't quite so slutty as her own was, but her eyes glazed over with lust when she saw her in it, her mouth falling open.

The two teenagers ogled each other lustily for a few moments, but all eyes became fixed on their mother just as soon as she emerged in her new underwear.

Ann had packed on a few extra pounds and so she had been dressed in a lovely blue corset that could both contain them and show them off. Her full breasts were held in a set of sheer cups that showed them off without being quite so flagrant about it as Ruth's bustier was. Her blue panties were not so skimpy as her daughters' were, but were still enough to make any observer drool. Like her girls, she had on a pair of stockings, though her's were a sheer blue, but unlike her girls, she had also been put into a sheer and floor-length robe.

For what seemed an eternity, all was quiet and still in that bedroom as the three women just stood and admired each other.

The moment was broken by a very unexpected voice.

"What on earth is going on here?!"

The three women spun around to find that Roger had come home hours early and was now standing in the open doorway and staring at the three of them with wide eyes and bulging pants.

To Be Continued . . .

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