tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Tongue Ch. 01

The Tongue Ch. 01


She'd been standing inside her new home, when the feeling first flashed over her like a lightning bolt had struck. It also brought a groan of pleasure to her lips.

Michelle turned quickly towards the young man who was standing behind her, wondering if he had noticed her audible expression of her desire. He just continued to hurriedly sketch out the room around them. With an exasperated sigh, she turned back towards the formal dining room and slowly wandered away.

Her pussy still lingered with the moist caress of lust. Damn her husband, she thought. Ever since she had gotten pregnant, he had lost his once remarkable sex drive. Now, her belly swollen, her tits large and ripe, she was beginning to have the overwhelming desire to find a way to give her sex drive some release.

She glanced back up at the designer who was helping her with the decorating suggestions for the much larger and much grander home. Michelle briefly considered him as an object of lust and tried to dismiss it. He was much younger than her, at least ten years. He was tall, thin, with a constant smirk, and bright blue eyes. She saw those eyes momentarily focus on her and his eyebrows curve inward questioningly. Embarrassed, she blushed and looked away.

The next few minutes ticked by slowly and she found herself growing warmer and warmer between her thighs. She was glad that she had worn a sun dress, but was slightly considered that her wetness would soon drench her panties.

"Excuse me, but I think I'm going to step outside for a moment," she heard her voice plaintively state. The pleading quality of it surprised herself and she wondered why she was so weak.

"I'm almost done here," she heard his gravelly voice reply. "Do you want to finish the downstairs first?"

Inwardly she groaned at the thought of enduring the process of sketching, measuring, and note taking, but she didn't just want to tell him no. What would she offer as an explanation. Regrettably, she nodded her head in agreement and started down the hall towards the stairs to the daylight basement.

She heard his dress shoes start up after her, their loud click and then clack. Michelle wondered if he was thinking about her body, about the voluptuous curves that her pregnancy had provided. Once more the middle aged woman had to shrug off the dirty thoughts which were setting her afire.

But she would fail, and the strong sensation of a warm wet pressure over her pussy lips forced her to stop on the stair well. She gasped for breath as she struggled to support her weight. Her mind seemed to be playing tricks on her and she could swear that there was some foreign object slipping between her lips.

"Are you okay," she heard from behind her. More weakly than ever, she nodded her head and continued down the stairs. But each step, the sensation grew more powerful and grew more influential. Her vaginal walls were spasming inward, squeezing the rich pungent lubricant of her sex downward. Michelle was certain that her juices were now soaking her thin panties and she knew that if she staid still much longer her sex would begin to scent the narrow chamber.

Michelle forced herself onward and was relieved to find that the sensation faded with each step downward. By the bottom, she merely had to deal with the latent lust that the momentary eruption of sensation had drawn from her.

Hastily, she indicated several of the rooms that she wished to have measured. Once the young designer was back at his repetitious work, she headed for the two French doors which promised her sweaty skin some appeasement of her lust. Or so she hoped.

But the sun was shining brightly and it was just past noon, so the midday heat was reaching its peak. She let out another prolonged groan, this one of the extension of her anguish as she sensed the hot humid air slipping over her skin and coating her thin sundress in moisture.

Her head seemed to spin and she quickly grabbed for a railing which ringed the sides of the deck. Using it to stabilize herself, she tried to look beyond just the urgency of her sexual need. But her pussy was not releasing its wanton lust and Michelle realized that something would have to be done about it.

Looking over her shoulder, she spotted David standing in the casual dining area at the opposite end of the home. She carefully positioned a rattan outdoor lounge chair away from him. One more glance over her shoulder to make sure that he was busy with his measuring tape and she slipped one hand up the inside of her thigh.

Sighing as the hand slowly ventured beneath the light cotton material of her dress, her arm stretching around the thick swollen mound of her belly. When her finger first brushed against the drenched material covering her twat, her eyes closed in delight. Finally, some relief, she thought to herself.

Fervently her hand went to work on her moist pink slit, plunging two digits in and out, over and over. The normally chaste and proper Michelle, couldn't believe that she was eagerly frigging herself with a young man just inside the house.

But a finger brush over her clit reminded her that she had a reason for being so immodest and she let out a pleasured little whimper as she continued her self ministration. Her hips were rocking against her hand, and the deck chair was rocking slightly with her. That type of thing seemed so unimportant as she rested in the sunshine, her fingers a flurry of activity.

The young mother-to-be's pussy was literally splashing juices out onto the chair beneath her and the light color of her sun dress would show it off if she ever managed to stand again. Right now, her heartbeat was racing, her chest rising and falling in near hyperventilation, and her voice was letting out little squeals of sexual satisfaction.

Her groaning was increasing with her desire and soon she knew that she would be nearing the edge of release. Hurriedly she ground the based of her hand into her clit while her fingers pressed deeper into her snatch. The repeated thumping against the sensitive little nub would set her off.

"Fuck," she heard her voice sigh into the air as her hips lifted off of the chair and her release flowed from her pussy. Her thick swollen labia throbbed in delighted satisfaction and her fingers finally were allowed a moment to slow their furious pace.

Panting, as her body cycled back down to earth, Michelle was glad that she had gotten that out of her system. She looked down at her naked sex and toyed lightly with her mound and the thickening patch of hair. It had been a few weeks since she had shaved her twat and she doubted she would be able to again until after her pregnancy. Thinking of her husband's reticence her hand finally moved away from her pussy. She looked around hoping to find something to wipe it on.

Instead she found David, her designer, standing on the porch behind her, his blue eyes glowing with desire and his dress slacks tented sharply in the groin.

Michelle's eyes went wide in surprise and embarrassment. "David, I was... What are... How long have you been... Oh my god, just leave," she stammered.

David just smiled back at her, the tent in his pants twitching slightly. The fact that the rest of him remained motionless caused her eye to catch it quite clearly. She pivoted to the side in her chair, her wet sex soaking the fabric on the rear of her dress. Slowly, the six month pregnant woman pushed herself out of the chair, the light dress falling into place over her toned and tanned thighs.

"Please, this is so mortifying," she repeated. "Please, just go."

But David just kept smiling and when he opened his mouth, it was to lick his bottom lip.

Startled, Michelle's eyes grew wide again. "David, you need to go," she reiterated, more sternly than before.

But his eyes staid focused on her, and his tongue kept licking his bottom lip. Michelle was speechless. But the more she watched the more bizarre things became. At first his tongue was just licking his lower lip in a sensual and overt meaning. But with each back and forth brush it would dip lower and lower and lower on his jaw. Soon the long wine colored muscle was slipping over his chin.

It was freakishly long, thought Michelle, and she felt her pussy spasm in response to the notion of what it could be capable. But she was married, and she couldn't cheat on her baby's father.

"Just go," she nearly begged.

He kept right on with his back and forth pendulous movement of his tongue. To her chagrin, the tongue just kept moving downward. Now it was slipping over the crest of his jaw line and sliding against the underside of his jaw towards his neck. Her brow arched up in curiosity and fear as the tongue just kept right on going. Soon it was tracing the color of his dress shirt.

By now, the woman was growing quite afraid. It was not just a freakishly long tongue- it was inhuman! Slowly she started to back away.

The amazing oral muscle flicked the top button of his shirt free from its hole, exposing a little more of his naked chest. Then another button was popped free. By now, the snakelike thing was over a foot and half long. Suddenly it flipped back inside his mouth.

"I want to taste you," hissed the designer, whose humanity Michelle was suddenly doubting.

She shook her head in silent refusal, but the tongue reappeared, this time sliding down to the third and fourth buttons, each one popping free in response to its quick flick. She couldn't refuse the thought of what such a tongue could do to her button. Trying to banish it away, her body bumped into the railing behind her, and Michelle found herself unable to move further away.

The tongue just kept right on moving downward, until it finally ran out of buttons on the neatly ironed dress shirt. Michelle's lip curled in awful wonderment as the tongue some how managed to undo the young man's belt buckle and then the button on his trousers. Seconds later the zipper followed down and his pants slipped down around his ankles.

Grinning, David slowly stepped towards her, his tongue hanging to his belly button, constantly shifting and twisting and coiling. Michelle just kept shaking her head no. Just beneath the tip of his tongue, a large cock stood proudly against the sun light, its surface heavily veined and appearing to be carved out of steel.

Michelle just didn't know what to look at. Part of her wanted to be disgusted with the grotesque oral member, and another part of her wanted to feel it inside of her. And that cock, it was huge! She felt the sudden restart of the fire she had only moments before put to bed.

In some sort of bizarre masturbatory expression, the long tongue dipped lower until it encircled the shaft of the "man's" cock and began to steadily pump it as it bent the ten to eleven inch member towards her. The dark purple head seemed to grow and swell as the long tongue wrapped over and over around its shaft as the designer stroked his cock impossibly.

"Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Oh, shit," Michelle found herself repeating as she watched the fantastical erotic display. "What in the hell are you," she wondered aloud as his tongue pumped his dick. At the tip of his cock she could see the pearly droplets of precum forming. Would he jerk himself off with his own tongue? It was disgusting, strange, and bizarre, but amazingly erotic.

David's head lulled backwards and he stared up at the sun, his cock reveling in the unique adaptation his mutations provided him with. Michelle's whole body trembled at the sight of his oral performance. Suddenly, his head snapped straight and his eyes focused on her.

"I want to taste you again," he whispered, his voice carrying a strange echoing quality. She didn't have a chance to register how he spoke without a tongue to direct the sound before his tongue unwound like a retreating serpent.

Then it moved into the space between them, dropping to the ground, its distinctly organic appearance a stark contrast to the tiling underfoot. She watched it, in horror and anticipation as it swerved back and forth across the pavement. One hand of hers had unwittingly slipped to her belly and was softly petting the tight bulge of the extra life she bore.

All too quickly it was at the tip of her open toed sandals, its pointed tip darting back and forth just shy of her little red painted digits. Her head still shook no, but her dismay at the stranger aberration was wearing off and she felt her pussy spasm again at the thought of the promise of such a mighty oral appendage.

And then, finally it was upon her, quickly moving over her toes, the leather straps of her sandals, and to her ankle. Her foot reflexively drew away as the warm moist caress of the tongue lightly grazed her ankle. Michelle tried to watch, but her belly obstructed her view and she was left to experience this alien torture.

The tongue lightly teased and danced around her ankle before slipping it into a tight embrace, coiling and constricting around it. Then it began to repeat the same coiling motion, slithering up her ankle, over her calf, stopping momentarily on her knee to caress the sensitive backside of the joint.

Michelle heard herself whimpering as the tongue finally resumed its journey, climbing higher and higher on her leg until the thick oral muscle grazed the meeting of her inner thigh and her crotch.

"Ah, ah, ah," she continued breathlessly. The tip of the tongue, now well hidden beneath the hem of her skirt and her pregnant belly, swiped back and forth over the little fold of skin between her thigh and her groin. Michelle found more and more of her weight being leaned against the railing as she found it more difficult to stand. Her whole pussy throbbed with excitement and desire as the tongue dodged back and forth just outside of its region.

Her eyes opened to study David, his eyes focused on her crotch and the hidden journey of his tongue. She had to close them again as her mind reeled with the sight of the tongue trailing from his mouth down his naked torso and legs. It was too strange.

But she couldn't refuse that gentle flicker against her thigh, or the warm wet spiral trailing up her leg. She suddenly realized she needed to feel it inside of her.

David was not quite ready to permit her that illicit pleasure. His tongue did dip inside of her panties however, tasting the flavor of her sex where it had spilled out into the material, but only briefly. Instead the hot, dragging sensation wormed its way along her firm ass cheek, just outside of the range of her sex. Once it had reached her crack, it pressed upward and inward.

Michelle thrust her hips forward, away from the hard metal barrier of the railing, permitting the strong pliant muscle to move against the inner recess of her backside. The feeling of having a tongue slipping between the twin hills of her ass was one of the most amazing sensations she had experienced.

"Oh God, yes," she begged, her closed eyes watering out of pleasure. The long moist, warm, and heavily textured muscle wormed upward, until it reached the small of her back and broke free of her underwear. She was certain that David was still staring at her, his strange icy gaze penetrating right through her body and guiding his tongue on its torturous journey.

It was now moving between the thin sun dress and her bare skin. She could feel sweat forming across her skin- emanating from the growing heat within and the warm midday sun without. She knew that the tongue was tasting the million different flavors unique to her body, and the knowledge only brought to life more of a desire to release her sexual energy. Somehow, she wanted to make the tongue savor her.

She wore no bra, so the tongue moved quickly and unobstructed up her spine, setting her nervous system off into a fit of shivers and pulses. Soon it broke free of the material and traveled solely along her flesh. It drifted away from her, as soon as it had cleared the fabric.

Unsure of what it was doing, her eyes opened again, focusing on David and the beautiful alien nature of the long appendage extending from his mouth. Then she heard the long hissing "zzzzzzzzzzzzz" of the zipper on the rear of her frock being drawn down. Her nipples hardened at the thought of being exposed completely to the lashing this tongue would surely deliver. Within moments, the gown hung limply off of her shoulders, and held together only by a small swath of fabric behind her thighs.

Shivering, she waited as the tongue seemed to uncoil, retreating rapidly from her body. Around and around its spiraling path was undone and her voice began to plaintively cry out for its return. Without its caress and warm embrace, she felt undone. The pregnant woman practically begged its owner for its return. Her fingers clenched and unclenched in imaginative clasps. Only the cooling trail of saliva marked its path and reminded her of its reality.

David grinned widely as soon as his tongue had fully retreated.

"Do you want more, Michelle?"

"Please, please, give it back, I need it. Oh, please," she cried.

He took a step closer to her, his cock swaying before him. Her eyes went to it instinctively. She felt her own mouth water at the sight of the large member. She could see David's pulse in the distinct set of veins tracing its shaft. Her hand tremblingly reached out for it, the inches between them quickly closing as he stepped closer.

Another sigh passed out of her lips as soon as her fingers wrapped around the thick cock. Her hand slowly began to stroke the shaft, up and down, up and down. David just watched her closely, studying her face as she grew more and more enamored with his cock. But her attention span would wane, although her grip would not, when his tongue reemerged and quickly moved the nape of her neck.

It traced a glistening line over the gentle upward slope of her neck before flicking back downward, catching her left shoulder strap in the curl of its tip and driving it to the edge of her shoulder. The same ministration was repeated on the other side, and quickly her floral patterned dress shrunk into an indistinguishable pile at her feet. Other than her panties she was naked before the strange creature that had been her twenty-something designer.

The tongue retreated once more, allowing Michelle's mind to refocus on the burning piece of flesh in her hand. It was so deliciously thick, so long, she didn't know if she would ever be able to please enough surface area to satisfy the young man. But she knew that she was going to try. Fuck her husband and his ignorance, this was an object of worship.

Her hand hurriedly stroked at his length, pumping the shaft up and down, her tight grip tugging at his sensitive phallic skin.

The little interlude she was taking into a fantasy world was broken when David spoke.

"Lay down, here," he gestured, his hand waving over the textured sandstone tiles of the patio floor. Incapable of refusing him now, she did as told, lowering her swollen belly and frame to the floor and laying flat out against the sun heated stone. David crouched momentarily beside her, but just to remove her panties.

Satisfied with her nakedness, he would stand, and pace in a slow circle around her examining her every crevice and detail. At first Michelle was uncomfortable with her figure and her pregnant form, but he brushed away her hands and pushed open her thighs so that nothing was hidden. Slowly the examination began to increase the already high threshold of her arousal. Soon her fingers were burying themselves in her cunt again, putting on a show for his glowing eyes. He would not stop her until her breathing was coming rapidly and the squishy noises coming from her wet channel grew loud.

"Not yet," he hissed, his voice picking up that strange hollow quality it had exhibited early. Immediately she obeyed, despite her bodies demands for more stimulation. He had stopped over her head, his cock eclipsing the rest of the world in her eyes. All she could see was the thick shaft that seemed to have no ending.

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