The Therapist


"Yes, ma'am" he laughed.

She straddled him again and this time reached back and took this cock in her hand, guiding him to her now dripping pussy. She could hardly believe she was going to have something that big inside her.

"I'm going to start rubbing the tip against my pussy like this. Just get them acquainted see? Now I rub it against my clit too. Oooh. That feels good. See my juices on the head of your cock? Soon, I'm going to be covering your whole cock with my juices. You'll feel my hot, wet pussy wrapped around your entire cock, like warm velvet. But not yet. We're going to take it slow."

She was rotating her hips sexily, rubbing her sex against him, whispering in his ear. It had the effect of swelling his cock once again. It was bigger than he'd ever remembered it being. He was that turned on. He hoped she was ready for it.

"Now I'm going to lower myself on you."

She let the tip push inside her. Her mouth opened and her eyes closed. The tip spread her lips gloriously. When it popped in, she cried out.

"Fuck, you're big!"

He started for a moment. She was panting now.

"It's okay. It feels fine. I mean it feels better than fine. It feels fucking amazing."

He just watched her face and let her do the work.

"Now I'm going to push you further inside me. Slowly. Just a half inch at a time."

She was letting out gasps every time he went further in.

"I'm taking you in me. Deeper in me."

Her eyes were closed, her mouth open, her words from another world.

"That's far enough. Now I'm gonna pull you slowly out. See how your tip is spreading me. Oooh, and rubbing my clit. That's so fucking good."

Back and forth she went. Talking him through it. And each stroke was sending her closer to oblivion. After a few minutes of this, she was ready to take him deeper. She raised herself up so she was leaning back slightly. Her full breasts were heaving, the nipples reaching upward. His big cock was half way in side her.

"See how you're spreading me, baby? That's why we took the time to get me ready. So I could take you like this. Now, yeah right there, you got my G spot baby. Right there. Yes. Yes."

He watched her intently as she started to shudder, eyes closed, riding his rock hard pole. She let out a shriek a she climaxed again. He was so hot he felt like she was sucking the cum out of him. Still, he managed to hold on. When her orgasm subsided, lay on his chest for a while, his cock still in her. He began the tentative motions of stroking her, by thrusting his hips slightly. She came to.

"That's good baby. Do it nice and slow. Nice and easy. Work up to it."

She was leaning forward now. Her hands on his chest. His big strong chest. His hands were on her too, moving from her thighs to her ass to her back and her breasts. He gave her nipples a tweak and she squealed.

"Oh, yeah. It feels good when you pump like that. Can you rotate your hips...yeah like that. Oooh. See you're rubbing against my clit when you do that.. Oh, yeah."

She was stationary now and he was working his hips into her. Pumping and rocking his hips. Watching her face as she reacted to his every move. He thrust deeper and she cried out again. He took his hips in his hands and thrust deeper still.

"Too much! Wait, no. It's okay. I want it."

He thrust his cock into her again. He was getting ready to come. So was she.

"Oh, God! Oh fuck! Slap me baby. On my ass. Slap me."

He let his strong hand come down on her ass and then thrust into her again.

"Fuck yes. Slap my tits. Slap 'em."

He slapped each of her full, heaving bosoms and then gave her nipples a twist. She cried out. Then he pushed his cock in, deep inside her. She let out a scream and her eyes rolled back in her head.

"Give it all to me. I want your whole cock, baby. Do it now!"

With that, he raised his hips and thrust his pelvis into her, burying his cock to the hilt, and she screamed. He kept pumping her, his huge cock penetrating her entirely. As he watched his cock enter her glistening vagina, spreading her, and disappearing completely into her, again and again...well, it was a sight he thought he'd never see.

"Oh, baby. I'm coming. I'm coming. Come with me. Come with me. Fill me with your cum."

That was all the encouragement he needed and he raised his hips and thrust into her and held it there, feeling the electrical charge shoot through his body and an ocean of cum explode deep inside her. Again and again he sprayed her, deep inside, her body shaking like a rag doll as her orgasm enveloped her.

She lay on his chest for the longest time, totally spent. She had never felt so in control and out of control at the same time. She had orchestrated the love-making for him to learn but did it in a way that gave her the most fulfilling sex of her life. She had done a good deed for someone and in the process had the best sex of her life.

All he could think about was the incredible world that just opened up for him. Sex was unbelievable! He felt such pleasure, such power and possibility. And she was smiling and happy. She actually enjoyed having him inside her. She wanted him to fuck her. What else could she teach him? As he thought about these things, he felt his cock start to stir. I wonder if she'd be up for another round?

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