tagLesbian SexThe Teacher Ch. 09

The Teacher Ch. 09


Author's Note:

I just want to say thanks to all of those who kept reading these stories. I know I don't say it much, but your loyalty to this series means a lot to me. If this is your first time reading this story, I would recommend you to read the chapters before this. Please do not copy or print for your own purposes without my permission. Enjoy and please leave some feedback...

XOXO, Maela


The sun hit my face and I cracked open an eye to glance at the clock beside me. It read 9:00 AM... My body felt sated and I myself felt wonderful. Glancing at Maria next to me, I noted that she was still sleeping. I set the strap-on next to her, knowing that she would understand the message, before I crept out of the room naked, to use the restroom downstairs. I donned an apron over my naked body and began cooking breakfast for the love of my life. I knew Maria had woken up when the bathroom door in the room closed.

I stood with my back to her, knowing that she would be able to see my ass perfectly when she came into the kitchen, which was exactly what I wanted. I felt her creep up behind me before her soft hands grabbed my ass, and her long finger delved down my crack to my pussy. I pushed my ass back against her touch, hearing her gasp as it touched strap-on, knowing that the other end of it was brushing against her lovely clit, loving her gasp. Finally, she turned me around and lifted the hem of the apron up.

Desperate to get it off and feel her touch me, I was about to untie it and raise it above my head before I heard her whisper in my ear, "Leave it on love... I want to fuck you with it on. Just with the apron on, I'm gonna suck and lick every part of your sweet wet pussy... Are you getting turned on yet?"

My pussy got wet from hearing her words, and I wriggled around, a bit uncomfortable, but turned on at the same time. I couldn't believe this was happening, but I didn't care.

"Mmmmm... I always get turned on around you baby..."

Maria laughed huskily and answered, "Would you like that mi amore? Would you like me to lick up that wet, sopping pussy, as I bury my fingers in there? Or do you want my cock?"

I gasped out loud as she lifted me up onto the counter and rubbed the head of the strap-on against my pussy lips. I moaned as she rubbed insistently, saying, "Come on mi amore. Do you want my cock? Do you want my cock in your beautiful little pussy? Tell me..."

I tried to hump against the cock, only to have her pull it away and say, "Tell me what you want slut!!!"

Finally mustering up the words, I made my voice husky as I answered, "I want your cock in my fuckhole. I want my juices to run all over your cock as you fuck me baby..."

Maria laughed, loving my submissive nature. I got a better glance at her and saw that she wore nothing but her black fishnet stockings, her heels, which brought her crotch right up to mine, and the strap-on that I had left on the bed. She moved forward, penetrating my wet pussy with her huge cock, making me gasp and groan.

She rhythmically moved her cock in and out of my sopping pussy yelling, "Oh yeah. I love this fucking pussy. Look at how wet you get for my cock... You like my cock, you slut? You like it?"

"Oh god, Maria... Your cock feels so good in my pussy."

"Yeah, you like how this cock fills your naughty pussy up don't you?"

When I didn't answer, Maria used her fingers to slap my clit, making me cry out and turning me on even more. "Say it bitch. You like this cock filling up your naughty pussy don't you?"

"Mmmmmmm... yes... I love how this cock fills up my naughty pussy. God it feels fucking amazing..."

She kept rocking back and forth, drilling my pussy with her cock as I screamed out in pleasure. Her right hand was holding me around the waist, as her left hand closed around my nipple, teasing it, slapping it, driving me crazy. I started to moan louder as she sped up her movements, until I felt my climax come over me.

"Ohhhh Gooooddddd.... That's soooo good. Keep going baby!!!! Awww fuuuuuuccccckkk."

My juices coated the cock as I came, and I felt Maria quivering before she came, her orgasm loud and clear.

"Awww... fuuuuuuuccccccccccckkkk baby... Fuck, your pussy is just too good."

Finally, she slid me off the counter and on top of her. We rested for a minute before I began to feel her pumping the cock in and out of me again, getting me all worked up again.

"Mmmmm... Maria... we just finished..."

"Yeah, but I want to keep on fucking your pussy until you scream baby... Do you honestly want me to stop fucking you slut???"

"Oh... No... keep fucking me baby... fuck... oh fuck... that feels soooo good... Mmmmm... fuck..."

Maria responded by pumping faster before using her hands around my waist to guide me to start grinding my pussy on her cock, grinding the tip on her clit as well. I ground myself harder and harder on her until I felt another orgasm build up and suddenly release. At the same time my pussy clenched over the strap-on, I gave an extra hard grind on it, making Maria cum at the same time.

"Awwww fuuuucccccckkkkkkkkkk..." we both groaned at the same time.

Finally, Maria turned to her side, sliding me off her and the cock out of me at the same time. I laid there laughing with her before kissing her and moving her breasts. Then I slid the tip of my tongue down her body until I reached the strap-on. I ran my tongue over the head, then down the shaft before taking the whole thing in my mouth, sucking off all my juices.

Maria laid back and watched me make love to her fake cock with my mouth, and as I slid my finger to her clit, I knew she was getting turned on again. She was wet, and getting wetter as I continued to suck the fake cock. I lightly pushed down on the cock, making it rub against her clit, making her gasp as she breathed out loud, "Mmmmm... fuck... you have such a pretty fucken mouth. Yes... suck off your juices slut."

I giggled and proceeded to jerk her off, while licking the cock. Finally, I unstrapped the cock from her waist, and donned it. I scooted over to her before pushing the head of it against her mouth, telling her, "Lick it slut. Get it ready for your pussy bitch."

She opened her mouth and complied, taking it all the way in her mouth, making me wet. She bobbed her head up and down against me as she sucked the cock, getting it ready for herself. An idea struck me as she continued to do that, and I began thrusting the cock back and forth against her mouth. She began deep-throating the cock, turning me on even more.

"Mmmmm... fuck... I love how you're deep-throating this cock. Do you like deep-throating this cock bitch?"

She stopped enough to say, "Yes," before I continued thrusting it in her beautiful mouth. She licked the head slowly, making me want to fuck her even more. I continued to pump faster and faster until I felt another orgasm inside me build up.

Quickly, I moved back down to her, flipping her onto her stomach and knees, warming up her pussy with two of my fingers, making her groan loudly just before I thrust the cock inside her. She screamed out in pleasure as I moved the cock in and out of her wet pussy. It squished as it entered and exited her pussy. My thighs slapping against her ass was the only sound I could hear, apart from her moans and screams as the cock penetrated her pussy.

The sound was turning me on, so as I continued to fuck her pretty, wet pussy, I began to slap her ass. Lightly at first, but I began slapping harder, knowing that the pain was going straight to her pussy. Maria screamed out, "Aww... yes, slap my fucken ass bitch. Yes. Spank me... Spank me..."

I laughed, spanking her harder and harder, while fucking her faster and faster. When I felt her pussy clench around the fake cock, I knew she was about to cum without her voicing it out. I reached around, grabbing her thrusting tits, before pinching her nipples, making her moan louder until all I heard was, "Fuuucccckkkkkk... I'm going to cuuuuummmmmm... oh shit... oh shit!!!"

From her screaming, I heard myself scream out also as I came with her, long and hard. We both fell on the floor, exhausted and sated.

After laying on the floor for half an hour, we both got up and warmed up the breakfast that had been forgotten during our lust for each other.We cleaned up the strap-on, throwing it in the living room before sitting down to eat breakfast; Maria only in her fishnet stockings and heels, me in the apron.

As we began eating, I looked at Maria and asked her, "Maria, what's going to happen after I graduate? I know that we didn't make any definite plans for our relationship, but I don't want it to end yet."

Maria looked up at me, love clearly in her eyes as she answered, "I don't know either mi amore. I don't want this to end either. You know that I love you, but I don't know if I can leave my teaching job in such short notice and you're leaving for college in three weeks. We can't take the chance of someone finding out that we had an affair while you were still in high school."

I could feel anger and disappointment rising in me, but I clamped down on it, waiting for her to explain more. She continued, "If anything, this would have to end after you graduate."

Dread came through me, all thoughts of our sex-filled adventure forgotten. In a rush, I stood up saying in a calm, but angry voice, "So, after the summer, then it's over? I love you Maria. How could you say that to me? How could you end it so quickly?"

I could see Maria's eyes look sadly up at me. Before she could say anything else, I turned and headed for the master bedroom, locking myself inside. As I lay in the bed, tears came to my eyes, knowing that Maria was right and that at the end of the school year, my loving adventure with her would end. What should I do now, I asked myself, crying on the bed where we made love the night before.

To be continued...

Please leave feedback... ;P...

XOXO, Maela

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