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The Thong Contest


That has to be the greatest question ever to have words formed around it. Somewhere on Earth, someone is asking another person that question. And you can be sure the askee is replying the asker with a resounding "hell yeah." And to give further stimulation, if the asker is a hot woman and the askee is a hot woman, you can pretty much put the children to bed and sound-proof the bedroom.

The following account happens to be a true story involving my sexy friend Desarae. "Desi" as I like to call her, has a thing for thong contests. You know them; contests where scantily clad young ladies wear only their sexiest thong panties and a small t-shirt, dance on stage to some groovy tunes, to be ogled by men -- and women -- as well as to win cash and prizes.

Now I'm like a lot of other guys: I'm an ass man. I also happen to be a panties man, too. Of course, I like seeing a thong on a hot woman, but I also like sexy bikini panties, as well. Desi has a perfect ass, one which definitely broke the mold. I would also like to let the record show that Desi hardly ever wears panties. It's a 50/50 for me, but there is also an upside to her not wearing any skivvies -- definite easy access to her sweetly shaved pussy and her tight ass. Definitely finger lickin' good.

Let me describe Desi for you: if you are a guy who loves brunettes, then my friend is the girl for you. Standing 5'5' and looking like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Desi's long brown hair comes just past her shoulders. She can easily fit a 34c bra, has long legs as well as the aforementioned perfect ass. The perfect body, too -- no flaws to be found! She is also very sexual, knows everything that turns me on, and can get my cock hard very quickly. She is also one of my best friends and I don't know what I would do without her. But I digress.

Back to the story -- Desi and one of her drop dead gorgeous friends who I will call Jamie entered a recent thong contest here in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Jamie has a great body, one that compliments Desi's in every way. Her brown hair and brown eyes are enough to make any man swoon, and her 36b's have cute suckable nipples attached to them.

After arriving, the pair entered the contest and went backstage to prepare. Desi, of course, is a veteran of the thong contest. Jamie has done a few, but not many.

As they walked on stage in their matching white thongs, the male population of the bar went wild. The music started, and after a few minutes, my two friends wound up dancing together. And dancing isn't the word for it: they grinded their sexy bodies against each other. Desi told me while they were grinding, she could feel her pussy getting wet from excitement at being in close proximity to the other girl's body. By then she could smell Jamie's perfume -- as well as the husky smell of Jamie's aroused pussy! Jamie's thong was seeping her secretions on Desi's leg.

Jamie took the initiative and began to kiss Desi, softly at first before their lip lock became more passionate: tongues invaded each others' mouth, hands roamed up and down each others' back, before firmly planting themselves on the other girls' ass. They were grinding away as the crowd went ballistic, urging the girls on. And the bartender, oh thank God for him! Using his soda-water dispenser, he fired a stream of water toward the girls, getting the pair all slippery.

The noise and the ambiance was too much for Jamie. Looking into my friend's brown eyes, she offered Desarae the keys to pleasure: "Can I go down on you?" she asked.

Not needing further prompting, Desi, with a look of pure lust in her eyes, said "hell yeah" to her friend. The pair took off their tops, which put the crowd into an uncontrolled frenzy. Jaws were dropping all over the place and numerous "oh my God"'s were heard.

After rubbing their tits together, Desi took her friend and laid her on the stage. Placing a soft kiss on her friend's lips, she started to kiss down Jamie's neck, which started to send shivers throughout Jamie's body. As she got to her tits, someone in the crowd yelled "SUCK THOSE TITTIES!" Desi needed no encouragement, licking the nipples, taking them between her red lips and sucked hard. Jamie's fingers pulled Desi's thong to the side and slid two fingers deep into my friends' sopping wet snatch. With Desi's tits right in front of her face, Jamie tilted her head slightly, taking in my friend's right nipple, sucking on the teat like a tasty wet treat.

Sliding a hand down to Jamie's thong, Desi's fingers trailed the outside of the material, finding the panties soaked beyond comprehension. She told me if she were to take off Jamie's thong and grabbed a shot glass, she was sure to wring out at least a 3/4 shot of pussy juice out of that thong. Desi's fingers lightly brushed over her friend's clit, sending shrieks of joy between Jamie's moaning.

But without any warning, the impromptu lesbian show was cancelled. Someone started taking pictures of the action on stage, and the bartender called off the contest, saying Desi and Jamie were making amateur porn. But afterward, numerous guys told Desarae how hot she and Jamie were onstage.

Unfortunately, Desi and Jamie didn't have sex -- Desi's ex-boyfriend filled her pussy with cum that night. But what happened the following week on camera between the two girls, you may just have to wait to see if they want to share it with you. I, as being Desi's best friend, have already seen the video.

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