tagFetishThe Teasing Air Hostess Ch. 03

The Teasing Air Hostess Ch. 03


Chapter three

I arrived home and immediately dropped everything, practically ran to by bedroom and was naked in seconds lying on my bed. I had the stocking draped over my face and reached down to massage my already hard cock. I had been stoking for about 5 seconds when my phone beeped. I instantly remembered that I was supposed to wait for instructions and so I stopped playing, composed myself and grabbed my phone.

It was her, how the hell did she know?!?! She said that she knew I wouldn't be able to help myself and that she was disappointed I couldn't follow a simple order. After a groveling apology she finally relented and said she would now have to guide me step by step.

"I take it you know what an edge is don't you slave boy?"

"Yes Miss."

"Good, of course you do. Now we're going to play a little game, I'm going to take you to the edge so many times you'll be begging and more desperate to cum than you've ever been. But, YOU MUST NOT CUM until I tell you."

I gulped and agreed to her conditions knowing I was in for a tough time given how horny I was already. She spent the next two hours guiding me through the most exquisite teasing session I've ever had. She made me stroke fast and hold it, she made me stroke slow, tantalizingly slow. She brought me to the edge more times than I could count and even sent me a couple of pictures of her relaxing, still wearing her tight jeans, one with her boots still on and one of her bare feet with the sexy boots lay on the floor.

She asked me whether I thought I deserved to cum and I begged hard, praised her and begged some more. I was starting to lose my mind when she eventually told me that the time had come to decide.

She told me she was going to toss a coin and I was only allowed to cum if it was heads and that I was to phone her so she could hear. My heart dropped at the prospect of maybe not being allowed to cum after all this teasing.

I called and she was very relaxed, sipping on a drink while she took her time.

"OK slave I'm ready to toss the coin now, are you ready?"

"Yes Miss" I croaked.

"Here we go." I could almost see her smile as she told me what a lucky boy I was that it had landed on heads. But I was to wait for her countdown.

She checked that I was wearing her stocking over my cock like a big condom as she had previously demanded and then she made me edge one last time. Her countdown began from 10 and felt like an eternity to me.

"3....ready slave, it's almost time..... 2...... get my other stocking up to your nose and inhale my scent...... hold it........ a little more..... and now cum for me slave!"

I let out a noise somewhere between a grunt and a long moan as I came hard into her stocking. It was slightly muffled but she obviously heard and giggled at me before telling me to clean up and enjoy the rest of my evening, I said thank you Miss and then we hung up.

I had never experienced anything like that feeling before, being told when and how to cum was oddly thrilling and I found myself looking forward to it happening again.

We stayed in touch frequently over the next week or so and nothing was out of the ordinary, but she did ask me a lot of questions about how the tease session had made me feel. Then one Friday night she asked me if I was feeling horny and wondered if I wanted to play again. Of course my answer was an eager yes.

She guided me through another tease session and set me little challenges along the way, like having to find specific pictures on the internet or porn videos that showed particular things. After about 4 hours of on/off teasing she told me that if I really wanted to please her, I would not cum tonight.

This took me by surprise and I took a moment to respond, she told me to trust her and I agreed. She then told me that if I was going to be a really good boy, I would wait for the whole weekend before cumming and I would get a little treat if I did.

That weekend was one of the longest I have ever experienced. She was clearly aware of how horny I was after the Friday night tease & edging session and she tried to ramp that up even more by sending me naughty messages. She even sent a couple of pictures of her on her night out on Saturday, dressed up all sexily and (of course) wearing high heels.

She sent me a few messages on Sunday morning asking me how I was feeling and then proceeded to tell me about how horny she was and that she was going to play with herself just to tease me. After a while she sent me another message and said she was sorry for being mean and she was going to allow me to cum today but there was a catch.

I jumped for joy and my already semi-erect penis felt a twitch. But then the catch came. I was allowed to cum, but if I did then she would not cum that day. Only one of us could cum and it was me who had to decide.

So here I was desperately horny and gagging to cum, but my teasing Mistress also horny having played for a while and I had to decide which one of us deserved relief.

Selfishly I instantly decided that I was the lucky one, I had been teased beyond belief over the weekend and it was the least I deserved. But then she sent me a message telling me how horny and desperate she was, she sent me a picture of her fingers that were moist with her juices and she told me if I decided it was her who could cum, she would let me listen on the phone.

My submissive nature pinged like an alarm clock and I instantly agreed that she deserved it, then my phone rang.

I could hear her breathing a little heavily as soon as I answered and could almost see the grin on her face as she told me I was such a good boy for making the right decision. My cock was rock hard as I hear her bring herself right to the peak and then moan deeply as she came not just once but three times while I was on the phone. All through that time I was hard as a rock and getting more jealous with every panting second.

When she finally hung up with a giggle I needed to go for a cold shower to cool myself down and I came back to a couple of messages telling me that I was turning into a really good slave for her and that I deserved a treat.

My heart leapt when she told me she was going to give me a pair of her panties but, as always, there was another catch. We were going shoe shopping first. Of course I agreed. She told me that I was allowed to cum however I wanted on the Monday night and she would see me the next Saturday for our little shopping trip.

She spent the week sending me pictures of sexy high heels that she thought were cute and wanting my opinion on them. Of course I thought most of them were really hot and told her. There were all kinds of different styles, from boots to pumps to sandals but all of them had sexy stiletto heels at least 3-4 inches high.

By the time the weekend came around I was excited to see her again and couldn't wait for our little trip.

We met in a little coffee shop and she already had half a dozen bags around her table, she told me she had been shopping a little already and had bought some nice things, mostly sexy lingerie and gave me a little wink. I was instantly hard with the thought and sat down quickly to try and hide it.

When we stood up to leave I got a proper look at her outfit, a mainly green patterned summer dress with bare legs and a pair of high-heeled sandals. The dress was loose fitting and as she moved the hem danced provocatively, giving some nice views of her tanned thighs. She strode out of the shop leaving me to collect the bags and scurry after her like a little puppy.

I caught up with her as we walked down the street and she told me she had picked out the place she wanted to go. It was slightly off the main street and a little quieter than the rest of the places we had seen. But that didn't stop her nipping in and trying a few pairs of heels on in some of the other places.

We finally got to the place she intended and she spent some time browsing the shelves whilst I sat down with the bags to wait. She came back with a female attendant carrying about a dozen boxes and as she approached the bench I was sitting on she clicked her fingers and gestured with her hand. I instantly sprang to my feet without thinking and I was sure I heard a snigger from the attendant.

I stood by watching like a bit of a spare part while the attendant opened all of the boxes to show the sexy heels then asked which ones she wanted to try first. My teasing Mistress simply pointed at a pair and smiled as she crossed her legs. She made no effort to remove her high heels and the attendant began to move forwards on her knees and reach for her feet.

"Oh no, don't worry about that dear" she said, "that's why I brought him." And she nodded towards me. The attendant sniggered again as my Mistress beamed a smile in my direction and extended her foot towards me.

Feeling totally humiliated I knelt before her and began to undo the fiddly ankle straps of her sexy sandals. I was sure that she was twitching her leg and foot a little to make it more difficult for me. She tutted, told me to hurry up and that this nice lady didn't have all day. They both giggled again and I turned a deeper shade of red. As I undid the heels I looked up at her and with her legs slightly parted I could see she was wearing a pair of black lacy panties underneath her dress.

She made me change her shoes and watch as she strode about the shop, checking out the heels in various mirrors. Also asking me what I thought every time. I told her that they were all really nice and she giggled at me every time as if to say "duh, well of course they are." Every time I changed her shoes she opened her legs slightly and I couldn't help but look up between her tanned thighs to see the black lace panties she was wearing.

She finally narrowed it down to two pairs, a simple pair of black patent leather office-style heels and a pair of knee high boots, both with around a 5-inch stiletto style heel. I had gone through torment after torment at the hands of this wicked sexy Goddess whilst the sales assistant watched and giggled with her.

At one point she asked the assistant to get her the same pair of shoes in a cream colour rather than black and she popped into the storeroom. While she was gone my Goddess stood up and dropped her panties quickly to her ankles. She delicately stepped out of them and told me that they were my reward for being patient with her.

But before I was allowed them she made me give her feet a kiss and thank her for letting me accompany her on this shopping trip. I hesitated and looked around to see the shop was empty. She told me to hurry up and I was sure the assistant walked back in just in time to see me leaning back from the last kiss and stuffing the panties into my pocket.

She was really struggling to decide and had spent about 20 minutes going from one to the other, trying on one of each and turning this way and that to get a better viewing angle. She approached me, now standing, and came really close, telling me that she really couldn't decide and which did I think were the best. I said I couldn't decide either and they were both sexy.

She bit her bottom lip and looked at me with those big eyes and in a teasing manner she said "is it really naughty of me to want both?" OH MY GOD that look just made me melt and about 5 minutes later we were at the till paying for both pairs. My goddess gave the sales assistant a big hug and a kiss as we left and I was sure she slipped her a small piece of paper too.

As we left the shop she thanked me for being such a good boy and buying her some sexy heels and asked me if I wanted a chance for an even better treat. I fingered the panties in my pocket and thought all I wanted to do was be alone and quench my desire to cum while smelling her sweet juices. But I couldn't resist that cheeky little smile on her face and those gorgeous big eyes so I readily agreed.

We headed back to my car and she told me I was going to take her home. As we drove, she directed me like the sexiest sat nav you could ever dream of. And she teased me the whole way, telling me that everyone could see the erection in my pants as I was following her around.

She told me that when we got back to hers she was going to give me a little fashion show and try on some outfits with her new heels. I couldn't believe my luck as she was telling me, oh my god, my own private fashion show with this sexy Goddess.

Then she asked me if I was willing to help her out a little bit to say thank you for the fashion show. She was planning to do a little cleaning that afternoon but wouldn't be able to do it if she was doing a show for me. Without even thinking I volunteered to clean for her while I was waiting for her to change.

"Awww you're so sweet." She said as she stroked my cheek. I almost crashed into the car in front as I struggled to concentrate. The harsh braking left us both a little shocked and she turned serious for a second, delivering a slap to the same cheek she had just been caressing and telling me to keep my eyes and my concentration on the road.

She spent the rest of the journey trying to distract me from my driving duties; she took her shoes off and placed her sexy feet up on the dashboard. She told me how hot she always gets when shopping and slid a hand up her skirt to tease her thighs. She even lent over and whispered in my ear that she bet I would cum so quickly if she rubbed her feet on my crotch. But eventually we made it back without any more incidents. But before we went inside she threw me her shoes and told me to gently place them back on her feet.

I was careful with my shaking hands to be gentle when placing the heels back on her precious feet. As soon as I was done she quickly got out of the car and told me not to forget the bags as she ran inside. I was left there in the driver's seat practically drooling with a raging erection and a confused look on my face.

It took me about a minute to come to my senses and then gather the bags from the car and make my way to the entrance. I then realized that I didn't know which flat was hers. I was stood there with a handful of bags and no idea which button to press. I tried calling her and there was no answer. I tried texting with the same result.

I was totally embarrassed when some people were coming in and asked me which flat I was going to. I had to say I didn't know and they left me hovering on the doorstep with my hands full.

Eventually after about 5 minutes, although it felt like hours, she came down with a smirk on her face and let me in. She giggled loudly as she said "well come on then, I've not got all day!"

I was fuming as I followed her inside like a lost puppy, I told myself I was just going to dump the bags and then leave, who the hell was this woman humiliating me like that. I wasn't going to stand for it.

Once we got inside I told her that wasn't very nice and that I was off. Before I got out of the hallway to drop the bags she came at me, throwing me against the wall with strength that I didn't think would be in her petite body. She grabbed me by the neck and I was paralyzed with shock and the bags still in my hands.

She talked in a low voice and told me that she was in control and she would do whatever she wanted. She said I was lucky enough that she allowed me these privileges and I should be grateful. When she finally released my neck she slapped my face hard and punched me in the stomach with enough force to send me to my knees.

"Now that's better! You better kiss my feet and apologise."

I was instantly back under her spell and followed her orders, crawling to her and placing kisses on her feet and shoes as I apologized for my behavior.

Over the next three hours she treated me to a sexy little fashion show, trying on about two dozen sexy outfits to go with her new high heels. In between I did all of her washing up, I cleaned the kitchen and both bathrooms and even dusted and hoovered the living room. It seemed so natural to do that whilst waiting.

Finally, she was wearing her last outfit of the night, which I later learned was her date night outfit. It was a sexy, silky black dress with a high neck in the front but no back. She was obviously not wearing a bra with it and when I saw it my heart stopped and my trousers grew tight for about the hundredth time that day. She had also worn a pair of very sheer black hold-up stockings and when she did a twirl and I saw the seams up the back I let out a sigh. On her feet were the brand new black Louboutins she had got that afternoon.

We were stood in the middle of the living room and she approached me, getting very close and asking whether I thought she looked hot? Of course I spluttered a yes. Then she asked me if I was on a date with her and she wore this would it make me want to fuck her? Again I muttered a breathless yes and leant in to her slightly.

"Too bad!" she said and giggled as she pushed my forehead away from her, I didn't realize how close to the couch we were and as I tried to take a step backwards I fell over and sat on the couch. She then openly laughed and told me she was getting changed and I should be gone by the time she was back.

I adjusted my trousers and left quickly, driving home and sneaking a feel of her lacy panties in my pocket.

End of chapter three

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