The Touch Ch. 16


This was not a chaste brotherly-sisterly kiss; this was full on hot and deep. I couldn't help myself I was falling at a hundred miles an hour into the hot cavern of her mouth our tongues gently sliding over each over and both of us moaning softly into the others mouth.

My hand came up of it's own accord to rest over her well shaped if small breast and my thumb moved to caress the firm nipple that I could feel hardening even through her bra and sweater.

She gave a small sharp gasp. It broke the spell! I pulled my hand away sharply and gently eased our mouths apart. Her face was flushed and her eyes were wide and pleading.

"No! No, Emms, No!" I said as gently as I could manage with my own breath coming in desperate pants. "We can't do this.....!

"Why? We're not doing anything.... Not really? She sighed sadly.

"You know why!" I replied, but I did not push her away, and I knew that I should.

I just sat there with my arm around her and her face nestled into my throat; I could feel warm tears on her face. We sat like that for maybe thirty minutes until I felt her breathing change, she had fallen into a light sleep; it was the unaccustomed intake of alcohol and the excitement. It was another half an hour before I felt her stirring against me and eased her into a sitting position in the passenger seat. She rubbed her eyes with her fists like a small delicate child and yawned then looked at me and gave me an enormous big beautiful smile.

"We had better be going home, now." I told her and keyed the ignition.

"Yes," she agreed softly. "It was a fantastic evening though."

We didn't say anything about what had happened between us, for tonight it was over, but it wasn't going to be forgotten, not by either of us.

Saturday morning I was at the garden centre early, I had left before Emma got up, I wanted both of us to have a little bit of space before we saw each other in the glare of daylight. She cycled in just before eight and seemed to be her normal self except that she reached up and gave me a small kiss on the cheek when she said good morning and she looked a little bit hung-over. We didn't really see much of each other during the day as Eileen had the day off and Emma needed to spend most of her time in the shop.

Mum had said that I could borrow her car again that evening and so I showered and changed into my suit and left for Salisbury about seven thirty. Neither Mum nor Emma asked me where I was going or who with, so I just dropped a vague hint that I was meeting friends.

I parked in the Milford Hall Hotel car park and went into reception and asked for Mandi Schultz at the desk. The receptionist telephoned her room and suggested that I sat in the reception to wait. It was about ten minutes before Mandi came out of the lift looking totally stunning. She had put on a figure hugging, grape-purple velvet cocktail dress gathered at the waist with a lilac silk sash with a large bow on the left hip. The dress was strapless and displayed her generous sun tanned cleavage emphasised by a single crystal drop pendant. Her hair was a deep shiny, chestnut brown and hung around her shoulders almost as deep as her elbows. I was so glad that I had chosen to put on my suit and was wearing a tie. I hated to see couples out, where the girl had made an obvious effort for the guy but he just looked like a homeless bum, it showed a real lack of respect.

I stood up to greet her. "Wow!" I said, "You look absolutely fabulous!" She laughed; her laugh was deep and throaty and left me with a tingling sensation in my groin. We walked to the hotel door, and I helped her into the short black satin evening cape she had brought with her. "Wait here," I said, "I'll bring the car around!"

I had booked a table at The Old Mill Restaurant, at West Harnham on the outskirts of the city; it had only recently been refurbished and was fast gaining a reputation as a quality restaurant although I had not been there before. The restaurant is located in the old 15th. Century building which was the first ever paper mill in England and the mill stream still ran through the building. The food was very good, we both choose seasonal game dishes which were a speciality of the house, and shared a bottle of good claret but skipped desserts and sat for a long time over coffees, cigarettes and brandies.

Mandi turned out to be a great companion; she was lively, fun and intelligent. She told me that she was from California, was 22, unattached and in England with her mother who was something connected with the U.S. military and was attending a series of conferences hosted by the British Army. Her mother has already moved on to London but Mandi had wanted to stay in Salisbury to sight see for a few days. This was to be her last night in the city as she was driving up to London the next day.

We left the restaurant and as we walked over to the car park I slipped my arm around her waist, she did not protest but snuggled up closer so that our hips were touching as we walked. It was cold, but a clear night without cloud and the stars were vibrant pin pricks in the black velvet of the sky and we just stood for five minutes leaning against the car, arms around each others waists and smoked a cigarette watching the water of the mill stream flow past before leaving.

I parked up at the hotel and walked with her into the reception. She collected her key from the counter and then came back to me.

"Would you like a night cap, or another coffee?" she asked. I nodded agreement and she guided me through to the bar. The shutters were down and the barman was locking up.

"If you are a guest, you can get drinks from the hall porter." He told us.

"Oh, to hell with that!" Mandi laughed, and then softly asked me, "Why do all the bars close so early in your country?" I glanced at my watch, it was just after eleven and most places would indeed be closing up. She grabbed my hand and led me through reception to the lift. "I have a bottle in my room and there is instant coffee if you prefer that." The lift tinged and the doors open and she pulled me in and pressed the button for the first floor.

She opened her door and led me in. I felt a familiar tingling start in my loins just at the thought of being in her bedroom. She kicked off her shoes and went over to the dressing table and held up a bottle of brandy, "Is this OK?" she asked, "There are several tumblers in the bathroom."

"Yes, that's fine." I said and went into the bathroom and came back with two glasses. She had put out the main lights, lit the wall lamp over the large double bed and was standing by the window looking down onto the street. I took off my jacket and tie then poured a couple of generous slugs of brandy and brought one over and placed it on the window sill then put my arm back around her waist, my hand resting on her hip.

She took me a bit by surprise with her next very candid remark, "If you are staying the night, then you had better help me out of this dress!"

I didn't really have a smart answer and a simple yes didn't seem enough for what she was offering and so I said nothing but pressed my lips to her bare shoulder and kissed along to the back of her neck lifting and moving the tumble of long chestnut hair until I was nuzzling and kissing along her other shoulder. She tilted her head backwards and made a soft moan.

"Oh, yeh! That's awesome!" She murmured, "You can do that some more!" I did. Slowly I kissed and nibbled my way across her bare back and then brought my hands up to gently massage her shoulders and the back of her neck and up into the hairline under that magnificent mane of hair. Her skin was cool and so smooth.

"Oah! Oah! Oah!" She was making little grunting moans deep in her throat and rolling her head from side to side as my fingers kneaded and caressed her neck and bare shoulder whilst I ran a finger of the other hand gently down the hard little mountain range of her exposed spine until I found the zip at the back of her dress. My fingers trembled a little as I eased the zipper down exposing her bare back and the waist band of her lavender silk panties. The dress must have had support cups as she was not wearing a bra and I slid my hands down over her exposed tanned flesh, inside the edges of the fabric until they rested on her slim waist. My lips followed and I drew my tongue down her naked back leaving a warm tiny trail of saliva from her neck to the just visible joint of her buttocks.

I pushed my hands forward inside her dress until my finger tips met over her belly and then drew them up until they made contact with the underside of her breasts then moved them further until I was covering each round voluptuous tit with the palm of my hand and I felt the front of the dress fall away.

Mandi either had not noticed or didn't care that we were still standing in front of the window and so without releasing her breasts I drew her around and away from view and into the centre of the room by the end of the bed.

I turned her round to face me and buried my lips into her throat, her gorgeous hair flowing around my face and brought my hands back to her breasts, gently squeezing the firm globes which completely filled my palms, then brought my lips down to nip and suckle her swelling brown nipples. She must have been sun bathing in the nude as the tan on her breasts was flawless without the white strips that even the smallest bikini top leaves. I felt her hands come down and push into the waist of her dress pushing it down over her hips until it dropped to the floor and she was able to step out of it. Her naked skin was fantastic, like cool silk, and I ran my hands over it again and again from shoulders to waist, to her thighs and then upwards to clasp her firm neat bum cheeks. I was so absorbed with paying homage to her body that I totally failed to realise that she had worked the buttons of my shirt undone and was tugging it down my arms. I shook it over my wrists and it landed on the floor with her dress.

I flicked my belt undone and kicked myself free of shoes, socks, shorts and trousers and we were standing together only inches apart naked except for her lavender silk panties. My rock hard erection was like a third person between us Mandi holding on to it with one fist and brushing the tip lightly against her belly. I put both hands on her arse and drew her to me until our bodies were pressed together, my prick trapped between us, her nipples burning into my chest, and our faces only an inch apart.

Everything seemed to be out of order, we were standing together, naked in the centre of an hotel room and we hadn't even kissed yet. Her head was tipped back a little, her eyes were closed and her lips apart and I could just see the pink tip of her tongue behind them. I pressed my lips softly against hers and probed gently with my tongue until it found hers and the tips were exploring each other lightly pushing and licking at each other as if engaged in a mating ritual of their own. I ran the tips of my fingers down her back and felt a shudder course through her body and then her mouth suddenly mashed against mine in a wild passion filled kiss that went on and on and left me breathless my hand sweeping over her fabulous silky body and my prick humping furiously into her fist, and thrusting against her stomach as if trying to hammer a new entrance into her womb.

Mandi's legs were trembling as badly as mine and so a scooped her up in my arms and laid her down on the bed. Her arms snaked around my neck and pulled me down half on top of her and our mouths found each other again and I felt her hand return to my prick and start to lightly work up and down the length.

I reached back and slid my fingers over her belly and pushed them beneath the waist band of her panties nudging them down until they were rolled into a thick string which I could tug over her buttocks. My hand moved over her pussy which was smooth and hairless except for a soft triangle of neatly trimmed fluff just above her pussy lips. My finger probed into those soft lips and she moaned softly into my mouth and her hand suddenly closed tightly squeezing my prick. I felt that I was about to explode.

"God... you're going to make me cum doing that!" I groaned. She laughed and squeezed again, this time just below the glans which felt blown up like a balloon and ready to burst.

"Hell, that's the whole idea!" she chuckled in my ear, "But not until I get to ride the flagpole!"

I got the message. Between us we managed to untangle her from her rolled up panties and I hovered over her whilst she grasped my prick and skilfully manoeuvred it against the opening of her vagina and I felt the tip pressing through that tight entrance and thrust forward ramming my rigid boner deep into her hot liquid tunnel until it would go no further. She let out one long deep gasp and then her knees came up and her thighs locked around my waist, her heels drumming on my buttocks and I discovered a depth of penetration that I did not know existed. I rammed into her with all the strength that my legs could provide and she responded in kind rocking in time with my thrusts until I felt that my prick was being swallowed deep into a tunnel of hot wet velvet and I could hold back no longer. I exploded into her in long hot streams, over and over, my prick jerking out one long load after another until the glans was numb.

"Oh God, I'm sorry.... I couldn't wait ..... you haven't ..... " I mumbled between panting. She had fucked me dry but I didn't believe that she had made touchdown.

"The night is not over yet!" she chuckled. She ruffled my hair and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips and eased herself out from under me. "As compensation, you can play busboy and go and fetch the drinks and smokes," she laughed.

Mandi was quite correct...the night was far from over. We sat and talked whilst we sipped our brandies and I learned that she was taking a break from law school to be in Europe with her mother, she was a keen rider and coached a female soccer team. I discovered that in the United States soccer was viewed as a girl's sport, in rather the same way that most rugby players regarded it in Britain.

She noticed that I had drained my glass, "Hey, wanna have some of mine?" she purred and dipped her finger into her brandy and dripped the golden spirit in a thin trickle down her belly and then added some more which she used her fingers to rub into her soft triangle of pubic hair.

"Bloody hell, I'm suddenly really thirsty!" I laughed, then slid down the bed until I was kneeling between her open thighs and brought my face down to lap at the quickly drying rivulet of spirit. Mandy giggled and poured a small puddle of brandy from the glass into her navel and I licked and sucked at it quickly before it ran off of her belly and onto the bed and then kissed my way down to the small tangle of spirit soaked hair covered it with my mouth the spirit sharp on my tongue and gently teased it with my teeth, my tugging eliciting a small yelp of surprise. I looked up at Mandi, her hands were pressed to her tits, squeezing them together and pinching her nipples. It was a real turn on to watch her and I kept my eyes fixed on the dark brown nipples between her fingers as I drew my mouth down to her pussy lips. The warm dampness of her pussy was tangible, I had only to reach out with my tongue and find her clit, it was already very swollen, deep pink and peeking out from under it's fleshy hood like a rose bud. I licked at it, drawing my tongue over and around the engorged centre of her pleasure and then trapped it gently between my teeth flicking at it with my tongue where it was drawn into my mouth.

Mandi moaned loudly and ground her hips up into my face forcing her pussy harder against my mouth. Her juices were flowing over my lips and chin, she was so very wet and tasted fantastic, maybe because of the coating of cognac already lining my mouth. I spread her long shapely legs even further apart and buried my face in her pussy probing and lapping and finally forcing my tongue as far into her vagina as I could reach. She had brought her hands down and they were gripping my head, fingers thrust deep into my hair, pulling my face even harder into her crotch. I moved up her slit dragging my tongue against the lips and then sucked down hard on her clit.

She bucked hard, arching her back right off the bed and if I had not been firmly gripping her buttocks would have dislodged my lips from her pussy.

"Aaaaaaah!" she screamed, "Man, that is real good ..... eat that mother-fucker!" I renewed my efforts and suddenly she was thrusting and screaming, her legs thrashing above my head and her pussy leaking hot juices by the bucket full as her orgasm hit hard and long.

My own erection was throbbing furiously and her thrashing was causing it to bang up and down, thumping on the bed and then smacking against my own stomach. Then she went limp and fell back to lay silently on the bed. I heaved my self up over her, her eyes were closed, her mouth was open in a silent voiceless scream and her fingers were twisted into her hair and her chest was heaving up and down her breasts gently swaying rather than wobbling. My prick was poised above her slit which was wide open the inner labia so engorged and swollen that it was protruding from the lips and I could see the mouth of her vagina making small spasmic movements. The only thing in my mind at that moment was the overwhelming desire to be inside her and I slowly urged my prick into that moist entrance. The moment that my glans was engulfed in the fiery moisture of her love tube I could wait no longer and just had to thrust into her. Her quivering wetness gobbled up my length and she let out a long low moan, her legs wrapping themselves around mine and we were frantically ramming against each other grunting and moaning until my prick felt as if it was about to split open with the built up pressure and I heard myself shouting wordlessly as I ejaculated into the deepest depths of her, in thick, hot squirts.

I left the hotel by the stairs about five in the morning, the night porter was nowhere to be seen in reception and so I let myself out, it was very windy and pissing down with rain. I had left Mandi naked in that large warm double bed and I wished that I was still there with her. We had made love again languorously before I went and said our goodbyes sitting on the edge of the bed drinking cups of black, instant coffee. I had made sure that Mandi had my business card and she said that she would call me if she ever came back to the U.K., she had written her home number on the other card and I promised to contact her if I ever got to The States.

I had to get Mum's car home before she needed it for work at seven, otherwise I think I would have still been hard inside of Mandi until she had to check out of her room. I did not really believe that we would ever see each other again, but .... She was a lovely person and a bloody beautiful woman, and I would never forget our night together.

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