tagNon-EroticThe Thunder Rolls

The Thunder Rolls


Hi everyone!

This is my contribution to the 2010 Literotica Summer Lovin' Contest. As the title indicates, it's based (very loosely) on the song by Garth Brooks of the same title. It's just a short little piece, but I hope you'll take the time to read and vote.



He knew he shouldn't have gone. It invited nothing but trouble to his already rocky marriage, but he had to set things right. Running his hand over his face, he drove out of the small diner and prayed she'd understand why he did what he did.

As he approached the small town of Walled Lake, Michigan where he lived, he glanced around. It looked like a ghost town. He'd listened to the weather reports earlier, predicting severe thunderstorms in the area.

Stopping at a light, he rolled down the window to allow the warm summer night air to flow into the car. Turning his gaze toward the sky, he saw there was no moon. It was probably hidden by the storm clouds. A warm breeze rustled his short brown hair. The illumination from the traffic light highlighted the worry lines on his face.

Turning his attention toward the road, the blue glow of the clock on his dashboard caught his attention. 3:30 a.m. He just hoped she was sleeping and he could slip inside and deal with the repercussions of his most recent trip in the morning.

When he stopped at the next light, the heavens opened and an onslaught of rain pummeled his car. He quickly rolled up the window, turned on his windshield wipers and hit the lever for his turn signal. He drove down the street where his house was, feeling his heart thunder in his chest when he saw his house. Every light looked to be burning brightly.

A loud clap of thunder had him flinching and sending a silent prayer heavenward. He knew the storm brewing outside was nothing compared to what he was about to face.


She knew she should've changed to meet him, but she didn't care. She'd worried for the past twenty minutes, hearing the rain slash across the windows of the small ranch-style house.

In her anxiety, she'd managed to turn just about every light in the house on. She really hoped he wasn't where she'd thought he was, but the nagging feeling wouldn't leave her. She just hoped it was the weather that kept him out all night.

Clenching her fists in the faded flannel gown she was wearing, she paced nervously, feeling her heart thunder against her ribs when she saw his car pull slowly into the driveway.

Rushing out to greet him, heedless of the pouring rain, she pulled him into an embrace. When she smelled a slight hint of perfume, she masked her anger, just thankful he was alive.

Breaking their embrace, she turned and headed into the house without a word to him. Once inside she pushed her long brown hair out of her face, doing her best to conceal her anger. When she heard the screen door close behind her, she turned to face him.

"You were with someone else." It wasn't a question.

"Yes, but not in the way you think." He set down his briefcase and took off his jacket. Draping it over a hook near the door he approached her. "You never believed me when I told you I never cheated on you."

She stood glaring at him with her hands on her hips. "That's because every time you return from one of your business trips, you reek of cheap perfume. What am I supposed to think?"

Frustration and anger consumed him. "Goddammit! I've never cheated on you! Why can't you get that through your head?"

"Oh really? Then who was the woman who called here two weeks ago?"

"I already told you. She was a co-worker wanting to know about the convention."

"Sure." She sighed. "And I asked you before, why couldn't she just get the information at work? Why did she have to call you?"

When he didn't answer, she turned again and made her way toward the bedroom. He followed, removing his tie and thinking of a way to convince her what he said was true.

"What'll it take to convince you I'm not lying?"

"I don't know. I really don't. Every time you come back from one of your business trips, you seem different. Distant somehow."

He sighed. "It's not because I'm having an affair. It's because I'm tired and I'm stressed. You know how much my boss piles on me. I can't handle things as it is, and he piles more on me."

"Then ask him to give you some help."

"I did."


"The perfume you smell? It's my new assistant's."

Heading toward the en suite bathroom, he began unbuttoning his shirt. "I need a shower."

She scoffed, knowing he'd essentially blocked out any further conversation. Turning toward the dresser, she paused in front of the mirror. Glancing at her reflection, she didn't like what she saw. Her wet hair was plastered to her head and the old flannel gown she was wearing was soaked and stuck to her body, accentuating her curvaceous figure. Her green eyes were dull and lifeless. She was tired of fighting with him all the time.

Opening the drawer, she ran her finger over the cold steel of the pistol tucked in the corner. Turning her attention back to her reflection, she whispered, "He won't do this again. Tonight will be the last time I'll wonder where he's been."

Pulling out the pistol, she carefully opened the cylinder and loaded bullets into each chamber. Giving it a spin, she flicked the cylinder closed and turned toward the bathroom. She could hear the shower running and his soft humming.

Her heart ached, knowing he didn't love her anymore and knowing she could lose any chance at happiness with him if she did what she'd planned to do with the gun.

Moving toward the bathroom, she fought the tremors in her hand as she reached for the knob and pushed the door open. Taking a step into the bathroom, she called out his name before pulling back the pale blue plastic shower curtain. He obviously hadn't heard her call out to him. His back was to her and he didn't turn around.

With a trembling hand, she brought the gun up and slowly brought back the hammer. Before she could complete the motion, a deafening clap of thunder rolled through the sky, plunging the house into darkness.


Two weeks later...

"Come here," he said, watching as she sashayed by, swinging her hips seductively in front of him.

They were on the back porch of their house, enjoying the cooler weather that had been in the area for the past couple of weeks. The massive storm they'd had two weeks ago had brought with it a cool front.

She turned to face him, smiling as she approached and seeing the complete look of love in his deep blue eyes. Remembering back to two weeks earlier, she couldn't believe what she'd thought of doing, based solely on her suspicions.

When the power had gone out, she'd lost her courage to take matters into her own hands. She'd dropped the gun to the floor and fled the bathroom before he could see her and what she'd planned to do. He'd found the gun, with the safety still on, and had returned it to its spot in the dresser drawer, the bullets carefully removed. He'd never said anything to her, instead, disposing of the gun and working to win back her trust.

They'd spent the better part of the past two weeks patching up their marriage. She'd given him another chance to explain himself. While he still wasn't sure what to say to convince her, he was determined to get her to believe him. In the midst of their heated discussion, a phone call came in. It was the woman who'd been his assistant.

In a feeble attempt to trap him, his assistant had claimed he'd gotten her pregnant. When his wife learned of this, she'd told the woman off and promptly fell into his arms, sobbing and begging his forgiveness. She'd known then how foolish she was to doubt him. He'd had a vasectomy a year previous, so there had been no possible way for him to get anyone pregnant. She knew even though he still could have had an affair, he wouldn't have.

Now it was early August, and even though he'd quit his job for obvious reasons, they were hosting a huge party in their backyard. Part of the reason was to celebrate their renewed love. They both watched as the neighbor kids played and laughed in the small above ground pool they'd set up.

She took his hand when he reached for her and she squealed when he pulled her into his lap. Claiming her lips in a heated kiss, he whispered promises of endless pleasure once the party was over.

"Get a room you two!" one of the neighbors called out.

They both turned to see several grinning faces. The man tending to the barbecue grill gave a quick wave, then turned his attention back to the burgers and dogs on the grill.

"Did I ever tell you who I dreamt of every night while I was away?" he asked when she turned her attention back to him.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she leaned in to kiss him. "No, who?"

"You, of course. You're my fantasy woman. I love you with all my heart."

She wiggled her bottom over him and felt the proof of his desire for her. "I love you, too. What do you say we ditch all these people and you take me to bed?" she asked, nibbling on his ear.

He didn't answer her. Instead, he rose to his feet and cradled her against him. He chuckled when he felt a few raindrops hit his face.

As he turned to glance up at the sky, a loud boom of thunder rolled through the air. The sound reminded him now how unpredictable summer weather could be and of what he'd almost lost. Never again would he take for granted of the love of the woman in his arms.


Thanks for reading. Don't forget to vote and be sure to read and vote on the other entries in the contest!

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