tagMind ControlThe Thoughts Ch. 01

The Thoughts Ch. 01


Part I

The thoughts, the feelings and the energy have been soaring through you for months. The thoughts of what it would feel like with us, with him and with me have your mind spinning in ecstasy every night and day.

Those long hours in class tend to find you ending up thinking about his powerful grasp on your small body as he takes you down to pound you in ways you can’t get out of your mind. In your dreams you see yourself with your head hanging of the bed while you are being fucked deeply missionary as he makes his way with your submissive body, and he is sucking the side of your neck as if he was a vampire at it.

Your eyes deep in orgasm see me smiling at you in a chair in the room. You see me naked and spread in that chair with my pink pussy glisten from the erotic fucking going on right in front of me. I see you scream orgasm after orgasm. You look like your going to pass out from it all.

I stand up and walk over to you as you orgasm once again. I take my pussy and stand her over your face which is still hanging off the bed and full of fucked energy. James grasps you from under your neck and guides your face up into my waiting wet pussy. I feel your moist warm mouth slam into my pussy with a sucking locking her there. I orgasm instantly as I feel you drive your tongue up and into her, into me… SLAM SLAM SLAMMM went all the books in your class as it rang in your ears and awaking you from a erotic dream where you found yourself with your hands in your panties feverously fucking yourself!

You looked flushed and red hoping no one noticed your pussy being played with. As you stand up and feel the wet panties glide between your legs making you horny and wanting to go finish what you started, you push back your hair and smell the sent of your pussy on your fingers and breath ever deeper. You felt you should go wash them off so know one smells you and knows where you have been.

While you rush to the bathroom so as not to be late to next class you feel your panties gliding smoothly with you and you smile and also get excited because you enjoyed your thoughts deeply and especially how kinky they were and kinky is what you are hot for. As you enter the bathroom you felt you should dry your panties and the wet swollen hungry pussy talking to you from between your legs.

You jump into a stall and take your panties and soak the moisture from them with the towels there. You then take the tissues and wipe your swollen pussy; as you pass over your clit and between your wet lips you nearly scream from the shock and pleasure it gives you. You hesitate there frozen with your touch on that buzzing clit. You swirl and your head flies backward and then you stop. Not lifting off of her, but still froze, unable to remove your touch. Wanting to continue and fuck your self to satisfaction and also run to class.

Your ass is vibrating in rhythm with your mind and the nervous, anxious, but also very erotic emotions in you at the moment in time. You are confused, you are lost and don’t know what to do. Your mind races with the thoughts of being late every second you wait. All of a sudden your hand on its own will and power grasp your pussy and pulls up into her tight and firmly. Your mind explodes with images; the pictures of your classroom dream session and you relent and drive your fingers in as deep as you can as your lips whisper submissively”OH James. Oh take me I am yours”.

You begin finger fucking your pussy with passion and rhythm, your breath is heavy and you try to be quiet and also fuck yourself harder and harder. A few moans slipped out. They excite you because you worry someone might be in the bathroom with you and they might hear; heaven forbid. But you don’t stop; only a few more seconds and you will be rewarded. You drive faster and faster and just as you have your feet up on the corners of the door so you can get in you much better you start to orgasm and let out a scream. Damn loud you were. It was almost heard out in the main hall. You cum for 30 seconds and break a sweat.

The orgasm was so sweet and strong which left you lifeless, sort of limp as you try to recover and stand up. You quickly feared you were heard and look under the stall walls to see if you see anyone’s feet in their stalls; but you don’t. You are relieved and sigh for a moment and go wash your hands.

Feeling satisfied and also happy at how it went for you as you approached the door to leave; out of no were you here the soft voice moan from in one of the stalls. Your mind sped like a million miles an hour as you pictured your legs spread up high on the door corners and you fucked yourself; you knew she was doing the same, but, only this time to you or your sounds.

You run out the door and fast to class. As you enter the room late everyone looks at you and smiles. You ponder and wonder if they heard you in the hall on their way to class. You blow it off knowing they wouldn’t have known it was you. So you stroll over to your seat and look back as another girl comes into class late and she looks right at you smiling with that smug look of; thank you for the pleasure.

You sit there frozen for a second. Your mind is backtracking trying to follow what just happened and what it all means. Did she follow me in the bathroom or was she already in there. Was that even her? You looked around the class and they are still looking at you, or are you just paranoid and being delusional about it. You wondered if they actual saw you in the last class, or, did she also and then followed you to the bathroom. You knew she was in the last class and so was many in this one also. Oh no, more thoughts emerge; are they talking about my masturbating in the last class and looking at me now. Did just one person see me and spread the rumor through this class.

You just come back to reality and say; they possible couldn’t and blew it off once again. Then you remembered the last time you blew it off there was actually some truth to it; in the bathroom she moaned. Your eyes widen and your breathing is stopped and trapped in your chest. All at the same time the girl late to class walks up close to you, took her hand and pulled out a pen from her shirt as you watched frozen in some terror cycle of yours. As she slowly lowered the pen down past your eyes and very close to your nose so as to allow you to be able to smell her pussy on her fingers; oh, you do smell her sweetly. You couldn’t help it because her fingers were somewhat still wet. She lays the pen on the desk and says “This fell out on the floor in the bathroom, I believe it is yours”

You realized that some of your paranoia was real and worried the rest somehow was to. You’re turned on erotically and also fearful at the same time; you’re getting dizzy from it and are breathing rather fast causing you to hyperventilate a bit. Slam Slam Slam went a book which fell from the upper seats down a few stairs as it rolled. You were startled and also remembered your last event with the books.

You regained yourself in thought and forced yourself to focus on what the Professor was saying. After 5 minutes you were all back to the business of learning and your worries were as far from you as they will be for now. The Professor was going rather fast and you felt you should take some notes so you can review his flow. You reach for your pen and lifted it to begin to write. You notice it was really your pen and began to write those notes. Your nose kept itching for some cosmic unknown reason and you lifted your writing hand still holding the pen to scratch that itch. You smell this sweet pussy on the pen and the whiff makes you silently moan and flex your hips in the seat naturally. You quickly go back to writing more notes so no one catches you being aroused again.

That damn itch cam back and once again you had to scratch and sniff. You started feeling your pelvic muscles flex inside like Kegel exercises as well as a very pleasurable flow of energy up into you. Back to writing you go hoping that scratch would quit.

You only have 4 more class to go and can’t wait to get away from this erotically fired up day. The next class that itch kept coming back and you kept the scratch and sniff induced pussy pleasure going on in your panties by going Kegel crazy and closing your eyes slightly to feel it much better. Your panties in this class were getting pretty wet and hot. The bell rang and you’re off to the next class. This time you pass the bathroom and feel the drive to slam your fingers in your pussy once more all disguised in the idea of drying your wet soaked panties. You just push yourself past the bathroom and rush to your next class. Just 3 classes left to go. You decide to not sniff that pen in this class because you won’t last the next 2 classes if you did. Back to the note writing you go by putting that pen in your shirt pocket and get a new one so you get free of it.

During your entire note taking you smelled her pussy making you squirm in your panties. The smell was still strong and so sweet. Oh my god, you are loosing control. You loose power over yourself and your hand grabs the pen from your pocket and rushes it to your nose; you smell in with a strong deep breath and act like you are just scratching your nose hoping to hide your erotic actions. You nearly orgasm on that strong pussy muscles flexing going on in your seat. Your eyes flutter during this event. When you gain consciousness you notice that girl smiling at you from the huge mirror hanging in the room by the blackboard equally between her seat and yours. You didn’t notice when you sat down she was in this class too. She was watching you silently fuck yourself and so many more could be too. You only hope she was the only one who knew what you were doing. The bell rang and you were saved.

Off to class; the second to last class. This time you are going down the hall and notice as you near the bathroom you feel those emotions again. You stop and look around to see if you’re being watched and you were. She was 35 feet behind you and walking towards you with this erotic sensual walk that you knew only meant she was a vicious woman when it comes to sex. It had you frozen in a trance and unable to move. You are frozen there; time seems to stand still for just you and her. There were hundreds of people walking in the hall, but they were a blur. All you can see is this vicious woman walking very slowly, very sensually, very erotic was her hips, her walk, her present towards you. Everyone else flies past her as if they are high speed and just a blur of color from a brush on a painting.

This is causing your heart to race, beating in your throat and pounding in your chest. Your left breast seems to be rising and falling to the powerful beat. This trance was making you sway slightly and feel like your being totally submissive with out any power to move or close your eyes to run. She nears every second as if she was a predatory cat in search of what she hungers for. You feel her energy and heat draw near as she gets only few steps away.

As she makes her last few steps to your right side, you are breathing like a beast in a fear for its life or deeply ready to explode his seed into his mate. Both ways you are much dominated and her prey. You couldn’t resist even if you tried. She leans over to your right ear and blows into in so softly and moans; “Uummmm, you nasty bitch you” and then you feel her breath you in as her face moves in a motion smelling all of you. Your eyes close and your head leans back slightly. Caught in this trance you float off in your mind to the passion in your panties talking to you. Slam Slam Slam goes your books that fell from your hands onto the floor in the hall where you discovered you were all alone. You were confused; was I dreaming this happened. What time is it; oh my god I am ten minutes late for that class. How could I be standing there for so long alone? My watch must be wrong.

You squat down to pick up your books and feel the pussy juices that had ran down between each of your legs a bit. Your inner thighs glide past each other smoothly. You new it must have been good where you went, but you don’t have time to reminisce, you have to get to class!

As you walk into class your eyes are scanning the room to see if she is there too. You don’t see her at all. The teacher says “welcome to class” and you feel a bit silly having everyone look at you and you sit down. At least you thought that is easier to swallow than having them look at you for having your hands in the cookie jar you thought.

During this class you were going to be back to business and focus. You check your watch against the clock in class and notice it was only a few minutes off and sighed in relief that you were not standing there looking kinky for 10 minutes. Heaven forbid if someone saw you doing that. Oh no! You went in your thought as you realize every time before you were noticed by someone you were not aware of; was looking. Your heart races and your mind scrambles with the pressure of all this covert hidden sexual ecstasy you’re experiencing. You were wondering when it was going to end and how can you get control of it. It seemed to be controlling you. That damn pen you think and take it from your pocket and place it in your purse. Now you are safe and in control. Back to class goes your attention.

Class goes very well and you’re free from it all. You felt like I enjoyed that very much and how it was very erotically powerful. These thought were pleasant and didn’t take power over you this time. How wonderful, you came back to the planet from those clouds you were at all day. Though the day was great; you like your feet well planted where you can do the walking. The bell rang and off you go to your last class. One more class and the day would be over; you can go home to reminisce and maybe even get busy… Uuuummm busy.

When you enter your last class you do not see her and walk to your seat. Stopping to start to sit you notice a large mirror in this class this time right in front of you on the wall. In the mirror you notice that vicious woman again, but only this time, right behind you less than a foot away and standing waiting for you to sit so she can pass, or is she even going to pass. Your heart pounds and you feel the submission coming over you. You hear a voice say “Excuse me” and you notice in the mirror that it wasn’t her after all. Your mind was playing tricks on you as is if she was a ghost or something haunting or more like hunting you! Either way you sit down quickly. You still feel this presence of her in the room somewhere, but you don’t locate her no matter how many times you scan. You try to focus but still you feel the energy, the erotic feeling slowly comes back to life over you. You try to fight if off, but you loose. Your nose begins to itch.

You switch from resisting to submitting and put your hands in your panties very slowly so no on sees you. You lean forward this time in the desk to make sure you cover your positions well and then you begin. The 2 favorite fingers of yours, the index and that lovely middle one start caressing the out side of your panties. Gliding from top to bottom over your lips feeling the wetness and how soaked your panties are. You were glad they were silk and can handle being wet by adding to the feel and pleasure being rubbed through them on your finger tips. It was so wonderful.

Your fingers are slowly pressing harder to open your lips and give you access to your inner self; oh, that self where the pleasures grow rather quickly. This time you are keeping your focus on the mirror and can see your every move, but you know no one else can; at least you hoped. The power and the erotic beast in you was not going to let you quit anyways.

You’re beginning to have a waken dream of her coming towards you in the hall again, this time your eyes are watching yourself as if you’re the person in the class watching some other girl masturbate this time. You glide and press hard to the tender entrance to your pussy and the texture of the silky wet panties makes you slip your fingers under them and to fresh meat; oh it felt so good to your fingers and your pussy.

Your hips are gyrating ever so slightly to the motion and making the pleasure sky rocket. You keep control of your movements so to give no clues to anyone all the while your mind is looking through the mirror as a third person view of your erotic finger fuck going on in front of you. You loved watching her and knowing she didn’t know you were watching her became even more erotic for you. Somehow your mind manipulated the perceptions and you become the girl watching not doing. My god what an awesome mind fuck and body pleasure all in one.

The pleasure was so high you orgasm almost ever minutes and felt your fingers being clasped and locked in your pussy. You rush back and forth between stimulating your clit and penetrating your pussy with them. You wanted to take 2 hands to yourself but couldn’t chance anyone seeing. Though you were radiating the desire to be fucked and the clit swirled all going at the same time.

The want was so great that when your fingers glided up and onto your clit again, you felt this hand press under your ass out of nowhere, entering your pussy from under you and driving 2 fingers up in you. Your pussy locked them there in orgasms. In the mirror your mind was seeing the girl in the seat behind you lean forward and drive her hand under your ass to finger your hungry wet pussy. You watch as she pumped the muscles in her forearm to make you feel so good. It was working too.

Your body couldn’t hold that much pleasure and you knew if you didn’t fight of this submission you would be caught. You didn’t care all you want to do was turn around and let who ever it was deeper in you and have them burry their face in your pussy eating their way to your orgasm for you.

The bell rang and you caught yourself before that massive orgasm could reveal what was going on to the class again. You regain your “out of body experience” and jump through the mirror mentally to wake up that orgasmic girl in it before she explodes and screams out to the class in a nuclear orgasm and get busted.

You made it just in time. In your rush to get back in control you didn’t notice when they pulled their fingers out of you. You wondered once again was I dream because I needed it so badly. You feel anxious and look up into the mirror trying to see who is behind you, but t is hard because your angle and your head are getting in the way.

Was it her, or another. Was it a he; you just don’t know who help fuck you a minute ago. You quickly react and drop your head down low on the desk to get a glimpse of who it is; he or she, who, who who!.

Your eyes focus and you see that vicious woman gain, but this time licking her 2 fingers slowly while she smiles smugly at you as if to say “I am going to eat you, AAAAAARRRRR”. You are frozen in time once again as you watch her lick her fingers so softly.

Everyone is leaving the classroom and you can’t even see them, only her. Glued and heart pounding and throbbing through out your body. The pressure is pumping even in your swollen clit which brings you close to orgasm. The room is totally empty and you didn’t even know that as she stood up and over you. Every inch of your body was lost to you. You had no power over it, she did and she knew it. The animal beast in her, owns you.

You’re panting as she leans over to as if to kiss you but she stops and looks deep in your eyes. You observer her eyes close as if she is in deep heat and she is. When her eyes open she looks like less of a woman and more of a beast, a bitch, a lioness ready to taste her prey and that was you; oh shit went your heart and body.

She thrusts with precision her hands between your thighs, at the same she enters your pussy with power and pressure and takes what she wants; your pussy. She violently pumps fuck you so hard your ass feels like it will be pushed through the chair. You don’t care you fucking screaming hard this time and you know everyone on campus heard that one.

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