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The Temp

byBig Gunz©

He had no idea who the young woman was when she walked into his office, but one thing Sean Johnson did know right away was that it was hard to take his eyes off of her.

She was a natural beauty with an enchanting smile, seductive, deep blue eyes and dirty blonde hair that fell in heaps of softly curled layers to just below her shoulders. As he watched her stride toward his desk, he took in her curvy, petite frame, admiring her smooth legs in their black leather sling back pumps with four and a half inch heels and enjoyed the sight of her hips swaying in a shapely navy blue pencil skirt, cut just below the knee. Her close-fitting, white cotton French cuff shirt was halfway unbuttoned allowing him to catch more than a glimpse of her ample cleavage and the top of her lacy white push-up bra. This was one sexy young lady.

Too bad he was married.

"And you are?" He finally managed to ask after drinking her in with his eyes.

"Marliese Richards. I'm the new temp in sales." She replied with a confident grin. "Just dropping off these files for you, mister... Johnson." She added, making sure to add emphasis to his last name.

"Sean, please." He countered with a friendly smile, dirty thoughts popping into his mind about what he could do with a woman like this one.

"Mmm, I like that." She commented with a wink.

"What's that?" He questioned, clearly taken aback by her assertiveness.

"A man who knows how to plead." She answered with a look that told him that it was her turn to check him out.

He was a handsome man, in decent shape for a man in his mid-forties, with a strong jaw line, mysterious, almost opaque eyes and short, stylish brown hair that only hinted at grey along the sides. As she gave him the once over, she admired the flattering cut of his tailored white dress shirt and perfectly executed Victorian knotted red and black striped tie.

"I, ugh..." he started to reply, shifting uneasily in his chair. "How old are you?" He was guessing no more than 26 or 27.

"Old enough." She responded quickly. "So... Sean..." she continued, moving around to the side of his desk as she spoke and leaning against it. "See anything you like?"

Unable to stop himself from glancing at the rising hemline of her skirt as she leaned back onto his desk, he could feel the bulge in his pants starting to grow. Despite the fact that he did indeed like what he saw, he was astounded by how forward she was being and knew he had to put an end to it right away.

"I, ugh... I'm not comfortable having this conversation." He told her with a nervous shake of his head.

"Is that why you're squirming around like that?" She countered with a wicked smile. "Because you're not comfortable? Or is it because you're hard?"

His jaw practically dropped at her aggressiveness. Immediately he stood and began to make his way to the door.

"You..." he stumbled, clearly flustered by her advances. "You need to leave."

A devilish grin on her lips, Marliese reluctantly moved towards the door where he stood awaiting her departure.

"You know," she whispered as she got closer to him. "I could take care of that for you." Her eyes darted down towards his crotch for added emphasis.

He said nothing, avoiding making eye contact.

"Maybe another time then." She digressed with a shrug of her shoulders. "It was nice meeting you."

And with that, she exited his office with a friendly smile, like nothing out of the ordinary had taken place.

Sean whistled a sigh of relief. His heart was racing and his cock was pounding. This girl was going to be trouble.


Two days had passed since his first encounter with Marliese Richards, new sales temp. And despite his best efforts, Sean Johnson found himself preoccupied by the memory or their meeting.

He was a happily married man and not at all inclined to pursue any sort of adulterous relationship that would jeopardize that wedded bliss in any way. Sure, he had to admit that he did enjoy looking at other women quite often, even flirting with a few once in a while, but never had he considered crossing the line into cheating on his wife.

Regardless of how steadfast he was in his faithfulness to the missus, there was no denying that this Marliese had left a considerable impression on him. But it was not just her beauty that attracted him - it was her confidence and self-assured attitude that drew him in.

In the couple of days since he met her, he had successfully managed to avoid being left alone with her, or even interacting with her at all. Part of him was actually a bit disappointed by that success, something deep inside him secretly wishing for another one-on-one interaction with the pretty young temp.

That evening, that part of him would get its wish.

A bunch of colleagues from the office had gathered at a nearby tavern to celebrate a fellow employee's promotion. Quite a number of coworkers had come out for a few drinks after work, including Sean. Stepping out onto the patio of the bar to have a cigarette with one of his associates, he lit up and turned back towards the entrance to the pub just in time to see Marliese heading in their direction.

She looked stunning in a flirty little chocolate coloured ruched dress, cut just above the knee and with just the right amount of cling and a deep v-neck front to show off her impressive cleavage. He could not help but stare at her as she sauntered towards him, strutting in a pair of sexy, leopard print round-toe stiletto boots with four inch heels, her dirty blonde mane of loose spiral curls bouncing luxuriously with each step. She was breath-taking.

"Hello gentlemen." She greeted the pair with her usual self-confident grin.

"Evening," Sean replied somewhat coolly, trying desperately to not sound too inviting, despite the numerous wicked fantasies that had immediately came to mind as soon as he had laid his eyes on her.

"Can I have one of those?" She asked, gesturing towards his cigarette as he took a drag.

"Ah, sure." He answered, pulling one out of his pack and handing it to her.

Watching intently as her moist, ruby lips parted slightly and took in the tip of the cigarette, he offered up his lighter and flicked it to life. Eyes half-closed, she leaned in and touched the tip to the flame, inhaling deeply. He watched attentively as she pulled the cigarette from her lips, exhaling slowly and seductively. She smirked as she caught his gaze fixated on her smoking and quickly brought the cigarette back to her mouth, her lips tightening as she took another drag, this time French inhaling for his viewing pleasure.

So captivated by her sexy smoking performance, Sean barely even noticed that his friend had slipped back into the bar, leaving him alone with this sultry young woman.

"Given any thought to my offer?" She asked suddenly, snapping him out of his smoking fetish induced haze.

Memories of their previous encounter, not to mention the effect it had had on him, flooded over him like a tidal wave.

"I, ugh..." He stumbled, yet again at a loss for words in the wake of her forwardness.

"I haven't been able to stop thinking about the other day." She interrupted, stepping closer to him and taking another slow, sexy inhale of her cigarette. "You are so sexy." She added, smoke swirling out of her mouth as she whispered.

Once again, he began to shift uncomfortably in an attempt to counteract the growing swell in between his legs. This sexy little flirt certainly had a way with words, but he knew better than to let the conversation continue for very much longer.

"Marliese, please..." He began to protest, somewhat half-heartedly.

"You know..." She cut him off, locking eyes with him and flashing a seductive grin. "Right after I left your office I had to go straight to the ladies room to masturbate."

As always, her bluntness floored him. It also caused his cock to begin to throb.

"Stop it." He half whispered, not really sure if he even wanted her to.

"I imagined how good it would feel to fuck you." She continued, ignoring his unenthusiastic plea. "To feel you inside me."

He could not take his eyes off of hers. His head was spinning and his groin was aching. What was this woman doing to him? Thankfully for him, the opportunity for him to find out the answer to that question would not be immediate.

Sean's colleague returned from the rest room and interrupted their private moment, asking him for another cigarette.

A devilish smirk still on her lips, Marliese slowly backed away from him and crushed out her smoke, never breaking eye contact with him.

"Thanks for the cigarette," she said with a friendly smile. "See you boys later."

And with that, she walked back into the pub, like nothing had happened between them just then.

Sean breathed a sigh of relief as he shifted awkwardly to relieve the stress in his boxers.

"She's one sexy little thing." His buddy commented as they watched her walk away. "I could think of a few things I could do with a hot little number like that."

So could Sean...


Several days after his second interaction with the sultry young temp from sales, Sean Johnston could not get his mind off of Marliese Richards. Try as he might, he simply could not help but dwell on his two encounters with the flirtatious vixen.

He kept finding himself having to remind himself that he was a married man and in no way should he even consider reciprocating her sexual advances and propositions. It was flattering, he told himself, but not something he could in any way pursue.

But, no matter how much he tried to resist, he continually found himself thinking of her. Playing back the words she spoke to him in his mind. Committing to memory the images of how she looked as she offered herself to him.

Even worse, for as much as the memories of their meetings were constantly top of mind for him, he also began to envision other scenarios between himself and the young woman. Quite easily, he found himself revisiting his encounters with her and imagining taking them further. Remembering her first proposition in his office, he would fantasize about taking her up on her offer and fucking her right then and there. Or he would think back to the other night at the bar and imagine taking her back to his car and having his way with her.

Thoughts of her were tattooed on his brain. He cursed himself for it, but knew he was powerless to fight it. He could not deny how good those thought made him feel.

He was working late one night and was right in the middle of enjoying one of those feel-good thoughts when Marliese walked into his office for the second time.

She sauntered in looking as sexy as ever. Her smooth, fishnet-clad legs shimmered in a pair of black, four and a half inch heeled platform pumps and rose up into a shapely little black stretch cotton back-pleat skirt that sat right below the waist and complemented her curves perfectly. On top she wore a tight fitting burgundy corset style blouse with lace-up details and a button front that was conveniently left open at the top to show off her firm and supple D cups. Her dirty blonde hair looked as luscious as ever, her softly tousled curls dancing on her shoulders as she strode towards him. She was intoxicating.

"What are you doing here?" Sean blurted out once the initial shock and arousal of seeing her wore off.

"Nice to see you too, Mister Johnson." She coyly replied, closing the office door behind her. "Looks like we're the only two left here burning the midnight oil."

"I think you need to leave." He immediately countered, not wanting things to get out of hand. "I think you need to leave right now."

"What's the matter?" She asked with a sly grin. "Don't trust yourself alone with me?"

"I ugh..." He stammered, her assertiveness again flustering him.

"I know how you feel," she continued. "I can't trust myself when I'm around you either." Her gaze scrolled over him, seemingly undressing him with her eyes.

He had undone the top button of his light blue dress shirt, loosened off his navy tie and rolled up his sleeves, but he still held the look of a man of poise and importance. Sitting at his desk, he could feel her eyes on him, sizing him up.

"What do you want Marliese?" He questioned sharply.

"Mmm, I love the way my name sounds coming out of your mouth." She cooed as she made her way to his desk. "You know what I want. The same thing you do."

He shook his head in denial, knowing full well that the feeling in between his legs was telling a different story completely – wholeheartedly agreeing with the young temptress. Steadfast in his resolve, Sean rose from his desk in an attempt to maintain control of the situation.

"Stop it." He said firmly, moving around to the front of his desk to confront her. "You need to leave right now."

"C'mon Sean," she whispered, ignoring his demands. "Don't tell me you don't want me."

Her aggressiveness was both astounding and arousing to him. Conflicted, he did not know whether to slap her or kiss her.

"Get out." He ordered, taking his turn at ignoring her comments.

"What's the matter Sean?" She teased with a seductive smirk. "Afraid of how much you'll like it?"

Marliese stepped closer to him and slowly took hold of his tie, pulling him towards her. He could smell her aroma, the combination of her perfume and scent of her hair. It was enough to drive him crazy, forcing him to use all his willpower to resist her temptation.

"I'm a married man..." He breathed half-heartedly in defiance.

"But you're still a man, aren't you?" She whispered, her face drawing closer to his. "Fuck me."

He was not sure who leaned in first, but when their lips connected it did not matter who initiated the kiss. As she drove her tongue into his mouth, he willingly took it in and swirled his in reciprocation. Instinctively his arms wrapped around her body and he pulled her into him in a tender embrace. For a moment there was not another thought in his mind except for how amazing she felt in his arms and against his lips.

But that moment quickly passed and he suddenly realized what he was doing. Pushing her away, he broke their impulsive lip-lock and shook his head in disbelief.

"Get out!" He shouted, more mad at himself than her. "Get the fuck out of here!"

"I guess I was wrong about you." She said with a look of disdain. "I didn't think you were such a pussy. I thought you were man enough to know what you wanted and to take it." She tossed he head in a gesture of contempt as she turned to walk away from him. "I would never fuck you."

Sean was barely even aware of his actions next. It was as if he were in an almost semiconscious, primal state of rage and lust.

He moved in behind her swiftly, taking her somewhat by surprise. She gasped as he grabbed her and pulled her body tight against his, the bulge in his pants pressing hard against her ass. In an instant his hands made their way around to her front and fiercely ripped open her blouse. One hand immediately began to vehemently massage her heaving bosom, while the other moved up to the back of her head and took a firm grip on her dirty blonde curls.

"You should be more careful what you ask for little girl." He growled in her ear. "You just might get it."

Jerking back on her hair, he wrenched her head to the side and forced her lips to meet his. Enthusiastically, she accepted his vigorous kiss and slid her hands up and around his neck. Their wet, passionate lip-lock was brief, as his mouth moved from her lips, onto her cheek and down to her neck as she moaned in approval.

"Yes, yes..." Marliese groaned. "Do it, take what you want."

His hands slithered down her writhing body down over her hips and to the bottom of her skirt, running over the tops of her fishnet stockings and then rising back up – taking the bottom of her skirt up with them. All the while he continued kissing and sucking on her neck as she whimpered in appreciation.

"Fuck me." She sighed faintly. "Fuck me Sean."

She did not need to tell him again.

Abruptly one of his hands moved to her hips and the other to the middle of her back, and he quickly steered her back towards the desk, bending her over and slamming her hard against the top. Holding her down as she squirmed beneath him, he swiftly reached under her skirt and violently tore her panties off of her.

"Yes, yes..." She moaned in encouragement.

He undid his belt and shoved his pants and boxers down as fast as he could. Hastily lining up behind her exposed ass, he took hold of his rock hard cock and pushed forward, driving it into her waiting pussy in one long, hard stroke.

She let out a lustful cry as he buried himself inside of her. His hands moved up her body, one once again taking hold of her bouncing curls as the other slid between her body and the desk, pulling at her bra and exposing one of her impressive tits. As his hips bucked forward repeatedly, he yanked back on her hair and squeezed her hardening nipple in between his fingertips. His pace increasing, with each slam of his dick into her hungry pussy, the euphoric smile widened across her seductive lips.

Marliese Richards had wanted to fuck both an older man and a married man for quite some time now. She made no apologies for her desires, in fact she revelled in them. For the last year or so, she had found her sexual appetites to be growing at an incredible rate and she was only too happy to feed those wanton hungers with as many varied experiences as she could. She was 26-years-old, attractive, confident and single. And she wanted to explore her sexuality. She had already had several partners and tried just about everything she could think of to do with a man when she found herself in a hot threesome with two guys. And her journey down the path of sexual exploration began. Immediately, one of the first fantasies that came to mind was to be "the other woman", followed not too far down the list with fucking an older man.

When she got the temp job at this particular office, she immediately had set about evaluating the men in the company, hoping at least one of them could potentially satisfy one of her criteria. Much to her surprise and delight, she soon found Sean Johnson, a good looking older, married man. And her sights were set.

He pounded into her at a furious tempo, the pent-up sexual tension manifesting itself into an incredible session of pure, adulterous fucking. They groaned in unison as he slammed his cock in and out of her as hard as he could, his hands groping wildly at her bountiful bosom and fiercely tugging on her curly mane for leverage. She could feel his balls slapping against her ass with each thrust forward, the force of his animalistic fucking of her so powerful that the heavy oak desk was beginning to shift.

Marliese could feel an orgasm rapidly brewing deep inside her. The sheer exhilaration of fulfilling not one, but two of her fantasies, coupled with the carnal pleasure she was receiving from her new lover was more than enough to send her teetering on the edge of a sexual explosion. She moaned loudly and slipped one of her hands in between her legs, anxious to compliment the hardworking dick in her cunt with her equally industrious fingers on her aching clit.

"Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!" She cried out as she drew nearer to her climax.

Her fingers stroked her swollen bud hard and fast as his prick continued to plough into her. She squeezed her eyes shut as she revelled in her success at seducing this man. A broad smile stretched across her panting face as she proudly celebrated the fact that she was able to manipulate her target, using her sexuality and cruel intentions to bend him to her will. So impressed with herself was she that it was nearly impossible for her to decide which turned her on more – the physical pleasure she was getting from him or the euphoria she felt from her emotional triumph over him.

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