tagErotic HorrorThe Teaching Assistant

The Teaching Assistant

bySegue Cabaret©

Bob laid out the black costume with the white skeleton emblazoned on the front on his dorm room bed. He pulled off his football sweater and quickly undressed. His room mate Tony was already in his green slime monster costume but was having trouble with the runny gloop he thought would make great mucus - it did but now he couldn't get it off his hands.

"Man, this stuff gets everywhere," he said transferring it from hand to hand.

Bob laughed and slipped his own costume over his toned athletic body. Pulling the skull mask on, he shambled over to his friend, waving his arms. Tony replied by waving the gloop at him and Bob jumped back.

"Don't get that stuff on my boner!"

They were laughing when the third friend, Steve, joined them. Steve was the opposite of the two athletes; 10 stone weakling - a bit of a geek but they enjoyed having him around. He could download porn faster than either of them. Over his arm he held the white sheet that was going to transform him into a ghost and he pretended to scream when the other two came for him.

"The girls ready yet?" Tony asked.

Steve shook his head and said, "Guys, I have an idea - before the girls join us?"

The two footballers looked his way.

Steve blushed a bit and said, "There's a new post-grad teaching assistant on my course in mythology. She is so great looking. Well, I found out she lives on the edge of campus and I wondered if we could go see her first? Without the girls."

Bob nudged Tony in the ribs. "You got the hots for your teacher, Steve? She been passing you notes in class?"

Steve blushed more and shrugged, "Don't take my word for it." He went to the computer and quickly pulled up her staff home page.


"Look at that piece of ass..."

The footballers vied for best view of the picture; even though it showed her in a demure, dark red dress, they could tell she filled it out well. Her face was framed by dark slightly wavy hair. Hi, I'm Gail Westrick and I'm teaching Mythology 201...

"Yes, have my babies..." Bob looked over at Steve. "What colour are her eyes?"

"Blue," he said dreamily, "more sapphire..."

"OK guys haven't we forgotten something here?" Tony tried to bring them down to earth. "Why would she be in her place - it's Halloween - won't she be out somewhere doing ghosty things?"

Steve, the font of knowledge on Ms. Westrick, shook his head. "She said she'd be staying in doesn't get into all the Halloween stuff - but said we could come around for a treat!"

The other two boys cheered and laughed, "I know what sort of treat I want!"

"Think she'll put out, Stevy?" Bob ribbed his friend who blushed again.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get over to her place and then we'll be back to go out with the girls...unless we get real lucky over there!"

They drove the short distance to the house on the edge of campus. It had been in the early benefactor's will that they should keep the house and use it to support students who were working towards post graduate degrees. So it had seen the rise of the modern campus beside it and now stood with a faded Edwardian charm, looking over in avuncular fashion its founder's aspirations.

They pulled up outside; the house looked quite dark but the glass panel over the door showed a light was burning inside. They left the car and started walking towards the house.

"So... How certain are you that we'll get a treat, Steve," Bob asked.

"Umm... well, not very, but... "

"I'm getting hard just... " Tony trailed off the remark as they gathered on the porch and Steve reached out to press the bell.

Gail Westrick had dressed for the occasion, a risqué French Maid's outfit, complete with seamed stockings, apron and cap, giving out candy to those who ventured to her door, but the treat... Well, that was reserved for someone special. Peering through the peephole when the bell chimed for what seemed the fiftieth time, she opened the door.

"Well, well, well... " Gail murmured, opening the door on the threesome. "Who do we have here?"

"Trick or treat!" they shouted in unison.

"Hmm... Maybe I have both," she smiled, tilting her head. "Just who gets what depends on who is who."

"Hiya, Ms. Westrick," Steve chimed out. "It's me, Steve Harris. And these are my friends Bob and Tony."

She nodded, looking them up and down, her hand slipping to the handle of the screen door. "Trick," she said, pointing at Bob. "Trick," she repeated, "Sorry, Steve. Some other time." "Treat," she said with a grin, opening the door and placing her crimson tipped fingernail gingerly underneath Tony's slime-covered face. "Won't you... come in?"

Tony gave his buddies a thumb's up and followed her inside, trying not to show further surprise when she closed and locked the door behind her before putting out the porch light. "This way," Gail said. "I was hoping you'd... come. I didn't expect the gloop. I'm afraid you're going to have to wash it off."

He followed curiously, his eyes locked on her barely covered ass as she walked, her cheeks moving a bumpety-bump rhythm that immediately transferred to his cock. And her legs! What he wouldn't do to have them wrapped around his body. Man she was hot!

She had paused in front of what was obviously a bathroom and was now gesturing for him to go inside. "Shower," she commanded. "Towels are hanging."

As she left, Tony hurriedly pulled off the costume he was wearing, set the shower temperature and quickly stepped inside to wash. He let the water run over his face and felt the slime disappear as he wondered just how lucky he was going to get; she seemed awfully keen on him. Stay cool, he told himself as he turned the water off and pushed the steamed up glass door open. He jumped back a step and squeaked when he saw Gail leaning back against the bathroom door holding a towel. He instinctively covered himself with his hands, a little voice in the back of his head admonishing him, oh yes, very cool.

"I thought you might like a helping hand getting dry," she purred and wiggled the towel in a come and get it sort of fashion. Tony minced forward reluctant to move his hands; Gail smirked.

"What are you hiding under there? Is it my treat? Let's have a look." She held the towel just out of his reach and was rewarded as, blushingly, he let his hands fall to his sides.

She looked him up and down - mostly down and she nodded and walked closer, watching his Adam's apple bob as he swallowed and tried to stay still under her gaze. She went behind him and ran the towel over his broad shoulders and down his right arm; he could feel her body close to him but didn't want to make a false move and spoil what looked like being a very enjoyable evening.

He flinched when she ran the towel over his ass, her fingers massaging his muscles through it and she "mmmmm'd" in pleasure as slowly she circled back round to in front of him, her deep blue eyes now catching his gaze. He tried to smile, feeling the touch of the towel on his chest, rubbing up and down from abdomen to neck. He was aware of her nails gently over his skin and winced as she gave a quick tweak to both his nipples. He could feel his cock filling out as he looked at her, as he inhaled the perfume she was wearing.

He reached out, his hands on her arms and she shook her head with a coquettish smile as she slowly sank to her knees, the towel running down his body.

"Delicious," Gail whispered. Her breath, warm against his skin, ruffled the hair around his erection making Tony shiver. "Cold?" she asked, looking up. Her mouth so close to his cock that if he moved just so... "Ah ah ah!" she said, wagging her finger as if she'd been reading his mind. "It does look tasty though. Mind if I... " Without waiting for a reply, her tongue snaked out to flicker against his cockhead, dipping briefly into the precum which was rapidly gathering at its tip.

She smiled when Tony gasped, his legs trembling as her tongue blazed a trail along the underside of his cock and back again, her hand cupping his sac, rolling it idly over her fingers. "Oh, yes," she purred. "As I said a moment ago... Delicious."

Watching his face, she stroked him gently as her crimsoned lips opened, sliding her mouth slowly over his length. It both amused and thrilled her to hear his sharp intake of breath when she took him fully, her tongue playing along his shaft as she suckled.

Tony's hips began to thrust gently, as if of their own volition, moving faster and faster until he was eagerly fucking her mouth as it traveled up and down the length of his swollen cock. "Mmm... " Gail murmured, pleased when he wove his fingers through her hair and groaned his need.

Not wanting him to come, she hesitated momentarily before letting his throbbing cock slip from between her lips. He whimpered quietly, his hips making a couple more futile thrusts before he realized that Gail wasn't going to continue. "Don't worry, lover boy. We're far from finished." Rising to her feet, she walked toward the door, pausing to look over her shoulder at Tony. "Coming?"

Once again he followed, his hand wrapped loosely around his cock to keep it from bobbing up and down as he walked. Unable to resist, he found himself giving it a stroke or two for good measure. Was she going to finish him off? Would he get to fuck her? Man if she took too long he was gonna jizz all over the place.

"In here," she said as they reached the end of the hall. Tony let his hand drop away from his cock, but a moment too late. "Does that feel good, Tony?" Gail asked. "Do you do it a lot?"

"Do what?"

"Touch yourself. Wank. You know... masturbate."

"Not a lot. No."

"So you fuck a lot then."

"Umm... " Tony shrugged nonchalantly. "Sure."

"I see." Turning away from him she walked into the bedroom, gesturing for him to have a seat on the edge of the bed. "Do you like my costume?" Gail asked Tony once he'd sat. Spinning around to show it off, he was almost sure that she wasn't wearing panties, but he wouldn't swear to it. The thought alone almost made him shoot.

"Ms. Westrick?"

"Oh, please. Call me Gail." She smiled, licking her lips and moving closer to him, her breasts just above his eye level. "Do you like them, Tony?"

He nodded, automatically reaching. She let him touch. Let him squeeze the plump mounds that were pressing against the tight material of her maid's outfit. Let him rub his thumbs over the stiff peaks of her nipples. Let him press his face between them and breathe in her scent. She even shivered as one of his hands moved down her side and over her hips to her thigh to caress the sleek smoothness of her stockings, to trace the seam at the back.

"Touch me."

It was all he could do not to just reach up and grab Gail's ass and pull her closer, but Tony managed to keep his hands from shaking too much as they smoothed their way around to the front of her legs and slowly inched up her inner thighs. After all, he could tease as good as he could take.

Tony could feel the muscles rippling under her skin as his thumbs passed her pussy, moving along the crease where her torso met her gorgeous legs. He'd been wrong, she was wearing something... a thong so thin it was barely a string; it had insinuated itself into her slit and was probably rubbing against her clit. The thought made him moan, his cock flexing in commiseration as he traced along her cleft, wishing it was his tongue rather than his fingers.

Gail gasped, her voice deep and smoky as she whispered, "Touch."

Slowly, deliberately, Tony parted her outer lips with his hands, his thumbs trailing along either side of her slick wetness as he breathed in her scent. Gratified when he felt her tremble, he began to pay attention to the stiff nubbin; rolling, rubbing, squeezing as she slowly gyrated against his hands.

Gail lifted one leg, placing her foot on the bed beside him. "Taste."

Tony whimpered as Gail lifted her skirt, pulling his face toward her pussy, the exclamation point of hair on her mons pointing toward her treasure like beacon. He hadn't done this often. Truth be told, he'd only tried it once and didn't think he'd been very successful, but this woman inspired him to... Christ he was ready to burst!

With the flat of his tongue, he lapped along her slit, tasting her, inhaling her as she moaned, hands on his head, urging him closer. "Mmmmmyess... " Gail murmured, practically growling as Tony found her clit and pressed hard against it.

Her taste was like honey, warm and thick and sweet as he suckled her nub, coaxing it from its hiding place as Gail ground against his mouth. Needing to see, Tony eased her forward as he lay back, his tongue and fingers still playing as she settled over his face. Heaven!

He could see it now, bright pink and glistening; her clit swollen and distended. "Lick me!" Gail demanded, holding her skirt up so that she could watch him lapping, slurping, his tongue circling, twirling over her clit as she ground against him. Wanton. Desirous. As ravenous for his mouth as he was for her cunt.

Gail was close. So close. She cried out as he thrust a finger inside of her, adding another and another. She groaned when they curled against the wall of her pussy, pistoning in and out as Tony stopped to suckle. "Make me... Fuck! Make me come!"

Oh my God, Tony thought, she is gonna come for me! He felt her body moving as her sex ground down on his hand, on his mouth. He felt her drive down on her mouth and listened to her whimper as his tongue lapped at her clit and made her throw her head back in excitement.

His hands on her hips held her in place knowing she was on the edge as she drove her pussy down onto his mouth and tongue.

Sweet Lord! I am the man! He listened to her squeal as she leaned over him and clutched his hair her hips uncontrollably thrusting against his mouth her juices flooding out over his lips. He lapped her honey up as she planted her arms either side of his head and began to move her down towards his engorged sex.

Gail was ready. Hyped and superhorny, she needed Tony's cock inside of her now. Her eyes flared with the heat of her passion. She needed to fuck.

The secretions from her cunt left a hot, wet trail along his body as she slithered downwards. Gail lifted slightly when she felt his cockhead, allowing it to slide between her lips, tantalizingly close to the prize until her ass finally rested lightly against his balls.

"Oh yeah... " Tony groaned, bucking his hips up as she sat back on the heels of her feet, his eyes widening as she unbuttoned the blouse and tossed it aside; a flick of the front clasp on her bra releasing two perfect globes, the pink tips of her nipples jutting out, eager to be touched.

Gail reached between them, her entire body trembling with desire and need. "Trick or... "

"Treat!" Tony whispered as she placed his guided his cock toward the entrance of her ravenous cunt.

"Fuck me!"

His eyelids flickered as his hips thrust upward. Her cunt fit his cock like a velvet glove, her walls shaping themselves to his girth. "Fuck me!" she repeated, grinding against him. "Hard!"

He needed no more encouragement and drove inside her hard, his hands on her hips pulling her down in time with his thrusts. He slid one hand across her groin, across the soft hairs, so his thumb could again play with her clit as she rode him. Her hair cascaded like fire over her shoulders and her eyes gleamed as she leaned forward, her hands on his chest her fingernails clawing at his skin. He ignored the discomfort as he moved faster and faster against her body as she let out a moan, low at first then keening higher.

He felt her pussy tighten on his cock rigid, buried deep and he closed his eyes, his seed erupting inside her as his hips bucked wildly.

"Oh yes, baby..." he pushed up again and opened his eyes. And screamed.

She grinned ludicrously at him through her worm-laden lips. Half of her face sagged in a gray mass of rotting flesh, the other half showed a hollow and mangled cheekbone and a few decaying teeth. Yellow pus oozed from her outstretched hands as she squatted above him, A necklace of tiny skulls rattled on her mottled neck. Her obscenely bloated belly and her black-clotted thighs hung against his skin.

He tried to push the mass of rotting flesh off his body but she was anchored tight on his sex; her fingernails were now talons clutching at him, slowly, slowly burying themselves in his chest.

She threw her head back and howled with laughter. It was the howl of a bloodthirsty wolf. She leaned close and with the reek of blood streaked death she whispered the mystery.

"To reclaim my beauty each year on All Hallow's Eve I take the life of a man, steal him at the moment of our climax. Claim his life force for my own. Your soul is my five hundredth meal."

Tony's eyes filled with terror though his struggles were subsiding. She pulled a hand free of his chest and stroked his cheek, leaving a trail of blood. What was left of her face contorted into a rictus. "Good boy."

The two friends outside had waited a few minutes before going back to their car, muttering about Tony's luck.

"He'd just better tell us all about it," Steve groused, starting the engine and driving back to the dorm. Bob wanted to leave a note for Tony in case he came back, so he'd know where to meet them. "Not that it's likely," he speculated, as they walked into the dorm. There was a slight breeze in the hallway as they approached their room. And then a sound. A voice. Tony's voice.

"Guys," it sounded a long way off but quickly got louder.

"Guys, let me tell you the weirdest thing..."

Bob and Steve went to the door of the room and looked out. "Oh my God," Steve shrilled, fighting back the bile that rose in his throat while Bob stool absolutely still, shaking his head as he looked at the apparition - a form like Tony's stood, blood streaked, in his green costume. But it was transparent. Very much like a ghost.

Steve pointed at the face before him, at the dark hollows where eyes should have been, at the translucent white of what had once been skin. The apparition shrugged, seemingly unaware of how it looked, not knowing it was no longer Tony.

"Guys, it's me! Let me tell you,"

They ran back into the room and closed the door, followed by Tony's ghost which materialized behind them. As if realizing what had happened, the spirit looked down at itself and back at them. Its mouth yawned open and should have screamed but there was only silence as slowly, from the feet up, the apparition dissolved into mist.


In the benefactor's house a young woman knelt naked on the bed looking at a pile of ash and dust under her thighs. She reached out for Tony's skull as it had rolled towards her while the rest of his body dissolved. Taking it in her hands she crushed the now fragile thing easily into powder. With a contented sigh she stepped off the bed and headed for the shower to wash off the dust; pausing on the way to admire her new body. She lifted her breasts and grinned, then ran her hands over her waist and hips with a pleasurable shiver, already making plans to leave town.

She took a last look in the mirror. "Mmmm... blonde this year... " She headed for the bathroom, her hips swaying seductively.

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