tagNonHumanThe Tigress Ch. 02

The Tigress Ch. 02


He chased her into the woods, into the trees and towards the caves in the mountain side. The lake soon lost behind him. Concentrating on the run ahead, he wove through the trunks of the forest, through bushes and bounded over rocks; keeping the site of that tail in vision.

He wondered about her. He had lived in these caves and forests nearly all of his 145 years. His last mate having been killed by hunters to many years ago; there have been no other changelings through here in sometime. Where did she come from? Who was she? He asked himself over and over.

Rounding a large cluster of trees he saw her. In a small clearing maybe thirty feet across, sitting on a bolder covered in grass and moss; licking at her paw. As he approached her, he growled and started walking towards the mountains. He looked over his shoulder at her, motioning with his tail to follow.

She nodded and came up to his side. She licked behind his ear before he moved on and she followed. The walk back to his cave was long but beautiful. She watched birds flying over head. She caught site of small bush animals scurrying. She pounced at one that got to close.

He wondered at her age and antics. He could have sworn she was too old to act like a cub new to hunting. While he led the way, he would look back and watch her. When she missed her third pounce, he could see her frustration. He stopped and looked at her, his head turned to the side. She shook her head and motioned for him to keep going.

She was frightened. She hid it as well as she could. How to tell a tiger that had lived in the woods his whole life that she had been born and raised with humans. She could tell her first moment entering this area that humans hadn't been here for to many years to even try and count. She had been lucky to find that small town, the one that told stories of a white tiger that hunted and lived in the forest. The stories said he was as old as the mountains and had out lived and protected three generations of the town. The old timers told the stories to scare the kids, and the kids told the stories to scare each other.

She was young by changeling standards, but not a youth. She was a fully grown, adult changeling. Unfortunately having been raised in cities with sky scrapers, she didn't know how to hunt or take care of herself here. The deer that she had eaten was truthfully a lucky kill. There had been neither skill nor grace in that kill. She worried what he would do when he found out. Would he laugh or scoff at her, find her wanting.

She wondered at what had happened at the lake. She had been drawn to him. Her parents would say it was a calling. He was her destined mate, not that overly pompous prick they had tried to get her to marry. She didn't want it. That mate would have been rude and indifferent.

She watched him walk before her. His muscles moving under his skin and fur. She saw the power in those muscles; the strength. Before to long her thoughts had worked her body up. He paused, sniffed and turned to look at her. If she could have blushed in tiger form she would have.

He watched her. He could tell she was aroused. He sighed in frustration; it was obvious she was embarrassed by it. But that's a human emotion he thought. Tigers don't get embarrassed. If the ability to be a changeling was transferred with a bite or a scratch like so many humans believed he would have sworn she was changed recently. The only thing that stopped him questioning her age fully, was her control. Only adult changelings have that much control over their forms. The thought of her on her hands and knees purring for him with her tiger eyes and fangs made him shiver slightly with want.

His steps quickened. He made his way to the caves with a single thought on his mind. Her, in human form on her back, on her knees; her in her tiger form, waiting for him to take her. The need to bite and mark her more became so strong he had a hard time not stopping to do so.

The change to the landscape was slow. The trees slowly thinned out into a small grassy area, two hundred yards from the rocks that started the mountain. She watched as his tail disappeared behind strands of tall grass. Soon he led her up the rocky path that led to his lair. He sniffed and eyed the area looking for trouble, or prey that had come to close.

He stopped before the opening, sitting back on his hind legs. She approached the cave, pausing to look at him. He told her to go on. Stepping through the opening she was shocked at the cave. It looked just like any other cave she had seen on T.V. Just rock, dirt and more rock.

She stepped to the side when he entered, watched as he slid to human. She slid herself, standing. He took her hand, led her towards the back. They kept walking after the light could no longer reach them, their eyes adjusting to the darkness. She listened to sounds of their steps echoing in the shadows. The cave curved, and dipped, and moved up, but the path staid clear of debris. They walked down what appeared to be stairs carved into the stone.

Soon he stopped. She stood waiting; listening. The sound of water falling into a pool, the smell of earth and wood and food. The flick of a match echoed off the walls and a blaze of light at the tip blinded her for a moment. She found a couple of chairs, one medium table, a couple small tables and a rather large bed; all made strong to withstand a tiger's form as well as human.

She smiled at the sight of the small fall of water in the corner, each drip landing in what appeared a natural pool at its base, and she tasted the water with a cupped hand, sighing at the taste of pure clean water.

He stood back and watched after lighting two more candles. He watched as she tested his spring, as she ran her finger tips over the back of the large plush chair, and bounced on the edge of the bed before looking over at him.

Noticing a small opening in back of the cave, she walked through and found a large pool, steam swirling up into the cooler air. She touched her human toes to it, and smiled at the heat. Looking at the waters she didn't notice him walking in silently.

He wrapped his arms tightly around her from behind and bit the back of her neck in affection and dominance. She shivered in his arms and felt her legs go weak, thankful for the arms that held her up, her head falling forward. He licked up her neck, locking his arms, walking her back into the room to the bed.

Throwing her onto the bed he snuffed two of the candles and pushed her to her side. He curled up behind her, wrapping his limbs around, holding her to him; restricting her movements. She whimpered and squirmed in his hold.

His teeth skimmed down her neck, up her shoulder, he licked at her ear and pulled on it gently. She purred at his playfulness, holding tight to arms that bound her. He lips and tongue played over her neck and shoulder, arms still tight though one moved up to her chest playing with a nipple while the over moved down her stomach to play with her clit.

Her head moved to his shoulder as she arched her back and growled with need. His finger was gentle and then hard against her, slowly and then faster over and around. He teased her clit and abused it, barely touching and the pulling and flicking. His other hand copying the same movements on first one nipple then the other.

She moaned and whimpered, begged for release. His hands cupped her, the fingers not touching, waiting for her body to calm just slightly before sliding a finger into her. She cried out as she arched her body, her rear grinding into his middle. He licked her cheek and moved that one finger in and out and around her opening, the other hand gently playing with her nipples.

As she got closer to her orgasm, he stopped again, let her back off before adding another. She shook her head in frustration. He chuckled low in his chest at her, playfully wrapping a leg over hers, holding her still as she squirmed hard in his arms. When she got so close he could feel her skin warm in his arms, her body stiffen, he sank his elongated fangs into her neck tasting blood and her orgasm in his mouth, sliding over his tongue and filling the air; her juices flowing over his fingers and down her thigh as his hard cock pressed against her skin demanding entry.

He let her go, pulling her up to face him on their knees. She clung to him, fingers digging into his shoulders; still dazed by her orgasm. He kissed her hard, deeply, pulling her closer, pressing his body to hers. Her breasts flattened to his chest, his cock once again feeling her lower stomach.

He pulled away with a dark growl and threw her away from him. She lay back on one arm, watching. He looked down at her, grabbing her ankle, he pulled her to him, turning her back to her knees, grabbing her ass and sinking his cock so far into her wet body she cried out in need and pain that disappeared just as fast as he moved his cock through her.

The fingers of one hand dug into her hip as the other reached up and took her head by her hair, pulling her up and back to him. She arched her back for him, growling at his grip on her, at the feel of his cock inside of her and at her own excitement.

He grunted as he worked himself inside of her, feeling her muscles clamp down on his hard cock, his nails scraping down her back. He couldn't see her eyes, or her teeth in her mouth change in her pleasure to match his own. He watched the scratches heal in her back.

He bit down onto her shoulder as he came with her, both bodies shivering in release. They collapsed once again as tigers, lying on the bed exhausted. After a moment his large furry paw pulled her white and black body closer to him, licking her face he growled his approval. She purred as she nuzzled his neck, slowly closing her eyes and falling asleep.

He watched and felt her shift to a sleeping state, following soon after, promising to get his answers tomorrow.

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