tagLoving WivesThe Transformation of Alice

The Transformation of Alice


Alice came to this party under somewhat of a protest. She'd never even considered having an affair in her life. The only man she had ever been with was her husband Bill. Now she was at a swing party! She still had great reservations about being here.

How did Alice come to be here, you might be wondering? About a year ago, she and Bill won forty million dollars in the state lottery. They sold everything they owned and moved into an upscale neighborhood. They made new friends and everything. All seemed well to her until three or four months ago. That was when that blond woman moved in down the street. Shortly afterwards Alice's sex life changed. Bill seemed less attentive and they made love fewer times per week. They dropped from five or six times a week to once or twice! After a few weeks, of this, he began to talk about sexual fantasies. He kept pressing her to reveal one of hers to him, in exchange for one of his.

Finally she told him one of hers. It was quite tame really, as fantasies go. She told him she'd like to make love in the back yard, where the neighbors up the hill could see them, if they were looking.

His was much more elaborate and erotic than she was prepared to accept. Bill told her he wanted to make love to the blond woman down the street! Alice was devastated! How could he want someone else? Bill tried to assure her he didn't want someone else, it was just a strong physical attraction, nothing more, and besides it was just a fantasy. Bill worked on Alice for the next several weeks. He even told her if she wanted to make love to someone else it would be OK! At first this appalled Alice! But, over time, and with constant pressure from Bill, she started to weaken.

Alice finally took a good look at the blond bimbo. Now she could see why Bill wanted her. Helen was tall (about six feet) and she had a great body. She also had huge breasts (probably fake Alice surmised). Helen also had waist length platinum blond hair. She had puffy lips, that Bill said were made for oral sex. One day Helen was outside in a skimpy outfit and Alice thoroughly checked her out. After Alice had taken a good look at Helen's charms, she went back inside her own house and checked herself out.

Now Alice is a knockout, she just doesn't realize it. She is short at five foot even. Her waist is tiny, with nice curving hips that go down into gorgeously shaped legs. She stood in front of the full length mirror in her dressing room and surveyed her nude body. Looking back at her she saw a nice looking woman with long brown hair. Her mound was neatly trimmed and matched her hair exactly. The breasts she saw were a nicely shaped D-cup that stuck straight out, without any sagging. They were capped by nice nipples, that when played with drove her crazy. She compared herself to Helen and came to the conclusion; Helen isn't that much better looking than me, she just has slightly bigger breasts. (In fact Helen's tits were quite a bit bigger.) Why does that jerk husband of hers want to fuck her?

The reason Bill wants to fuck Helen is as old as mankind; male hormones! Whenever he sees Helen he gets aroused! Now Bill doesn't want to lose Alice, he just wants to have his cake and eat it too. As Bill keeps trying to convince Alice to swing, he has some guilt, but not much. He figures that being worth all that money makes him exempt from normal rules. In the neighborhood they live in, he's discovered that most of the people living there were involved in a once a month swing club. Bill also knows Helen is a participant! So he relentlessly keeps after Alice to attend one of the monthly parties.

Alice and Bill had been at the party for about an hour or so. It seemed to Alice that it was like any other party she had been to. People were talking in pairs and small groups, there was music playing and there were couples dancing to it. Everyone had a drink in their hand. Nothing seemed unusual at all. Several of the men had come up to her and spoke with her. She was beginning to relax and have a good time. Somehow she and Bill got separated. They were both trying to blend in with their new friends. Alice had another glass of wine and she was getting rather tipsy.

Alice looked around for Bill and didn't see him. So she decided to search for him, the alcohol was working on her and she wanted some attention from Bill. This house was a very large one. It was built strictly for swing parties. The ground floor had, in addition to the normal rooms, two very large rooms. One was set up as a ballroom and the other one is a sex room. Alice had not seen the sex room yet. The upstairs had eleven bedrooms, five on each side of a long hall and a huge master bedroom all across one whole wall. Each of the ten rooms were identical to the others. They all had large bathrooms. The bedrooms were all furnished with a king sized bed, a couple of chairs and a couch. There were also mirrors on the walls, which could be covered with drapes. Alice headed up the stairs to look for her husband.

When Alice got to the top of the stairs she could see all of the bedroom doors, most of them were open, a couple were closed. Earlier, when the house rules were explained, she found out:

Closed Door equals privacy wanted. Open Door equals, look in, come in and look or come in and join in.

The first door on her left was closed. She could hear the sounds of a wild sex session going on in there! The next two doors were open. She looked in and saw they were both empty. A man Alice did not recognize came out of the master bedroom and closed the door behind him. She stood still and waited for him to pass her by. Instead, he stopped next to her and smiling he said,

"Good Evening. Are you enjoying your first visit here?"

He slipped his arm around her waist and gave her a gentle kiss on the side of her neck. This startled her and she nearly jumped out of her shoes. Taken aback she stammered,

"Unh I, I think so."

The stranger pulled her close to him and kissed her full on the mouth. His tongue explored Alice's mouth. Again she was surprised, but her body answered his kiss with a furious return of her tongue into his mouth. He slid his hands down and cupped the cheeks of Alice's ass. She moved her hips up against his crotch and Alice ground her pussy into his hard dick.

Alice broke the kiss and said,

"Mumm, thanks, but I'm looking for someone."

He said, "Well, maybe later honey."

The stranger patted her ass and walked down the stairs. While this was happening she heard the unmistakable sound of her husband's voice in one of the rooms to her right. The door was open to the room it was coming from. There was no mistaking it, the words were of someone having sex! She slowly walked over by the door and peeked in. She saw her husband's bare backside in between the out stretched legs of some woman! Looking closer Alice could see his nine and a half inch penis going in and out of someone's womanhood!

They were oblivious to her presence. Alice moved to the side a bit and saw her Bill was having sex with Helen! Her immediate reaction was one of rage! She normally does not use swear words.

However, she was so angry she thought,

"That son of a bitch! We're not even here for an hour and he has stuck his dick in that bitch!"

Still in shock and anger, she stood there and watched Bill fuck Helen's pussy. It was one thing to agree to come here tonight, but it is an entirely different matter to actually see him being unfaithful to her, even though that is why they came here. As Alice watched, she noticed how big Helen's tits really were, they were huge. Bill had one in each hand. He was alternating putting their nipples in his mouth. This was driving Helen into an orgasmic fury.

As Alice stood there transfixed, someone came up behind her and put their arms around her in a nice embrace. This person took both of her breasts in their hands and gently squeezed them. Her nipples stood straight up and her pussy clenched spasmodically!

She leaned back and softly said, "OH that feels so good, don't stop!"

A female voice said in her ear, "First time you've seen your hubby fuck someone else?"

Alice murmured, "Yes. But with you holding my breasts it is sort of erotic watching them."

The woman who was holding her asked Alice, "Are you all right with him fucking her?"

Alice, "Sort of, though I'd like to give him a show he won't forget!"

The other woman slipped her hand between Alice's legs and caressed her naked pussy. Alice had on a very short mini-skirt and was not wearing panties. She'd also shaved her pussy for tonight, just in case she got brave and actually did something. Alice was about to do something!

The woman holding Alice from behind, continued to knead Alice's breast with one hand and finger fuck her with the index finger of the other hand. Alice had not had a girl experience since college many long years ago. The finger in her pussy was bringing back many memories. Alice just let the waves of pleasure roll over her. Alice forgot all about that S.O.B. Bill! While the woman was getting Alice worked to a fever pitch, she whispered in Alice's ear, "Do you want to do something terribly wicked to get back at him?"

By now Alice was ready for anything.

"Anything, anything you want." Alice had no idea what "anything you want " would turn out to be!

There was an elevator at the opposite end of the hall from the stairs. This stranger that was behind Alice maneuvered them over to it. The woman continued to caress, fondle, kiss and especially, finger fuck Alice's now dripping pussy all the way to it. The elevator opened out into a small dressing room, next to the sex room downstairs.

The two women stepped out into it. The room was full of skimpy attire all designed to enhance the sexual appearance of a woman. This mystery woman, who now identified herself as Judy, told Alice we need to get you dressed for the occasion.

Alice, "What occasion?"

Judy, "Why creating a show that Bill will never forget!"

Judy stripped Alice naked and said, "Honey, you are gorgeous!"

Alice blushed at the complement. Judy then dropped on her knees in front of Alice and licked the shaven mound before her. After a few minutes of licking Alice's pussy, Judy exclaimed, "Time to get moving."

Together they picked out something for Alice to be presented in! When they had finished Alice was stunning. They had taken her long hair and added a hairpiece to it, then they braided it so that the end of it was below the middle of her ass. They put a red mask across her eyes. Long gold earrings and a golden choker about her slim neck. They fitted her ample bosom with a red push up half bra. This caused Alice's big tits to look even bigger and it presented her nipples for sucking. Then they added a matching red garter belt to hold up the sheer black seamed nylons on her shapely legs. Her feet were covered in four inch heeled red patent leather pumps. Judy stood behind Alice while they admired their handy-work in the full length mirror.

Staring back at them was a woman a lot sexier than the one Alice saw in front of her own mirror the other day! Judy stepped up behind Alice, taking Alice's breasts in her hands she whispered, "Honey, you look good enough to eat! So, let's go feed the crowd!"

She backed out the door behind her. She held Alice up close to her when they emerged into the darkened room. Alice didn't know it but she was about to be used in ways she had not even dreamed of! Judy helped her step up on the dais in the middle of the room. It was raised about a foot, so that the audience had a perfect view of whatever happened on it.

When Judy had Alice positioned where she wanted her, a spot light was turned on them. Judy told Alice to do a couple of slow pirouettes. As Alice was turning about, Judy said,

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you The Lady in RED! When in bed, she likes to give and get head!"

With that she dropped between Alice's legs and renewed eating that bare pussy. Alice was unsteady on her feet by now, so she slowly went to her knees and then leaned over on her back. She was now spread eagled on the dais with Judy still hard at work trying to get Alice to cum.

Two more of the women in the audience got up on the dais and they got on each side of Alice. They went to work on Alice's breasts. Now she was saying to her self,

"Oh, god I forgot how good a woman's touch could be. I hope this last forever!"

She reached out and held the heads of the two women that were suckling at her breasts and started moaning in pleasure. The next thing that happened to her was a cock was introduced to her mouth. Alice willingly opened her mouth to accept this offering. As soon as the man was in, he began slowly pumping Alice's mouth. Two more men got up on the dais and put their hard dicks in each of her hands. Alice was now in lust beyond anything she had ever experienced. Her pussy was being expertly licked. Both breasts were on fire, she had a hard dick in each hand and her mouth was full of cock!

"Bill wanted to fuck that slut, well let him fuck her! Look what I'm doing!"

Just when she thought, "This can't get any better!", it did!

The dick in her face was beginning to quicken its' pace, Alice knew it was going to unload in her mouth. The two women sucking her tits were pulling, pinching and sucking them with abandon and Judy's tongue had just caused Alice to cum for the first time tonight! Another gentleman got up on the dais and Judy moved aside. Judy took his rigid tool in her hands and guided it to the opening of Alice's pussy. Her pussy was slick with Judy's saliva and her own oozing juices. Judy pushed his dick into Alice's empty pussy. The man gave a massive thrust and was buried to his balls! This caused her to deep throat the dick in her mouth. This caused the cock she was sucking to explode in her mouth! The two she was jacking off did like wise. They sprayed their cum all over the backs of the two ladies sucking her tits. The three men in her hands and face were replaced by three more. Her pussy was being hammered with such force she couldn't lay still. This gave her, and the men in her mouth and hands, even more pleasure. The man continued to hammer Alice's pussy until he came. This switching continued until all of the men and any of the women, who wanted to, had their chances at her. She was continually fucked for over two hours.

The only two men that had missed her were; her own husband Bill and the owner of the house! Bill had missed her because he has just come into the room. He finally finished fucking Helen. And Fred always waited to be the last to fuck the new girl!

Three or four of the men lifted Alice up off of the dais and held her spread eagled above it. Another one of the men laid down underneath her. They lowered her down until his hard dick was at the entrance of her asshole. Her tiny asshole was nearly virgin. Bill's dick was so big she just wouldn't allow herself to relax enough to take it on a regular basis. She was drunk enough tonight that her inhibitions would not get in the way. Alice's asshole was going to get fucked!. One of the woman smeared some KY jelly on her puckered opening and the men holding her, shoved her down on the upturned dick. She let out a loud moan of pain. She said,

"Please, stop it hurts!"

They ignored her pleas and shoved her asshole all the way down, until the man whose dick was up her asshole, ball's were up against the cheeks of her ass! The two men holding her legs spread them farther apart.

Bill was now standing in the room and watching this masked, long haired beauty getting the fucking of the century. He wondered where Alice was. But, he kept watching the spectacle in front of him.

Alice now had a new cock in her throat, two more new ones in her hands and two more new women at her tits. The only difference for the two women was, now they too had dicks in their pussies. Everyone who was doing something to Alice paused. The spot light was turned on Alice's pussy, it glistened in the bright light. Fred, who was completely naked, came out of the dressing room. He is about thirty-five with an athlete's body, not overly muscular, but in great condition. His main feature is his large cock. At eleven inches it is the biggest of the group.

Fred walked up and got between Alice's outstretched legs. He had a massive erection. Bill looked at Fred's dick and said to himself, "Looks a little larger than mine. I think mine is bigger around though." Alice was about to find out for herself who was bigger than whom! He put the head of his organ inside the opening of her very used, and dripping with cum, pussy lips. He easily shoved his dick all the way in up to his balls. Alice felt this new invader slip way past anything that had been in her tonight and clamped down on it. This massive dick renewed her passion. She now had a dick in every opening and had one in each hand!

She thought, "If that ass Bill could see me now!"

Once Fred had his dick fully implanted in Alice's pussy, He motioned to the man with the dick in her mouth to pull it out for just a minute. He also asked him to lift Alice's head so she could see Fred.

Fred, "Hi baby, remember me?"

Alice shook her head no.

Fred, "Remember up stairs earlier when I said, Well maybe later."

Alice, "I know now, you are the first guy I kissed tonight"

Fred, "Good! Well now it's later and I am going to fuck you senseless. Have you ever had a dick this big in you pussy before?"

Alice, "Almost as big. My husband has nine and a half inches, but it is thicker than yours!"

Bill froze, "That woman on the dais that everyone has been fucking is my wife!"

Fred, "Good, that means I don't have too worry about hurting you!"

With that comment he began pounding Alice's pussy.

The dicks in Alice's hands and throat gave up first. She now had cum in her mouth and all over her. The two women sucking her tits pulled off as they were getting soundly fucked from behind. The dick in her ass erupted next and went soft. Fred pulled out for a minute to let everyone clear the dais. Then he had Alice get over on all fours. Fred slipped up behind her and pushed his massive dick back into her demanding pussy. Fred had never fucked a pussy that was still so tight after being fucked by more than twenty dicks!

Bill was now the only one not to have fucked Alice this evening. He walked up on the dais and faced her head. She was holding her head down and was concentrating on squeezing Fred's super long dick, just as hard and as tight as she could. Alice did not see Bill in front of her head. He reached down and took off her mask. She looked part way up and saw his familiar cock staring her in the mouth. As she opened up to take it she looked Bill in the eyes and said to him, "How do you like the way your wife fucks now?"

Bill, "I like her fucked in both ends!"

He slipped his hard dick into her mouth and began to deeply fuck it! For the rest of the night Fred and Bill fucked Alice every way they could! They came in her and all over her.

Finally they both said, "I can only cum once more!"

They looked at each other and at almost the same time, removed their dicks from the hole they happened to be in at the time and rolled Alice onto her back. One got on each side of her. They each grabbed their own cocks and masturbated over her chest. Shortly, they both came on those gorgeous big tits. They used their softening cocks to coat her nipples and face. While they were doing themselves, she was also doing herself. She had one last grand orgasm, right after they had theirs.

She looked at them both and said, "God I LOVE big cocks!"

The party broke up shortly afterwards. Bill and Alice got dressed and went home.

The End (?)

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