The Touch Ch. 10


She looked up, "Hello, Jamie," she called. I went over and gave her a hug. "If you are looking for Josh and Tim," she offered, "They have both gone out with their father for the day, to a fishing tackle exhibition, probably won't be back until nine tonight"

Josh had been one of my closest friends since primary school and over the years we had spent many days at each other's homes, because of that our mothers had become friends and for as long as I could remember I had always called his mother Auntie Rebecca and he called Mum, Auntie Gwen.

Josh's father, Leslie, was a rather small timid man, who was a senior manager for an insurance company but his great love was fishing and he was a nationally renown champion angler and encouraged both of his sons to pursue the sport, so it was not unusual for all three to be away for the weekend fishing or attending meetings or exhibitions. In fairness, Mr. Hill had often included me in their outings as a boy, but angling never really gelled with me, and it was one of the reasons that I saw less of Josh as we got older; he was as obsessed with fishing as I was with gardening.

I saw that Auntie Rebecca was struggling to move a pile of large rocks and boulders from one side of the garden to the other to create a raised rockery garden. She was not a large woman and the effort was obviously defeating her. I did not see myself as a male chauvinist but the thought did cross my mind that she had a husband and two sons who ought to be doing the hard labour for her.

"Why don't you sit down and let me do some of that for you," I offered, and started to move some of the stones from the barrow and place them carefully on the prepared mound of earth and sand. "There's a knack to doing this so that the rocks don't slip or subside and the plants get decent root this, see?" Auntie Rebecca sat on one of the larger boulders and watched for a while as I rearranged the rocks and sorted through until I found one large boulder which was suitable as a key stone, the central rock around which the structure of the rocky would be built.

"I read up on how to build a rockery," she smiled, "and I think that I got the base sand and soil layer right, but I didn't realise how heavy those rocks were going to be."

"The footing is fine," I told her, "I'll stay for a while and help you get this lot started, but it will probably take a couple of days to get it finished as you need to let each level settle before adding the next."

I asked her to get a sketch pad from the house and a soft lead pencil. Auntie Rebecca had been an art teacher before becoming a full time housewife and mother and so I sat with her and got her to sketch out her idea of how the rockery needed to look when it was finished and then we searched through the pile of unused rocks and boulders, laid them out on the ground and I put numbers on each piece with the soft pencil and she added those numbers to her sketch.

"Now you just need to place each of those key rocks in place according to your sketch map," I said, "It is the way that the professionals do it."

We resumed working and moved more of the rocks into place and a nicely formed rockery started to emerge. We must have worked and chatted for a couple of hours when the rain started, but by then the hard work had been done and Auntie Rebecca assured me that she would be able to finish off on her own.

"Get Josh to help you move the heavier stuff," I suggested.

"I don't think that is likely to happen," she smiled, "Josh has a hard job lifting his head off the pillow in the morning." Josh was a nice guy but terminally lazy and although he was my friend I had always thought that the way that he and his father treated Auntie Rebecca like a skivvy just there to see to their needs was disgusting.

She was a really nice, caring person, I had thoroughly enjoyed the couple of hours we had spent working on her garden; she was bright, cheerful and intelligent and was quite happy to accept me as an adult not just the child she had known for years.

"Have a think about what sort of plants you want to dress the rockery with," I told her, as we gathered up her garden tools and took them into the shed. "once you have decided give me a call at the garden centre and I will bring you the correct type of compost and sort out some nice plants for you to plant in the spring."

"Is Gwen expecting you back for lunch? She asked.

"No, Mum is working today and Emma is out so I will just get myself a sandwich later," I answered.

"Oh, no you won't!" Auntie Rebecca said, "Come indoors and I'll make you some rolls and a coffee, payment for work done, eh!" The rain was starting to pour quite heavily now and we ran up to the house and into the kitchen, both kicking off our muddy boots at the door. "You put the kettle on for the drinks and I will make up some rolls, cheese and ham OK?" She asked.

We sat on stools at the kitchen breakfast bar and ate our lunch and chatted about my work, how Josh and Tim were getting on. Josh like me, was at college, but he was studying journalism, I think that he mainly wanted to write about angling as well as doing it. He had been a close mate since we were seven or eight, through both junior and grammar school and we had both ducked out of our A-levels but whilst I had a job to go to and a plan for getting my trade qualifications, Josh had just dropped out and spent several months just sitting around at home before suddenly deciding to go to technical college. He was a lovely guy but could sometimes be a total pin head and seemed to still be stuck in adolescent limbo, not really knowing what he wanted out of life.

His brother Tim was the exact opposite, hard working, sporty and was expected to get excellent grades when he completed his A-levels, but he was almost as keen on fishing as his father and brother.

"Oh, My God!" Auntie Rebecca exclaimed stretching her arms out, "Do you do this all day long? She laughed, "I've only been gardening for half a day and I feel that every muscle in my body has seized up, I don't think I shall ever be able to move my back and shoulders again!"

I laughed, "It is nothing to worry about, I still get it all the time..... It's easily fixed!"

I stood up and went around behind her and without thinking started to massage her shoulders, digging my thumbs into the muscles and then stretching them out to warm and relax them, the way that Mum used to do for me sometimes after a hard game of rugby.

"Oh! That's great, Jamie," she groaned, "You should take up massage for a living, that feels so good!" She stopped talking but I could feel her breathing deeply and from over her shoulder could see her chest rising and falling.

Suddenly I realised what I was doing.... I could feel that she was getting turned on and I knew that I should! This was Josh's mother, I had always regarded her as a sort of honorary aunt, she was a nice lady... but I felt my own body starting to respond and I couldn't stop. I didn't want to stop, I seriously wanted to shag with this lovely warm woman.

I had always liked Auntie Rebecca. She was in her early forties I guess but I had always thought her to be quite attractive, her face was nicely featured, her eyes a greenie blue and her tinted auburn hair was worn in a soft side brushed style that I always associated with Princess Diana. She was about 5' 6" tall with a firm mature figure, good shaped breasts and rounded hips and buttocks; her waist had thickened a bit but her legs were well shaped with firmly muscular calves.

My hands continued to press and massage her shoulders and I carefully used my thumbs to ease down the collar of the thick woollen pullover to reveal the whiteness of her neck below the soft cascade of auburn hair. She was moaning very softly now and leaned back against me, her shoulders pressed against my chest and tilted her head backwards to rest it on my shoulder exposing her bare neck and throat.

I couldn't resist her and would not have been able to stop myself if I had tried. I pressed my lips softly to the side of her throat and started to kiss tenderly down towards the joint with her shoulder and then back upwards to her ear and began to nibble gently at her earlobe. She was breathing really heavily and her throat was full of soft deep moans and quiet murmurings.

"Oh! That's good .... Oh, yes!" she whispered dreamily, between long, deep breaths.

I knew that if I did not stop now, I never would. I slowly swivelled her around on the bar stool to face me, so that her knees were either side of my thighs, then brought my hands up to cup her face, and tilt it towards me. Her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly parted and I could feel her warm breath as I brought my mouth down to meet hers. The kiss was gentle and long, her soft mouth pressed against mine eagerly and then opened to allow the tip of my tongue to explore the shape of her lips and seek for her tongue and lightly flick and probe at the opposing tip.

My hands eased slowly down her throat and over her firm breasts and came to rest encircling her waist and I leaned forward and clasped her body to me pushing my hardening erection against her groin. She put her arms around my neck and pulled me closer to her and her mouth pushed harder and more urgently against mine.

Every movement she made, every shuddering pant, told me that she was fired up and eager and I pushed my prick hard against her crotch so that even through the thickness of my jeans and her jogger bottoms she could be in no doubt as to my state of desire and readiness. My hands slid beneath her jumper and moved up to cup her full, rounded breasts through her thin cotton bra and my thumbs made tiny circles around the firm nubs of her nipples.

"Oh, Jamie!" she broke the kiss and whispered breathlessly, "Oh, God! What are we doing... we shouldn't be.... " Her mind made a final attempt to overrule the demands that her body was making.

"Do you want to stop?" I asked her, but my hands continued to make love to her breasts and I ground my erection against her pussy in a slow circular movement.

"Oh, no! Oh, no ...... don't stop!" She replied, and pulled my face back against hers planting little kisses across every part of my face, lips, chin and cheeks. I plunged my lips hard into the crook of her neck and kissed that sensitive erogenous zone at the point where the throat joins the breast bone and was rewarded with a deep moan of wanton pleasure and yearning for fulfilment.

"Bedroom.... Let's go ..... Bedroom!" she stuttered between kisses.

I lifted her down from the stool. She was surprisingly light. Then, still clinging to each other and without ever breaking our kiss we sidled and crab walked slowly into the front hall leading to the stairs. The kitchen door swung closed behind us and the only light in the hall came through the glass fanlight window above the front door. It was raining hard now and I could see over her shoulder the rivulets of water pouring down the glass semi-circle.

We stopped, there in the hall, and resumed kissing seriously; our tongues pushing and probing, exploring each others mouths. For a woman who had been married for over twenty years and had two sons, she seemed almost innocent, like a young girl experiencing seduction for the first time. I couldn't wait any longer and eased her jumper up over her head and arms and dropped it onto the floor, then reached behind her to release the plain white cotton bra and reveal those generous, mature breasts. In the dim light they looked like pale cream globes the large pointy aureolas dark against the whiteness of the breasts. My mouth fastened on first one and then the other sucking and licking the nibbles into hard hot points whilst she dragged at my sweat shirt until it joined her pullover on the floor and I could pull her close against me and feel the soft heat of her breasts against my bare chest.

I think that we tried to shuffle to the stairs but we just couldn't make it that far. I was suddenly on my knees, my mouth was pressed to her firm belly my tongue tip exploring her navel and my hands were tucked into the waistband of her jogger bottoms, pushing them down over her hips and thighs until she could kick them away and she was naked before me except for a pair of plain white cotton briefs.

There was nothing unattractive about her nakedness; it was the firm, rounded body of a mature woman. Her breasts were perfect, maybe a little heavy with large dark aureolas, the nipples were standing proud where my lips had tugged them into hard little nubs. Her belly was firm and round and was not marred by the couple of almost invisible greyish creases that I guessed were stretch marks and her smooth thighs were rounded and firm as I gently rested my hands on them.

I pushed my lips against the camel toe outline of her pussy lips through the material of her knickers and blew a long, hot breath onto and over her vagina; I could feel a thin layer of softness beneath the fabric a small triangle of pubic fluff. Her hips jerked against my face and she brought her hands down to sink her finger tips into my hair and hold my face against her crotch. I blew again and she let out a deep groan of pleasure or anticipation. I grasped her buttocks and hugged her to me then lowered my hands to the back of her knees and gently pulled her down until we were both laid on the thick rug which carpeted the hall floor.

I don't remember her tackling my belt and jeans but she must have somehow dragged them off of my legs as suddenly I was naked and she was crawling up my prone body her dangling breasts caressing their way up my thighs, stomach and chest and her lips making a trail of tiny kisses from my belly to my chin. She stopped when we were laid full length her face above mine and my erection sandwiched between our bellies. Her face appeared to be glowing, those green eyes were deep pools of lust and her lips were wet with our combined saliva, but I was surprised by how radiantly happy she looked.

My hand moved down and I wriggled my hip so that I could slide it between us, we were too tightly pressed together to remove her panties and so I simply pushed them to one side and searched for her clit with the tip of my finger. I was surprised at how hot and wet her slit was, I think I had read somewhere that older women often need lubrication to help during foreplay, but my fingers slid effortlessly into her opening and within a very short time of sliding them in and out her pussy lips and soft thatch of pubic hair were soaked with her sex juices.

She bent her knees to crouch over me allowing my hand more room; I moved my fingers gently caressing her pussy lips and rolling around her clit which was very tiny even when engorged with desire. Her quiet moans were becoming more intense and frequent and she pushed her pelvis at my hand, humping my fingers, and then climaxed with a single sharp cry and then lay still on top of me, just panting and gently kissing my face and lips. I just could not believe that I had made her orgasm, this quiet mature woman who I had not even considered an object of desire until that day.

"Oh Jamie... that was so good... it has been so long since I...." her whispered words trailing away. I guessed that she was not used to talking about sex or her personal feelings or needs. "I haven' know... not for years."

I guessed that perhaps the physical side of her marriage had tapered off or even become non-existent her sexuality was almost innocent, and the rediscovered emotions and desires of her re-awakening was washing over me in an erotic wave.

I didn't want it to end there. I brought my lips close to her ear and whispered, "I want you... I want to be inside you ..... Making love to you!" I just could not bring myself to use the words 'fuck you' to her. Some secret part of my mind still recognised this lovely woman that was lying naked against me as 'Auntie Rebecca' and to use those very basic words to her seemed disrespectful.

"Oh yes, Jamie! Please do it! ..... I do so want you to love me!" she panted huskily in my ear.

I was already far beyond ready, my whole world at that moment was focused on the need to have my prick deep inside this wonderful woman and to share the mutual pleasure of making love to her. I reached between us and guided my rigid cock to her love gates and gently and unhurriedly inserted the tip between her pussy lips and pushed upwards, despite her aroused wetness she was tight; the muscles of her vagina engorged by her orgasm but I entered her slowly and by small measures until the whole hard length was embedded inside her hot liquid tunnel as far as it could go. She made no sound or movement except an almost silent sudden intake of breath, until I was fully within her vagina and then lowered herself down onto my length forcing me even deeper into her than I had imagined possible, her juices gushing to soak my testicles and pubic hair.

She let out a single cry, "Aaaah!" I think she may have orgasmed again! Then with a strength I had not suspected rolled both of us over until I was laying full length over her and then locked her legs tight around mine and her arms about my neck.

"Kiss me, you must kiss me.....!" she gasped hoarsely into my ear and then, as our lips met began to grind beneath me, her thighs pulling me ever more tightly into her. I matched her craving with an equal measure of my own and started to thrust into her, long, slow hard thrusts, until my own need to release reached its peak of urgency. Suddenly we were pumping furiously, our loins pistoning together and I felt that my entire being was focused around my throbbing dick which was a column of pure sensation encased in a hot, moist, rippling, velvet tube. I exploded hard inside her in a fountain of hot semen causing both of us to cry out in pure joyful release and then collapse and lie still, just holding each other and gently kissing.

After a few minutes I felt her shiver beneath me, there was a draft coming from under the front door, and it was starting to get cold lying on the floor. It was now dark outside and I glanced at my watch, it was a bit after five.

"I think we had better get dressed!" I suggested quietly, and saw her nod her head in reply. We scrambled about the hall collecting our clothes like street urchins grabbing for thrown coins, then sat each with our bundle and started to laugh at the thought of the ridiculous picture we must have made.

"Auntie Rebecca ......." I started, but she cut me off with a soft laugh.

"I do not think you can call me that anymore, do you?" she said. "You can't make love to me and then carry on calling me auntie ..... at least not when we are alone!"

"I suppose not," I chuckled, "what do you want me to call you then?"

She thought for a few seconds as she started to pull on her jogger bottoms. "Becca," She said finally, "Call me Becca, I used to be called that when I was a student, and nobody else calls me that now, it can be special for us."

We got dressed in the dark hall and then went back through to the kitchen. In the light Becca looked a little flushed and her hair was a tousled auburn halo, but her eyes were bright and shining and her lips were moist and very tempting. To me she looked beautiful bathed in the afterglow of our lovemaking. She made us coffees and we sat side by side at the breakfast bar for a while without speaking. Becca was the first to break the silence.

"Oh, Jamie!" she said, a note of concern in her voice, "What have we done? What we did was wrong! I should never have ........"

I silenced her with a finger pressed against her lips. "Do you regret it?" I asked solemnly, then added, "I know that I don't. That I never will!"

She thought for a moment then, "No, I don't regret it. I still do not understand how it happened, but making love with you was so good, I needed it so much. You've made me feel like a real woman again, I have not felt that way for years, I feel twenty years younger!"

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