tagLoving WivesThe Tenants Ch. 02

The Tenants Ch. 02


Welcome once again to…The Disclaimer! This story is FICTION. As fiction the characters have little to no bearing in REALITY. The work is FANTASY! This story is going to focus on exhibitionism, and very likely adultery, in the real world this should result in a nasty divorce, once again…this is fantasy, and divorce is not worth masturbating to, so if you like reading dirty stories about naughty wives read on, if you can’t handle FICTION, please read someone else’s stories, I wouldn’t want to offend you.

Jessica felt the excitement and heat fluttering through her muscles and warming her belly. She walked slowly up the stairs drawing on every nerve and fantasy she had ever mustered to take each step. Finally the third floor landing was beneath her feet. She was wearing slippers, jeans, and her t-shirt. The shirt was snug and ribbed. Her bra she had deposited in the hamper before leaving her first floor apartment to go to the third.

Jessica knocked lightly on the door to her tenant’s apartment. From inside she could hear quiet voices, and the occasional clink of beer bottles. After a brief pause the door was opened. Jessica looked in to see Ralphy, on of two boys a few years younger than she who had seen her naked only the day before.

“Hey Jessica.” Ralphy said. “You’re early.” The words although jovial made Jessica nervous, she wanted to say she had been excited, but didn’t want anyone, certainly not HIM to know that.

“Mark, fell asleep early, I figured the wait would kill me so I decided to just come up.” Jessica said nervously fidgeting with her shirt hem. Ralphy smiled at her, he was a big dark haired guy, he wore his hair thick with gel, and a heavy gold chain. The smile wasn’t necessarily warm, but not leering either. Jessica was beginning to feel uncomfortable, Janine saved the day, with her fake blond hair, and her big smile and bigger boobs. Janine pushed Ralphy lightly out of the door way.

“Jessica, you made it early, you saucy girl, were you excited?” Janine smiled more and cocked her head jokingly to the side. Jessica’s cheeks turned scarlet and told Janine all she needed to know. “Come on in hon!” Janine said winking. Nervously Jessica stepped into the kitchen of the apartment.

Janine was wearing a badly frayed pair of cut-off shorts and a little half shirt. Her large breast obviously unfettered by a bra. As Janine led Jessica directly across the kitchen and straight to her bedroom Jessica knew Janine was anxious to see Jessica in her nightee. As they passed through the kitchen Jessica craned her head to look into the living room. She could see Janine’s boyfriend Mike, Ralphy and his friend Nick, three other guys she had yet to meet, but no other girls. Panic struck her a little, at the thought of parading around in her nightee with all these men about.

“Janine, are there any other girls here?” Jessica asked as soon as the door to the bedroom closed and Jessica and the blond were in the blue-lit room.

“You can’t chicken out on me now.” Janine said. She looked the petite redhead over, she knew that every guy in the apartment had been staring at and ogling the picture of Jessica. Janine knew she was not a drinker and the previous afternoon had quickly gotten her drunk enough to pass out and then stripped her naked. When the landlady had still not woken, Janine had watched gaily as Ralphy, Nick, and her boyfriend had stroked and groped the trim fit woman.

As a custom Janine truly did enforce, anyone that passed out in her apartment was photographed, usually after having marker strewn across their face. In Jessica’s case Janine had spread her landlady’s legs and after watching the poor Jessica have multiple orgasms in her sleep had photographed her naked body, with her legs wide open, her puffy and recently fingered pussy agape, and damp. The photo printed on plain paper on the computer was now plastered on the living room wall right above the couch.

Jessica at twenty-five years of age looked at her younger tenant ruefully. She knew Janine would make her do it. Make wasn’t exactly the right word though. Jessica wanted to do it, she though of how sexy she would look, how sexy she would feel.

“C’mon Jess, you know how hot you’re gonna’ look, beside everyone out there has already seen the picture from yesterday, there are a few more people coming, if you hurry and change, I’ll give the picture back to you before they get here.” Janine preached to Jessica. As Janine spoke she reached out and undid the button on Jessica’s jeans. Janine was fairly sure Jessica would allow her to undress her and if she did, then she would allow quite a bit more.

“I can get it.” Jessica whispered solemnly. She pulled the zipper of the jeans open and pushed them down. The conservative panties she was wearing half tugged down with them before finally snagging on her thighs.

“Just trying to help.” Janine said. She trailed a finger across Jessica’s abdomen lifting the hem-line of her landlady’s shirt up as she did. “No need to sound glum, you are going to look so hot tonight. You said yourself that you never get to wear this nightee, so tonight you’ll wear it, and I PROMISE (whispered) people will appreciate it.” Janine lifted Jessica’s shirt up as she the woman stepped out of her jeans and stood up. Jessica allowed the younger woman to take of her shirt, and her breast swung free.

“Now just the panties are left.” Janine said. She giggled and tugged at the elastic waistband, it was haphazard and down lower than Jessica’s hipbone.

Now that Jessica was mostly naked her willpower seemed bolstered. She slipped the panties off, feeling a myriad swirling of emotions and feelings. She could see the way Janine was looking at her, almost toyingly. She motioned towards the footpost of Janine and Mike’s bed, where her outfit for the evening hung. Janine smiled and handed the hanger to Jessica.

As Jessica pulled the satin over her head, and began to cover her naked body, she felt an intense warmth in her belly. She adjusted the neckline and bikini straps and looked in the mirror on Janine’s door.

True that what she was wearing was negligee, lingerie, whatever you wanted to call it; however it certainly covered everything. It was black and shimmery smooth. The neckline started wide then plunged narrowly between Jessica’s firm breasts. Her hours at the gym made them round and proud as the spaghetti straps only provided a minimal lift. The bottom of the neckline was well below her nipples showing even the swell of the underside of her breasts. Her nipples although not exposed were so intensely hard at her arousal that they poked obscenely out through the material.

“Are you going to wear these or not?” Janine asked, she was holding the black T-back panties. Jessica looked at her ruefully, this whole incident had been erotic, but she wasn’t that excited at the prospect of being sexy. Jessica reached out for the panties. Janine pulled them away.

“C’mon Janine, I need the panties, this nightee is pretty short.” Jessica said pleadingly. Janine smiled seeing the scared, but wanting look in Jessica’s eyes.

“Go to the fridge, and get me a beer, get one for yourself to, then you can come back in here and put these on.” Janine said. “I dare you.”

“You’re nuts.” Jessica said laughingly. Janine smiled and motioned towards the door. Shaking her head and smiling Jessica went along with Janine, not willing to be a chicken.

The door opened and Jessica strode purposefully into the kitchen and towards the fridge. The fridge was in an alcove just past the bathroom. As she stepped into the kitchen barefoot she became aware that there were eyes on her. Ralphy let out a whistle.

“You look HOT Jessica..” Ralphy said. Jessica’s cheeks flaired red, and her whole face felt hot.

“Thanks.” Jessica said. She got to the fridge and almost bumped into a girl and a guy, they hadn’t been there when she first arrived.

“You must be Jessica.” The girl said. “I’m Kimmy.” The girl stuck out her hand. Jessica smiled and shook it.

“Grabbing a beer?” The guy said.

“Yeah, and another for Janine.” Jessica said trying to sound younger, she wasn’t ole at twenty-five, but most of the people in the apartment were twenty-one and twenty-two, and she had always been kind of old at heart. Jessica also wasn’t a drinker or one to party by nature, which to some extent had been what got her into this little scenario.

“Grab me one too.” The guy said. “I’m Roger by the way.”

“Hey Roger.” Jessica said emerging from the beer and trying not to think about how far up the back of her legs the nightee had gone when she had grabbed the beer. She hurried back to Janine’s room with the other two beers. Janine took hers and opened it as she handed Jessica her panties. Once she had panties on she joined the gathering with Janine at her side and all the introductions were made. In all there were eight guys and Janine, Kimmy and Jessica were the only three girls.

“Now for the picture!” Janine said, the apartment was small and despite the TV being on she had raised her voice just enough to get EVERYONE’S attention. “Jessica fell asleep here yesterday and to our surprise began kicking off all of her clothes. Never one to miss an opportunity, we got her first passed out picture.” Janine reached into the living room and plucked the image off the wall. She held the image up above her head and there was a low grumble of laughter and snickering. “Gotta’ finish your first beer.” Janine said finally holding the photo out to Jessica.

Jessica’s stomach was a knot, she was light-headed and her bladder felt like it might let go. She had never been so embarrassed in her life. She looked at the picture Janine held in her hands. In it Jessica was sprawled drunkenly on the couch her legs were splayed obscenely dramatically open, and the photo, despite being on regular paper was crisp enough to see the slight sheen of wetness on Jessica’s slightly spread lips. Jessica looked down at the beer bottle in her hand and with her cheeks red, she tilted her head back and drank it. She drank as fast as she could finishing in less than a minute. Janine handed her the picture.

“It’s all yours babe.” Janine said. Everyone clapped lightly.

“That’s so hot.” Kimmy said. Jessica hadn’t realized the girl had been standing beside her. Kimmy was looking over Jessica’s shoulder at the picture. “I wish I looked like that naked. I’ve got a little belly.” Kimmy said and walked off with a beer towards the living room. Jessica walked Kimmy walk away. The girl wasn’t fat at all, she might be a little stocky through the midsection, but seemed toned enough, her breasts were big and round, almost Janine’s size, but not quite. In contrast to Janine’s bright blond locks, Kimmy’s hair was black and long, and straight.

“Hey Jess!” Janine called from the living room. “C’mon out here.” Jessica followed the voice to the living room, the TV was on, just music videos, some obscure rap and hip-hop channel. Everyone was sitting around on the wall lining sectionals talking and drinking. Janine patted the seat beside her. Jessica walked over and sat, being careful to smooth the nightee down as she did it.

Kimmy was sitting on the other side of the room talking to Roger, and Nicky. Janine’s boyfriend Mike was talking to two of the other guys, and Ralphy quickly sat beside Jessica, and started talking to her and Janine. The conversation was normal small talk, work, BS, hobbies. Jessica mentioned that she was planning to get a morning job, at least until the other apartments rented. When she said it Janine’s face lit up.

“Hey Kimmy!” Janine called over to the black haired girl. “Jessica’s looking for a morning job.”

“No way!” Kimmy said. The black haired girl got up and walked over sitting on the coffee table across from Jessica. “Do you mind cleaning?” Kimmy asked.

“Cleaning what?” Jessica asked.

“Just housework, I have a small housecleaning company and I could really use another person, just part time.” Kimmy said.

“I have been cleaning house almost constantly for years now!” Jessica said laughing. She felt at ease, almost forgetting what she was wearing. She was on her second beer, and it was almost gone.

“I can give you nine dollars an hour.” Kimmy said. Then she laughed.

“What?” Jessica said.

“I’ll make it twelve if you wear that as your uniform.” Kimmy said jokingly and pointed to the healthy stretch of thigh Jessica was showing. Janine still had the prize in the thigh department, her frayed cut offs, were only as long as a pair of boy-short panties.

“Yeah right!” Jessica laughed.

“Another beer?” Kimmy said, she motioned to Jessica’s almost empty.

“Sure thanks.” Jessica said and swigged the last little bit.

“Let me know when you want to start.” Kimmy called from the kitchen.

“I gotta’ pee.” Janine said and got up using Jessica for leverage from the soft couch. Jessica noticed that Janine’s butt cheeks hung below the shorts, she blushed a little at having seen.

“Really?” Jessica said as Kimmy returned.

“Really Kimmy said taking Janine’s seat. Kimmy wore jeans and a sweatshirt, and the denim brushed Jessica’s bare thigh as Kimmy squeezed in. Ralphy turned away from Jessica towards the living room door and laughed.

“Fuck you Ralphy!” Janine called loudly from the bathroom and Jessica remembered that there was no door, and the toilet faced the living room. As though this were a catalyst Jessica realized she had to pee. She would hold it she decided.

“So what do you and your husband do for fun?” Ralphy asked. Jessica was embarrassed, they didn’t have a bunch of friends or go out very often, they had family, and their home, and then they bought the apartments, if anything they would go to the beach, or rent a movie, sometimes they went to the movies. Ralphy listened intently.

“So you don’t go out to clubs, and probably don’t drink much?” Kimmy said.

“Almost never.” Jessica confessed shrugging. “This is new, but I’m having fun. We don’t go to clubs, but I love dancing at weddings and stuff.” Jessica spoke candidly and openly she felt oddly comfortable here, and the intense embarrassment was fading quickly. Janine had returned to the room.

“You wanna dance?” Janine said excitedly. Jessica blushed madly.

“Not here!” Jessica said, giggling and blushing together, hoping to play it off as a joke, but fearing Janine wouldn’t let it lie that way. Janine fumbled for the remote and went into the satellite radio stations within seconds a sappy slow song was playing and the TV screen was blue and blank.

“No I can’t really!” Jessica said. “I like to dance with my husband.” She said.

“Oh what’s the diff, it’s just warm meat and music.” Janine laughed. “Ralphy, dance with her.” Janine’s was laughing riotously. “Up by the TV, you gotta’ do it!” Ralphy stood and reached a hand out for Jessica.

“You’re crazy!” Jessica laughed but allowed Ralphy to pull her standing, she set her beer on the coffee table. Ralphy led her around and as the reached the roughly four foot by six foot clearing between the TV and coffee tables Janine flicked the light off. Now the only light in the room was the glow from the TV, and a fifty inch TV can throw a lot of blue glow.

Jessica looked into Ralphy’s eyes and snickered a little. Ralphy was on the verge of laughing himself. The music was romantic and slow, Jessica knew the song, and it was a pretty popular wedding slow song.

“Go on Jess, just close your eyes and dance. You too Ralphy, everyone shut up!” Janine said. She turned on the surround sound and the music surrounded them, Jessica shook her head one last time and shut her eyes. Ralphy placed one hand around her waist and held her other, and Jessica put her hand on his shoulder. They stepped close and started swaying smiling and snickering, but dancing nonetheless. Jessica was having fun despite herself, it was silly and juvenile, but fun. By the time the song ended she was almost lost in it, Ralphy’s body was warm and close.

“I’m next!” Nick said laughing and nudged himself in between Ralphy and Jessica. Everyone laughed even Jessica. The next song started. Jessica shrugged and began dancing with Nick, still laughing. Nick wasn’t a dancer by any means, but he wrapped both hands gently around Jessica’s waist and pulled her tight, causing Jessica to wrap both her arms around Nick’s shoulders. This caused Jessica’s breasts to press firmly against Nick’s chest. She could feel it, Nick was fairly skinny, and something about the chiseled closeness caused her to close her eyes, she still laughed, but nervously now.

The song was long, and as they swayed Jessica felt more and more relaxed, she laid her head on Nick’s shoulder against her own arm, and with her eyes still shut continued to sway. Nick pulled her close, and in doing so gently, and ever so slightly raised the back of the smooth silk material higher on her legs. Jessica felt it bunch slightly beneath his arms, but knew there was nothing showing, it made her feel daring and a little naughty, she shut her eyes tighter and kept dancing. As the song drew to a close she was a little disappointed. She grabbed a quick (but large) swig of her beer, attempting to scuttle closer to the couch. One of the other guys Jamie stepped up.

“My turn now.” He said laughingly. Jessica smiled. He was young, and muscular, his hair was short and he was wearing a tight tank top that accentuated his prominent arms and chest muscles.

“Alright, but only one or two more.” Jessica said shaking her head. Jamie pointed to the remote and Janine handed it to him, he flipped up two channels to the R and B and soul music, and he took a sip of his beer as a song ended, Jessica too took another big swig ‘Courage’ she thought and the thought made her smile.

The next song that came on was sexy and grinding. Jamie smiled nodding, he apparently knew it well. He took Jessica and pulled her close, both hands on the outside of her hips. He danced swaying from side to side it was a little faster, but still pretty slow. Jamie slid his hands up along her hips and dangerously close to the sides of her breasts. The action again caused the nightee to lift, this time both front and back, and a little higher. Still it seemed to fit with the music, and he hadn’t exposed anything.

Jamie’s action continued up under her arms, which Jessica raised above her head to accommodate, Jamie nodded and Jessica understood, she swayed her hips and her left her arms above her head rocking them to the music. Jamie slid his hands back down, this time closer to her breasts. While subtle Jamie running his hands along her sides was doing two things, it was pulling the neckline of her nightee apart, exposing more cleavage, and it was making Jessica horny. This wasn’t the way a married woman should be dancing, but it felt so nice.

The song continued as did Jamie’s dance. He ground against her at a part of the song that seemed to really call for it, and Jessica wasn’t too surprised to feel the long tube shape of an obviously hard erection pressing against her pelvis. Jamie also gradually became more daring and by the end of the song he was dancing rhythmically and holding her nightee up almost to the bottom edge of her bum. The song finally ended and Jamie backed away from the now thoroughly flustered woman.

Jessica looked down at herself, the apartment was warm and she felt a hint of perspiration on her. The nightee stayed up clinging to her hips, and almost her whole thigh was showing, she tugged it down nervously, and as she made sure it was down she realized the edge of her areola had also become expose. She straightened herself out blushing, but feeling VERY aroused. All the guys were looking, she could see all their eyes in the darkness reflecting back the blue light from the TV. Jessica wondered whether to try to sit, or excuse herself, or ask who was next.

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