tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Touch of a Velvet Glove

The Touch of a Velvet Glove

byFoxee Browne©

I woke up, uncertain why I had woken up. It was dark and I felt funny, my arms were aching and had that pins and needles feeling. I did not want to move them because I knew it would be painful to do so. My head was woozy feeling; I think I drank too much last night, for I did not remember coming home.

I pulled my arm down from above my head but it only moved about two inches. A strange rattling noise accompanied my movement. Why wouldn't my arm move more? I pulled again and felt resistance. I shook my arm and heard the sound of metal; something cold was around my wrist. I shook the other arm and it was the same. I could move them just enough to get the feeling back into my arms and that was all.

A cold feeling seeped into me as I realized I was tied to a bed. I tried to pull my legs up to my chest and found them chained just as my arms were. Tied to the bed, only able to move enough to keep the feeling in my limbs and keep me comfortable, well as comfortable as a person who is tied to bed can be. A person who does not know how they got into that bed or even if it was her bed.

I was scared as these thoughts rushed into my rapidly waking brain. My breathing was increasing and I think I am about to panic soon.

'How did this happen to me? Who tied me up? Why? What did I do or agree to last night?'

I heard a rustle in the corner and my body froze. Someone was in the room with me! I feared them. I heard them walk over to the bed where I was tied. I felt something very soft touch my thigh and slowly slide up my body. My muscles clenched in fear; I could not stop them. They know I am awake, I think it's a he but I can't be sure yet.

"You have finally woken up. I fear I had given you a little too much of my special little potion," a voice whispered near my ear.

They were so close and the voice did not reveal their sex to me.

"Who are you? What do you want from me?" I asked.

I felt the pain in my face, the pain of being slapped, hard. "You do not speak unless I ask you question. Next time I will not be so gentle with you. Do you understand me?" the voice hissed at me.

"Yes," I whimpered.

My face was stinging from the slap and I still did not know why I had been slapped like that. I have never been slapped in my entire life and it was not pleasant to me. The soft hand still trailed along my skin.

'Oh My God! I am naked, I hope someone finds me alive,' I thought.

I was terrified; even though the touch was very soft I knew the hardness of that slap. A blanket covered me. "Rest, I will be back soon enough and you will know why you are here."

I hoped they did not come back, but yet I hoped they did. I wanted to be free but deep within I did not want to free just yet. A deep animal side of me was emerging. I needed to sleep, to let the drug wear off, its effects were not totally unpleasant, but I did not like not being in control. I wanted to roll over so badly, but I could not. I tried to stay still so the blanket did not uncover me; I was cold. I did not rest well in my discomfort and all I did was lie in the dark and think of every horrible thing that could happen to me.

It seemed like years before my captor came back. The time passed slowly and as much as I fear their return I also wanted it over with. At least I would know what they wanted from me. The door opened, but no light entered with my keeper. All I could see was a shape in the darkness. I stared towards the dark shape at the foot of the bed, but I did not recognize them. "Ahhhhh, my sweet captive is awake. Did you rest well?"

I was allowed to speak. "No."

"Why not my love?" they asked.

"I cannot move and I am cold," I replied with total honesty.

My voice did not sound good, it was cracking and I wanted a drink of water so badly. The blanket was ripped from my body, the cold air making me shiver. A hand touched my foot. "You do not lie, you do feel cold. Very good, I am very pleased. I think a reward is in order for my good little girl." I could hear the pleasure in the voice. The blanket was put back into place.

"Would you like some water?"

"Yes please."

"Manners, so very nice to hear you say please. I am glad you know how to use the word please, you will be using it a lot with me."

I did not know what to say, but it was not a question and I remembered to say nothing. I heard my captor walk to the corner and water being poured into a glass. Footsteps returned to the bed and a straw was placed into my mouth. I was very thirsty, but I hesitated to drink. Did it have more of that drug in it or was it just water?

"Ahhhh, my pretty girl worries about what is in her water, very good. Do not worry sweet one now that I have you I will not drug you, unless I must and you behave so beautifully that I doubt I will have to drug you. Drink."

I sipped; the water was cool and calmed my sore throat. I took another bigger drink not wanting to spill it. I drank about half of the glass before the straw was pulled from my mouth.

"Not too much. I do not want you to be ill. Do you need to use the toilet?"

A question! I could speak. "Yes please." Last time they had liked the short polite answer.

"Hahahaha! You may not go. You must not soil the bed, for if you do, you will sleep in your own filth!" They left me, laughter following them out of the room.

'What? I can't go? What the hell!' I was angry. I really did not have to go badly anyway. 'I can wait. A long time.' My anger made the time pass more quickly and it quickly replaced my fear with a stubbornness I did not know I had possessed.

A few hours later my captor returned, the clink of dishes accompanying him. The sound came up to the bed. I had not soiled the bed like he had thought. "So, you did not go. Very good. We will go now." The chains were unlocked and a new one placed upon my wrist.

"Follow me," the voice commanded.

I tried to stand and was very weak. My legs hurt very badly from not moving for so long, but I did not fall, just stumbled a bit and caught myself. I took small steps behind them, doing my best to move even if it hurt so badly. They did not notice my stumbling gait at all.

"In there, no lights."

One small nightlight burned above the sink, just enough to let me see the toilet. The tile floor was freezing on my feet as I shuffled inside, the chain just long enough for me to sit on the toilet if I stretched my arm out.

I did my business and flushed. I stood and shuffled to the sink and washed my hands, but there was no towel. I was going to use toilet paper to dry them when I felt a sharp tug. "Hurry up. What's taking so long?" they asked me in a very irritated voice. I left my hands wet and another harder tug pulled at the chain. "Well? You did not answer me, why?"

"I am finished. My legs hurt and I am slow, I am sorry," I replied.

"Oh. I forgot about that," he snapped.

We went back to the bed. "Sit."

I did as I was told. A longer chain was placed around my ankle and one wrist. "You may move if you are quiet and do not rattle the chains and only when I am not here. Do you understand me?"


I could smell the food he had brought in with him. But I remained sitting on the bed where I had been told to sit.

"Are you hungry?"

I was not before, but I was now. It smelled so good and mouth was almost watering now. "Yes, I am hungry."

"Would you like to eat?"


"You must earn your food. Are you willing to do that?"

My fear returned slamming into me. I had to answer it was a question. Honesty was always best. "I am afraid, but yes."

I felt a weight settle onto the bed beside me.

"Lie across my knee. Now!"

I did as I was commanded, scared, but also excited. My captor was also nude like I was and definitely male. I could feel muscular thighs beneath my soft stomach, the male body hair slightly rough and scratchy against me. The gloved hand caressed my bare ass, the velvet so soft on my smooth female flesh.

"I am going to spank you now and I want to hear your voice when I do." As soon as the words left his mouth I felt the first blow on my tender ass. Smack! It hurt, but not horribly. I did not utter a sound but stiffened in surprise instead. Smack! It hurt more this time; a small moan came from mouth. Smack!


He was getting excited now I could feel his erection against me. Smack! The other ass check this time, I squirmed, I could not anticipate his actions now. Smack! Smack! I whimpered now and started to cry, my tears dripping on his thigh.

"My sweet sweet lady, you were not ready for my hand yet were you?"

My ass hurt like hell, I had not had a spanking like that since I was eight years old. His hand caressing where minutes before he had hurt me.

"No, please don't hit me again," I cried.

"No more today, my love. You may eat sit here beside me and eat."

He picked me up and set me onto the bed. My ass was stinging and it hurt to sit but I had to, I must eat in order to survive this. I did as he bid me and ate the food provided, a simple sandwich, banana and glass of milk. I placed the dirty dishes back on the tray reaching across him to do so.


He pushed me back on to the bed and got up. He started to pace the room. I was worried I had angered him once more. He came back to the bed and re-chained me like I was before our meal, with the short chains. I did not resist him because I feared him.

"You women are all sluts. Brushing your breasts against me like that, you think that's funny don't you?" he spat in an angry voice.

"No, I did not mean to touch you." My voice was trembling.

"Think you can make me feel sorry for you by acting afraid. You little slut, now you find out what happens to little sluts who tease men."

He pounced on me. He slammed his cock into me with force, ripping apart what no man had ever been near. I screamed with pain. I had promised to be with no man except the one I married and now a madman ripped this choice away from me. He was deep within me, not moving.

"Finally I found her. Thank you Lord," he murmured.

How could he thank god when he had hurt me so badly? His huge cock buried inside my unprepared body. I was crying with shame and pain.

"I hate you," I spat at him not thinking and speaking when I not supposed to.

He did not hit me for speaking. He did not move an inch he slowly raised his head and looked at my face contorted with rage, pain and my humiliation there for all to see. Then he slowly moved his body in a movement totally foreign to me. It hurt, a lot. 'Let him finish and get off of me soon please.' His movements quickened and he was soon spent, I tried to push him away from my burning pussy, but he was too heavy.

His cock softened and slipped out of me finally, but he was still on top of me squashing me. I hated him; 'I don't care if he kills me now,' I thought.

My tears still ran from my face, my sobs grew heavier because I could not breath well with him on top of me. I started to panic when he moved. He unlocked the short chains and put the long ones back on. I no longer cared what he did to me. I curled into a tight ball and cried as quietly as I could.

He left me there in my own blood and his stinking semen. The smell reminding me what he had done to me. I was ready to give up, the one thing I had held dear to me was taken without my consent, the one thing I had saved for so many years while others freely gave it away, was forever gone. First I was depressed, but depression gave into anger. He came back into the room. I could smell him and something else.

His hand touched my thigh. "Don't you ever touch me again you bastard. I don't care if I am not supposed to speak, if I am such a slut why was I a virgin? If I ever get the chance I will kill you!" I yelled.

"You are not a slut. I am sorry, I misjudged you. You must clean up and if you will not let me touch you, then you must clean yourself."

I grabbed the cloth and basin from him not caring if I spilled water or not. I wrung the water from the soft cloth and touched my burning pussy. I whimpered in pain and noticed I was still bleeding from his rough treatment.

"Please, let me help you; I promise not to hurt you ever again."

"I don't believe you."

"I know."

He took the cloth and softly washed my legs, washing away the blood and semen that had ran down my legs. His hand moved up to my stinging pussy and gently he cleaned me. When I was clean he made me stand while he changed the bed linens and put a thick towel on the mattress and a thick blanket on top. He turned and left the room without another word. I was in pain, a lot of pain, both mental and physical. I was drained so I got into the bed and cried myself to sleep. I woke warm but with a strange sticky painful pussy. Then I felt arms holding me close and I stiffened.

"Good morning my sweet lady. Did you rest well?"

I would not answer him. Had he forced himself on me again while I slept? "No I did not fuck you again, and I will not unless you ask for it."

'Not bloody likely,' I thought.

His hand was soothing on my bare back, but my anger would not let me bend to his will. I could not run away from him but I could take the blanket and stand up with my back towards him. He came up behind me and scooped me into his arms and sat on the edge of the bed, I did not want to be near this monster that had brutally raped me and chained me.

"Let me go," I said in quiet voice.

"I cannot," he said sadly.


"I have finally found you, the one worthy to be mine," he whispered his breath against my neck sending chills down my spine.

I pulled away from him. "You hurt in a way that can never be repaired and that I can never forgive." I sat with my back towards him.

"I am sad to hear that, for I love you."

What had I done to deserve this monster's love? My sorrow was overwhelming and I started to cry, the tears running freely down my face. He put his arms around me and I pushed his away as hard as I could. "Don't touch me!" I screamed at him.

I pulled the chains tight putting as much distance between us as I could. My shoulders shook with the sobs that were breaking free from my throat. He left the bed and the room. I climbed back into the bed when I knew he was not going to return, snuggling under the blanket trying to gain what comfort I could from it and cried myself to sleep once more.

I woke to a bright light that stung my eyes and strange voice asking me, "Are you ok ma'am?"

I was confused, and did not know what was happening. "Ma'am? Are you alright?"

"Yes, I think so, I was raped."

I was still chained to the bed and nude, but covered. A female voice joined the other. "I am Detective Johnson and this is Officer Jones, we have been searching for you for four days, today a man called and told us where you were."

Detective Johnson unlocked my chains and helped me dress, my clothes were found in the closet. After going to the hospital and filling out countless reports and paperwork I went home to face my demons.

Months have passed, my life has changed dramatically, I do not go out any more and I have gone to a counsellor to overcome my many fears. They have not caught the man who ruined my life.

A letter came the other day, all it said was, "I said I loved you, I let you go." Inside the envelope was a velvet glove. All of the hurt and fear is back. I am afraid to go outside, I know he is watching me. I do not what he looks like, but I know if I ever hear his voice again I will know him.

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