The Touch Ch. 32


My hands slid from her hips and drew the hem of her dress up so that I could caress the smoothness of her long thighs, the tips of my fingers probing and slipping inside the sides of her panties to squeeze and massage her soft buttocks. I felt her hand move down and release the narrow belt holding the dress tight into her waist; it fell away and I was able to push my hands upwards until I had tussled the dress over her head and down onto the floor and she was standing against me wearing only her lingerie, an expensive matching set of cream and black lace low cut bra and knickers.

We revived our kiss now gasping into each others mouths as the urgency increased and I swept my hands up and down her silk skinned back from shoulders to neat soft buttocks and back up again. My fingers found the strap of her bra and it fell away as I unhooked it, dropping to the floor and releasing her round white breasts. She giggled and came in close her hands rubbing over my chest and plucking at the buttons on my shirt pulling the front open so that I could shrug out of it. Her breasts were soft against my chest the small nipples little hard points of heat on my skin.

She was kissing my throat and then down across my chest and suddenly she was sliding down me as though I were the trunk of a tree. Her knees came to rest on the thick sheepskin rug and she was releasing my belt and tugging at my trousers until I could kick them away behind me to stand before her my prick rigid and quivering between us level with her face.

I felt her small hand grasp my erection, and gasped out loud in anticipation, and then her lips touched the glans, just once very lightly before she looked up at me.

"I have never done this before...." She said very softly, and then her mouth slipped tentatively over the cap of my prick, and I felt the tip of her tongue probe ever so gently around the glans and touch the so sensitive eye of the snake.

The very tenderness of her gift made me tingle from head to foot and my prick was throbbing as she slowly moved up and down my shaft taking almost half my length into her mouth, her teeth lightly grazing the highly sensitive vein on the underside the hot moistness of her mouth a softly sucking centre of sensation. Her long silver hair flowed across my belly and thighs in a cascade of soft silkiness, caressing my skin until I could stand it no longer, I needed to feel her whole body against me, beneath me. I gently took her shoulders and raised her up to stand against me.

"Was it wrong....did I not do it right?" She asked a worried expression clouding her face and her eyes starting to moisten. "I so wanted to make it good for you...." Her lips were slightly parted and I kissed them gently, I could taste my maleness on her mouth.

"No.. it wasn't was fantastic... " I assured her smiling and then took her hand an led her the two steps to the bed and threw back the cover.

"Oh God, YES!" she giggled and pushed her panties down over her feet and wriggled across the bed half burying herself beneath the duvet and lay with her face on the lace edged pillow framed by a cloud of silver-blonde hair, watching me as I flicked my socks over to join my shirt on the floor and slid naked onto the bed beside her.

"I have dreamed of having you here in my bed, but I didn't think it would ever happen," she murmured happily, then reached out to gently take hold of my still erect prick. "And I have dreamed of having this inside me again.... Make it happen, Jamie... please, do it to me now... I want it soooooo much!"

I pressed my lips to hers; her mouth responded instantly, her lips, soft and moist, opened and her tongue pushed into my mouth seeking mine, her hands grasping at my hair to hold my face to hers. I thrust my tongue at hers and our mouths joined to became a cavern of hot moistness in which our tongues performed a sinuous dance of lust and desire, until we broke away panting and gasping for air.

My hand moved to cup her breast and my fingers rolled and gently squeezed the small nipple into a firm bud. I moved my lips down to run my tongue around the standing nub and the swollen aureola moistening it so that my fingers could caress it without friction. Her breasts were perfect white globes with delicate pink aureolas and dark hard nipples and I nibbled and sucked at each until each sensitive point stood erect and Kristen was making little panting noises and arching her back to press her breasts harder against my lips.

"Ooooh! That feels so good, Jamie," she moaned. Her hand had found my prick again and was gently squeezing and moving up and down the swollen length in concert with my attention to her breasts.

Still sucking gently at her breasts I skimmed my fingers down and over her small round tummy and rested my hand between her legs. Kristen was a genuine natural blonde; she had virtually no body hair and the sparse fluff around her pussy was almost white and looked and felt like the soft head of a dandelion above and around her peach like pussy lips.

She gave a deep urgent moan and pushed her legs open wide so that her soft slit was fully exposed to my questing fingers; it already felt very moist and warm. I slid one finger up between those lips until I found the tiny concealed clit ball and began to roll it gently with the tip of my forefinger.

"Oh yes, Oh yes, Jamie... that is so lovely... don't stop!" she panted against my ear, and began to lightly rotate her hips so that her own motions were adding to my finger movements to massage that tiny ball of erotic sensation. Her whole body was starting to tense and I could feel her soft round tummy beginning to tremble. "I think that I am going to cum...." She gasped, "Oh God, yes... I am.... I am.... Aaaaaaah!" And she did, her whole body jerking as she moaned and laughed her way through a rippling orgasm, one arm tightly wrapped around my neck holding my face to her throat, my face buried in her silky tresses, and the other hand jerking and squeezing at my erection until I thought that it would be impossible to hold back my own release.

"Oh Jamie, that was so good," she whispered, her voice throaty with lust, "but do it to me now.... Please do it.... Put it inside me.... I want to cum again with you inside me!"

I was far past ready, my balls ached for release and my prick was throbbing in the grip of her tiny hand. I lowered my self over her and felt her hand steer my prick carefully towards her already engorged vaginal opening. I could feel the warmth and moisture from her pussy coating my shaft and then I was pressing between her pussy lips and felt my glans pushing at the entrance to her vagina. Her vagina felt really tiny and tight but suddenly her hands were both grasping the cheeks of my arse and pulling me into her and I thrust forward sliding deep into her waiting love pocket.

Kristen left out a deep, satisfied, throaty moan as I ploughed deep into her already hot, wet love tunnel, flooded with the juices from her orgasm. She locked her long smooth legs around mine and we just lay there entwined and gently rocking back and forth each savouring the sweet sensation of really deep penetration, sharing long soft kisses, my fingers entwined in her long hair and her finger nails gently running up and down my naked back leaving little tracks of tingling sensation.

We lay like that for a long time, slowly and gently fucking, my whole world was centred on the warmth and moistness of her pussy, encasing my prick in a velvet sheath of sensual ecstasy which built until I could hold back no longer and began to slowly fuck her for real, drawing back almost to the point of withdrawal and then thrusting back in a long hard stroke, each thrust lifting her from the mattress until my weight slammed her back down. Her long slim legs were clamped around mine and she surged forward to meet me as each hammering thrust got faster and harder, every penetration wringing a sharp gasp from her and a deep moan from me. I felt her vagina start to contract as she moved towards her orgasm, the rippling of her vagina walls pumping me to my own release and I felt my prick jerk and the glans swell and pulse as I erupted, furiously releasing a volcano of hot jiz deep inside her, mingling with her own juices as she shuddered through a second orgasm, gasping and laughing.

We lay for ages wrapped around each other, Kristen with her head on my shoulder gently making little butterfly kisses against my throat and chin, and I stroking her flowing cascade of soft silver hair.

"Jamie.... I really do love you," she murmured. "You are the only one for me and probably always will be." She snuggled closer against me her face nuzzled tight into my throat, "It's OK, I don't expect anything in return... I just wanted you to know."

I started to move and her hand came down to clasp my buttocks again.

"NO!" she whispered insistently in my ear, "Leave it there.... Inside me... I want it to stay in there forever..." She started to giggle and the rippling movement caused her pussy to squeeze gently on my semi-soft dick, causing it to twitch in response. "Oh, it's come alive again..." she laughed and began to gently gyrate her hips and tightened her legs around mine.

Inevitably we made love again, slowly at first and then with gusto, until our passions were seriously enflamed and we were humping and clawing at each other, rolling back and forth across the bed as I thrust violently into her and then she straddled me and finally we exploded in a mutually shared and timed orgasm of tremendous proportions which left us both exhausted, panting and laughing, laid side by side unable to do anything more energetic than hold hands.

I called a cab and left her about eight o'clock after we had showered, dressed and shared a glass of cold white wine sitting on stools in the kitchen. Kristen had not been clingy or overly sentimental; she still had quite a severe romantic attachment to me but we both knew that there would never be anything serious or permanent between us.

She was a nice girl, fun to be with and a really, seriously good shag, but she was also very vulnerable and I knew that I needed to be careful; she was so desperate for my affection that it would be easy for me to just use her... and that would be cruel and unforgivable.

On a practical level, I was never-the-less glad that she now spent most of her time in London with her mother and very much less time with her father in Salisbury. I surmised that there was probably a story behind Carl and Marsha Olsen living apart, I would ask Maggie, I would not want to put my foot in my mouth with either Carl or Georgia both of whom I met up with regularly.

The train got me back to Salisbury just after 11pm. And by the time I had found a station porter collected the VW Polo from the locked car park I was home about half an hour later.

I dropped my shopping in the hall and then noticed a light on in the kitchen. To my surprise, Emma was still up and sitting with a mug of cocoa and the remnants of a packet of chocolate digestive biscuits and her copy of the Highway Code, she had obviously been swatting for her driving test the next week.

"Hi, Jay... you're late back...." She smiled. "Mum has gone to bed already, she needs to be up early tomorrow, she is going to Bournemouth for the day."

I suppose I was a bit wary that she may have been waiting up for me to come home; even though there was no way that she could have known I had been screwing Kristen Olsen, which she would probably regard as the most heinous sin that I could commit. I don't really know why but she had hated poor Kris since junior school.

"I measured up for the Caroline Brookes job and then did some shopping, and just mooched about town for a bit...." I offered. I got a cold can of Fanta from the 'fridge "I think that I will turn in as well," I leaned over and snatched the three quarters empty packet of biscuits from the table, "I'll take these for my supper... don't want you getting fat now, do we?"

She jumped up and took a friendly swat at me. There was never going to be any chance that Emma would get fat, she was just not built that way. She was not the skinny bag of bones that she had been a year back she had filled out with regular good food and exercise and now had a very nice shapely figure.

"I thought you liked fat birds?" she teased, "Debbie Fowler is quite plump, and that Caroline has fat thighs... even Maggie says so."

"Fatter the better," I quipped, "Might even set my cap at Tayler when you are away on holiday, she might not really be gay after all?"

"Jay?" she said seriously, "You won't take up with anybody whilst we are away in France next month, will you? It's alright if you date Janice sometimes, as long as it doesn't get serious, OK?"

I put on a solemn face. "I promise," I said holding up my hand, "When you are away, I promise to spend every evening I can at home here with Mum." It was an easy promise to make because I really meant it.

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