tagMind ControlThe Tease Comes To Visit Ch. 02

The Tease Comes To Visit Ch. 02


This is the next part of the story that began with "The Tease Comes To Visit." While it is not necessary to read that part to enjoy this story. It will give you the background on the characters. Please feel free to critique. Enjoy!!


"Oh god. Oh fuck." Stephanie continued to pound her pussy with her fist. "Oh yeah. God, god, god. Oh shit." She removed her fist and worked on her clit furiously. Rubbing hard. "Oh come on, please. Please. Please." Stephanie wasn't begging for her master's permission. She was lost in her own world. Her every thought wrapped around cumming. She started to spank her clit. "Oh god. I'm cumming. Ahhh ..."

She lifted her legs high off the table rolling her ass up and started to squirt. Clear liquid leapt from her pussy and landed on the coffee table in front of the couch.

Michael had never seen a girl squirt before. "That's so damn sexy," he thought to himself.

"Thank you master," Stephanie said breathlessly. "Thank you for letting me cum."

"Oh we are not done, slave. The night is just beginning. Now clean your cum off the coffee table. Lick it up slave."

Stephanie got up and leaned over the table, her tits brushing the surface. She opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and started to lick her cum up.

"Good slave." Michael smiled.

Stephanie looked at Michael, "Fuck me master. Please fuck my cunt."

"Suck me first slave."

"Yes master." Stephanie kneeled in front of Michael and started to lower her mouth on his cock.

"Use your tits slave. Titfuck me and suck me."

Stephanie's mouth smiled around her master's cock as she pressed her tits against his shaft. Her tongue darted around Michael's cock head while his shaft was engulfed in her mams. He started to thrust into her tits and felt her mouth welcome more and more of his cock with each stroke. Soon Michael began to feel his cum rise and his balls constrtict.

"Stop slave. Bend over the couch."

"Yes master." Stephanie walked over to the couch and placed her hands on the armrest. Michael stood behind her his cock point straight at her moist, wet pussy. He rubbed his cock head up and down her shaved slit and heard her moan, "Please master fuck me."

Michael roughly shoved his cock deep in Stephanie's pussy and she gasped. "Oh yes. Oh shit yes. Fuck me master, Fuck my little pussy."

Michael pounded Stephanie's pussy hard, going balls deep with each stroke.

"That feel good slave?"

"Yes. Oh yes, master."

"I fuck you better than Phillip?"

"Yes. God, yes. Deeper master. Fuck me deeper. Oh I want to cum master. Please let me cum over your cock. Please master."

"You want to cum slave?" Michael asked.

"Yes, please master."

"No." Michael pulled out of her pussy. His cock was glistening with Stephanie's love juice. Michael positioned himself in front of her anus and pushed his cock all the way deep.

"FUCK!!! Ah shit," Stephanie cried. "Fuck my ass, master. Fuck my ass!"

"You like my cock in your ass, slave?"

"Yes. Oh god yes master. Fuck my ass. Cum in my ass."

"Do you let Phillip cum in your ass?"

"No master, Phillip doesn't fuck my ass. Only you, master."

Michael could not hold back any longer. He thrust hard into Stephanie's ass and squirted his cum deep in her asshole. Spasm after spasm after spasm.

"Clean my cock slave." Michael watched as Stephanie crawled from the couch and started to softly lick his cock clean from her ass juices and his cum.

"If one slave is this much fun," Michael thought. "Two would be better."

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